Brian_Hbkerensa: where is your blog/review of tech products posted?00:12
Gerty_Just moved to Eugene. Can anyone recommend an ISP?02:49
tgm4883Gerty_, IDK, Comcast? I could ask at work tomorrow02:55
Gerty_I feel like every time I move to a new place, people say "IDK, Comcast/TimeWarner/Verizon?" Just thought I'd put it out there and see if there's any locally ones and zeroes. Artisinal ones and zeroes. You know. Organic.02:56
tgm4883Gerty_, I'll agree with that, but there isn't usually a lot of variety in ISP's these days02:57
tgm4883Maybe in some of the smaller towns where they rolled out fibre, but I doubt in Eugene02:57
bkerensaBrian_H: http://technorati.com/technology/gadgets03:13
bkerensaBrian_H: I will likely be trying to write for someone else in the future... Technorati imho is headed to a obsolete future03:14
* bkerensa has also contributed to IntenseBlog and BlogCritics (Also owned by Technorati Media)03:15
bkerensatgm4883: I think Eugene might be Charter03:15
tgm4883bkerensa, could be03:16
bkerensaMy grandmother is in Coos Bay and all they have is Comcast03:16
bkerensaand Frontier03:16
bkerensagot me a new tripod for my flipcam today :D03:41
C_Smithgood evening.04:52
bkerensaHi C_Smith05:11
bkerensaC_Smith: Did you enjoy the jam? I know you took some pics for flickr05:11
C_Smithyes, I enjoyed it very much, I just have to find my MicroSD card so I can get the pics off of my cell phone and onto my PC and ultimately to Flicker.05:12
C_Smithbkerensa, did you get my last message?05:14
bkerensaC_Smith: No?05:14
C_Smith"yes, I enjoyed it very much, I just have to find my MicroSD card so I can get the pics off of my cell phone and onto my PC and ultimately to Flicker."05:14
bkerensahow many pics did you get?05:15
C_Smithabout 5 I wanna say, but that may be wrong.05:15
bkerensamy photos are up on flickr.com/bkerensa05:15
C_Smithdoing some last minute configurations to Ubuntu before I head to bed, ugh, school tomorrow.05:15
bkerensaoh yeah summer is over :)05:17
C_Smiththat it is.05:18
C_Smithso, the fact that we're not an approved team is due to what, again?05:20
C_Smithwell, I'd better be off, cya05:24
bkerensaC_Smith: We just need to do a bit more work :)05:24
bkerensaI'm giving Oneiric (Unity) a two week trial period... I tried Alpha and didnt much care for Unity so we will see08:23
bkerensaGnome FTW08:24
bkerensaHmmm Unity borked Rythmbox08:26
shantorngood morning13:58
bdmurraybkerensa: if you give me some more details I might be able to sort out where your bug mail is coming from14:18
bkerensabdmurray: I found out it was because of my doc team membership15:51
bdmurraybkerensa: okay cool.  How as the Jam?15:52
bkerensabdmurray: Pretty fun... Good turnout so far I think it was the biggest Jam in the U.S. ;) maybe we can get you to make an appearance at a Ubuntu Hour sometime?15:52
* bkerensa will buy your first drink15:53
bdmurrayAh an Ubuntu Hour would be good!15:53
bkerensabdmurray: Your out in Washington County or Multnomah? I was talking to Brian_H about possibly doing one out near Beaverton sometime15:56
bkerensaWe will be having a Ubuntu Hour and Release Party in October15:56
bdmurraybkerensa: Actually I'm in Camas now15:56
Brian_HI'll show up :)15:57
bkerensabdmurray: So your downstream from shirgall ;)15:57
* bkerensa needs to go to Washington someday..... I wanna plan a trip to Seattle soon plus I will be going to LinuxFestNW next year15:58
shirgallbkerensa: No, he's upstream15:58
shirgallshirgall: Camas is upstream from Vancouver, I'm downstream from it15:59
shirgallshirgall: And now I'm talking to myself, whee15:59
bdmurrayThe stream being a big river in this case15:59
* bkerensa looked at the Google Maps upside down16:00
bdmurrayAnyway Beaverton would be challenging but downtown isn't so bad16:00
shirgallbkerensa: For us, the bridge traffic must always be considered16:01
bkerensabdmurray: Downtown is preferred for me16:01
bkerensashirgall: Indeed16:01
shirgallbkerensa: Even meeting at Jantzen Beach can be... challenging when the bridge is not cooperating16:01
bkerensashirgall: Hmm never been to WA at all ;)16:03
shirgallbkerensa: It's like Portland with no income tax and better roads16:03
bkerensashirgall: Anything is a improvement on Portland words.... Its like medieval down here at times16:04
shirgallbkerensa: Of course I'm way out in farmland, way outside the urban growth boundary16:04
shirgallbkerensa: I usered to live and work downtown 8 years ago, I remember.16:05
bkerensashirgall: So essentially the gig is living in Washington (Pay no income tax) then do all your shopping or a majority of it in Oregon (No Sales Tax)?16:05
shirgallbkerensa: I admit I do most of my shopping at Amazon.com, and I do end up paying sales tax16:06
bkerensashirgall: you must buy a lot of stuff on Amazon? I think Fred Meyer gets a bulk of my shopping :P16:07
shirgallbkerensa: And there's this truck that comes around every two weeks from Schwann's for groceries.16:07
bkerensaI hate those guys :P16:07
shirgallbkerensa: My Fred Meyer is 20 minutes away16:07
bkerensashirgall: They come here too along with some other truck that slings expensive chicken16:07
shirgallbkerensa: I have a FM 20 minutes one direction and a Walmart 20 minutes the other direction16:07
shirgallbkerensa: Omaha Steaks? I don't do them, I buy from a local butcher with local animals16:08
bdmurrayshirgall: what butcher?16:08
bkerensashirgall: Nah.... Its some other meat slinger they charged me $40 for 5 chicken breasts16:08
shirgallbdmurray: There's one in Ridgefield16:08
shirgallbdmurray: I usually go in on half a steer or something like that every 6 months or so16:09
shirgallbkerensa: wow, that's way out there16:09
shirgallbkerensa: were they gold-plated chickens/16:09
C_Smithso, why is the team not official, again? I've forgotten, darn my poor memory16:10
bkerensaC_Smith: Because we have yet to jump through the neccesary process16:11
bkerensaC_Smith: We are an official LoCo.... Just not "Approved"16:11
C_Smithah, ok, I was thinking it was part of the effects of the failed merge of us, Washington and California.16:11
C_Smithand Approved is what I meant, got the 2 confused. XD16:12
bkerensaC_Smith: There is only really one benefit to approval and that is printed cd's each release cycle16:12
C_Smithah, ok16:12
C_Smithanyway, like I have said, whenever someone can get me what needs to be edited on the team's wiki, I can get started on that.16:13
bkerensaC_Smith: Kinda like Ubuntu Membership its not about perks or gain just a process to signify your making a contribution.... I think they might add more incentive in the future based on some discussions I have seen but who knows16:13
C_Smithah, I see.16:13
bkerensaC_Smith: I will pm you in a second16:13
bkerensaC_Smith: I will probably apply for approval in October though right around the same time I apply for membership16:15
bkerensabdmurray: So sad the new bug-indicator obviously doesnt work in Unity ;)16:16
C_Smithalso, if anyone needs it, I can make a 11.10 CD, although CDs are kinda outdated.16:16
shirgallbkerensa: which one is that one? I don't have any lp-related indicators16:16
C_SmithBkerensa, are you talking about an Apport applet?16:17
shirgallI admit that I add the indicator-weather and indicator-cpufreq :)16:18
bkerensashirgall: Umm some gnome applet Jono posted about a day or two ago16:19
bkerensaI just upgraded to Oneiric and am trying to adjust =/16:19
bkerensashirgall: How do I add indicators in Unity? I added some via ppa and apt-get install but can figure out how to actually add16:19
shirgallbkerensa: I upgraded to Oneiric on my main machine over the weekend too16:20
shirgallbkerensa: Alt-F2 and search for indicator to run it, once you run them they often get added to startup applications16:20
C_SmithI add the battery applet to Unity in 11.04 just by running a command (can't remember what it was), this is not the GNOME battery Applet (which is useless in 11.04 and backwards) this is Battery-status I'm talking about. I run it from a library it installs in /usr/lib and adding --indicator, not sure if other applets work in a similar manner.16:23
C_Smithholy great wall of text, batman!16:24
bkerensashirgall: I wish they would make a Unity panel or somehow let me make this bar smaller and drag is elsewhere16:27
shirgallbkerensa: which bar?16:28
shirgallshirgall: the one on top?16:28
bkerensaThe Unity Bar16:28
shirgallit's almost always hidden when I do things16:28
bkerensayeah but I would like it at bottom of screen like a dock instead of on the side constantly wiggling16:29
shirgallWhy is it constantly wiggling?16:29
shirgallShouldn't wiggle unless you get near16:29
bkerensaXchat activity16:30
shirgallI admit I use irssi in a maximum terminator window w/bybou so I don't see that16:30
bkerensabetter yet why couldnt a working version of gnome fallback be provided :)16:30
shirgallThat stuff isn't up to me, I'm an old fvwm fan :)16:32
bkerensaWho is it up to? Surely not the community at large ;) I don't remember being presented with a survey :P16:32
shirgallbkerensa: it was discussed at UDS16:32
bkerensapeh :P16:33
C_SmithI use Pidgin for IRC, MSN and Xfire.16:33
bkerensaA small fraction of the Ubuntu Community attends UDS :P16:33
shirgallbkerensa: and besides, there's many fallbacks16:33
bkerensakde is not an option for me16:33
shirgallbkerensa: There are many ways to attend, in person, via IRC+soundcast, and the communities have several ways of handling feedback16:33
bkerensaoh I had no idea they did soundcast and irc16:34
C_SmithKDE for me crashes too much, literally every 5-30 minutes. especially when I'm using Wine.16:34
shirgallxfce, fvwm, unity-2d, gnome3 will be working soon enough...16:34
shirgallI haven't played with kde, or wine, in a long time16:34
bkerensashirgall: Why would Canonical ship me a package and not even let me know what it is? I'm assuming its a Conference Kit since I requested one but mind you I requested it after 7pm on a Thursday and the next morning got a UPS e-mail saying it had been shipped16:39
bkerensaso my assumption is it is a conf kit but perhaps Mark S sent me a petite lap giraffe16:39
shirgallbkerensa: I have no way to know16:40
bkerensaCanonical is a mystery to me :P you all work remotely and send packages in clandestine manner :P16:41
bkerensawell it should be here within the hour so I guess I'll find out16:41
shirgallbkerensa: Run silent, run deep16:42
bkerensashirgall: You seen the Raspberrypi's? I'm on a list to get one in November16:57
shirgallbkerensa: I haven't played with one16:57
C_SmithI've seen the Raspberry Pi's. interesting piece of machinery.16:58
C_Smithalthough I'm not exactly sure what it's for.16:58
bkerensaC_Smith: Its a computer ;)16:58
bkerensaC_Smith: You can run Ubuntu on one16:59
shirgallbkerensa: Got pandaboards for that :)16:59
shirgallStill, at 1/5 the price, it's an interesting item17:02
shirgallbkerensa: What I prefer about that OMAP4-based board is that it has a full complement of ports... HDMI, USB, Ethernet...17:03
C_SmithBkerensa, then that's a small PC.17:04
shirgallbkerensa: Hrm, Broadcom BCM2835 I haven't played with yety17:04
shirgallC_Smith: If by small you mean "USB key sized" :)17:04
C_Smithyep, and that's a tiny PC compared even to Netbooks.17:05
shirgallC_Smith: yeah, the pandaboard is about 6"x6"x2"17:05
C_Smithyou'd still probably need a monitor, though.17:05
C_Smithmost TVs will serve that purpose well, though.17:06
bkerensaWell the box from Canonical arrived its lanyards and stickers galore to give out at puppetconf17:15
bkerensabut no CD's? Weird I thought were supposed to get 7517:16
bkerensaoh wait I gotta order those via http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ but shipit is down17:16
C_Smithbkerensa, with 11.04, Canonical said they are discontinuing Shipit.17:17
bkerensaC_Smith: Thats only for end users17:18
C_Smithah, I see.17:18
bkerensaLoCo Leads are still able to use it for conf cd's17:18
C_Smithis Cloud computing really all it's cracked up to be?17:18
shirgallC_Smith: Depends on what you want to do with it17:31
bkerensaC_Smith: I take that back apparently Canonical doesnt do CD's at all for unapproved teams anymore and just forgot to update the wiki covering this :P but Approved teams can request CD's for conferences and once a release cycle.17:35
C_Smithwell, apparently Banshee transfers MP4 Videos just fine, but not .M4V videos..... is there a good converter for .M4V to .MP4?18:07
C_SmithVLC converts?18:08
C_Smithhmmmm, never knew it could, and I've used it quite a bit for playing videos.18:08
thefinn93Media -> Convert/Save18:09
shirgallC_Smith: ffmpeg is good for converting things18:09
thefinn93yeah but ffmpeg is all command line which gets really confusing when you've got that many options18:09
shirgallthefinn93: I agree, but when you're trying to get it right, ffmpeg doesn't hide anything from you18:10
thefinn93but for M4V to MP4, VLC will do fine18:10
C_Smithcool, never really got the hang of ffmpeg.18:12
bkerensathefinn93: You going with me to Hillsboro? To see the crane18:19
thefinn93trying to root this tab18:20
bkerensagood luck with that18:20
thefinn93it looks promising18:21
thefinn93the seemingly accepted method of rooting uses an adb exploit18:22
thefinn93which this obviously has18:22
C_Smithwell, VLC didn't seem to like converting it, I'll try using this GUI I found for FFMpeg18:25
C_Smithmeh, don't see the option for that in it.18:26
thefinn93bkerensa, can i (try) to root this tab or do you still need more stuff with it?18:35
C_Smithnot sure what "rooting a tab" means, but whatever.18:44
thefinn93an android tablet18:45
thefinn93i'm rooting18:45
C_Smithah, I see.18:45
thefinn93as in jumping from an unprivileged user to root18:45
C_Smithrooting the tablet is like jailbreaking an Iphone?18:45
C_Smithok, I see.18:45
thefinn93and this isn't specific to tablets18:46
thefinn93android devices in general18:46
C_Smithah, cool18:46
thefinn93but i think this device might have come pre-rooted18:46
thefinn93which is unheard of AFAIK18:46
C_Smithso, you could jailbreak a Droid phone per se?18:46
thefinn93except it's called Rooting not Jailbreaking18:47
thefinn93because Android is a fork of linux18:47
C_Smithooops, my mistake.18:47
thefinn93basically, when you get an android phone (or device)18:47
thefinn93the user that you're running as18:48
thefinn93isn't a sudoer (so can't use sudo)18:48
thefinn93rooting it basically makes the person a sudoer18:48
C_Smithspeaking of which, I find myself using sudo apt-get a lot..... really much more useful than the software center when you know the package name you need.18:49
thefinn93the software center is for non-technical users18:49
tgm4883working from the command line is almost always faster than doing it in a GUI18:54
tgm4883*if you know what you are doing18:54
shirgallC_Smith: I admit to using synaptic, especially when I'm looking at what packages and versions are in ppas for comparison puropses18:54
shirgalland forcing package versions for that matter18:55
C_Smithsynaptic i've actually found useful when i have broken dependancies. when 11.10 goes stable, Synaptic is going on it.18:55
C_Smithand the only forced install I've ever done is the set of programs for Lightscribe on a 64-bit OS (the apps only come in i386 architecture.)18:56
C_Smithyes, I used 11.10 beta, but for me, it was bad, couldn't use most of the stuff I need. so I went back to 11.0418:57
shirgallC_Smith: it took a couple days, but I got all my normal flow stabilized now18:57
tgm4883what was wrong with 11.10?18:58
C_Smithmeh, most of the stuff I use only has packages for 11.04 and below.18:58
C_Smithwine even only has packages for that.18:58
C_Smithsince 11.10 is only in beta, most developers are gonna concentrate on 11.04 until the final release of 11.1018:59
C_Smithmost of the stuff I use comes directly from a PPA.18:59
shirgallC_Smith: most of the PPAs I grab things from had oneiric branches, I admit19:01
C_Smithyeah, I haven't found that in the ones I use.19:01
C_Smithand when I tried to run a program that needs opengl, it crashes because the library for it isn't installed correctly in a new 11.10 installation.19:02
C_SmithI find that especially with wine there.19:02
shirgallC_Smith: mesa? vdpau? dri?19:03
C_Smithsome library to do with drivers.19:03
shirgallC_Smith: remember that when you do upgrades, it's best to purge the ppas first and then relayer back on19:03
C_Smithpossibly mesa, can't say for sure.19:03
C_Smithactually, I did a clean install.19:03
shirgallC_Smith: it's especially true with X edgers19:03
C_Smith mainly because my PC name was just "c"19:03
shirgalloh, hrm19:03
C_Smithso a clean install (as in wiping the current installation and installing 11.10) means I can rename the PC.19:04
C_SmithI use xorg edgers quite a bit.19:04
tgm4883well, most stuff that would be in PPA's should be in the official repos right?19:09
shirgalltgm4883: not everythign makes it into universe quickly19:09
tgm4883shirgall, you are talking about brand new stuff then?19:10
shirgalltgm4883: yeah, that's why I use PPAs is for stuff that's not done yet :)19:10
tgm4883But.... If it's brand new, it can't be in 11.0419:10
tgm4883If there is a PPA for it for 11.04, then it can't be new19:11
tgm4883if it's brand new, it wasn't around for 11.0419:11
tgm4883see what I'm saying19:11
shirgalltgm4883: you'd be surprised how long it takes for some things, or certain pieces of functionality, to eventually make it into universe19:11
tgm4883shirgall, source required*19:12
shirgalltgm4883: of course19:12
tgm4883I know exactly how long it takes to get stuff into universe19:12
shirgalltgm4883: if there's no source, it might make it into partners, depends on what it is19:12
shirgallwell, for example there's some features in indicator-weather that are not available except from the PPA19:13
shirgallanyway, it's not like I have a lot of them19:13
C_Smithtgm, you'd be surprised at how much is in PPAs but isn't in the main software channels. take Super Boot Manager for example, it's not in the official repositories, but it IS in a seperate PPA.19:13
tgm4883shirgall, isn't gnome-panel gone in 11.10?19:14
tgm4883C_Smith, so that sounds more like lazy developers though19:14
shirgalltgm4883: indicator-weather's oneiric build works fine for me19:14
C_Smithwell, I don't know how a dev would get their software into the official channel. so I wouldn't know.19:15
tgm4883C_Smith, there is a process for it19:15
tgm4883adhere to some rules, and it is in19:15
tgm4883shirgall, so if there is a oneiric build, why isn't it in the repos?19:16
C_SmithI don't have any official coding knowledge (should get back to learning Python, this is getting ridiculous) so I have no reason to make a program that don't work whatsoever.19:16
shirgalltgm4883: I dunno, the version in the repos is older19:16
C_Smithhmmmm, using ffmpeg via command line seems easier than I thought.19:34
C_Smithand I can go directly to the format I'm looking for without searching menus.19:35
C_Smithwell, I'll just let this finish, come back later on.19:35
bkerensaIt sucks that Freegeek might abandon Ubuntu =/19:39
el_seanoprimarily because it seems like the hardware requirements for the newer releases are scaling up pretty drastically.21:40
el_seanowe already have a hard time with a lot of older P4 systems that can't run Lucid without patches, if at all.21:41
el_seanobut, it's still under discussion.21:41
el_seanoand Lucid is still supported for another couple of years, I think.21:41
el_seano(for the desktop version, if I'm remembering right)21:42
Brian_Htoo bad the lxde ubuntu port isn't quite there yet21:47
Brian_HI tried it out, but there was still some major issues with it21:47
shirgallel_seano: unity-2d is supposed to be making it so the hardware requirements are not so painful... if it's not working for you, please let me know22:15
el_seanoshirgall: testing to follow :)22:16
el_seanoone of the biggest issues is early Athlon XP and Mobile Pentium 4s choking on Lucid, as well as incompatibility with the 828{45,55}G graphics chipsets22:17
shirgallel_seano: Ah, Lucid has it s struggles, that's true, early unity-2d hits in Maverick22:18
shirgallel_seano: xfce is pretty much where you want to be with Lucid22:19
el_seanoI think we actually lean more towards lxde, though i've had good experiences with xfce in the past.22:20
Brian_HI played with the lubuntu release, but there were some key things it failed on like drive encryption (that was a show stopper since we have to have all laptops encrypted)22:29
Brian_Hother than that I think its got potential22:29
tgm4883Brian_H, I'm hoping there is some education with full drive encryption as well22:45
tgm4883since it isn't the end all be all that people make it out to be22:46
Brian_Hwe have to have it for business data, thats why we require it :)22:47
C_Smithhmmm, I need to fine-tune what bitrates I convert videos at.22:49
tgm4883Brian_H, understandable, I just see a lot of people think they are totally secure with full disk encryption and get no further education on it. Unfortunately if you need full disk encryption, then you really need the education as to how people can still attack you22:50
Brian_Hoh yea for sure :)22:50
C_Smithother than that, it transcoded and transferred just fine just using ffmpeg in Terminal as the encoder.22:50
Brian_Hencryption doesn't do you a lick of good if you leave your workstation powered on and unlocked lol22:50
C_Smithso, how is everyone? :D22:51
tgm4883Brian_H, powering off your desktop doesn't protect you 100% either though22:51
tgm4883A targeted attack+time will still yield access to your data22:52
tgm4883time being 1-2 days22:52
C_Smithgah, ffmpeg takes a loooooong time to transcode a video.......22:54
C_Smithbut any transcoder takes time, eh?22:54
shirgallC_Smith: yeah, in general ffmpeg is pretty efficient22:55
tgm4883C_Smith, I think I use handbrake and IIRC I do ~30 FPS22:55
shirgallC_Smith: it just takes what it takes :/22:55
tgm488330-40 I think22:55
C_Smithwhen encoding a file on my hard disk, I get 74 fps in ffmpeg.22:56
C_Smiththat doesn't include dvds, just videos on my hard disk.22:56
tgm4883The above is for my DVDs -> h264 conversions22:56
tgm4883I'd have to check the settings on it, but IIRC I'm doing pretty high quality22:57
tgm4883for DVD's that is, so still not a super high quality :/22:57
shirgalltgm4883: 480p is nothign to laugh at23:00
tgm4883480p isn't something to write home about either23:01
shirgalltgm4883: It's pretty good on most TVs, and 480i served three generations fine :)23:02
tgm4883shirgall, by that definition, we don't need computers. As typewriters have been around forever.23:03
shirgalltgm4883: That's not a definition, but most youtube video is 360p, let alone 480p or higher23:04
tgm4883(insert reference to records, horse and buggy, wooden ships)23:04
tgm4883yea, and on a full screen 360p looks like crap23:04
shirgallYou're not going to find 1080p sources for all of your DVDs yet, I'm sure... there's a lot of stuff not yet on Blu-Ray that I want23:05
tgm4883shirgall, true, but given the choice, I think it is clear (no pun intended)23:05
shirgallAnd a lot of stuff can't do better than 480p... lots of shot-on-video work23:05
tgm4883true, a lot of the home grown stuff is going to be low quality23:06
tgm4883along with some of the smaller studios/small budget films23:06
shirgalltgm4883: I'm talking about mainstream television stuff until the 90s23:06
tgm4883shirgall, yes a lot of television stuff from that time period will be low quality23:07
tgm4883They didn't bother to do it on high quality gear23:07
C_Smithand I R Back.23:07
shirgalltgm4883: there was no reason to, when TVs only did 480i23:07
tgm4883shirgall, again... for television23:08
shirgalltgm4883: crapload more content for television than for film23:08
* tgm4883 just got turned down for a job at google :(23:08
C_Smithawwww. sorry to hear.23:08
tgm4883shirgall, quantity != quality23:09
* C_Smith gives tgm4883 a pat on the back23:09
tgm4883hopefully my other job interview will have turned out better23:09
tgm4883although I was less confident with that one, as they wanted a bunch of enterprise hardware experience23:09
tgm4883i has none :(23:09
shirgalltgm4883: I'm not sure why we're going down this path. I started by pointing out that most content is 480p and its quality is reasonable for most purposes. I stand by that.23:10
C_SmithI hear ya, I have none of that myself.23:10
tgm4883shirgall, reasonable for most purposes? I suppose you are correct, if I want to know what happened in the show I can get it from that recording23:10
C_Smithyay!!! ffmpeg finished! now to do a quality check on the audio and video23:11
tgm4883shirgall, but I stand by that, given the choice, I'm going to go with the 1080p version23:11
tgm4883heck, given a show with better content at 480i and a show with slightly less content at 1080p i'm choosing the 1080p version23:12
C_Smithhmmmm, better, not quite there, though23:12
C_Smithvideo is good, sound, not so much23:12
shirgalltgm4883: you're talking to someone that's been watching Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead in SD and buying the blu-rays a year later, I know what you mean, but I'm not gonna watch Desperate Housewives at 1080i/720p instead23:14
tgm4883shirgall, I said slightly less quality content, not total crap23:14
shirgalltgm4883: Luckily DirecTV is bringing AMC in HD on September 9th...23:14
tgm4883shirgall, they don't have that in HD23:14
* tgm4883 stabs DirecTV23:14
shirgalltgm4883: Ok, how about the new "V" series that they canceled? :)23:14
shirgallWho doesn't have what in HD?23:15
tgm4883shirgall, sorry, that was more of a shock retorical question23:15
tgm4883as in23:15
tgm4883DirecTV doesn't have AMC in HD yet !?!23:15
shirgallYeah, it pains me to say23:16
tgm4883I wish networks would stop killing shows that are good, yet not #1 in their timeslot23:16
shirgallThere's no cable out where I live23:16
tgm4883or shows that don't have a ton of followers because the network keeps moving them around23:16
tgm4883I'm looking at you Fox!23:16
shirgalltgm4883: Yeah, I agree, they killed V, Lie to Me, and other stuff I actually liked23:16
shirgallWell, ABC killed V23:17
shirgallAnd Flash Forward, come to think of it23:17
shirgallAnd we'll see if "Falling Skies" survives23:17
tgm4883V, Lie to me, Terminator, (i'm ok with flash forward dying), tons of other shows I can't think of right now23:18
tgm4883oh, doll house23:18
shirgallYeah, I forgot Sarah Connor Chromicles23:18
C_Smithnow to try 320 bps for sound23:19
C_Smithwas trying 12823:19
shirgallC_Smith: I have some crappy stuff at 56VBR, good enough for AM radio, almost23:20
C_Smithvbr is ogg vorbis?23:20
C_Smithor is vbr supposed to be bps?23:23
C_Smiththink I'm missing something here.23:23
shirgallvbr is variable bit rate23:28
shirgallintended to save space23:29
C_Smithah, i see.23:29
shirgallit's a format that rapidly became irrelevant as portable audio players increased space by orders of magnitude23:29
shirgallI think my first mp3 player had 200MB of space23:30
shirgallI take it back, it was 32MB23:32
C_Smithmy first mp3 player was 2GB, tiny compared to my Ipod, which is 16GB.23:33
C_Smiththe first MP3 player I had could only play audio files, no video, sadly.23:34
shirgallYeah, I didn't do portable video for many years after that23:34
shirgallHeh, audible.com member since January 2003, you guys are making me feel old23:36
C_Smiththe first video player I had was an Gogear Aria, which, unfortunately, broke in my pocket, darned LCD Screens that have little protection.23:38
C_Smithalso, has anyone here used conky?23:38
shirgallC_Smith: I've used it before, but I found it to be not as useful as I'd like... most of the stats I want to see are also shown by byobu23:47
C_Smiththe things that don't work on it for me are temperature of certain parts and internet stats.23:48
shirgallC_Smith: yeah, that stuff can be finicky as it is23:50
C_Smithmight have to try the program you mentioned23:50
C_Smithcheck this out: http://i.imgur.com/9GDNR.jpg23:50
shirgallC_Smith: internet stats should be straightforward, but I don't recall if Conky dealt well with multiple interfaces23:50
C_Smithyeah, I have a wlan, and an wired one that is never used.23:51
shirgallUm, that';s a Barney joke23:51
C_Smithno, 90-60-90 on the rgb scale refers to purple23:51
shirgallC_Smith: it might be confused by the wired one, I remember having to modify the included scripts a lot23:51
C_Smithand he's talking about hip-bust-waist. in metrics23:51
C_Smithso the dad is thing on the rgb scale, and the son is talking metrics23:52
C_Smith*the dad is thinking23:52
shirgalloh, heh23:52
C_Smithyou kinda have to know the metrics scale AND the rgb scale to get the joke fully23:55
C_Smith"are there seriously 19 people idling?" ben asked once, I shoulda said "yep, looks like they're dead!" XD23:57
C_Smithkinda dark, I know, but still would have been funny23:57

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