HazRPGhaha, I still think yesterday's google doodle was epic XD01:25
* HazRPG re-watches video01:25
HazRPGbah, wrong box o.O02:16
JoeyBLINGZjoey blingz yall04:04
=== JoeyBLINGZ is now known as FinglyFangly
hoovergood morning06:44
diploMorning all07:01
tris2468hey people07:03
tris2468too early again :S07:03
christelAlanBell <307:03
AlanBellhardly worth getting up today07:03
AlanBellrainy rainy nasty07:03
TheOpenSourcerermorning earthlings.07:04
diploMore the wind down here AlanBell, rain isn't so bad if it wasn't for the wind! Garden was a right state this morning :(07:06
tris2468yeah raining like mad here too07:06
MooDoohello all07:07
popeyMorning all07:26
daubersSeen this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-1476554507:40
HazRPGmorning guys :)07:50
* HazRPG chews into some fresh bread w/butter07:50
HazRPGnom :)07:51
HazRPGdaubers: interesting read dude07:52
HazRPGI've always thought it daft for governments to rely too heavily on proprietary software, when it's the countries money they're spending to do so07:57
diploI agree HazRPG, suppose it's just been ease and what they know08:05
HazRPGdiplo: true, but you'd think with the sheer size of some of the departments, you'd think someone (even if its just in the IT admin/IT support side of things) ... someone somewhere must be using something open-source of have knowledge of something that could ease the effort to bring in open-sourced software in08:07
HazRPGI'll use people I've met, talked with, etc over time in our small city (cumbria isn't big - and even fewer like change here)... I know a very large handful of people that have, know, or seen open-source software somewhere08:09
HazRPGI mean most people I know (most of which aren't good with IT) have at least firefox on their systems, out of pure choice and not because someone told them to08:10
HazRPGI've seen people who would rather use google docs, etc08:10
BigRedSIt's worth remembering that free software isn't really free-as-in-free beer from that perspective, either08:10
HazRPGBigRedS: exactly, just to know a popular one - Red Hat08:11
BigRedSyou need to pay for someone to install it and look after it and, typically, those people are more expensive than MS drones, for example08:11
BigRedSEven Debian or Ubuntu. They don't just magically start doing what you want them to and never stop08:11
HazRPGalthough, to say that support costs for open-source is more expensive isn't always true08:11
diploHazRPG: we were apart from desktops all opensource software08:12
BigRedSNo, but it's not like you can say "Pah. £3M on <some software>. They should have gone open sauce". It's quite possible to spend £3M putting an open source, or open source derived, system in08:12
diploBut a change in management we went from all to 2 linux servers08:12
diploAlso, issues with the likes of FF are locking them to GPO's etc08:13
diploAnd also ram usage for us was to much, would have killed our Terminal Services, IE was just to well integrated.08:13
diploI was actually looking at trying LTSP at one point, but new management didn't want to because they were scared that they would be to dependant on me and my colleague08:14
diploEven though I wrote good notes / how to's08:14
diploAlso something I have found since changing jobs is that there are not a huge group of people like me and my colleagues that will work on what ever is best for thejob08:18
diploMy brother for instance is Windows only and sees no place in linux in anything and that it is shit with out even trying it.08:18
diploArgues the point _all_ the time, where as I use wat ever works best for me.08:19
Mezyes popey, andylockran does now work with Mez.08:20
MooDoodiplo: my parents and sister use windows, and me to be honest, and they see no reason to change at all08:20
MezI don't know who I feel more sorry for. andylockran or the world.08:20
MooDooMez: andylockran ;)08:21
diploI've nearly talked my dad into changing, he wants to use AutoCAD even though he doesn't *need* it08:21
BigRedSSurely there's not a lot you can do with autocad that you don't need autocad for, what's he doing with it?08:23
HazRPGdiplo: yeah I see what you mean, I use whatever best for a given task too - but your right, there are very few who see it that way08:23
* BigRedS imagines him making flyers for school fetes in autocad08:23
HazRPGdiplo: I managed to convert my sister to linux, simply because she respects my judgement more than the fact that its actually good/bad. Plus it means if something goes wrong, she knows exactly who to turn to - even before I converted her to linux, she still used any software recommendations I told her... and didn't mind learning them... in fact sometimes she thanked me for teaching her the new stuff08:24
BigRedSMy brother's on an endless cycle of getting annoyed enough by Windows to switch to a linux, then getting annoyed enough by Linux to put Windows back.08:25
diploBigRedS: I really don't know, he was a Ship designer before he retired and can't let it go08:25
BigRedSI think he's borrowing a mac off someone currently08:25
BigRedSdiplo: haha, so he doesn't actually use it, just feels the need to have it knocking around? :)08:25
diploI can't see what he does use it for08:26
HazRPGdiplo: I bet you FreeCAD, SagCAD, or similar might just serve him just as easily :P08:26
diploJust it's the only software he actually knows inside out, after 20 years with PC's he still types with a single finger08:26
MooDooah just let him use windows :S08:26
BigRedSI've never heard any AutoCAD users get along with any of the other offerings08:26
diploSame here BigRedS, I tried at last place i worked08:27
AlanBellwikileaks is awesome blogging material08:27
HazRPGAlanBell: indeed :P08:27
diploBut like that BBC doc mentioned ( comments ) some of our people wanted Photoshop to edit simple images08:27
diploI said no, just use this or that08:27
diploAnd then got over ruled by management who didn't know better08:27
HazRPGBigRedS: seems like your bother just isn't too keen to try and work out how to fix things, and enjoy doing so rather then getting frustrated with it :P08:28
MooDoodiplo: it's their money lol08:28
diploSo we wasted nearly 3k on software that would never be used for what it was designed08:28
diploNo MooDoo, it was MY bonus :/08:28
HazRPGdiplo: yeah, I read that and lul'd08:28
BigRedSHazRPG: no, he doesn't fancy fixing things. He wants to get work done08:28
diploIt really really annoyed me, one of the reasons I no longer work they08:28
BigRedSThat's my thing, too, but I've just learnt to accept what's available :)08:29
diploThey have people who knew about it, but wouldn't listen to expertise, just listened to sales men and basically the company is in a downward spiral now08:29
BigRedSheh: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64795908:30
lubotu3Mozilla bug 647959 in CA Certificates "Add Honest Achmed's root certificate" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]08:30
HazRPGBigRedS: I'm sure most people, given the opportunity, would love things to always just work as they should, but sometimes you have to realise not everything is perfect and you have to learn to solve the issue yourself. :) I'm always reminded of this comic: http://xkcd.com/627/ :P08:30
BigRedSHah, yeah. But some people are annoyed by bad design decisions. He's one of those people.08:34
BigRedSHe's never going to just 'accept' that it makes sense for, say, apt to sit there downloading for a while and then, only when it's got *everything*, start installing08:35
diploOne of the guys I used to work with, he will use wat ever but is stuck with what he knows.. which was RHEL/CentOS and IE/Windows for developing08:37
MooDooI'll use what ever gets the job done :D08:37
diploLast week I eventually got him to try Firefox and a couple of web developing icons08:37
diploAnd he said 'Bloody hell andy why didn't you tell me about this before'08:37
diploI had been trying for 3-4 years08:38
BigRedSMooDoo: that is nearly everything, though. The arguments are over how quickly/easily they get the job done :)08:38
diploAlso used apt-get for first time last week, he can't believe how much better it was than yum, I'd been trying to convert him to debian at work for years :/08:38
JamesTaitGood morning everyone!08:38
MooDooBigRedS: depends on what you're used to i suppose!08:38
andylockranmorning JT08:38
HazRPGBigRedS: heh, I always thought that was better - rather then going to site a, or site b for stuff and clogging up folders (or worse my desktop) with installers - its  better to have apt get them, install them... and have them sorted in its cache (and auto remove them if needed)08:39
diplomorning JamesTait08:39
BigRedSHazRPG: no, that's not the bit he's annoyed about08:40
BigRedSHe wonders why, when apt's got the first package it doesn't start installing it while retrieving the second08:40
HazRPGBigRedS: nothing annoyed me more about windows, then installing something to get the dreaded "dll missing" or "framework missing" message.08:40
HazRPGBigRedS: ahhh lol08:40
BigRedSAnd, while you're waiting for the download-everything-then-install-everything, you can't install anything else08:41
BigRedSwhereas with, say, Windows, he just ctrl-A's an entire directory of installers, hits 'Enter' and goes to down fragmenting the hell out of his filesystem08:41
HazRPGsee, this is why I request several things at once when using apt ^_^08:41
HazRPGsee I never understood why people like to do several things while installing stuff08:42
BigRedSwell, you do apt-get install [several things] and it wanders off for half an hour08:42
HazRPGI'd rather set something up to install, go have a break from the computer, and come back08:42
BigRedSand then you remember that there's no vim, so you want to just install it08:43
BigRedSbut you can't08:43
HazRPGthat way I don't fragment my hdd too much :)08:43
BigRedSach. fragmentation's part of teh tedium I expect the computer to deal with so I don't have to :)08:43
HazRPGBigRedS: heh, you know if it hasn't started installing stuff and its still grabbing them... that you can do CTRL+C (I think it is)... UP... change the command slightly, and it'll resume from where it left off (it won't redownload anything that's already been downloaded - it might have to redownload the previous thing it hadn't finished though)08:45
BigRedSbut it'd be nice if there was a polite way of doing it08:45
HazRPGalthough, once you've gotten to the point of no return (installing stuff) I wouldn't bother till its done08:45
BigRedSapt-get -f install && apt-get install [whatever you wanted to add]08:46
BigRedSis even less polite than ctrl-cing the download, though08:46
HazRPGsee, this is one thing I like about the software centre in some cases... you can queue up several things :)08:47
gordthe "polite" way is to ues software centre :P08:47
HazRPGgord: beat you to it ;)08:47
gordi actually really like sc these days, its neat. just wish apt wasn't so darn slow08:47
hoovercheers all08:48
HazRPGgord: thing about apt I'd like to see, is being able to issue more commands on a different terminal, and have them process into some sort of queue08:48
HazRPGhoover: hmm?08:48
diploHazRPG: Like the software centre does08:49
diploIt's why I've started using it more08:49
diploSo I can queue up things on a fresh install08:49
HazRPGdiplo: Yeah, I thought I mentioned that :P08:50
diploReally out to roll my own distro/version with everything preinstalled, pretty much use same apps all that08:50
diploah, hadn't scrolled backup that far :)08:50
HazRPGdiplo: I use the software centre too on fresh installs - I  use it even more when showing new people ubuntu :P08:50
diploJust wish I could get Natty running nicely on my laptop, keep going back to Win7 as it just works08:51
HazRPGdiplo: its alright ;)08:51
diploUse ubuntu on my pc here ( this machine ) and lappy at home08:51
HazRPGdiplo: I've complete disregarded natty as an actual ubuntu distro ^_^08:51
BigRedSdiplo: I just made a package which depends on everything I want08:51
diploBut work laptop I keep going back to windows08:51
HazRPGdiplo: I feel it's a ME/Vista type thing, and that the next one will rock!08:51
BigRedSso I get a new machine, add my repo, apt-get install avi and then I've got everything I need/want08:51
diploOooh wrote up how you did it BigRedS ?08:51
HazRPGBigRedS: interesting, I'll have to remember to ask you about that!08:52
* diplo would like to read that08:52
BigRedSah, no08:52
BigRedSI keep meaning to write a blog post08:52
BigRedSmaybe that'll be it08:52
HazRPGBigRedS: epic :)08:52
HazRPGBigRedS: make sure to highlight me if you do :)08:52
BigRedSWhoo. I will need reminding :)08:52
HazRPGI keep meaning to write a bash script (and store to U1 and Dropbox) which just does the whole install of usual crap for me :P08:53
HazRPGBigRedS: either that, or try and add a software centre command line tool ^_^08:55
HazRPGimagine being able to just software-centre -q package-name08:55
HazRPGwhere -q would be queue08:55
BigRedSHazRPG: well, it is open source :) Is there a command-line software-center?09:04
BigRedSand is it called 'software-centre' in en_gb? :)09:04
HazRPGBigRedS: I don't think so... but would be cool to add one to it :)09:04
HazRPGBigRedS: http://ScrnSht.com/tokbqg09:05
HazRPGin the terminal its just "software-center" however :(09:06
BigRedSHazRPG: ah yeah, I meant the hypothetical command-line one09:06
BigRedStsk tsk09:06
HazRPGthat's the output of help09:07
HazRPGso it does have terminal features, just very few09:07
HazRPGI'm sure if some patches were applied into the repo for it, that they might get considered (at the very least)09:07
HazRPGalso, I don't think it would be too hard to add a terminal alias for software-centre :P09:08
BigRedSahh, so it's just ways to invoke the gui09:09
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Bell] If all else fails, switch to Open Source - http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/09/06/if-all-else-fails-switch-to-open-source/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=if-all-else-fails-switch-to-open-source09:09
BigRedSI'd suggest, though, that in Aptitude we've already got most of what the software-center does, on the terminal :)09:09
diploMooDoo: You are a web dev aren't you ?09:19
BigRedSdiplo: web devs don't normally admit to being one without first having agreed on a price :)09:26
bigcalmBigRedS: haha09:26
bigcalmI've given up saying that I'm a web dev (oh will you design me a site? Dev not Designer!). These days I'm a programmer09:27
diploAh bigcalm q for you then.. :P09:29
diploEver had an issue with onblur/onfocus in IE909:29
* bigcalm hisses and makes himself look bigger than he really is09:29
BigRedSbigcalm: Ah, I get that as a sysadmin :/. Handily, I can respond with "Have you seen my site?" which usually puts them off wanting me to make theirs :)09:29
bigcalmdiplo: no, I tend to use jQuery rather than using inline JS09:30
diploCan't seem to find issues or google any help but since IE9 in our search box the 'Product Search' doesn't disappear anymore09:30
dogmatic69anyone know why i get the following with tail -f /file.ext tail: cannot watch `/var/log/apache2/error.log': No space left on device09:32
dogmatic69/dev/sda1               457643     31670    402727   8% /09:33
dogmatic69used : 8%09:33
bigcalmMaybe it's run out of swap09:33
dogmatic69i have 11gigs of swap, i doubt that09:34
* dogmatic69 will just reboot :/09:34
gingmaybe there are open files which have been deleted but are still taking up space09:34
HazRPGHmm interesting!09:35
HazRPGDidn't even know this existed! http://barcampblackpool.com/09:35
dogmatic69free -m says 130mb09:35
BigRedSdogmatic69: 11G of swap?09:37
BigRedSIIRC, that's a bug in tail but I can't remember what it is09:37
dogmatic69ubuntu done that, auto install...09:37
BigRedShaha, that's hilarious09:37
ginghow much ram does it have?09:38
dogmatic69hmm... sudo tail works fine09:40
dogmatic69tail dumps some then dies09:40
dogmatic69reading a blog, someone posted 'sysctl -w fs.inotify.max_user_watches=16384' as a fix... anyone know what that does?09:41
diploheh dogmatic69 just read same Gentoo post ?09:42
dogmatic69mine is currently 8k like the post09:42
dogmatic69his was the other way round though. sudo was broke and user was fine09:42
dogmatic69my sudo is fine09:43
MooDoohmmm i need a new server09:43
BigRedSdogmatic69: it increases the amount of people allowed to watch for changes to the filesystem, basically09:44
BigRedSso that'd work if the issue is that too many processes are already monitoring the filesystem for changes (things like nautilus do to so as son as you create a directory it can show it, and desktop search wotsits do that too)09:45
dogmatic69ah ok09:46
dogmatic69so would sudo create more space to watch with?09:47
dogmatic69ill just reboot09:48
dogmatic6926 days uptime09:48
BomsterQuick Q - Best of a bad bunch, FAT, FAT32 or NTFS?09:51
Myrttidepending on setup09:52
BomsterPlugging a HDD into a media player to play high def movies09:54
MooDooBomster: NTFS longer file names as well09:54
MooDooprobably fat then09:54
BomsterFAT32 has a limit on file names?!09:54
MooDoowhat's the media player?09:54
BomsterFAT has a 4GB file limit though..09:54
MooDoosome of them don't like ntfs09:54
BomsterCyclone Micro 2+09:54
Bomsterit plays nice with ntfs.09:54
BomsterWhy can't there just be a univeral file format :)09:55
MooDooyes it's go with ntfs then09:55
MooDooi'd go with09:55
BomsterThe only hitch is that OS X doesn't play nice with NTFS..09:55
BomsterWhy can't they just all get along..09:55
davmor2morning all09:58
MooDoomorning davmor209:59
MooDoodavmor2: pool isn't looking to go for you  at the moment ;)09:59
davmor2MooDoo: it's only labour that can go on for hours ;) Although I really hope not for your missus sake :D10:01
MooDoodavmor2: we think she's in slow labour now.....she's got to see the midwife tomorrow10:02
davmor2MooDoo: so perfect then having it tomorrow at 2 am :P10:02
MooDoolol if she does, it will be the same time our first was born10:03
frecklehi I have 2 nVidia GEForce GTS 250 but the nvidia driver is only detecting the one card. Anyone got an idea how to fix that?10:09
ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] Falkirk LUG Talk Tonight - http://blogs.kde.org/node/447710:09
diploRight, HP claim form filled out and in envelope, now need to remember to post it!10:12
diploonly taken a week or so so far :D10:12
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:14
MooDoobrobostigon: morning10:18
* czajkowski slaps davmor2 10:20
czajkowskiMooDoo: any baby yet ?10:20
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:20
davmor2czajkowski: slow labour10:21
davmor2czajkowski: here have a big hug for being so lovely :D10:21
MooDooczajkowski: nope no sign10:22
MooDoodavmor2: czajkowski is lovely...:)10:23
czajkowskiMooDoo: do ye know what yer having ?10:23
MooDooczajkowski: no, we want a surprise10:23
davmor2czajkowski: In the baby pool I a 2am tomorrow what you going for?10:23
kvarleyAnybody have any ideas as to why Ubuntu shows my processor clock speed at the stock 2.93GHz per core rather than the overclocked speed which it's set to in the bios?10:24
MooDoodoes it say anything in /proc/cpuinfo?10:28
kvarleyMooDoo: The same info as the System Monitor displays10:31
kvarleyMooDoo: http://kvarley.co.uk/tl_files/temp/Screenshot-System%20Monitor.png10:33
czajkowskiany idea how I log a bug about apport before I throw my machine out a window...10:34
shaunojust start it on launchpad rather than going thru ubuntu-bug?   ala https://bugs.launchpad.net/apport/+filebug  ?10:38
davmor2czajkowski: why what is wrong with apport?10:39
shauno(and if it works, you can use apport-collect bugnumber to fill in the gaps after the bug is created)10:41
czajkowskidavmor2: it's crashing but I don't know what about and it goes to submit and doesnt go the whole hog10:46
AlanBelldavmor2: I think it really really hates the respawning processes like global menu10:46
AlanBellif the menu goes off on one and crashes and respawns every second 20 times in a row then apport gets in a bit of a fluster10:47
davmor2AlanBell: HAHA!  It hates everything! that's it's job being a tell tale :)10:47
AlanBelland then apport crashes and hates itself10:47
AlanBellit is really bad if you are trying to use the desktop with orca and no monitor10:48
MyrttiI made a successful omelette for the first time in years10:57
Myrtti(and don't ask me how I've done it in the past)10:57
MyrttiHUHHUHHUUHHHHUUUUU too much chili in the omelette11:00
* Pendulum hugs Myrtti 11:02
MyrttiI have to get Julia Child's legendary book from somewhere11:03
AlanBellI have not tried putting chilis in an omlette, but I do crush them on eggs11:05
AlanBellsounds like a great omlette Myrtti11:05
MyrttiAlanBell: since all paprika and chili both benefit from being heated, it seemed the most natural way11:06
Myrttiheat up some oil in the pan, toss in some chopped chili, fry for a while, add egg.11:08
AlanBelljust need my hens to start laying11:09
Myrttieven ground dry paprika benefits from being cooked in oil for a while before adding more ingredients11:09
* popey wonders if any minecrafters have a moment to test how many people we can get on a 1.6GHz Atom server :D11:11
christeli can global notice and ask for you..11:12
* christel hides11:12
popeyjoin #ubuntu-uk-minecraft if you have 2 mins and a copy of minecraft handy :D11:12
czajkowskiyou're a loonatic11:16
Myrttisome LoCo's have team channels and chat channels11:28
Myrttiwe've got a minecraft channel.11:28
dogmatic69still having the tail -f problem even after a reboot11:29
The_Fred_Afternoon all :-)11:30
czajkowskiMyrtti: all about being social11:34
smittixBack to Sunny England :/12:07
AlanBelllovely isn't it12:18
AlanBellmy garden furniture is being destroyed by the wind :(12:19
MartijnVdSyay copper thieves12:22
daubersCome up with a solution to that and the railways would pay you a fortune12:26
BigRedSelectrify it12:26
MartijnVdSOr make it toxic in some way12:27
AlanBellswitch to fibre optic instead ;)12:28
MartijnVdSInk cartridges that stain you (like with money)12:30
MartijnVdSunwashable colours etc.12:30
MyrttiI need to stop munching these Fudges cheddar wafers12:30
Myrttibut they are so decadently good12:31
TheOpenSourcererAny suggestions as to what a "Geek chic" dress code might entail ?12:31
BigRedSperl-sloganed t-shirt, trousers with map pockets, hiking boots, black leather jacket and an oddly-masculine ponytail?12:33
popeya mullet12:33
BigRedSor one of those12:33
TheOpenSourcererA Flying Spaghetti Monster t-shirt?12:34
diplopopey: You just after 1 usb car charger ?12:35
AlanBelldon't think I have ever been chic12:35
AlanBellsounds like it is missing a ken to me12:35
popeydiplo: that specific one, two off probably12:35
popeymost of them are ~500ma, that one is 1A12:36
* MartijnVdS has a 1A one12:36
MartijnVdSgets the phone really hot12:36
AlanBell"come as you are isn't too helpful"12:36
AlanBellmisplaced close quote12:37
popeylol, "See also, OCD"12:37
AlanBellmy fingers closed it for me12:37
AlanBellI was in my jammies when I read the "come as you are" instruction12:38
diplooh right was going to offer you a spare one I have but its 250ma :)12:39
diploSo guessing a bit under for you12:39
diploBought 2 for some reason12:39
AlanBelldinner at hogwarts tomorrow http://transfersummit.com/gala-dinner12:39
MartijnVdSAlanBell: you get invited to all the fancy parties then? :)12:40
AlanBellyeah, and I haven't got a thing to wear12:41
nigelbAlanBell: Black gown? :)12:41
MartijnVdSDress robes?12:44
TheOpenSourcererStill might take my DJ for tomorrow... Just in case.12:49
andypiperooh TheOpenSourcerer AlanBell you going to ts11 as well eh12:53
TheOpenSourcererYes andypiper You too?12:53
* directhex moos12:53
TheOpenSourcererGoing up this evening12:53
andypiperditto... late-ish though I think12:54
DJonese/lastlog JGJones12:54
DJonesgrr, stupid fingers12:54
* TheOpenSourcerer doesn't think about asking andypiper for fashion advice ;-)12:54
DJonesHi JGJones12:54
andypipergood thinking12:54
andypiperI have none. I need a lot12:54
JGJonesTaking a "break" from writing. It's obvious I haven't really don't any handwriting since leaving school in 1996. Just 1 page of A4 and my hand's sore as hell.12:55
JGJonesgrammar fail12:55
TheOpenSourcererAfter seeing his hand-writing I think that AlanBell stopped using a pen around age 6.12:56
TheOpenSourcererWould make sense I guess coz when I was 6 computers still hadn't been invented - not with keyboards at any rate.12:56
JGJonesHe must be old then ;-) as I can't even read my granny's handwriting - it's just a wavy line. Although my dad is able to read it with ease. It's just wavy lines...no letter shapes.12:57
AlanBellI was indeed using computers age 612:59
TheOpenSourcererTrying to start a vpn from nm but getting a very unhelpful message "VPN service failed to start". Do I need to be any groups or anything?13:00
DJonesAlanBell: TheOpenSourcerer http://www.eweekeurope.co.uk/news/uk-government-flounders-in-commitment-to-open-source-3872313:01
TheOpenSourcererDJones: Yep - read them all.13:01
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, which type of vpn?13:03
TheOpenSourcererms pptp I think.13:03
TheOpenSourcererany logging anywhere?13:03
directhexmaybe in one of the kernel related logs13:04
directhexi don't have pptp experience13:04
directhexyou MS fan you13:04
TheOpenSourcererBloody customers.13:04
TheOpenSourcererI guess it is an MS vpn anyway. Not much info to go on. A gateway IP, user and pwd.13:05
MartijnVdSPPTP is in ppp  logs, if anywhere13:06
TheOpenSourcererThere's a bit in syslog but nothing very helpful tbh13:07
diploTheOpenSourcerer: From my experience you have to turn off a lot of settings in options13:07
diploSee if I can find settings a mo13:08
=== evilGary is now known as Gary
TheOpenSourcererSep  6 14:08:26 lobsang pppd[8057]: Using interface ppp013:08
TheOpenSourcererSep  6 14:08:26 lobsang pppd[8057]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/713:08
TheOpenSourcererSep  6 14:08:27 lobsang pppd[8057]: LCP terminated by peer (^VM-^_5}^@<M-Mt^@^@^BM-3)13:08
diploNot got my settings anymore but under advanced settings I had to uncheck most of the boxes in there13:09
diploTo get mine to work against a MS VPN13:09
TheOpenSourcererSep  6 14:12:26 lobsang pppd[8168]: CHAP authentication succeeded13:12
TheOpenSourcererSep  6 14:12:26 lobsang pppd[8168]: LCP terminated by peer (z*t7^@<M-Mt^@^@^BM-f)13:12
TheOpenSourcererHad to turn on MPPE by the looks of it13:16
TheOpenSourcererTurned off everything else too - thanks diplo13:16
diplotook lots of playing for me as well13:19
diploDidn't seem to be the same for different setups13:19
diploSucks :(13:19
popeyI have only just noticed that Windows 7 has Super+(N) (number) to get to the apps on the task bar13:23
popey(like what unity has)13:23
diplolol, been using Win7 for a good while now and I didn't know that popey thanks :)13:26
popeyi hit it by accident13:27
popeythe fact that I'm running win7 on a mbp means I hit the clover leaf mac key when I meant to hit alt... a lot13:27
gordi hit the super key when i mean to hit alt a lot myself, but i think thats more of PEBCAK13:28
* popey prefers PICNIC13:28
MartijnVdSWhy does nobody tell me these things? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reamde-Neal-Stephenson/dp/1848874480 :)13:29
gordor PIEPLZ13:29
andylockranls -la13:46
MartijnVdSandylockran: .: No such file or directory13:47
davmor2MartijnVdS: Easy you don't ask13:48
MartijnVdSdavmor2: OK. I ordered it anyway :)13:48
diploGood writer MartijnVdS13:50
diploLooking for new books atm13:51
MartijnVdSdiplo: Yeah, I know... but I didn't know this (new) book was coming out/is out13:51
diploI meant to put a ? at the end13:51
diploMeaning is he good13:51
MartijnVdSdiplo: I think he is13:51
diploWill pop down library on the way home13:51
MartijnVdSdiplo: If you're not sure, start with Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon is long but good as well.13:51
MartijnVdSdiplo: The Baroque Cycle takes some stamina but is good as well :)13:52
MartijnVdSAnathem, good13:52
MartijnVdSThis one - I hope good :)13:52
diploCool thanks13:53
diploTrying to broaden my book reading13:53
MartijnVdSdiplo: and if you like those books, try http://www.amazon.com/City-End-Time-Greg-Bear/dp/034544839113:53
MartijnVdSCompletely weird plot, reviews are bad, but I love it :)13:54
diploSounds ok, I read a weird one recently.. will dig it out tonight13:55
MartijnVdSdiplo: If you like weird, try China Miéville13:56
MartijnVdSdiplo: he even calls his own books "weird" :)13:56
diploDont like weird, just seemed to have read a couple recently13:56
diploI'm a espionage/war/etc type person really but trying a lot of others13:57
MartijnVdSdiplo: Then try Cryptonomicon first, then Snow Crash13:57
diploJust logging on to see if they have it now. otherwise I'll forget13:57
MartijnVdSdiplo: Cryptonomicon is half World War 2 novel, half "modern-day computer nerds with big plans" novel13:57
MartijnVdS(and yes, the plots come together in the end ;))13:58
diploNot got it at my local library, will order it in13:59
diplocba to drive 12 miles for a book13:59
MartijnVdSdiplo: This is why I love amazon :)14:00
diploCash is a tad short for me, why i renewed my library card14:00
MartijnVdS(£5 books vs €30 when buying locally)14:00
diploI've got a couple hundred books i've amassed in the last 2 years or so of reading again14:00
diploReally ought to get myself a digital ereader14:00
bigcalmI'm going to slap VM in a moment15:31
BigRedSVM in being-rubbish shocker?15:34
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bigcalmThe wonderful SuperHub has been restarting itself15:37
=== The_Fred_ is now known as The_Fred
livingdaylightthis question is in fact about skype. But relates to Pulseaudio. I want to disable the audio alerts, but see no option for that in skype's options15:41
livingdaylightIs there somewhere else I can turn skype down?15:41
livingdaylightsound preferences under applications shows me some things but not 'skype'15:41
Azelphurlivingdaylight: there is an option in skype, it has a menu with all the notifications and how to disable them o.O15:41
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...15:41
* bigcalm hugs lubotu315:42
livingdaylightI thought i dug around in skyp's options. Do you know whwere exaqctly?15:42
ali1234livingdaylight: skype probably uses libalsa wrapper15:42
ali1234so it will appear as ALSA plug-in [skype]15:42
ali1234or something like that15:42
ali1234but probably only when it is actually making sound15:42
popeylivingdaylight: skype definitely has an option for sound alerts, I have switched them off15:43
livingdaylightpopey just don't see it. I now found under Sound Devices "allow skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels" which wa enabled. I have now disabled it to see what that does15:44
livingdaylightpopey are you in front of skype?15:47
popeynot on ubuntu15:47
popeyits under 'notifications'15:48
popeysame on all platforms15:48
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robertahilljrhi all, has anyone had any luck getting a tablet laptop combi fully working on 11.0417:23
czajkowskitonytiger: is going for membership  why not jot down a few lines to help convience the EMEA board he deserves it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/tonywhitmore17:23
The_Fredi hate to think how i'd do17:50
The_FredIm online via mobile phone, and latency is quite high17:51
The_Fredim guessing max of 300 kps down, and maybe 50kps up17:51
The_FredI want AlanBell 's  connection..17:51
AlanBellall you have to do is get four A* at A-Level17:52
AlanBellor go to a conference17:52
The_Fredsimples :-)17:52
AlanBellI went for the conference option17:53
popeyhttp://www.speedtest.net/result/1469346149.png wheeee17:54
The_Fredno suprise here:17:58
* MartijnVdS will get back to you all in ~4 months :)17:58
popeyi get 7Mb/s download on my three dongle17:59
popeywell, sometimes :D17:59
MartijnVdSnot bad17:59
The_Fredi cant complain tho, i get 80Gb download over mobile for £15 a month payg...17:59
popeyi suspect thats about as much as it will go17:59
The_Fredyea, with a dongle you pay £15 for 3 Gb, but through a phone 80Gb for £15...18:00
The_Fredthe main difference is the speed tho, and for me being online all day every day is more important than speed..18:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Menu Discoverability In Ubuntu 11.10 - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/06/menu-discoverability-in-ubuntu-11-10/18:31
ali1234lol what a crock18:32
MartijnVdSKool-aid anyone? :P18:33
ali1234i would also point out that despite what that blog claims, "discovering that if you hit the left side of the screen the Launcher appears." is actually not discoverable at all18:38
ali1234what actually happenes is people notice that the launcher dodges windows18:38
ali1234so they restore any maximized windows and then move any other windows to the right until the launcher comes back18:38
MartijnVdSthere used to be a setting "always show"18:39
KrimZonit took me a year to 'discover' aero's gesture of moving the window side to side to minimize everything else18:44
MartijnVdShuh? moving side to side?18:44
KrimZonit's really sensitive so I just thought windows randomly minimized because of windows being crappy and buggy when I was moving a window18:44
KrimZonit's like a wiggle when you drag the titlebar18:45
MartijnVdSI miss alt-move in Windows18:45
KrimZonI miss gnome 2 in windows18:45
KrimZonbut it still doesn't have enough clocks18:45
KrimZonyou need more than one so if one has a bug in the obscure way you make use of it, you can still use another18:47
Featurefreakhuh,, that seems weird, the asus 1215N is £418 and €479, oh wow, ok, exchange rate is thhat good.19:07
Featurefreakwondering, am i better off putthing ~€500 into a "real" laptop rather than going netbook class?19:08
suprengrI dare anyone to try to beat this score: http://imagebin.org/171296 [& no hacking allowed]19:27
MooDooevening all19:30
suprengro/ MooDoo19:31
MooDootony up for membership tonight?19:32
czajkowskiin 25 mins19:33
MooDooyeah thought it was, just showing my support :)19:34
czajkowskileave a comment on his wiki if you like19:34
czajkowskistill no movement on the baby19:34
MooDoowell she's twinging now and having to sit upright on a chair, might lead to nothing, but fingers crossed19:35
MooDooi'll make her wait till after the meeting though :)19:35
czajkowskihave you got someone to mind the little one19:36
MooDooczajkowski: yeah any one of about 10 family members said phone them any time, luckily both our families are in the same village about 5 mins away19:37
czajkowskiah grand so19:38
MooDooyeah defo....we're so lucky :)19:38
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czajkowskitonytiger: boo19:48
* MooDoo hugs tonytiger 19:48
popeyoh, _now_ he turns up :D19:49
MooDoo11 mins to go :S19:49
MooDooso who is this tonytiger anyway ;)19:49
tonytigerI like to be known as "man who doesn't overburden himself with IRC channels"19:50
* MooDoo is now known as "man who was supporting tonytiger, but now he can stuff off" ;)19:51
suprengrtonytiger - good luck for tonight [actually, no luck needed - I reckon that should read 'congrats' in advance]19:52
tonytigerThanks for everyone's support19:52
tonytigerhopefully we will get to talk about my experience on a future UUPC19:52
MooDooyou're most welcome, was going to leave a testimonial but can't log in lol :D19:52
* popey puts extra obsidian balls in the bag19:53
MooDoobrb misses is twinging again, back rub time19:53
tonytigerMooDoo: I I believe you can participate in person in #ubuntu-meeting if you get back in time :)19:54
suprengrtonytiger, are you 'sposed to roll up a trouser leg during the enrolment [whoops - election process]?19:55
MooDooyeah i'm back for a min or two20:03
czajkowskihas she started yet ?20:06
MooDoojust twinges, she's in slow labour so it's just a waiting game20:07
MooDoodriving us nuts20:10
bigcalmIs there an easy way to find out the version number for each file in a checked out svn repo?20:23
mgdmbigcalm: svn info?20:27
bigcalmmgdm: looking for easy. So would need to svn info on each file20:29
mgdmbigcalm: long shot, but is there a switch to svn ls ?20:29
mgdmHmm. Gwibber sucks, and GNOME3 isn't all that netbook-friendly20:29
* mgdm considers another desktop environment20:30
mgdmWas onsidering XFCE or LXDE. NOt sure of the difference20:30
mgdmHeh, Window Maker would be good20:30
bigcalmHaven't used Enlightenment for a good 10 years20:31
mgdmI might just flatten it and try Crunchbang again20:31
mgdmOoooh, I ran Fluxbox for *years*20:31
* suprengr hums 'I did it myyyyyy wayyyyyy' at #ubuntu-meeting.... and runs away from czajkowski in advance20:34
skybinaryafter a power fail, i have some grub minimal screen instead of booting into ubuntu, it is a black screen with a prompt grub>20:39
ali1234boot live cd, repair filesystems, reinstall grub20:44
ali1234but do it carefully20:44
skybinarythanks ali20:44
ali1234i recommend mounting read-only20:44
ali1234and before that, check for hard errors on dmesg20:44
skybinarymy / and my /boot were on the same partition and i can mount it and browse it fine from the live cd fphew!20:45
ali1234no errors?20:46
ali1234run a fsck to be sure20:46
skybinarydmesg says [65.252] EXT4-fs (sda1): warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended20:47
ali1234yeah there you go20:48
ali1234so yeah, do that (carefully)20:48
skybinaryEmergency help: lol20:48
skybinary-p auto repair20:48
ali1234dont do that20:48
mgdmOoooh, LXDE is *fast*20:48
ali1234auto repair can make it worse20:48
ali1234you should run it in read only mode first20:49
ali1234oh and make sure it is unmounted20:49
ali1234you run it in read only mode and see what it says is wrong20:49
ali1234if it is not serious then you run it again and repair it (using interactive mode)20:49
ali1234if it looks bad then you will need to image the drive and work on the image20:50
skybinary-n make no changes to the filesystem20:50
ali1234yeah that's the one20:50
ali1234do that first20:50
ali1234see what it says20:50
ali1234you can pastebin it20:50
ali1234no not that :)20:51
ali1234e2fsck -n /dev/sda120:51
skybinaryoh kay20:51
skybinarythat was alot, may have to >file.txt to paste it20:54
skybinarythe text file has 274056 lines can pastebin accept files instead of the clipboard?20:57
ali1234yeah you need to install a program called pastebinit20:57
skybinaryoops, i think i broke pasatebin20:58
skybinarythe install required me to log out, but now its asking for a username to log back in21:03
ali1234why did it do that?21:05
ali1234try ubuntu/no password21:05
ali1234or ubuntu/ubuntu21:05
ali1234are you really using the live cd?21:06
skybinaryits ubuntu no password fphew21:06
skybinarya notification popped saying it was posted21:09
skybinarywasnt on long enough for me to capture the link21:09
skybinaryoh emm gee the file is 6mb21:10
ali1234pastebin won't take that21:10
ali1234also why don't you just paste the first few lines?21:10
skybinaryexcellent questoin21:11
skybinaryali1234, http://pastebin.com/esAawsnn21:28
Azelphur3 minute mug cake is awesome, https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/3832397/1/3mincake?h=9e4e5d \o/21:29
ali1234skybinary: how important is the stuff on the disk?21:31
ali1234you should mount the disk read-only and back up all important files before continuing21:32
ali1234mount -o ro /dev/sda1 /mnt/21:32
ali1234skybinary: make sure there's no missing files too21:37
ali1234don't just copy the whole direcoty21:37
ali1234if there's anything really important make sure the file is actually still there21:37
skybinaryyes i had an error copying a folder, i am now doing just that lol21:37
ali1234hmm :(21:39
ali1234do you have another disk which is big enough to contain this one?21:39
skybinaryit is a vdi21:39
ali1234if you got an error you should probably stop poking it immediately21:39
ali1234well that rules out hardware errors at least21:40
ali1234so can you just make a copy of the vdi for backup purposes?21:41
skybinarythere is a way yes21:41
ali1234well yeah21:41
ali1234i mean do you have enough disk space to do that?21:41
ali1234if so, you should do it21:42
skybinaryyes i do21:42
ali1234you only need to make a simple copy of it21:42
ali1234assuming the problem is with the host os filesystem21:42
skybinaryit was a power cut, a cheep ups would have made a big difference21:46
ali1234well i would say you need to run a filesystem check on the host os21:48
skybinaryoh i lost a drive 500gb one21:48
skybinarythe Disk Utility displays the SMART details for each HD, which is smart21:52
skybinaryok ali1234 i have a copy and im logged into the live cd21:52
ali1234well you have a full backup now21:53
ali1234so you can run e2fsck -p and hope it works :)21:53
skybinaryit was shorter, 4 lines21:54
ali1234that's probably enough to boot normally now then21:55
skybinaryit suggests i run it manually because of UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY ( ie: without the -p)21:55
ali1234do that then21:55
skybinaryInodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found. fix<y>?21:56
ali1234just say yes to everything21:56
ali1234there isn't much else you can do at this point21:56
ali1234either it works or it does21:56
ali1234if it doesn't you need to use some other tool to recover the files from the vdi copy you made21:57
The_Fredali1234, sorry to interrupt, but what does e2fsck -p   do?21:57
ali1234automatically says yes to everything basically21:57
ali1234maybe that is e2fsck -y21:57
skybinaryfsk is showing me the contents of the folder i had a problem copying earlier21:57
The_Fredali1234, thankyou21:57
ali1234so did you run a disk check on the host os?21:58
ali1234because if the host filesystem has errors you'l never fix it inside the guest21:58
ali1234ok, carry on21:59
skybinaryThe_Fred, http://pastebin.com/DfvqVp8y22:00
The_Fredskybinary, many thanks, thats gold for me... i've not had disk trouble since i left windows... :-)22:01
ali1234it seems like you will lose some files from this22:01
ali1234you can probably recover them by hand if you really need to22:01
ali1234it will be difficult though22:01
ali1234so any more errors?22:02
skybinaryi wish i tried -y now lol22:03
ali1234you should reinstall the guest as well22:03
ali1234just hit ctrl-c and start it over22:03
skybinaryit finished yay22:03
ali1234ok, try to backup all your files again22:04
ali1234they should copy ok this time22:04
ali1234but for sure some will be missing22:04
ali1234you need to decide if it is worth it to try to get the missing files back22:04
skybinarythat folder is now restored22:05
skybinaryat a guess it seems to be missing about 100 files22:05
skybinarylast i checked (by memory) there were 320 files, now there are 25222:06
ali1234there are several methods you can use to try to recover them22:06
skybinarydo i need to finalise something before i restart22:07
ali1234no probably not22:07
skybinarygrub> = :(22:08
=== christel is now known as bacon
ali1234yes, well, you will have to reinstall22:08
skybinarythe installer says it sees ubuntu and offers to install side by side22:09
ali1234make a new vdi22:09
ali1234you effectively have a damaged vdi22:09
ali1234it's like having a broken hard disk22:09
ali1234except it doesn't get worse22:09
ali1234and you can just make a new one22:10
ali1234this will be easier than trying to repair the old one22:10
ali1234waverly films trolling their subscribers. this is awesome22:26

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