Pendulumakgraner: do you still want another pair of eyes?00:15
akgranerthanks philipballew for your edits...anyone else read through it00:15
akgranerPendulum, yes please00:15
akgranerI still have to add in this issue but I'll do that one someone else reads through it00:16
akgranerThanks Pendulum!00:16
Pendulumdo we summarize podcasts or pull their descriptions? For some reason I thought we pulled the direct description rather than summarizing?00:23
Pendulumakgraner: ^^00:24
akgranerWe used to pull their descriptions00:33
akgranerI was going to look at a past issue :-)00:33
akgranerI just totally forgot about that...00:33
akgranerPendulum, are you in the wiki now - if not I'll go ahead and add the "In This Issue" section00:36
PendulumI've fixed everything else I noticed other than the podcast, so I'm out of the wiki now00:36
akgranerok I'll fix the podcast when I am in there00:38
akgranerPendulum, Thanks again!00:42
philipballewakgraner, how goes the newsletter?00:54
akgranerpublishing now - :-)01:01
akgranerThank you for all your help!01:01
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:01:05
philipballew CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!01:16
akgranerThanks everyone  - just finished adding it to the Fridge and we're done for this week - google doc is ready to have people add new content01:29
akgranerand I'll drop in the next wiki template and update the wiki page now :-)  whew - Ubuntu Weeks and Publishing UWN doesn't always go so smoothly :-)01:29
akgraner:-) ahh updated and done :-)01:39
pleia2akgraner: approved the newsletter on the ubuntu-news list (was held with a "Message body is too big: 64761 bytes with a limit of 40 KB" message)04:49
pleia2akgraner, nhandler, can someone move the upcoming ubuntu women meeting from the 15th to the 8th? (it got mixed up when we moved from wednesday to thursday)16:08
nhandlerpleia2: Changed (confirm that it looks correct)16:50
pleia2nhandler: looks good, thank you :)16:51
akgranerpleia2, just walked back in the door sorry I wasn't around today :-)21:27
akgraneralso I can't get the "currenty Issue" redirect to redirect to issue 23121:28
akgranerI don't know what I am doing wrong with that21:28

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