Unit193canthus13: I know it's yet another pen testing distro based on Ubuntu, but have you seen http://www.backbox.org/ ?07:27
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* Derath-Srvr sighs16:11
Derath-SrvrPaultag: removing yourself?16:18
paultagDerath-Srvr: yessir. I figure I've done all I can do, and I've tried to make the transition an easy one - since I'm both no longer in-state, and cleaning up my memberships, I figured I'd quietly remove myself :)16:26
paultagDerath-Srvr: I'll still be here on IRC :)16:26
Derath-Srvrnp man16:26
paultagDerath-Srvr: how's OLF plotting?16:26
* Derath-Srvr shrugs, I've been pretty hands off other than getting the booth registered and paid for...16:27
Derath-SrvrHad to cancel my hotel room... finances not working out for me to stay fri/sat nights16:27
paultagthat will happen16:28
paultaglast year the timing was perfect16:28
paultagI stayed over and got trashed with the other freetards16:28
paultag'twas a good day16:28
Derath-Srvrlol last year I didn't have the money to stay at the hotel either...16:28
Derath-SrvrAlthough I did receive an offer to crash with someone... need to reply back to that one... still don't have the money to even split a room...16:29
paultagDerath-Srvr: how's that teaching gig?16:29
Derath-SrvrHaven't had a class for the last two quarters... nothing available in my time slots...16:30
thafreakAfternoon Ohio17:00
Derath-SrvrSup freak17:10
* canthus13 yawns.17:24
canthus13blargh.  I need a different job. :/17:26
* canthus13 still needs to figure out where to stay for linuxfest.17:27
canthus13We're *not* driving back and forth from toledo... :/17:27
Derath-SrvrWhy not? I will be from Dayton17:38
canthus13Gas is more expensive than a hotel room. :/18:16
* canthus13 ponders the possibility of camping.18:16
paultagcanthus13: Hahahaahahahahaha19:21
paultagcanthus13: you should!!!19:21
canthus13paultag: I may...20:02
Unit193Cheri703: Congrats on being an Ubuntu Member!20:28
jrgiffordCheri703, congrats!20:31
Unit193I didn't even know you had a meeting today :P20:31
Unit193She is now an Ubuntu Member!20:33
Unit193I was actually for this next guy :P20:34
jacobnow how did I miss that, congrats, Cheri703!20:45
thafreakcongrats Cheri70320:53
Unit193We all seemed to miss it ;P20:54
jrgiffordUnit193, I didn't know it until you mentioned it. :P20:54
Unit193I didn't know it 'til the meeting chair said #topic Cheri703 (I knew about Lubuntu head artwork guy)20:55
jrgiffordWow, aren't we a bunch of clueless ubunteros! :P20:58
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jacobgilbert: I may not have this disk kiosk thing ready by OLF. I'll try, but no guarantees. In the meantime, I've posted my current source here: https://github.com/jpeddicord/kisok22:05
Unit193It'll have lubuntu too I would assume ;)22:06
jacobwell, it will burn/flash any disc you throw at it. that is, if it gets finished. ;)22:06
Unit193Hope it does as the ML made it sound cool22:06
jacobi'm going to try to give this a go again this week, but a) i don't have a CD drive to test, b) i'm still moving in to my apt22:07
jacobwell, house, but renting22:08
gilbertjacob: i would help but i have to finish preparing for my candidacy exam, which is on friday22:16
jacobgilbert: that definitely takes priority! good luck22:17

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