zoopsterhey, hey all you ubuntu experts...ok the question isn't really ubuntu specific...but I have a request and I know the smart folks here can throw me a bone12:00
zoopsterI have a cool new power meter and a slick little USB stick that can pull data from said meter.12:01
zoopsterI want to take the data and put it into a readable format - JSON maybe?12:04
zoopsterthe stick is pumping out data via /dev/ttyACM0 and the data is formatted in a single line $UMSCM, 61643840, 7, 353080*5912:09
zoopster$UMSCM is a std consumption msg, 61643480 is my meter serial #, 7 is a meter type, 353080 is the actual register data,  * is the end of data, and 59 is a checksum12:13
zoopsterlet me know if someone can help with how to pull this info as it comes and spit it out so I can "monitor" usage.12:14
zoopsterheh...cool...figured out how to read my serial port data using python and pySerial...nice. Now to figure out how to read the stream constantly and pick out what I need...13:12
zoopsterjust writing "out loud"13:12
zoopsterdamn quiet in here...I guess a lot were affected by the brighthouse failure earlier?17:41
ropetinNope just busy17:44
ropetinAlso, hello17:44
mhall119zoopster: I got hit by the brighouse outage21:25
zoopstermhall119: sure wish they would not upgrade core equipment during peak hours21:37
jamaltaThere was a brighthouse outage?21:41
jamaltazoopster: wow.. agreed.21:41
zoopsteryea...they blamed a power outage then came clean that it was a software problem...which tells me that they upgraded some core routers and caused the failure21:42
zoopsterit was a routing issue of some sort because I started getting all kinds of routing errors trying to track down why I could not get any DNS response21:43
zoopsterand they started falling like dominoes...21:43
zoopsterit affected EVERYTHING TCP/IP21:44
zoopsterwhat's interesting is none of the DOCSIS functions were affected, but everything else was21:44
zoopstertells me they are still well behind in upgrading infrastructure....still living in the 19th century like most telcos21:45
zoopsterquiet, quiet, quiet...anyone want to help me with python, pyserial and plucking data from a serial stream?23:48

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