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brouschnixternal: does ubuntu-chicago have meetings?00:34
rick_h_nixternal: what bike did you run? You still riding?00:41
greg-gbikes? someone said bikes?00:49
rick_h_greg-g: !!!00:49
rick_h_I'm in bike overload00:49
greg-gI'm on a plane, laggy laggy00:50
rick_h_I think I'm down to the trek 7.2, 7.3, or fast city/wingra00:50
rick_h_going to hit the shop tomorrow and try to see if they have any of those to ride00:50
rick_h_my poor old 10+yr old GT aggressor isn't keeping up and having derailor issues.00:52
rick_h_especially with the boy on the trailer00:52
rick_h_is there another comparable brand I shuold be making sure I compare against?00:53
rick_h_I checked schwinn, seems a bit cheaper all around00:53
rick_h_diamondback, website was a pita to use00:53
snap-lschwinn is essentially a chinese bike manufacturer01:01
snap-lI believe they make all of the mongoose, huffy, and schwinn bikes01:01
rick_h_k, I wasn't feeling all warm/fuzzy when I checked01:06
rick_h_the diamondback seems like it might be cool, but not really sure01:06
rick_h_not as much info as trek01:06
greg-grick_h_: Lemond. Made by trek, but cheaper. Kinda like the GMC/Chevy difference.01:06
rick_h_greg-g: looking, thanks!01:07
rick_h_hmm, seeing stuff on a lawsuit in 2009 and no bikes01:08
rick_h_just some excercise gear01:08
greg-grick_h_: huh! I didn't know! :)01:36
snap-ljrwren: I added your blog post to the team report.01:49
nixternalrick_h_: if you get the wingra cheap enough go for it, or wait a few more weeks and pick up a Trek 7.3FX (I have one, awesome bike!). The 2012 Trek's come out soon and last years models will drop about $10002:10
nixternalsnap-l: schwinn is owned by pacifica, which is the same company that makes all of those bike you said plus they also make Cannondale lower end frames02:11
nixternalbrousch: ubuntu-chicago hasn't had a meeting in a while. well they have had them, i just don't go to them02:11
nixternalgreg-g: LeMond is no longer. Greg and Trek had a fall out years ago02:12
nixternalTrek has a lifetime warranty on their frames, their bikes are good. The 7.3FX is made in Taiwan I think, but that is no biggy anymore. Also, you want to build a good relation with the shop you choose02:13
Wolfgermorning, party people12:07
brouschin the place to be12:10
rick_h_yay for broken work network connections to liven up the day12:10
brouschgo home and work12:11
snap-lrick_h_: That's the beauty of holiday weekends: something always breaks12:22
rick_h_yea, and holiday returns...helpdesk isn't in yet. Must be taking the late bus into work today12:26
brouschis that a short bus?12:26
snap-lbrousch: Hey now. IT folks gotta get to work somehow. ;)12:37
rick_h_I'm afraid to click13:09
rick_h_not sure if I'm ready to contain the rage this early :P13:09
Wolfgerdo it13:10
Wolfgerrelease the beast13:10
brouschrick_h_: you are just ignorant about good guis13:10
brouschrick_h_: don't go there. it is idiotic13:11
rick_h_crap, too late13:12
brouschsorry man, i tried to save you13:13
rick_h_g<tab><space>co<space>m<tab><enter> or g<space>com if you're a rock start13:13
rick_h_and he forgets the fact that he's got to open/get his damn gui to that place he can use his 6 keypresses13:13
rick_h_bah, C-w, C-w!!!!13:14
_stink_hah, http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/k6c8z/guis_kick_clis_asses/c2htw8713:15
Wolfger'“But wait,” the Vim fanboy cries, “how the hell could a GUI have anything close to a “high” speed rating?”'13:17
Wolfger...seems like he's talked to rick_h_ :-)13:17
rick_h_I'm replying, once second13:18
rick_h_ok, reply entered13:18
brouschit would only take half a second to reply if you were doing it via gui13:18
jcastroman, awesome13:19
jcastrosnap-l: did you read this "techcrunch may be over" blog?13:19
rick_h_jcastro: :) wouldn't that be great13:19
rick_h_I thnk it's just the rise of MG though13:19
jcastroI wouldn't miss that guy13:20
rick_h_I mean, he's the only flame-bait up there to bring in clicks now13:20
rick_h_everyone else to to reasonable13:20
jcastrohe's the revisionist maclot snap-l aspires to be13:20
rick_h_I'm pretty sure I saw at least 3 posters when I was there before the jam this weekend13:21
Wolfger_stink_: I ++'d that comment. Thanks for the link to it. :-)13:21
rick_h_crap he replied and more nonsense came out13:25
rick_h_I need to just close it13:25
brouschyou can't close it without cd'ing to the directory where the binary is13:25
* rick_h_ is resisting urge to send workit link, link to pyohio talk on building dev environments, noting every damn tool out there that bootstraps envs uses cmd line...13:25
brouschsounds like a lot of work13:25
rick_h_yea, and if I shortcut git to g it might conflict with a lot of other programs named g13:26
snap-ljcastro: Did you seriously compare me with Mike Arrington?13:52
jcastrono, MG Siegler.13:52
snap-lbrb, have to start my compost pile to give you when you return13:52
snap-lI never like seeing a founder leave their company after a takeover13:53
snap-lbut frankly, Techcrunch did it to themselves by partnering with AOL13:54
snap-lAOL is about as "don't get it" as you can get.13:54
rick_h_I think that starting your own VC company when you're a news source is about as "don't get it" as you can get13:55
snap-lI envision someone took a stroll through the mail-room, spied a pile of Infoworld magazines, and saw "Techcrunch" on one of the labels and exclaimed "What the hell is a Techcrunch?"13:55
snap-land then filed everyone into their office for a proper dress-down13:55
snap-lrick_h_: that too13:56
rick_h_"I'm sick of interviewing rich kids who are bound to make more $$ than me, let's start our own VC fund and then they can grovel like the kids they are!"13:57
snap-lJesus, this blog entry is pretty myopic13:58
snap-lthe GUI vs. CLI13:58
snap-lUse both, and STFU13:58
snap-lI wouldn't want to set my system volume from a pulse-audio command, and I wouldn't want to try onboarding an entire datacenter from a GUI14:00
snap-lwell, I would love to onboard an entire datacenter with a single button called "do it, and do it right"14:01
jjesseif i have the jobs and task structure built right then i'll build a data center from a gui14:01
jjessedrag job stream to stack of computers, go to lunch, profit14:01
snap-lbut if we're being unrealistic, I'd love to shout that command to my magickal flying Pegasus while soaring through the datacenter on a rainbow-colored highway of dreams.14:02
jjessei'm not bein unrealistic14:02
snap-ljjesse: And when one errors out?14:03
jjessedepends on if you can build jobs and tasks around whatever return code you are receiving14:03
snap-lAlso, what's happening in the background? Is it just using command-line when you're not looking? :)14:03
jjessedepends on what stage of the game i'm running14:03
jjessehard to run in GUI when you are operating in a pre-boot environment14:04
brouschi understand what the geeker means about seeing more in a GUI. but i've come to realize most of what you're seeing is useless noise 90% of the time14:16
brouschdozens of buttons i don't need or don't need right now, folder hierarchies i don't care about until i want to open a different file, class hierarchies i don't ever actually look at14:17
brouschbut for some reason having those things makes me feel better than not having them. i cannot explain why14:35
Wolfgerif I want to see all that in a CLI, I can. In fact, I usually *do* run ls before I cp or mv14:35
Wolfgerwhere GUI rules is when I don't know what I'm looking for. It's easier to browse14:36
ch0useso has anyone built a set of load-balanced apache web servers using ipvs or crossroads or something?14:41
ch0useala http://www.ultramonkey.org/papers/lvs_tutorial/html/14:41
ch0usei have 2 identical ubunu webservers behind an ubuntu nat/router and currently port 80 is forwarding to one of them, but i want the router to balance across the two, bunch of virtualhost domain websites etc14:43
rick_h_ch0use: I'd just start out with dns round robin14:54
rick_h_if you need more than that, check out haproxy14:54
ch0usethe rub of it is i only have 1 internet IP, so dns-rr isn't an option14:55
ch0usegood game haproxy, will give it a look14:55
rick_h_right, but the router can have multiple dns entries for where it's sending to14:55
rick_h_if your firewall box has two entries in it's local dns for web.something.com14:55
rick_h_it should round robin those14:56
ch0usedo you mean iptables config, where i have it accept and direct port 80 requests to the IP of the internal webserver? change to use a hostname that resolves to the 2 IPs of the 2 internal webesrvers?14:57
rick_h_no, I mean internal DNS14:58
rick_h_where you setup your internal IP addresses to names you give them14:58
ch0usealright so some more background, this is for a webhosting env out on the internet running on vmware esx. 1 internet-facing VM, 2 private-network VMs behind it, currently fowarding internet incoming port 80 to one of the web VMs14:59
rick_h_the 3vms have to have an ip address on the same network14:59
rick_h_your internet facing vm can run a local dns server14:59
ch0useit does15:00
rick_h_that the 3 all share15:00
rick_h_if that dns has two entries for hte same cname15:00
rick_h_ic, you're not proxying, you're straight port forwarding15:00
rick_h_you need a proxy in there15:00
rick_h_be it an apache/nginx proxy on the internet facing host15:00
rick_h_sorry, thought you already had apache on internet box forwarding to apache on internal box15:01
ch0useah yes, not as such15:01
ch0usei have a 1U box with single install of ubuntu in Troy at Waveform colo doing webhosting for 100 or so domains, want to replace it with a virtualized platform where services are spread out over a number of VMs on a beefier box15:04
ch0usebeen a fun project15:04
brouschch0use: i see gr in your domain. you on the west side?15:05
brouschwoohoo! we got another one15:05
jrwrenrick_h_: that guis kick clis asses is actually really good.15:05
jrwrench0use: if you are doing it for scaling purposes and have stateless web apps, you can just use mod_proxy_balancer15:08
jrwrenand to a lesser degree you can rely on mod_proxy_balancer stickyness15:08
ch0useinteresting. users install all kinds of stateful/stateless stuff, so probably need to keep state15:13
rick_h_yea, ha proxy can handle that as well15:13
ch0usevery interesting15:14
ch0usei like the idea of keeping it within apache15:15
jrwrenok... i take it back, that gui kicks CLI ass is STUPID.15:17
jrwreni can counterpoint every one of his "less keystrokes" argument.15:17
jrwrench0use: haproxy is actually MADE for this, so unless you need apache for your port80 on that load balancer, haproxy is probably a better way to go.15:18
jrwrenhaproxy is going to do it WAY faster too.15:18
ch0useit does look made for it honestly15:18
jrwrenwell, at load... if you aren't hitting peak loads, it won't matter.15:19
ch0usei will probably give haproxy a try first15:19
ch0useother things i found are quite a bit older15:19
rick_h_yea, haproxy is meant to do this stuff. We've moved to using it and it's pretty damn awesome and can grow with you tbh15:20
ch0usevery good15:20
jrwrenrick_h_: does it handle stateful sessions very well?15:24
rick_h_jrwren: yea, it does some header magic and keeps people to the right server15:27
rick_h_we use it for proxying users to the multiple java app backends15:27
rick_h_you log into one and we have to keep the cookie/session stuff to the java apps consistent15:28
rick_h_http://redmine.webtoolkit.eu/projects/wt/wiki/Using_HAProxy_as_a_reverse_proxy talks about it some15:30
rick_h_using a cookie in haproxy or setting your own info to help direct it which box the user goes to15:30
snap-lWEll that was fun15:33
snap-lMy network conked out15:33
snap-lHappily it's working now15:33
jrwrenrick_h_: thanks.15:35
rick_h_np, I'm always impressed with it. Finally got work to start using it and makes live much nicer15:37
rick_h_love tools where the boss goes "yea..but we need..."15:37
rick_h_"yea, like this...it already does that"15:37
brouschi just put my first TL;DR into an announcement to a tech group15:44
rick_h_hah, awesome15:45
rick_h_we all thank you for it15:45
brouschIt's nice for them, but it's also nice for me since I feel like I can be more eloquent in the main body if I include a TL;DR15:47
snap-lI <3 contract renewal time15:52
snap-leither I'm going to be taking off two months in the Bahamas digging for sand crabs, or I'll be working15:52
rick_h_thought you were good until dec?15:52
snap-lWEll, who knows.15:52
rick_h_uh oh15:53
snap-lCan't seem to get straight answers about what this might mean15:53
snap-lcould be that I get paid to do nothingx215:53
snap-lcould mean that I'm laid off15:53
snap-lCould be two months to get to tier2 support level15:53
brouschbahamas sounds good15:54
snap-lYeah, that would be awesome15:54
jrwrenrick_h_: what was that lenovo site you mentioned?15:56
jrwrenah, lots of bad reviews. but you are good experience?15:56
rick_h_bad reviews on what?15:57
rick_h_oh sorry, outlet.lenovo.com15:57
brouschthat's a parked domain15:58
rick_h_my bad15:58
brouschgreat. now spammers know i like lenovo15:58
rick_h_and I will find some way to profit!15:58
brouschwell you work for a marketing company, so you probably get a kickback for sending me there15:58
brouschenjoy your blood money!16:00
jrwreneven worse, a porn makerting company :p16:00
rick_h_crap, how do I get transfered to that dept of the company?16:01
brouschwtf how is it noon already?16:02
jrwrentuesday after holiday. time is faster.16:07
jrwrenits a fundamental law of physics.16:08
rick_h_jrwren: I hear that's what keeps throwing carbon dating off. Doesn't account for all post-holiday speed ups in the time continium16:20
jrwrenits true.16:24
jrwrenit explains the genesis creation. every day was a holiday. time went much faster. 20billion years in 6 days.16:25
Wolfgerbrousch: it's after noon already because of the power of GUI :-D16:30
snap-lWhat the fuck is this?16:33
ch0usehah, i saw that in my email too16:36
ch0usei love the reviews of http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1689663000116:36
ch0usefacebook generates 600GB of logfiles every day http://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/keeping-the-site-reliable-while-moving-fast/1015027768253892016:40
rick_h_I'd have thought it'd be more :/16:40
ch0useuse apache hive to distill it down16:42
snap-lYay, got the business cards in today.17:07
ch0usenice. those are +117:15
greg-gsnap-l: niice!17:16
snap-lThanks. brousch Did a heck of a job with the layout17:17
snap-lAnd the QR code turned out awesome on the back17:17
brouschsnap-l: nice cards17:25
snap-lThank you for the awesome layout17:26
brouschcodenamed screw the UP17:26
brouschwtf is pinterest?17:28
Wolfgerbrousch: didn't the UP secede from Michigan?17:28
snap-lWolfger: They will after this card. ;)17:29
WolfgerI went to college up there and my roommate was a Yooper who was a firm supporter of the movement to make the UP the 51st state.17:30
Wolfgersomething about paying taxes and being ignored... I dunno.17:30
WolfgerI think they're just upset they can't show where they live by pointing to a spot on their hand. :-)17:31
snap-lOr being referred to as the rabbit jumping over the mitten17:31
brouschch0use: before you disappear, we have 2 linux user groups in GR, grlug and wmlug, check them out17:32
ch0usei have heard of them17:32
ch0usefree time is very valuable so i haven't made it to any17:33
jrwreni agree entirely with teh UP people.17:33
Wolfgerjrwren: yah, eh?17:34
brouschch0use: you can hang out in #grlug on irc17:34
ch0use:-\ re http://grandrapids-lug.org/17:35
brouschyeah, that web page is a problem17:35
brouschthe mailing list and weekly social meetings are what the grlug offers http://grlug.org/mailman/listinfo/grlug17:36
_stink_that site is awesome!17:36
brouschit used to redirect to a wiki that is never updated17:36
jrwrens/never udpated/down/17:38
brouschwell it used to redirect to a wiki that was never updated, now i points to a wiki that is broken :P17:39
WolfgerI think that might be an improvement, actually.17:39
brouschch0use: http://wmlug.org is another linux group. monthly meetings, announce-only mailing list, run by ptenhoopen17:40
ch0usewmlug > grlug in terms of website fyi17:41
brouschif you notice i didn't actually send you to the grlug web site ;) there's a reason for that17:42
snap-lIt seems our GRLUG box was stolen (or otherwise made to disappear) from it's unsupervised location at EMU.  Unfortunately, our mailing list resided on that box.17:50
snap-lTalk about being hosed.17:50
jrwrenwhy you still need backups 101 :)17:50
snap-lWhy you need remote backups, 10217:50
Wolfgerwhat's a backup? :-p17:51
snap-lWolfger: What you'll want to have once your data disappears17:51
WolfgerOh, right. But isn't Teh Cloud supposed to save me?17:51
brouschthat happened like 6 years ago17:52
brouschjust the usual east side of MI screwing the west17:52
ch0useI was pleased to see crashplan has a linux client via java17:52
ch0useso backing up to teh cl0ud is pretty easy17:52
ch0useor backing up to another crashplan client is free17:52
brouschi like dropbox17:53
rick_h_I like pie18:16
gamerchick02i like cake18:16
rick_h_wow, https://github.com/mitechie/pyflakes-pathogen/graphs/clones18:17
snap-lI <3 meetings where I wonder if I should be asking if I should cancel my netflix subscription18:21
snap-lrick_h_: That's awesome18:21
brouschwhat am i looking at?18:23
rick_h_I created that repo just so I could pathogen install pyflakes into vim18:23
rick_h_didn't realize 500+ other people a month were using it :)18:23
rick_h_my boss thought he remembered seeing my repo in some git post and thought it was cool18:24
rick_h_"you're famous" and I was like "psh, no one uses my github for much"18:24
brouschi use it to look for vim config crap18:26
gamerchick02rick_h_ is famous! whee!18:27
brouschthis is true18:27
snap-lJust put away my entire civilization in City of Wonder. I wonder what will happen. ;)18:33
brouschyou will find yourself with more free time to use on fruitful endeavors18:38
rick_h_yea, how's the todo app coming along? Ready for another round of CHC hacking on it tomorrow?18:39
snap-lHaven't had a chance to look at it18:40
snap-lAnd losing the drive to even work on it18:41
snap-lgoing to be an interesting next few months18:41
_stink_because Tracks is awesome? :)18:41
rick_h_rvm ftw! preventing a whole new app from appearing.18:41
rick_h_snap-l: that good eh?18:41
snap-lBecause tracks works18:41
brouschruby is awesome18:42
snap-lMeh, just a lot of undertainty because of budgets and shiti18:42
snap-lMaybe I'll give it some cycles, but right now I'm not feeling it18:45
brouschadd it to your todo list18:46
snap-lIt's there18:46
rick_h_man I hate stupid code18:57
rick_h_"yes please, might I copy/paste this 4 times...thank you!"18:57
TeamXlinkRepitive code = a problem that seems difficult to fix completely and fully, you can minimize it but some things always seem to be to repitive.18:59
* TeamXlink doesn't like reptitive code.19:00
brouschrick_h_: isn't that what DRY means? Write it correctly once and then copy and paste it?19:00
rick_h_this is cool forking and adding/fixing stuff to other code19:00
rick_h_but man, it $#@$@ your head shifting code methods/dealing with crap you don't want to just rewrite since it's not yours19:01
snap-lHey, devinheitmueller, would you be able to pick me up tomorrow for CHC?19:46
devinheitmuellersnap-l: sure, np19:46
snap-lThank you, good sir.19:46
brouschsnap-l: the ubuntu calendar says tomorrow's irc meeting is at 6am19:52
brouschi am unlikely to attend that19:52
snap-lYes, and I thought I fixed that19:52
gamerchick026 am? wow, that's quite early unless you're planning on meeting BEFORE work. (I'm full of it today, don't mind me)19:53
snap-lSays it's 14:00UTC on the site19:53
gamerchick02must be the taco bell19:53
brouschgcal will refresh it some day19:53
rick_h_greg-g: specialized bikes?22:17
rick_h_local places sells them and pushing a crosstrail from them22:17
rick_h_better for dirt roads vs trek they're saying, slightly bigger tire, still much smaller than my mountain22:17
rick_h_rode nice, but any bike < 15yrs old will feel nice to me22:18
greg-gand I think you just summed it all up nicely there22:38
greg-gstyle is your main concern22:38
rick_h_greg-g: ok cool, so no auto lemon alert on the brand then?22:40
rick_h_I've not looked at bikes in so long, never heard of specialized22:40
greg-gthey're fine22:47
rick_h_what's greg-g ride?23:11
rick_h_you've got a full street bike right?23:12
greg-grick_h_: I ride a Lemond Zurich (a decent road bike)23:15

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