ibeardsleeit's somewhat disturbing to see a bunch of i386 flashing by on the screen when installing/updating a x64 PC02:35
ajmitchthe joys of multiarch02:36
* snail imagines server-room security built on a web-cam on every server...02:54
ajmitchby the time you get there it's a bit late :)02:55
chiltsif you ever get there02:58
ibeardsleeyay .. https://soniahamilton.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/change-first-day-of-week-in-ubuntus-gnome-calendar/03:03
chiltsin whatever locale you're in, Monday shouldn't be 2 :(03:06
chiltsnot that it probably matters03:06
* ajmitch hates seeing that 'no route to host' when trying to ssh to the laptop20:16
ajmitch& I then of course see that I forgot to plug in the network cable, yay for mornings20:17
hadsHad another new disk installed in server this morning after 75 days, hopefully this one lasts longer.20:17
ajmitchis that server vibrating a bit much for the disks, or overheating?20:18
hadsThe last one was replaced as an upgrade rather than a failure, I think it was just a lemon.20:19
hadsDrives running at 26 degrees and previous one lasted over 3 years20:20
hads3 failures total in just over 3 years.20:20
ajmitchright, I thought you'd mentioned them failing a bit more often20:21
hadsYeah, felt like it but I went back through the history to check.20:22
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ibeardsleewhy oh why is this out of stock? when I have some money burning a hole in my pocket .. http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MSUMP22:59

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