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* Laney is testing importing the sync blacklist into dogfood11:30
Laneyhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~laney/import-blacklist.py http://people.ubuntu.com/~laney/sync-blacklist.py12:15
Laneyplease excuse my python12:15
tumbleweedprobably better than my haskell / mono :P12:16
tumbleweedLaney: launchpadlib knows how to deal with _link12:17
tumbleweedcomment_author = comment.comment_author.name12:18
Laneyi did it like that because when i tried ot call.name on it to print it out I just go tthe whol elinkdd12:18
Laneysilly microwave12:19
nigelbIRC-ing from a microwave?12:20
Laneyit's warm in here12:20
tumbleweedLaney: python also has builtin for filtering: comment_text = [c for c in comment.body_text.splitlines() if c and not c.startswith("Ignored")]12:22
Laneyis that better than using filter?12:22
tumbleweedI think it's faster in some cases, but also more readable (filter isn't used much in modern python)12:23
tumbleweedobviously nothing wrong with what you had :)12:23
Laneyin haskell that's [ c | c <- comment.body_text.splitlines(), c, not c.startswith("Ignored") ]12:24
Laneybut filter is also very common12:24
Laneythat's why I was more than happy to use it12:24
Laneythank fuck i havent had to do any of that12:25
Laneyerm, excuse me12:25
Laney. o O ( seriously, /one day/ I will figure out how to disable the x clipboard )12:26
tumbleweedLaney: the current blacklist has comments at the top of blocks of packages, it doesn't look like you import those12:26
LaneyI didn't fancy complicating it much more, thought it would be easier to just copy them down12:27
Laneypatches welcome etc12:27
tumbleweedmy one in is_blacklisted does, if you want an example12:28
Laneythere were also missing DSDs on dogfood, but I didn't see the same on production12:28
Laneyso some stuff couldn't be blacklisted at all12:28
tumbleweedyeah, the copy of lp data is ancient12:28
Laneyyour stuff looks applicable. fancy integrating it?12:30
tumbleweedoh, all right :P12:31
* Laney has to do Real Work™ for a bit12:31
tumbleweedLaney: http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanor/tmp/12:48
* Laney didn't know about current_series12:49
Laneygood work12:50
Laneyyou could make that change in sync-blacklist too12:50
Laneytumbleweed: do you think we should start using this now?13:08
Laneyor at least import the data into production13:08
tumbleweedLaney: remaining issue I see is determining which comment is the blacklist reason, and I don't think there is any way to do that (which is why we are using all the comments, everywhere)13:10
Laneyright, that's a launchpad presentation thing13:10
tumbleweedcjwatson said he wanted to manually check the list when importing, to remove the mismatched-tarballs, as they don't need to be imported if the sync tool can detect them13:11
Laneywhoever runs the script can sanity check the input13:11
tumbleweedI don't know what else is impacted by the blacklist. mom?13:11
Laneyif we keep on generating it for now from launchpad then old stuff will keep working13:11
Laneyapart from things which are removed for the import13:12
tumbleweedthey can be statically added to the export, if necessary13:12
cjwatsonprobably won't be necessary; I don't expect to use sync-source -a again13:13
tumbleweedany progress on the new mass sync tool?13:15
Laneycjwatson: want to take a look at running http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanor/tmp/import-blacklist.py ?13:15
jdstrandScottK: hi! I'd like to sync rails from Debian for a security update. Daviey tells me this is desirable from the server team's perspective as well. is this ok?13:15
cjwatsonLaney: not today, but could you mail that to me and I will?13:15
cjwatsontumbleweed: not yet, expected later this week though13:16
jdstrandScottK: (bug #842667)13:19
ScottKjdstrand: Go for it.13:38
jdstrandScottK: thanks!13:49
DavieyHmm, Server ISO hasn't been built since beta.. Can someone flip the switch please?15:56
cjwatsonwonder why it was commented out15:58
cjwatsonand running a build for you now15:58
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Davieycjwatson: Ah, thanks!  Just noticed.20:17
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