ingenierodanishnew user coming to u05:27
dholbachgood morning07:01
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joserobleshola todos11:29
czajkowskialoha 11:30
joseroblespodras contestarme alguna pregunta11:32
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bkerensaAnyone have any idea how I get CD's for a conference? I got a Conference Pack today but no CD's and the wiki says use ShipIT which has been down for awhile17:22
czajkowskibkerensa: are you an approved team ?17:24
bkerensaczajkowski: No but Wiki says UnApproved get CD's too17:24
czajkowskibkerensa: not any more 17:24
czajkowskishippit was stopped for unapproved teams 17:24
bkerensaLikely might be good to update Wiki then17:25
czajkowskibkerensa: what team are you? and when is the conference ?17:25
bkerensaConference is Sept 19 to Sept 21 (Oregon Team) Its PuppetConf Canonical is sponsoring the conference17:26
czajkowskibkerensa: Conference Pack approval is at Canonical's discretion, and any left over materials should be shared with Loco Team members for other events. To request a pack, please email the following information to info@shipit.ubuntu.com at least 4 weeks prior to the event:17:27
bkerensaczajkowski: Yes I read the wiki.... and it also says to use ShipIt and links to it for CD's17:28
czajkowskiyes but you're an unapproved loco, that page must have been missed when it was updated and blogged about and posted to the ML 17:28
czajkowskiit was stated elsewhere in other locations 17:28
mhall119if canonical is sponsoring the conference, there' a good chance they'll bring CDs17:29
czajkowskibkerensa: best to email and ask though17:29
bkerensamhall119: Heh... I will check as I'm not sure who is coming from Canonical since the Canonical guys locally hang in our channel but the wiki probably should be update since even Americas was under the understanding that unapproved still get 75 cd's :)17:30
pleia2I just read what the wiki page said, yes, you should email them and ask so canonical can update that conferences page17:31
pleia2(if 75 for unapproved teams is inaccurate)17:32
czajkowskipleia2: updated the page17:53
czajkowskito be fair it was blogged17:53
czajkowskiposted to ml also 17:53
pleia2czajkowski: yeah, I don't remember everything :)17:53
czajkowskiso while a wiki page may have been an over sight it was in multiple other places 17:53
czajkowskipleia2: netier do I 17:53
czajkowskiwe can only update in so many places17:53
czajkowskidownside to the wiki 17:54
czajkowskiit has a lot of duplication 17:54
paultagunless we <<include>> tons of kruft17:54
paultagor whatever that damn syntax is17:54
czajkowskibkerensa: http://www.ubuntu.com/shipit18:03
czajkowskibkerensa: you just created the ticket a simple google showed me that first hit 18:03
czajkowskiI don't see how it's funny....18:04
bkerensawell http://shipit.ubuntu.com should likely redirect there? :)18:04
czajkowskiso a downside to a wiki is I've now had to change that in multiple places18:09
czajkowskibkerensa: I've also updated your bug 18:10
czajkowskibkerensa: the info was there :) 18:10
BigWhalepaultag, finally I found time to sort out UGJ pics and write a report :>18:32
BigWhale... right, so, I better put the battery back in the camera and take the memory card out ...18:33
paultagBigWhale: :D19:20
paultagBigWhale: where is it at? Will it hit the planet?19:20
BigWhalepaultag, yes it will be published on planet19:23
paultagBigWhale: awesome :)19:23
paultagBigWhale: you ROCK! That's really great news, can't wait to read it!19:23
grillocompu_quisiera sabaer cuando ubuntu el salvador19:55
grillocompu_tendra otro evento19:55
grillocompu_quisiera apoyarlos a ustedes en lo que pueda yo hacer19:56
grillocompu_y ademas me quisiera unir a la comunidad19:57
head_victim!es | grillocompu_ 20:19
grillocompu_el salvador20:20
grillocompu_tu sabes20:20
grillocompu_you speak spanish20:20
head_victimNo sorry, using google translate to work stuff out20:21
head_victimNo sorry, using google translate to work stuff out20:21
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BigWhalepaultag, http://ubuntu-slovenija.blogspot.com/2011/09/slovenian-loco-on-translation-spree.html here's the report, not sure when it will show up on planet. :)20:41
paultagBigWhale: TY! :)21:03
BigWhalenp :)21:05

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