ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (sprung appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)00:09
* Pici facepalms02:12
PiciI shouldn't try doing support before bedtime, I'm getting myself riled up.02:16
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from freshone0)02:53
ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, Unit193 said: !meetingology is <reply>a bot that runs !meetings and produces minutes - information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology>07:07
ubottuIn ubottu, AlanBell said: !meetingology is a bot that runs !meetings and produces minutes - information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology07:11
jussi!meetingology is <reply>a bot that runs !meetings and produces minutes - information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology07:26
ubottuBut meetingology already means something else!07:26
ubottumeetingology is a bot that runs !meetings and produces minutes - information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology07:26
jussiPeoples, please remember to do factoid changes here so that everyone sees they get done. (and can discuss if necessary)07:27
jussiknome: can you point us to the correct url for:11:57
ubottuFor information on how to help test the next release of Xubuntu and for the results matrix, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Xubuntu/Current11:57
knomewoot? :)11:57
knomeawwh, might take a while11:58
knome!testing-#xubuntu is =~ s/Testing\/Xubuntu\/Current/Xubuntu\/Testing/12:07
ubottuI know nothing about testing-#xubuntu is yet, knome12:07
knome!testing-#xubuntu =~ s/Testing\/Xubuntu\/Current/Xubuntu\/Testing/12:08
ubottuToo many (or not enough) delimiters12:08
knomewoot? :P12:08
Picidrop the is for those sorts of changes.12:08
knomewhat's wrong?12:08
knome!testing-#xubuntu =~ s@Testing\/Xubuntu\/Current@Xubuntu\/Testing@12:08
ubottuNothing changed there12:08
PiciYou don't need to escape the slashes if you're using a different delimiter12:09
knomeah, true...12:09
knome!testing-#xubuntu =~ s@Testing/Xubuntu/Current@Xubuntu/Testing@12:09
ubottuNothing changed there12:09
ubottuFor information on how to help test the next release of Xubuntu, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/TestingInfo12:09
knome!testing-#xubuntu =~ s@/TestingInfo@@12:10
ubottuI'll remember that knome12:10
ubottuFor information on how to help test the next release of Xubuntu, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing12:10
Piciknome: you do realize that jussi is making changes in #ubuntu-irc as well, right?12:10
Picior he was12:10
knomeyup, i'm on PM with him12:10
jussibit hypocritical by what I said earlier, but yeah12:10
oCeanwas about to paste that earlier line12:11
topyli grr my bathroom floor is wet, and not like it normally is. in the structure. my landlady is now coming here to check it out, we'll have to fix it12:54
topyliand be without a bathroom for who knows how long12:54
jussitopyli: ouch12:56
topyliand why i would say this in -ops instead of -offtopic is a mystery!12:56
jussitopyli: hangover ;) :P12:57
topylithe perfect excuse!12:57
Picitopyli: the same reason why you always say things here accidentally?12:58
topyliprobably. it's a bit more severe today than usual12:58
topylithere is also a fly in here that's annoying me to no end, and i can't catch it12:59
topylilast time i messed with insects was a disaster, a wasp/bee/something got me in the lip. it was drinking from my beer and i didn't notice13:00
topylimight have just asked, they don't drink that much and i'd have been happy to have it as a guest there13:00
topyliallergic too, panicked. i might die, but didn't! i suppose it was friendly enough. just something funny for the wife to look at13:04
topyli(i always have the drugs around anyway, just had to rush home)13:05
Tm_Tlast line out of context ...13:06
topylistupid english :(13:06
* Tm_T huggles topyli13:07
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DavieyAnyone else seeing IRCReaderBOT everywhere?13:47
DavieyThat isn't an auth'd bot is it?13:47
PiciI don't see anything with that nick.13:47
popeyit left13:48
PiciDaviey: Looks like it was noticed in #freenode, so hopefully action will be taken soon.13:49
Myrttiit's in #ubuntu13:51
PiciMyrtti: its popping in and out.13:51
Myrttiand gone for good13:51
DavieyPici: it's bouncing in and out, which was why i noticed it.13:53
PiciDaviey: good catch13:54
Myrttithis is hilarious14:24
MyrttiChapter 14: Customer care14:24
Myrttiprocessing customer requests in nine steps14:25
MyrttiPhase A, step 1: Greeting14:25
Myrtti"How may I help you"14:25
IdleOneYou can help by telling me where I can get a replacement cup holder for my computer!14:28
Myrttibut anyway14:28
IdleOnealso, WHY would you make them so flimsy14:29
Myrttihow this channel works seems to be a book example of how customer care is done14:29
MyrttiYou guys rock14:29
PiciMyrtti: #ubuntu-ops specifically?14:29
MyrttiPhase B: Problem Identification14:30
Myrttistep 2: classification, step 3: statement, step 4: verification14:31
MyrttiPhase C: Planning and execution14:31
Myrttistep 5: Solution proposals, step 6: solution selection, step 7: execution14:31
MyrttiPhase D: Verification14:31
Myrttistep 8: craft verification, step 9: customer verification/closing14:32
Myrtti1: "How may I help you" 2: "Hi, I've been banned from your channel" "which specifically" "#ubuntu" 3: "so what happened?" "well I cussed a bit" 4: *checks logs / bans* "so you have" 5: "a) read guidelines b) escalate" 6: "ok, I'll read guidelines" 7: "I'll unban you if you promise to behave" 8: *unbans* 9: "Please join #ubuntu to check the bans have been removed"14:36
h00kHOw about this, "REMOVE ME NOW I HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONG I HATE U OPS" etc etc14:42
Myrttiwell those cases are handled with the comic book examples :->14:45
mneptokPhase E: K-line, or call disconnect. nick, ident, host and caller ID information gathered for future issues.15:07
MyrttiI'd say step 7: execution can include escalation15:08
Myrttiif that path is chosen by the customer by abusing our help15:09
Myrttisee, it all fits15:09
mneptokhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO4uaRLcdfo  <--- late summer in New Mexico (at our old rental house)15:18
IdleOnehummingbirds are so cool15:19
mneptokIdleOne: i have never seen so many as i have seen here. and they are so fast that they are fearless, and will hover 6cm from your face, checking you out.15:21
IdleOneWe had a humming bird feeder when I was in PA most I saw was 3 at one time but yeah they are fearless.15:22
IdleOnethey also killed the bees that would steal nectar from the feeder15:23
mneptokat this point in summer there are a minimum of 12 at the feeder, with even more perched in the periphery waiting to swoop in.15:24
mneptokcrazy. but cool as heck.15:24
IdleOneyou should see if you can't get one to land on your arm or something.15:24
IdleOnethat's your hand?15:29
mneptoki wish.15:29
mneptoki have stood outside with a hand outstretched, but they're smart. "Uhhh ... dude. Unless you're made of nectar, you are NOT a primary target around here."15:29
IdleOnedid you think of maybe holding a bowl with nectar in it?15:31
mneptoktried. "Why take the risk if that feeder is right there? But thanks, monkey-boy."15:33
IdleOneThey got your number it seems15:34
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (ucenik11 appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)15:44
ubottuFloodBotK2 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (ucenik11 appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)15:44
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))15:44
ubottuFloodBotK2 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))15:44
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BarkingFishevening guys. Just a quick hello, and an ask if you could kindly watch meta-coder in #ubuntu-offtopic please, he's being kinda obnoxious, asking robinetd if he can suggest way that he could jam his connection, threatening to write a DDOS script to ctcp robinetd and jam him...19:42
BarkingFishdoesn't look like a particularly nice dude, to me.  Just thought i'd warn ya.19:42
PiciBarkingFish: I have an eye on him, thanks though :)19:42
BarkingFishthanks Pici19:43
BarkingFishsee ya round19:43
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