orangeninjaHey wrst what's going on?00:07
wrstnot much orangeninja how are you?00:08
orangeninjajust been getting somethings done around the house this weekend.00:12
wrstsame here orangeninja, and sadly the long weekend is nearly over00:16
orangeninjaI know:(00:17
wrsti am spending the rest of my night watching some baseball and locking my server down a little00:20
wrstchris4585: my arch install of gnome shell just got a power off thing in the menu, heard anything about that? or I'm wondering if I installed an extension by mistake?00:41
wrstand I did Alternate Status Menu Extension00:42
orangeninjawrst: I have been checking out some VPN services tonight. Trying to decide if I am going to get one.00:42
wrstcool orangeninja00:43
orangeninjaIf I have a VPN, I dont need a BNC for IRC right?00:44
wrstorangeninja: over my head there :)00:46
* wrst isn't much on networking00:47
orangeninjaha, me neither00:48
wrstorangeninja: you just wanting an always on irc ?00:48
orangeninjayes, I eventually want to have it running all the time and use Screen/droid to access whenever. BUt I also would not mind to hide my hostname on IRC networks I don't have cloak with,00:51
wrstahh a vps would be really great for that00:52
wrstmaybe an amazon ec2 or something00:52
orangeninjaill search those then.00:53
wrstcyberanger: has done some looking about that he would be the guy to talk to on all that fine stuff00:55
* wrst is liking unity more and more in 11.10 beta00:56
orangeninjamade it a little better?01:06
wrsta LOT better orangeninja I can even use this01:08
wrstand I can run gnome shell and not some hackish halfworking ppa01:14
* cyberanger is here, dealing with flooding today04:19
chris4585wrst, let me look04:43
chris4585wrst, I think one of my repos is messing up04:44
Unit193cyberanger: Eh, that can't be fun... There was a bathroom toilet flood at the visit with family :P04:50
cyberangerUnit193: http://www.newschannel9.com/news/cleveland-1004525-army-salvation.html06:13
cyberangerI think my photo is in there06:13
cyberangeridk, busy day06:13
Unit193Since there only seems to be one picture, it wouldn't be hard to findout if one knows you :P06:25
cyberangerUnit193: more than one article, hadn't gone through it yet06:29
wrstwelcome aboard average_guy, cosmicpizza12:42
average_guygood morning12:43
wrstmorning average_guy how's the week getting started for you?12:45
average_guyI can't complain wrst12:46
wrstme either average_guy12:46
average_guyI tried xubuntu 11.10 last night12:46
average_guyit didn't work though :(12:47
wrstaverage_guy: i've never been a real xfce fan  or atleast in xubuntu it never seemed all that much lighter to me but I never really got into it either12:48
average_guyoh, I love Xfce.  I don't really think it's all that much faster but it does have less of the stuff I don't need12:49
average_guyI like "full-featured", but I don't really care if my windows wobble and stuff like that12:50
wrstaverage_guy: I like the whole bloated thing :)12:50
average_guyyeah I heard ya singin praises to unity12:51
wrstwell average_guy praises, may be a little too much but its better than it was12:51
wrstbut it was absolute total steaming pile of poo12:51
average_guyI have a pretty old machine wrst.  I have to run GNOME Ubuntu in "classic" mode12:52
wrstyeah gotcha have you tried lubuntu ?12:53
XpistosMorning all12:54
average_guyyeah, I have.  That's a little TOO light for me.12:54
wrstahh gotcha average_guy :)12:54
XpistosAnybody use or has used Arch?13:55
wrstXpistos: I'm your guy14:23
wrstand chris4585 is your guy14:23
wrstand read the documentation!!!!14:23
Xpistoswell, i have an old tecra 8100 and I an going to give it a shot14:23
Xpistoslooking at the beginners guide now14:24
Xpistosbasically all i need it to do right now is boot, gui and let me read some .cbr files this week end14:24
wrstXpistos: its a good distro its as little or as much as you want, but there is absolutely no hand holding in anything with it14:24
XpistosWell, I am buring the iso now14:25
wrsti highly suggest the net install if you can14:25
XpistosI can14:25
wrstgets you up to date right from the start14:25
XpistosI can't14:25
wrstand the new installer actually does do *some* hand holding14:25
Xpistos"...there is absolutely no hand holding..."14:26
wrstthe new installer is similar to installing debian, but the partitioning can be a pain in the rear14:26
Xpistosas I have learned14:26
wrstha ha Xpistos yeah they did make the isntaller easier, but the partitioning still stinks14:26
XpistosI am trying to install this with 64 of ram and 12 gb hard drive14:26
Xpistoslet's see what it can do14:26
wrstit will do fine :) now I'm not for sure about the gui part14:27
Xpistoswell I need some type of interface so I can read the .cbr files14:27
Xpistossince they are comic book rars14:27
Xpistosnow into the computer14:28
wrstXpistos: I would suggest a very base install don't select any of the options to install anything short of the base system so its just you and a root prompt on start up14:31
Xpistosnothing gets selected14:35
XpistosI have to select anything so I am not sure about what constitutes a "base" install14:35
wrstjust enable base and base-devel that's all you need and of course setup your root password14:35
Xpistosok, I see it now14:36
wrsti usually have it to download, ssh and what not but on 64MB of RAM I would start with nothing and work my way up14:36
Xpistosshould I use grub or syslinux?14:36
Xpistosand select base-devel but don't install anything extra right14:37
Xpistosbase & base-devel14:37
wrstit use grub legacy still14:37
Xpistosand I am using ext314:37
Xpistosor ext414:37
wrstyep that's what you need the base-devel well have to be activated sometime so just easier to do it14:37
wrstwhatever your fancy is, I always use ext414:38
wrstbut I'm not on such hardware as yours14:38
Xpistoshere we go14:38
wrstXpistos: whatever you want to install just google, arch linux xorg or arch linux lxde etc etc14:39
wrstand when/if you set up xorg I'm sure you will want to go with the vesa drivers14:40
Xpistoson this box yes14:40
wrstyeah, of course you can download the nividia, ati drivers and the opensource nividia, ati, and intel drivers but on this machine vesa well be what you want14:41
Xpistoshere is the part that I have problems with14:46
wrstonly thing you *have* to configure is the root password, everything else will work14:47
wrstyou will have to get familiar with /etc/rc.conf to start various daemons, etc14:47
Xpistosis there a filesystem that is better for smaller amounts of ram14:49
wrstI don't know Xpistos, ext has been there and done that I just usually stay with the tried and true14:52
Xpistosokay it is installing on the real box now not the vm14:54
wrstas long as the CLI doesn't bother you, you should be good to go14:56
XpistosI am good on the vm15:02
XpistosI got the hostname changed15:03
Xpistosgot my user account added15:03
Xpistosbut I don't have root access with my user15:03
Xpistoshave to look that up15:03
wrstXpistos: not following you on don't have root access with your user?15:03
XpistosI have the root user15:04
Xpistosbut I added "x"15:04
Xpistosand I need to give x admin priv15:04
XpistosI got my eth0 configured and pining google15:04
wrstyou want to log into x as root?15:04
Xpistosshould I add any additional repos?15:15
Xpistosno right?15:15
wrstno don't add them until you need them15:16
wrstkeep everything as lean as possible15:16
wrstdepending on what you want to do you may need the AUR15:16
wrstbut whatever you do DO NOT enable testing :)15:17
wrstthat is if you want a stable system :)15:17
XpistosI tried to do pacman -Syy but it said there are no servers configured15:21
wrstXpistos: go to /etc/pacman.d/ and edit mirrorlist be sure that you have a server uncommented15:23
wrstprobably use the one you installed with15:24
wrstalso ping someplace to make sure you are online15:24
Xpistoswell that is wierd15:25
XpistosI was online15:25
Xpistosokay I am15:25
Xpistosthere is nothing in /etc/pacman.d15:26
wrstok edit /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and make sure you have a mirror uncommented, I'm assuming you chose nano as your editor of choice?15:26
wrstXpistos: that would be a problem :)15:26
wrsthang on15:26
Xpistos/etc/pacman.conf has the repos listed in it15:27
wrstyes but not the mirrors15:27
wrstit should redirect to /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist15:27
wrstlet me get you one fixed up hang on15:27
wrstXpistos: wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2959906/mirrorlist15:28
wrstand copy to /etc/pacman.d/15:28
Xpistosokay wait. mirror list is in there15:29
wrstof course you will need to be root15:29
wrstok check and make sure that you have a mirror uncommented15:29
XpistosI misunderstood15:29
Xpistoslet me check15:29
Xpistosdo I need more than one15:29
wrstif you uncomment one of the first two i think you will always have a good one15:31
wrstno danger in having more than one, pacman goes down the list, if it doesn't hit one it moves to the next uncommented many suggest havign 515:31
wrstonly issue is that if a mirror is slow catching up15:32
wrstbut pacman generallly hadles all of that15:32
Xpistosok synchronizing on the laptop now15:32
Xpistosmay take a while15:32
XpistosWOW, this is really nice15:41
wrstyeah it really is Xpistos15:42
wrstor I really like it anyway15:42
XpistosI thought there was a lot more stuff to worry about  like every single package15:43
wrstnooo pacman is very simialr to apt-get it does all the work of dependencies for you15:44
wrstwe aren't talking gentoo difficulty ;)15:44
XpistosI am installing xorg now15:44
Xpistosand then if that goes I will install comix and I should be good to g15:44
wrstyep just be sure you install the xorg-utils and all those packages in the wiki it makes everything go a lot smoother, I'm bad to just install one thing then forget to look at the wiki for the rest :)15:54
Xpistoswrst: well i will tell you what, setting up x-org is not fun.16:51
wrstXpistos: shouldn't be much setup to it unless you have an odd card ?16:51
Xpistosold card16:52
Xpistosxdpyinfo: unable to open display ""16:52
wrstdid you install the mesa driver?16:54
wrsttry the vesa driver, pacman -Rd xf86-video-savage and install xf86-video-vesa you stand a better chance of it working16:55
Xpistosdo i have to do anything after installing the driver?16:56
wrsti would reboot16:57
wrstwell yeah you need to reboot actually16:57
Xpistosinteresting after the reboot I got a graphical terminal - lol16:59
wrstcan you start x now?17:00
Xpistoson the laptop I got it using the savage driver17:01
Xpistosrebooting the vm now17:01
XpistosI got a clock and two terminal windows17:02
wrstoh wait you are on a vm?17:02
wrstthought this was on the laptop?17:02
XpistosLOL - BOTH17:02
wrstyou running virtualbox?17:02
XpistosThe vm yes17:02
Xpistosany way. I have similar results on both17:02
wrstXpistos: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_Linux_VirtualBox_Guest17:03
XpistosHoly crap it works17:03
XpistosI am looking at comix (the app) in the gui right now17:04
wrstthere you go17:04
XpistosI don't actually have a comic to try but I am going to install comix on the laptop and see what I got17:04
wrstare you going to run a desktop on it?17:06
Xpistosok while the laptop does that, i am going to try and install icewm on the vm17:06
XpistosI would like to but let's see what happens17:06
wrstwhat I like about arch is that it gives you totally vanilla packages on everything17:06
Xpistosholy crap I can read my books on the lapto17:20
Xpistosnow if I can just figure out how to get icewm working I am golden17:20
XpistoswllI couldn't get icewm working. It should be working but it isn't so I am going to to try xfce417:37
wrsti have had good luck with openbox17:59
Xpistoswrst: well i got xfce working but I can't get it to run from .xinitrc18:19
Xpistosi have to "startxfce4" instead18:20
wrstXpistos: you have xdm installed?18:20
XpistosI don't want it cause I want to start the gui when I want t18:20
wrstahh gotcha was going to suggest you add xdm to the daemons in rc.conf18:21
wrstnever done what you are wanting there Xpistos18:22
Xpistosit is fine startxfce4 does that trick18:23
Xpistosmaybe I will install a video player on it too and see how that works18:24
Xpistoswhat is a media player that is not resource intensive? VLC?18:27
wrstXpistos: cyberanger is your man on that18:37
wrstbut be warned he will have you watching videos using ASCII art on the terminal ;)18:38
Xpistosmplayer looked lightweight18:38
XpistosI already saw the star wars one. lol18:38
wrstha ha18:39
wrsti'm thinking mplayer would be as light weight as you will probably find but I don't deal with super light weight18:39
cyberangervlc -I ncurses18:44
cyberanger(and it does launch an xwindow)18:44
wrstXpistos: ^^^18:47
wrstcyberanger:  you are the man ;)18:47
Xpistosbut you have to tell it to open a specific file yes?18:48
Xpistosvlc -l ncurses video.avi18:48
Xpistosnow I just need my sound to work18:51
Xpistosof course I didn't install a sound driver18:52
Xpistosand would mplayer work iwth ncurses?18:54
cyberangerXpistos: with vlc, on the line like that, or in the interface (and it's vlc -I ncurses)19:12
cyberangermplayer might, idk19:12
Xpistosstill trying to get the sound card to work19:58
wrstolder machines can be a pain Xpistos20:13
* cyberanger hands out sme asprine20:26

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