InHisNameinferior as far as health nutrition goes.  Bacon is right there with it.   A slice of whole grain toast with something like a three bead spread would rate MUCH higher. Add some rice and have a full protein better'n the orig. sausage.00:57
waltmanInHisName: If I wanted healthy, I would have stayed in and had a bowl of oatmeal.01:07
waltmanI'll also note that it filled me up enough that I skipped lunch.01:08
waltmanIn addition, I think you might be a wee bit unclear on this whole "diner" thing.01:13
teddy-dbearme thinks InHisName is unclear about many things :-/01:24
andrewwaltman: umm... it got confusing before you said "Then it gets confusing"05:02
andrew17:49:07 < waltman> I stopped at a diner this morning and ordered pancakes and sausage. The waitress brought out pancakes and sausage. When I said I'd ordered sausage, she went into the kitchen and came back  out with sausage.05:02
andrewaccording to what you said, she brought out what you ordered05:03
andrewthe first time...05:03
* TheEvilPhoenix detects random trolling05:10
rmg51morning JonathanD09:39
JonathanDfirst day of middle school10:19
rmg51I thought you were much older then that ;-)10:28
JonathanDJosh's first day of middle school.10:28
rmg51my first day of driving through several school areas :P10:31
JonathanDslow going?10:31
rmg51no one seems to want to slow down10:31
rmg51they get mad when I do10:31
JonathanDSchool zones need snipers.10:32
rmg51they will even pass me10:32
JonathanDNever been passed in a school zone. Been honked at.10:32
rmg51I go through 4 on the way to work10:32
JonathanDLately I've had people pass me to run the red light at 320 and 23.10:32
JonathanD23 is partly closed so they now think the red light doesn't apply anymore.10:33
rmg51well, Cottman Ave. is two lanes10:33
JonathanDExcept it's not closed there. Theres still traffic. So they're not very bright.10:33
rmg51I even had one driver use the turning lane to pass me10:34
JonathanDSnipers, I say. Snipers.10:34
rmg51he turned, but still way over the 15 mph speed limit10:35
rmg51breakfast time10:35
JonathanDI have this TV I picked up at a garage sale.11:13
JonathanDI'm contemplating taking it to work.11:13
JonathanDIt's a little 19 inch LCD TV... could double as a monitor.11:13
JonathanDWas $2511:13
rmg51time for work11:32
waltmanandrew: doh.  I ordered sausage, but she brought out bacon.12:01
JonathanDyay iscsi.13:30
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JonathanDjedijf: is there time at SFD for me to do a little venue-call?21:05
jedijfJonathanD: like with the giant people?21:20
jedijfthey are always around, so sure21:21
jedijfi'd like to do a sfd fosscon sat and sunday at giant; if it wasn't for the PACS people21:22
JonathanDjedijf: I mean to "the crowd"21:23
JonathanDfosscon is looking for a place to be. If you have suggestions or ideas, heres how to contact me, etc.21:23
JonathanDAre the right people from giant there to speak to as well?21:23
JonathanDI still think it'll end up being too small :/21:24
jedijfJonathanD: giant people yes; i will let you talk the president, you may have to provide the membership with some info as to what FOSSCON is etc...but we can do that to21:25
jedijfi don't think that just 'doing it' they will get21:25
jedijfyou are more than welcome to bring/talk about fosscon to the individual members as they wander around21:25
jedijfset up some fosscon'y stuff in the lobby21:26
JonathanDyes, that should work.21:26
jedijfgive out stuff with the questions you want answered and how to reply etc21:27
jedijfthen individual sig leaders can further promote; like reed who was at fosscon21:27
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