ThundaboomIt must be a curse. All the fun IRC's I go to are silent D:07:31
nhainesThundaboom: that's how IRC works.07:38
* MarkDude needs help here with adding new members to cali team.17:20
MarkDudepleia2: I have Nixie and her friend Brian wanting to join. What we need?17:21
pleia2MarkDude: everything is open, what are they having trouble with?17:21
jyoRequest on launchpad and then ping her?17:21
pleia2launchpad is an open team, everyone can join17:21
MarkDudeThey are moving to SF, and will show up at Ubuntu events17:21
MarkDudeOk, still have to do LP acct17:22
jyoand the signing of the CoC! Whee?17:22
pleia2MarkDude: it's all very casual, they can join launchpad if they want, join the mailing list for announcements, come to meetings if they want to help with planning17:23
pleia2however they want to get involved17:23
bkerensapleia2: My conf pack came without CD's =o17:24
pleia2bkerensa: you request CDs separately17:24
pleia2they were never included in the conference packs17:24
pleia2"CDs (75 Desktop) - (To be requested via shipit as per usual process)"17:24
pleia2so request via shipit for those17:25
bkerensawell in #ubuntu-locoteams they are saying the 75 are not for approved17:26
bkerensaI asked why the wiki says otherwise17:26
pleia2ah, I don't know, I'd ask the canonical folks (they maintain that page and actually ship the stuff)17:27
bkerensapleia2: Plus shippit has been down for me for a few weeks :D17:27
pleia2bkerensa: you'd email to info@shipit.ubuntu.com17:27
bkerensaI just checked17:30
bkerensathey say basically the wiki is outdated and unapproved dont get cd's at all17:30
pleia2yeah, czajkowski said the same thing I did, you should ask them for clarification :)17:30
bkerensaand that this was announced elsewhere :P17:31
bkerensaask who?17:31
bkerensaCanonical has a lot of employees?17:31
bkerensaAsk Jono?17:31
pleia2no, email shipit17:31
nhainesbkerensa: reasonable requests have traditionally been honored.17:37
bkerensawell worst case scenario I will go buy a spindle of lightscribe cd's and burn them myself :P but it would have been nice if the wiki reflected reality ;)17:39
nhainesbkerensa: then it wouldn't be a wiki now would it!17:40
bkerensaI guess I'm thankful we got a Conf kit as it is ;) OSCON we got no Conf kit and had to pull personal supplies of stickers together and our own cd's :P17:40
bkerensanhaines: Indeed ;)17:40
nhainesLightscribe CDs take *forever* but the Ubuntu 11.04 CDs I handed out to friends at work were extremely well-received.17:40
nhainesI stole the Ubuntu Server CD design and then rebranded the labels as Desktop CDs.  :)17:41
jyopleia2: Speaking of burning CDs, how many do we need for Solano Stroll?17:41
nhainesjyo: 4217:41
bkerensanhaines: Yeah I need to buy a label maker and a replication tower would be nice17:41
nhainesbkerensa: well, lightscribe CDs are pretty cheap.  if a CD label delaminates at 52x then yo uhave a problem!  :)17:42
bkerensanhaines: I gotta start cracking on CD's I got one non-profit that needs tons and plus a teacher wants to work with me to try to get Ubuntu into PPS (Portland Public Schools)17:42
jyoPartimus North? :)17:43
bkerensano no17:43
bkerensaFreeGeek + Ubuntu Oregon + Educator Partnership17:43
pleia2jyo: I'd ask jdeslip, I've never actually done the stroll before so I don't know what the crowd and CD distribution situation looks like17:43
* MarkDude knows about it17:44
* bkerensa also might try and get a tablet at a Farmers Market now and then :D17:44
MarkDudeWe keep the cds on table17:44
nhaines42's definitely the right answer.  Might want to check the question again.17:44
bkerensaoh btw? Anyone here like music?17:44
* MarkDude stood out front of table asking if folks had *heard the word of Ubuntu?*17:44
MarkDudeSaying that this cd in my hands can HEAL you17:45
MarkDudesorta freaked jdeslip out a bit17:45
bkerensaIf you do check out BlueAnt Embrace (Best headphones ever)17:45
jyoand it's organic-ish?17:45
MarkDudeIt hella fun event17:45
pleia2jyo: http://doctormo.org/2011/08/19/concept-advert-organic-software/17:45
* MarkDude would really like to go17:46
MarkDudebut will be in Ohio - for olf17:46
bkerensaWhy not come to Oregon for PuppetConf?17:46
MarkDudeYep, I am doing a Linux is a cult talk17:46
MarkDudeIf they can sponsor my travel sure17:47
nhainesI wouldn't say that Ubuntu is organic (and doctormo did a great job of looking like a complete fool in that post).17:47
bkerensaMarkDude: Not likely :P17:47
nhainesBut you could probably make a good claim that Ubuntu is sustainable.17:47
MarkDudeWell Unity not so much17:47
jyoCanonical is the sun in this environment?17:47
bkerensaSun is the Sun17:47
pleia2nhaines: actually it does sort of push forward the myth that foss is all community-ish and no one puts money or anything into it, but it was topical given jyo's comment ;)17:47
bkerensaPeople put money into it17:48
MarkDudeShould be a pic of Mark S face in center of sun- like in telitubbies17:48
pleia2bkerensa: yes, that's why I called it a myth :)17:48
bkerensaat the end of our global jam I was told anytime we hold a global hour to give a certain person a call and they will come down and buy the first round17:48
bkerensaubuntu hour even17:49
bkerensaits hard up here in Oregon though17:50
bkerensathe local lugs are rhel strongholds17:50
* MarkDude finds the locations ironic17:51
bkerensafor instance17:51
MarkDudeTrying to find Fedora folks here is much harder than I would like17:51
bkerensathey nearly hit me with a bat in that channel for mentioning Ubuntu17:51
jyoRun apt run17:51
MarkDudebkerensa: well throw this at them17:51
MarkDudeBe excellent to each other17:51
akkThat's pretty sad, distro-centrism.17:52
MarkDudeFedora's motto17:52
akkRight! What MarkDude said. :)17:52
akkAnd party on, dudes!17:52
MarkDudeRuns against the Foundations and everything17:52
MarkDude24th is Geeknic day- making FB event for it17:52
MarkDudeand then will do geeknic.org17:53
pleia2that's also Ubuntu User Days for folks who can't make it out17:53
* bkerensa is jealous you guys get all the fun geek events17:53
MarkDudeA while ago - a Fedora ambassador, did a pretty funny post - where he burned an Ubuntu CD17:53
MarkDudesaying I cast ye demons out17:53
MarkDudeFedora on the whole- jumped on him. He apologized17:54
MarkDudeGeneral rule- good natured jokes and humor are allowed17:54
pleia2user days: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays17:54
MarkDudepleia2: you have pics of you on camel? Sounds epic17:59
bkerensaMarkDude: Maybe next summer I come down to CA and we go to Sac Zoo18:00
bkerensaMy cousin worked there for a few years so I can get us in before the gates open and we can hand feed some animals :D18:01
MarkDudeCan I dance with the penguins?18:02
bkerensauhh I imagine not18:06
bkerensabut you can feed the giraffes18:06
bkerensaand other animals18:06
MarkDudeSounds cool. Were there penguin related activities, I would be dancin' the happy dance18:51
jyopleia2: Well, I'll just sit at work tomorrow with a bunch of blank CDs and burn 11.04.19:15
bkerensaMarkDude: Did you find the penguin suit ever?19:33
MarkDudeoh well19:34
bkerensaCan you get a new one?19:34
MarkDudewill not have it for OLF19:34
MarkDudeOf course19:34
bkerensathey sell them somewhere?19:34
pleia2jyo: the wiki page says we want ~200 burned CDs and no one has taken ownership of that yet :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/SolanoStroll201119:34
MarkDudeDaddy shadowman will pay- but I want to get a better one19:34
MarkDudeG can make cDs in Afriaca?19:35
pleia2they would be out of date by the time he returns :)19:35
bkerensaCan Shadowman pay for a giant ocelot?19:38
pleia2MarkDude: camel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/612153437019:45
pleia2DarkwingDuck: photos from jam? :)20:57
DarkwingDuckpleia2, working on it and a couple of blog posts too :)20:57
pleia2let me know if you have any trouble with the flickr account20:57
DarkwingDuckpleia2, Will do :)20:58
* MarkDude just saw the pic with camel- it IS epic22:04
bkerensapleia2: CA LoCo has its own flickr acct? I was thinking about setting one up for us22:08
bkerensapleia2: Do you know the dimensions of the CA banner? I'm going to be ordering ours soon22:10
pleia2bkerensa: I don't remember and it's up in berkeley right now (solano stroll on sunday!)22:13
pleia2jdeslip would know22:13
ThundaboomI think I did the best thing ever in python so far. (love the language)23:21

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