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twbDoes ubuntu use insserv yet?05:35
jmarsdentwb: /sbin/insserv exists in Lucid, if that helps answer the question.05:37
twbNot really; I mean, upstart exists in Debian but it isn't really used05:37
twbI suspect insserv will actively do the wrong thing because enough of the init jobs are in upstart now05:38
jmarsdenOK.  You could  apt-get pruge insserv    and then reboot and find out :)05:38
twbjmarsden: it's provided by sysvinit05:39
twbOh, apparently not.05:39
jmarsdenNot on my machine :)05:39
twbI guess because insserv only triggers when a new sysvinit job is installed, rather than during boot (cf. startpar).05:39
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Error404NotFoundI am trying to setup nginx with php-fpm but can't find the package, even tried couple of ppa. The best one was nginx/php but that has php package, not fpm one. Do i need to install php5-cgi and use custom init script?07:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #842400 in nagios3 (main) "package nagios3-common 3.2.0-4ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84240007:42
Error404NotFoundfound it07:50
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Davieyrbasak: Fancy setting up a new upstream version of python-novaclient?08:34
rbasakDaviey: sounds familiar :)08:34
upphello, i want to creat intranet, so what's the best solution to do it?08:35
rbasakDaviey: any reason in particular I should be mentioning in the changelog?08:36
Davieyrbasak: That you or zul failed to see if it built locally before uploading it?08:36
DavieyOr, that upstream project doesn't use a gated trunk - and someone checked in broken code?08:37
Davieyeither way :)08:37
rbasaklooks like it's broken upstream to me08:38
DavieyOh yeah, about 3 commits after the one uploaded the fix is there.08:39
Davieyrbasak: btw, mentioned "LP: #838298" in the bug, and the issue you resolved will be closed automagically.08:41
rbasakDaviey: the latest snapshot they have is ~bzr110, dated 2/9 2141. Will that do?08:44
Davieyrbasak: looks like it was fixed in 108, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jk0/python-novaclient/master/revision/10808:45
Davieyso bzr110 looks super08:45
DavieyFor interest, you can see the build log https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-novaclient/2.6.4~bzr106-0ubuntu1/+build/276169708:46
rbasakyep seen it08:46
rbasakIs there an FTBFS bug to close?08:46
Davieynah, you can open one if you want.08:47
Davieyi'd be tempted not to bother. :)08:47
rbasakI was gonna say that, seems a bit pointless :)08:47
Davieyrbasak: Yeah, some people do that so they can increase their "bug closed" count.08:48
rbasakThis split out debian/ thing is a bit annoying. Is there  an automated way to test the build locally without doing it all manually?08:48
twbrbasak: as in debian/ is a separate VCS repo?08:49
Davieynormally. :)08:49
* Daviey looks08:49
rbasaktwb: yes08:49
twbI do that at http://darcs.debian.org/collab-maint/mg -- look at get-orig-source for the minimal workaround I have08:50
twbThat's get-orig-source in debian/rules08:50
DavieyI was ust checking if we had that :)08:51
rbasakthat looks slightly mg-specific08:51
twbYes, well08:51
twbI'm sure you can mangle it to your own use case08:51
* rbasak doesn't yet understand the purpose of splitting it out like that08:51
twbthe tar part is portable enough08:51
twbrbasak: splitting them out and using quilt to merge is simpler than learning to use a tool like git-buildpackage or svn-buildpackage08:52
twbrbasak: and since 3.0 (quilt) format guarantees that debian/ contains the entire debianization, it's safe to do08:52
rbasakIt doesn't feel simpler to me right now! I guess I need to learn quilt08:53
twbAre you coming from gbp, or what?08:53
rbasakI am08:53
twbObviousl once you've made that learning hurdle, it looks easy :P08:53
rbasakI accept that git is hard to learn08:54
twbI can manage basic git, but I wanted to do packaging, not learn how to deal with branching and merging and shit08:54
rbasakbut I think that it is only hard because it reflects the true structure of any DVCS08:54
rbasakinstead of doing it in one tool we do the same thing out of band manually and with lots of messing around08:55
twbI was especially disappointed because gbp and friends' documentation want the upstream branch to only have the tarball releases in it08:55
rbasakjust without realising what what we're doing is exactly all the same branching and merging and shit08:55
twbIf it was obvious and easy to just maintain the debian version as a branch of upstream's dev repo, it would be more attractive08:55
twbrbasak: well, it's "out of band" in the sense that quilt does it.08:56
rbasakThat's what I always did08:56
rbasakNot sure what you mean by only having tarball releases in it08:56
twbrbasak: the *bp docs I've read all say "get upstream's tarball, and commit it"08:56
twbrbasak: they don't say "git clone upstream, then make a new branch for debian"08:56
rbasakAIUI, the two are identical08:56
twbThey're very definitely not08:56
twbe.g. git log will not show you any of the upstream patches08:57
rbasakFor the purposes of gbp they are identical08:57
rbasakI realise that it's different for git08:57
rbasakbut gbp will work just find if upstream is a remote tracking branch08:57
twbMaybe, but remember that when I was looking at this I also wasn't really familiar with git08:57
rbasakI presume the reason the docs are written that way is that most upstreams aren't git repos08:58
twbI felt like I was going against the grain of gbp/sbp and I knew a separate debian/ repo would Just Work08:58
rbasakwith quilt, surely we're stuck using tarball releases anyway?08:58
Davieyrbasak: http://pb.daviey.com/XvE0/08:58
twbrbasak: yes, but it doesn't try to be clever, it just works, and there's very clear separation between upstream, debian/ and debian/patches08:58
rbasakit's that clear separation that I'm finding a right pain08:59
Davieyrbasak: that is /one/ way of doing this08:59
twbI'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that this is how I did it, and why08:59
rbasakOK :)08:59
Davieyrbasak: actually, i didn't need to pull-lp-source08:59
rbasakDaviey: that's very different from what zul showed me!08:59
Davieyrbasak: it's /another/ way :)09:00
Davieyrbasak: ask twb says, there is a pretty standard convention of having a get-orig-source target in debian/rules... which allows you to do, "debian/rules get-orig-source" , but that hasn't been done for this package.09:01
twbWell, there's a convention that get-orig-source does *something*, and that debian/README.source documents *something*09:01
twbI would be wary of running get-orig-source of a new package without reading it first ;-)09:01
rbasakpython-novaclient: remote site does not even have current version09:01
rbasakwhat's what about?09:01
rbasakdebian/changelog says 2.6.4~bzr106-0ubuntu109:02
twbrbasak: that would be saying that upstream hasn't released the version corresponding to your debian/changelog yet.09:02
rbasakhttp://nova.openstack.org/tarballs/python-novaclient-2.6.4~bzr106.tar.gz exists09:02
twbrbasak: i.e. it's trying to download 2.6.4~bzr106.tar.gz09:02
twbDunno, then, run uscan --debug or so09:02
twbuscan --verbose?  Whatever09:02
Davieymight be a bug in the debian/watch file09:03
rbasakshould the watch file refer to pypi?09:04
twbFuck I know, is your debian source package visible somewhere I can dget?09:05
rbasakUpstream snapshot source is  http://nova.openstack.org/tarballs/ AIUI09:07
twbuscan wfm there09:08
Davieyit worked for me aswell, but did give a false warning09:08
rbasakI get http://paste.ubuntu.com/683282/ - is that the same?09:09
twbProbably because there's two URLs there09:09
Davieyttx: I see you are Marked as maintainer for this package.. Do you want that to be kept?09:09
twbSo it can't find it on the first site, and tries the second09:09
rbasakit's not piping the entire output when not connected to a terminal09:10
twbYay reading :P09:10
twbrbasak: ew09:10
twbrbasak: report that as a bug09:10
rbasakNo, uscan just doens't do what I thought it would do09:11
rbasakWhich part of name uscan suggests that it should have side effects?09:11
rbasak(I assumed that running uscan multiple times would have the same result)09:13
rbasakEven the manpage synopsis suggests that09:13
koolhead11hi all09:13
Davieyrbasak: Really, the debian/control should also have - http://pb.daviey.com/qQ2c/ - so drive by developers know where they should propose fixes to the packaging09:14
rbasakDaviey: ah yes, I was asking zul the other day how I was supposed to know where to get the bzr branch from09:15
Davieyhttp://pb.daviey.com/vJ3f/, rather09:16
rbasakOK it builds this time09:24
Davieyrbasak: do you want to post a debdiff somewhere?09:26
rbasakI'll push to my bzr branch if that's OK, that's what I did last time with zul09:26
ttxDaviey: no09:26
Davieytwb: fancy tackling a bug? :)09:27
Davieyrbasak: that is fine.09:27
twbI'm going home in a minute, so you have, like, twenty seconds to sell me on it09:27
Davieyttx: python-novaclient isn't gated, it's had test suite failed commits pushed to it.  This is why gated trunk is good. :)09:28
Davieyis it a 'core' project?09:28
Davieytwb: ah! Maybe next time.. :)09:28
twbWhatever dude09:28
rbasakDaviey: should I keep pypi in debian/watch?09:29
rbasakDaviey: it seems out of date?09:30
koolhead11My install gets ceased if DHCP fails to assign IP and i have to retry after pressing/selecting the appeared option during cobbler provisioning for Oneiric. Am i  the only one getting this issue ?09:30
Davieyrbasak: it's not hurting09:30
koolhead11*selecting the DHCP assign option.09:31
Davieyrbasak: it probably will be updated at some point, so it does work09:31
Davieykoolhead11: funny you say that!09:31
Davieykoolhead11: what hardware is this?09:31
ttxDaviey: it's not core -- but in some way it should be09:33
koolhead11Daviey, lemme pastebin it.09:33
rbasakDaviey: pushed to https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~racb/%2Bjunk/python-nova-client/09:33
koolhead11Daviey, am wrongly explaining i think :D09:33
koolhead11its like if DHCP fails via provisioning and then i again ask him for assigning the IP once it assigns the IP whole process ceases09:34
koolhead11Daviey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/683311/  The card09:37
Davieykoolhead11: process ceases?!09:37
Davieyor it works on attempt #2?09:37
rnzhi all09:38
koolhead11Daviey, it gets the ip and then ceases :D09:38
Davieykoolhead11: I've come across a class of hardware that takes too long to get an IP addresses and the on board pxe fails.. but you have got into the installer ok.09:39
rnzanybody know how to disable putting daemon scripts to autostart on install step (configure apt or dpkg)09:39
Davieykoolhead11: This certainly sounds like it could be a bug..09:39
koolhead11Daviey, the PXE has not failed in my case but took hell lot of time.09:39
Davieykoolhead11: Could you raise one against debian-installer, and try and add as much info/logs from the installer as possible?09:39
rnzanybody know how to disable putting daemon scripts to autostart on install step (configure apt or dpkg)?09:40
koolhead11Daviey, i can do that. log will not be possible because the system ceases in middle and i have to reboot the system.09:40
Davieykoolhead11: local or remote?09:42
GeorgeJello folks, I've just installed virtualmin and I want to have multiple versions of php installed. Is it possible to have multiple versions installed? If so, could you point me in the right direction?09:43
koolhead11Daviey, the local system09:43
Davieykoolhead11: Someone from the foundations team might be better at helping to debug this.. Open a bug report with waht you can :009:44
koolhead11Daviey, ok.09:45
koolhead11Daviey, and am really stuck with the custom partition using preseed09:48
DavieyDidn't this come up yesterday?09:48
Davieywhat do you mean by custom?09:49
eagles0513875hey guys is there a ppa with an updated version of make09:54
eagles0513875for lucid09:54
koolhead11Daviey, i put paste of what came as output and what i assigned in preseed09:55
koolhead11i just need a root a swap and rest a free extended partition :D09:56
koolhead11just-a-visitor, hey09:57
just-a-visitorHello koolhead1110:05
koolhead11just-a-visitor, still struggling there :(10:05
just-a-visitorWell, I have searched for that info on Google. :|10:09
koolhead11just-a-visitor, :D10:10
just-a-visitorRead somewhere, that if you put everything on one line it might work, but I am still looking for the article.10:10
koolhead11am leaving that section and manually run it unless i figure the issue. i have allready wasted 2 days :(10:18
rnzanybody know how to disable putting daemon scripts to autostart on install step (configure apt or dpkg)?10:21
_rubenrnz: you'd probably have to edit the package (get source package, apply change, re-package)10:22
GeorgeJHow would one install php 5.2.8 on ubuntu server 11.04?10:23
rnz_ruben - I think this bad idea10:24
rnzHow about if  i need disable for all installing daemons?10:24
just-a-visitorkoolhead11 I am sorry, that I cannot help you more. You know, just a visitor.10:24
_rubenrnz: then i'd say you're an unlucky person ... or just be less lazy and disable said daemons after installing 'em10:25
koolhead11just-a-visitor, dont be only that. :D10:25
just-a-visitorWell, I'm trying... ;-)10:26
rnz_ruben - i think you don't understand - apt-get install app - app add to starup and start - but server don't need to auto start them. and nothing to do with laziness10:30
rnzand server not need to start app now10:31
_rubenrnz: that's part of the app's post-install script, if you don't want that behaviour: patch it out .. if you don't want to patch it out: stop and disable after installing10:33
_rubenneither are 100% ideal .. tho afaik, those are your only options10:33
rnz_ruben: OS should not be doing what it does not ask10:33
_rubenthen go use an OS that does what you want?10:34
_rubenauto starting is rather common thing for a daemon .. why else would one be installing it10:34
_rubenbut sure, there's also apps that pose a question whether or not to do so .. those are kinda rare tho10:35
koolhead11rnz, so you don`t want few apps to start during bootup right?10:35
rnzkoolhead11: no.. I think apt or dpgk have setting to disable add app after install to autostart10:38
rnzand this behavior don't hardcoded in packages10:38
koolhead11rnz, apt-get install rcconf10:38
rnzsorry for my bad english...10:39
rnzbehavior in ubuntu: apt-get install daemon, if post-install phase  daemon add to autostart and start immediately10:42
rnzheed behavior in ubuntu: apt-get install daemon, if post-install phase daemon don't add to autostart and don't start10:42
rnzif post-install/IN post-install10:43
_rubenrnz: i expect most users to prefer the current behaviour tho10:49
_ruben(me included)10:49
rnzI'm happy for them and for you, but I'm not interested. I am interested in changing behavior when installed in the right me. And asked a question about this.10:54
_rubenlike i said, if you want to change current behaviour, roll your own patched versions of those packages .. a change in dkpg/apt to override this at install time is not something i'd see implemented soon .. then again, i'm far from authoritative on that matter :)10:56
rnz_ruben: IMHO this (patched version of package) is not good way... This functionality should be in the package manager, but not rigidly fixed in the package...11:04
_rubenrnz: i suggest you file a bug in the bugtracker11:06
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GeorgeJHow would one install php 5.2.8 on ubuntu server 11.04? Should I just compile from source?11:13
EricJI take it its not in any official repo, is it?11:20
sky1kennt sich jemand von euch a weng mit mason aus ?11:33
_rubentry again in english11:33
sky1someone who has some experience with mason?11:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #842585 in tftp-hpa (main) "Please merge tftp-hpa 5.1-2 from debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84258512:02
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fatbrain_Hi, is there a good/easy way upgrading to samba 3.6.0?12:40
zulfatbrain_: not if you compile from source12:43
fatbrain_zul: ok, thanks.12:43
GeorgeJlibapache2-mod-fastcgi or libapache2-mod-fcgid?12:46
jdstrandDaviey: hey, what are you opinions on syncing rails from Debian (fixes 3 CVEs)13:11
jdstrandDaviey: it is a new upstream version: 2.3.11-0.1 ->
jdstrandDaviey: (and in universe)13:12
Davieyjdstrand: I'd rather stay as close to Debian as we can with Rails.13:13
jdstrandDaviey: so, that's a 'yes'?13:13
DavieyIt's probably had minimal testing in Oneiric so far anyway..13:13
Davieyjdstrand: make it so!13:14
jdstrandDaviey: thanks. I'll mention it in ubuntu-release13:14
jamespagelynxman: around?13:50
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DavieyRoAkSoAx: Hey, good day off?14:10
jamespageadam_g: hey - around? wanted to discuss openstack testing approachs for single and multinode deployments14:16
adam_gjamespage: i am here, but can we defer till tomorrow? im at a minisprint in texas today14:17
jamespageadam_g: hey no problem whatsoever - will have to wait until thursday tho as out tommorrow PM14:17
adam_gjamespage: ok, or if you wanna take it to email that works too14:18
koolhead11jamespage, page14:24
jamespagehey koolhead1114:24
koolhead11Daviey, am adding more info i wrote the log and adding in the same bug report14:27
Davieykoolhead11: hmm, what is the bug number?14:29
koolhead11Daviey, hold on14:30
koolhead11Daviey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/84250914:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 842509 in debian-installer "debian-installer fails to proceed/ceases if preseed fails to assign IP  automatically." [Undecided,New]14:31
koolhead11TeTeT  hello14:31
Davieykoolhead11: What is your cobbler server ubuntu version?14:32
Davieykoolhead11: do you get this if you install from cd?14:33
TeTeThi koolhead1114:33
zuljdstrand: ping socat...can you guys do a review of it please its kind of blocking the MIR for nova14:34
Davieyzul: and python-stompy14:35
zulDaviey: true but that doesnt need the security team14:36
koolhead11Daviey, My cobbler server : --14:36
koolhead11Cobbler Version=2.1.0-0ubuntu714:36
koolhead11TeTeT, how have you been? long time. :D14:37
Davieykoolhead11: really need a log from the failed client14:37
RoAkSoAxDaviey: isn't there limitations when preseeding network values on PXE booting?14:38
zulDaviey: with regards to python-novaclient ftbfs whatever was failing in bzr109 is fixed in bzr11014:39
jamespagezul: running LXC containers with openstack - what difference does instance type make? think I'm missing something14:40
zuljamespage: uh? it shouldnt14:40
* jamespage thinks this is his lack of understanding of LXC14:40
jdstrandzul: ack14:41
zuljdstrand: thanks14:41
DavieyRoAkSoAx: i don't think so?14:41
TeTeTkoolhead11: doing fine, how about yourself?14:43
jamespagezul: right - so instance type is ignored14:44
zuljamespage: right14:44
jamespagezul: though I was missing something obvious but evidently not14:44
RoAkSoAxDaviey: I thought I read something similar somewhere though I'm not so sure anymore14:47
RoAkSoAxit could have been one of my nightmares whiloe trying to figure something out14:47
RoAkSoAxsmoser: howdy!! what was the bug # that caused cloud-init to fail on real hw?14:49
lynxmanjamespage: was on a day off, what can I do for you sir? :)14:53
jamespagelynxman: if you are on a day off it can definately wait14:54
lynxmanjamespage: you sure? :)14:55
jamespagelynxman: yep - its definately non-urgent14:55
lynxmanjamespage: alrighty, I'll ping you tomorrow morning then14:55
zuladam_g: ping...knowing swift release schedule would be good15:12
adam_gzul: good call. ill be sure to find out15:13
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koolhead11RoAkSoAx, hey15:22
DavieyRoAkSoAx: chairing?15:38
RoAkSoAxDaviey: am I?15:39
DavieyRoAkSoAx: seems you ar enext in the FIFO.15:39
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ah! you just updated the wikipage15:40
zulhow convient ;)15:40
Davieyzul: Was that you offering to volunter?15:41
zulno just commenting15:41
SpamapSIts nice that it takes 2 months to rotate around these days. :)15:41
DavieyRoAkSoAx: BTW - myself and rbasak will be in a call which clashes with the meeting.. So i might be able to 'check in' but not be a crticial part of the meeting.15:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #842845 in nova (universe) "problems starting multiple lxc instances concurrently" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84284515:42
RoAkSoAxDaviey: no worries15:43
DavieyRoAkSoAx: The blueprints need to be updated to reflect the current status.15:43
* zul shakes his fist at jamespage15:44
jamespagezul: :-) one more to come as well15:44
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ok i'll mention that15:44
jamespagezul: I now have a borked nova install - is they any way I can clear out all my broken lxc instances? without re-installing?15:44
jamespagenope - nova delete not working either15:45
jamespagefalls over with bug 84285615:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 842856 in nova "problems terminating lxc instances" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84285615:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #842856 in nova (universe) "problems terminating lxc instances" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84285615:46
zullooks like i have some stuff to do15:47
Davieyjamespage: So wait, it's not starting OR stopping them properly?15:48
jamespagewell if I spin them up individually they are OK15:48
jamespageDaviey: I was trying out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Oneiric/OpenStackTestPlan with nova-compute-lxc rather than kvm15:50
jamespageI'm going to blast the system and see if I get the same issues again15:50
jamespageDaviey: did you see my ping re lack of daily iso images for server?15:51
Davieyjamespage: i did not!15:55
Davieyjamespage: thanks for raising it15:55
jamespagenp - its was the cause of my network install woes - netbooting off one kernel version and then network installing with stuff for another15:56
Davieyjamespage: Ah, that has hit me a few times :/15:57
DavieyI wonder if that was what koolhead11 saw.15:57
jamespageI switched to the mini.iso and it fixed my problem15:57
Daviey(didn't sound like it, tho)15:57
jamespagemaybe - my installs failed to find any disks!15:57
zuljamespage: do you get the same problem when creating more than one kvm instance15:59
jamespagezul: I would need to check15:59
jamespageI did not actually try that TBH15:59
zuljamespage: k thanks15:59
jamespagebut I will15:59
jamespagezul: I did get some of the instances I requested - just not all of them!15:59
EriksLVhow can I disable apt-get autoremove?16:00
zuljamespage: par for the course for cloud ;)16:00
EriksLVor clear autoremove list16:00
DavieyEriksLV: It sounds like you have some depends that were instaled because of something else.16:01
Davieyyou removed the something else16:01
EriksLVyea, I know16:01
EriksLVI removed virtualmin16:02
Davieyso apt-get install "something else", and it won't be marked for removal16:02
EriksLVnow it wants to remove mysql/apache16:02
EriksLVthanks Daviey, that works16:07
jamespageDaviey: jenkins builds just fine in PPA BTW - not sure what is up with your pbuilder16:45
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=== Propdep is now known as WinstonSmith
BrixSati have a problem. i lost my user password17:05
BrixSatand so i cant login to the vps. the grub menu does not show, is there any way to enter the vps?17:05
patdk-wkmount your vps filesystem on other system17:08
PotaI am running ngrep. Does this capture packets before or after iptables? Can I control which side of iptables the sniffing is done on for the sake of testing my rules ?17:09
dokozul, likewise-open ping17:11
zuldoko: pong whats up?17:12
RoAkSoAxsmoser: ping?17:19
smoserRoAkSoAx, here17:19
dokozul, why were the armel patches dropped?17:19
zuldoko: i have no idea we get the package from upstream17:19
RoAkSoAxsmoser: what was the bug # for the issue we had when depoying with ensemble17:20
TophatHave a Dell GX260 with latest BIOS A09. Can't get installation of LTS going with USB keyboard/mouse17:20
RoAkSoAxsmoser: that cloud-init run stuff because the network was supposed to be up but it wasn't?17:20
dokozul, then pretty please educate upstream not to drop changes. didn't get any feedback on bug 823717 either. imnsho this is the task of the sponsor17:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 823717 in likewise-open "likewise-open version failed to build on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82371717:21
smoserbug 83896817:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 838968 in ifupdown "static-network-up event does not wait for interfaces to have an address" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83896817:21
RoAkSoAxsmoser: thanks17:21
smoserso you should be good now...17:21
RoAkSoAxsmoser: cool17:21
RoAkSoAxgonna test17:21
zuldoko: crap...sorry about that17:21
koolhead11Daviey, hey17:21
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ok so bug ^^ is fixed, so I should be able to deploy without any issues now17:22
RoAkSoAxsmoser: yes?17:24
smosergrab the cloud-init log ensemble patch if you can17:24
smoserand apply to ensemble17:24
smoserhold on17:24
smoserbug 84248817:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 842488 in ensemble "Enable cloud-init debug output to better support problem analysis" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84248817:24
smoserbranch is linked there, patch is pretty trivial17:24
RoAkSoAxsmoser: you want that in trunk or just in our test branch?17:25
smoserwell, it is proposed for merging, and i think hazmat is aware. and SpamapS said he'd pull to ubuntu ensemble package17:26
smoserbut for your testing, pull it17:26
RoAkSoAxsmoser: alrighty17:26
smoserit just redirects output of cloud-init and all its subprocesses to a file so you can see it (other than to the console)17:26
koolhead11RoAkSoAx, you mean the bug i reported is fixed :D17:26
RoAkSoAxkoolhead11: which one?17:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 842509 in debian-installer "debian-installer fails to proceed/ceases if preseed fails to assign IP  automatically." [Undecided,New]17:27
RoAkSoAxkoolhead11: nope, i mean bug17:28
koolhead11oops. k17:28
RoAkSoAxkoolhead11: nope, i mean bug #84248817:28
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 842488 in ensemble "Enable cloud-init debug output to better support problem analysis" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84248817:28
koolhead11ooh nice. well i was not able to get it working on AWS17:28
veenenenAnyone worked with ipv6 on an ubuntu server running as a kvm server before?17:36
=== baggar11_ is now known as baggar11
veenenenI can get the public route to show up witih "ip -6 route", but the interface never seems to get attached.17:37
veenenenI check ifconfing, and all I see is the local ipv6 address17:38
sbeattieDaviey: FYI, bug 83799117:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 837991 in apache2 "Please merge apache2 2.2.20-1 to fix CVE-2011-3192+regressions" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83799117:45
Davieysbeattie: you sir, are a rock star!17:47
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-nom
Davieysbeattie: Thanks for that, it was more than perfect.18:31
sbeattieDaviey: awesome. Of course, my first attempt at it managed to drop the hardening-wrapper build dependency, which would have made me a sad panda had I not caught it.18:33
Davieysbeattie: Yeah, we keep trying to drop the PIE stuff, but it keeps getting noticed. :)18:33
Davieysbeattie: I'm suprised you can't upload this stuff directly.. you should.18:34
robbiewokay folks....gotta fire in some nearby woods...railroad tracks are a good barrier between the woods and my neighborhood, but I need to go afk for a bit until I know it's safe18:42
Solskogenhi! I've just installed oneiric (server) and noticed that I had some troubles with locales. http://pastebin.com/dtvCj89K - just wondered if this is a known problem, or if I should report it, or if I have some gremlins on my system.18:50
multiHYPhi, how can i set multiple sites under the same ip/domain using apache2?19:12
multiHYPbasically, i don't want to put my index.html of one of my sites under /var/www/. besides as a user i don't have permission anyway.19:13
dokozul, any idea why likewise-open ships a DEBIAN/shlibs in the package??19:20
robbiewfire contained...all is good :)19:24
multiHYPwhich service is best for domain name registration? in the uk godaddy and namecheap are famous…19:30
jpdsmultiHYP: Use virtual hosts?19:34
multiHYPyeah that i figured19:34
multiHYPbut thanks jpds19:34
jpdsmultiHYP: And for domains, it's really up to you.19:35
multiHYPjpds: do you use any?19:35
gummybeargreetings all, setting up my first ubuntu-server, so far so good...19:36
zulutlemming: did someone already claimed the review?19:42
=== Ursinha-nom is now known as Ursinha
zulsmoser: ping about cloud-init-output-log....how does that work?19:51
smosercloud-init redirects its stdin and stdout to the expected filehandles or pipes19:52
smoserand subprocesses inherit those19:52
zulso you get the ssh keys and that kind of stuff?19:52
smoserall output other than (unfortunately, the stuff i recently added 'ci-info:' ) that would go to console will go there.19:53
smoser(well, with 'tee' it will go both places)19:53
zuldang...because that would be good for the lxc containers19:54
* zul is toying with some ideas19:54
* koolhead11 is confused and feeling restless19:56
koolhead11Daviey, how any idea how much time it will take someone to fix this issue19:59
koolhead11i was wondering if i should file one more bug19:59
koolhead11aleuck, hey20:14
aleuckwhere is the folder that is copyed to a user's home folder when the user is created?20:15
aleuckcould anyone help me on that?20:15
Davieykoolhead11: I'm concerned there isn't enough information to be able to reproduce the current one.20:17
DavieyIt might be an idea to try the iso that is created tommorrow20:17
Daviey(import it into cobbler)20:17
koolhead11Daviey, am doing to do that only :D20:17
koolhead11Daviey, one more thing the DHCP takes ages to assign IP to provisioning system20:18
Davieykoolhead11: Ah, try the ISO which is HOT OFF THE PRESS20:18
Davieyyou may well be the first person to try the one just created20:19
koolhead11Daviey, am going to do that as first first  its around 2 am and am alone scared in office :D20:19
Davieykoolhead11: Regarding DHCP, you are not the first person to notice this.. smoser was working on a fix for that, don't know the current status.20:19
Daviey(might not be the same issue)20:19
koolhead11Daviey, another probable bug is, when my DHCP fails and am manually assigning the IP.20:20
DavieyThis sounds like something else20:20
koolhead11information about my hostname coming from preseed file gets over written with 1st set of the IP20:21
koolhead11say i am giving static IP
koolhead11so my hostname becomes 19220:21
smoserwhats going on ?20:23
smoserkoolhead11, explain ?20:23
* koolhead11 bows to Smark 20:23
koolhead11smoser, am running cobbler and its taking care of my DHCP server as well20:23
koolhead11i have a pressed file which i have assigned most infos like hostname and all20:24
koolhead11now during provisioning, most of the time my automatic DHCP IP assignment fails and when i assign the IP manually20:24
koolhead11so say i gave the machine IP
koolhead11after the provisioning once system boots20:25
koolhead11it acquires hostname ==> 19220:25
koolhead11instead the one i defined in my preseed file20:25
koolhead11If am lucky and DHCP assigns the IP then i get hostname as per my preseed file :D20:26
koolhead11and yes the same behaviour is seen when am assigning an static IP for the provisoned oneiric system20:28
koolhead11smoser, also this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/842509 , i will test the latest  build tomorrow. I wish i will be able to see few fixes else i will file bug for the above mentioned20:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 842509 in debian-installer "debian-installer fails to proceed/ceases if preseed fails to assign IP  automatically." [Undecided,New]20:30
storrgiehow do i change my X config to use my monitor properly20:33
storrgieright now its at a goofy resolution20:33
smoserok. i do not believe it is related to what i was working on unless you have cloud-init in the picture. (which youprobably do not).20:33
koolhead11smoser, no cloud-init20:34
smosercheck the 'dpkg -l' to be sure20:34
smoserbut it could be hosing you, and we have cobbler stuff that might be shoving it in there....20:34
* koolhead11 points storrgie, #ubuntu20:34
storrgiekoolhead11, its for ubuntu server20:34
storrgieI have a monitor attached to the server20:34
koolhead11smoser, as Daviey i will test everything on new CD tomorrow :D20:35
DavieyRoAkSoAx: Having a problem with the installer?21:13
jamespageDaviey, RoAkSoAx: if screenshot is from PXE network install could be related to lack of daily images for the last few days (assuming setup is using full ISO rather than mini?)21:18
jamespageI had a very similar issue with my local install environment yesterday which I banged my head against the wall for an hour or so with :-)21:19
Davieyjamespage: Argh.. normally it shows - a problem with linux-modules could not be found.21:19
DavieyWas it the same issue?21:19
DavieyRoAkSoAx: there is a fresh daily ISO to try, if you want?21:20
jamespagei got that same message - I think the kernel upped a version since 01/0921:20
jamespagecould not detect any local disk so iSCSI instead :-)21:20
jamespageDaviey: are you doing a bit of sponsoring ATM?21:21
Davieyjamespage: can do..21:23
DavieyI was just fixing some packages i do not care about for fun.21:24
jamespageDaviey: lp:~james-page/ubuntu/oneiric/jenkins/misc-fixes is ready to go if you have time21:24
jamespageI did check in PPA - worked just fine so not sure whats up with your pbuilder environment :-(21:24
RoAkSoAxjamespage: ok so AFAIK the image might have been updated in cobbler21:27
RoAkSoAxjamespage: but it is an ISO21:27
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah I'll do that21:27
jamespageOK so as we have had not ISO's since the first thats prob the issue21:27
jamespagewell it was for me anyway21:27
RoAkSoAxDaviey: I havent manually updated the ISO myself, so the cronjob that is installed might have done so21:27
RoAkSoAxso if it was a recently imported ISO that might be the issue21:28
RoAkSoAxwill try today's daily21:28
RoAkSoAxand see what happends21:28
jamespageThe mini.iso works just fine21:28
jamespagebut that gets built differently21:28
RoAkSoAxjamespage: what I'm using is also a mini ISO21:28
jamespagewhen did it last get updated?21:28
DavieyRoAkSoAx: it was only published a few hours ago, so unlikely the cronjob picked it up21:28
RoAkSoAxDaviey: indeed21:29
RoAkSoAxjamespage: 21st21:29
jamespageyeah - so it will def. be borked21:29
jamespagean update should fix21:30
RoAkSoAxjamespage: k will do that21:30
jamespageI lost time on it - wanted to make sure you did not :-)21:30
jamespageanyway - bed time21:31
* jamespage yawns21:31
Davieynn jamespage21:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #843296 in net-snmp (main) "cannot install snmp-mibs-downloader - does not exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84329621:51
UrsinhaDaviey, qa-regression-testing is really neat21:58
idlemind324on 10.04 lts i installed openssh-server and tried to use it with my 16 character password but it would not let me in. i changed it to a 10 character password and i was able to get in. aside from using keys how do i extend the length of passwords ssh can use?22:03
idlemind324on the servers local console if i run ssh -l <myusername> localhost ... i can use my 16 character password22:03
idlemind324i am unable to use my 16 character password from my 11.04 desktop22:04
Ursinhaidlemind324, what's the error message?22:06
idlemind324it simply fails authentication22:06
idlemind324if i change my password from 16 characters to 10 it works22:06
idlemind324i just never thought ssh on the client side would fial because a password was too long22:06
Ursinhastupid question, but is it possible that you have a function key enabled or something that might be producing the wrong char in the 16 chars passwd?22:07
idlemind324nah i the ssh server is a vm on the machine i'm using for the client so if it had a function key on i would assume it would replicate to both22:08
idlemind324i guess it could be one of my special characters22:08
idlemind324i'm trying a strictly numeric 16 character password atm22:08
idlemind324must be a character22:09
idlemind324* special character22:09
idlemind32416 character numeric password worked22:09
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
idlemind324now to find out what specials break it22:10
Ursinha-afkidlemind324, check if it shows correctly in plain text inside the vm22:11
idlemind324it does22:11
Ursinha-afkidlemind324, did it work before or that's the first time you're trying that?22:12
idlemind324first time around22:12
idlemind324when running passwd22:12
idlemind324using just ))(( as my password it says "No password supplied"22:12
=== medberry is now known as med_out
Ursinha-afkhmm, I don't get it then22:13
idlemind324me thinks me found it22:13
Ursinha-afkand what's that?22:14
idlemind324the vm isn't capturing the )('s at terminal22:14
* Ursinha-afk is curious22:14
Ursinha-afkah, thought so22:14
idlemind324it gets all other specials it seems22:14
idlemind324now to figure out why22:14
Ursinha-afkit's almost always something about special chars assignment22:14
idlemind324could it have something to do with keyboard layout selection?22:15
Ursinha-afkor the vm manager shortcuts setup as well22:15
DavieyUrsinha-afk: yeah, it is nice!22:22
DavieyUrsinha-afk: we should use it more :)22:22
lajjrHello kim023:05
kim0lamont: hey23:26

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