* ebel wonders how to debug problems where his mouse pointer will just stop appearing on one monitor11:00
tdr112you could write some thing that outputs the x/y of where the mouse is11:14
ebeli want the mouse pointer to appear11:27
airurandoebel: you about?20:17
czajkowskiairurando: get your wiki done20:18
airurandoebel, now that the website is back I was wondering if we can effect the LoCo dir blog feed from within the website.20:19
airurandomy rudimentary understanding of the aggregrator isn't sufficient.20:20
airurandothere is something about categories but I have no idea20:20
czajkowskiright so in theory a categroy for loconews should be created20:21
czajkowskiso stuff about our geeknics would be displayed20:21
airurandoczajkowski: I know I'll get to it aoon20:21
czajkowskibut stuff on say me driving around ireland wouldnt be20:21
airurandoyeah, I saw how categories could be generated but I have no idea how it works20:22
airurandocategory for LoCo news?20:22
ebelit's all about RSS Feeds20:23
airurandohow do blogs from the planet feed LoCo tagged material into the aggregrator LoCo News category?20:23
ebelWe could either just have one RSS feed from our website, or try to combine some rss feeds from various members blogs into one feed20:23
airurandohow do we generate a RSS feed  for the category LoCo News20:23
airurandothe aggregrator takes all the feeds supplied20:24
airurandothose feeds are not LoCo specific20:24
airurandoyou explained to me how each blog can provide a specific LoCo related feed20:25
airurandoI just can't see how these sunset feeds can be handled by the aggregrator20:26
airurandoebel if possible I like the idea of trying to combine some rss feeds from various members blogs into oneLoCo News  feed20:27
airurandoeach blog generate a LoCo category and supply the feed for that.20:28
ebelyou'd need another aggregator20:34
ebeland you'd need everyone's blog to generate a separate rss feed per tag20:35
ebelI'd be suprised if a lot of blogs didn't have this functionality20:35
ebele.g. here's the feed URL for czajkowski's "Ubuntu-ie" tag: http://www.lczajkowski.com/category/ubuntu/ubuntu-ie-ubuntu/feed/20:36
ebelSo every blog author will pick their tag that's meaninglyful and we'd use that in the new aggregator20:36
ebelthat'll then aggregate those feeds into 1 ubuntu-ie feed20:37
airurandoYeah, I get that part (I Think :))20:37
airurandoI was just wondering whether or no we could do if from within the current drupal website20:37
ebelif you can create an extra aggregator, then maybe you can20:38
ebel** if you can create an extra aggregator, then you can.20:38
airurandoI just don't see how that can be done20:38
airurandoany ideas for an external, open souce, security sensitive, reliable alternative?20:39
ebelnot really...20:42
airurandoother alternatives20:43
airurandoanyone with experience of yahoo pipes?20:43
airurandoyahoo pipes ticks the reliable box.20:44
ebelno experience...20:46
airurandoagenda item for the September meeting methinks.20:47

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