dyess002Could someone point out a good room to help me get my Pinnacle TV card to manually set up a channel?05:09
damo22i have mythbuntu 10.10 and i want to permanently disable the screensaver12:20
damo22but it doesnt seem to honour the settings in the gui12:20
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Shred00the 0.25 Packages{,.{bz2,gz}} files seem to be lagging the actual package builds.  the Packages files are reporting 0.25.0~master.20110904.7768ebc-0ubuntu0mythbuntu2 when the latest build in pool/main/m/mythtv/ is 0.25.0~master.20110906.5590076-0ubuntu0mythbuntu2.  does something need a kick?14:31
Shred00is anyone able to force a Packages update?14:53
* tgm4883 looks14:56
tgm4883Shred00, looks like LP is backed up a bit for PPA's14:58
Shred00:-(  any idea how deep the backlog is in terms of time?14:58
tgm4883Looks like 9/6 packages will be built in about 20 minutes14:58
tgm4883You can watch it here https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/0.25/+packages14:58
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qwebirc17700Hi, cam anyone help with a first time installation of Mythbuntu 11.04?21:34

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