dakernewz2000, if i remember correctly, you were asking for something to monitor webpages right ?12:40
dakernewz2000, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/alertbox/12:44
joeymhall119: hi. phones in rooms = yes but they are likely to be conf bridges.   Nice screenshot16:13
mhall119joey: okay, we can add a phone number field easily enough, but that won't be considered by the scheduler, just so you know16:17
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joeymhall119: not needed. There's a separate bug for the phone number stuff16:18
mhall119so if only a few rooms have a phone, and you have a meeting that specifically needs one, you'll have to get an admin (marianna or michelle) to manually schedule it in a room with a phone16:18
mhall119if all rooms have a phone, then that's not a problem16:18
nigelbI feel guilty at not being around :(16:19
mhall119you should16:19
* nigelb needs a new job16:19
mhall119you just got a new job16:19
nigelbYeah. But these unstable hours are killing my open source contributions16:20
nigelbnewz2000: ping17:17
nigelbnewz2000: can we do something about the wiki's bad wrapping?17:18
newz2000nigelb: can you give an example? Is this related to <pre> stuff?18:21
nigelbnewz2000: Indeed.18:21
newz2000nigelb: does white-space: pre-wrap; provide an acceptable solution? The example you posted is less beautiful but maybe that's workable18:26
nigelbnewz2000: Yup, it does.18:26
newz2000I'll add it to my todo list to get an update pushed out18:27
nigelbGreat! thanks :)18:27
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cjohnstonmhall119: do you know what the status on getting openid-auth updated?18:47
cjohnstonand is there a real difference between rt 17731 and 17498?18:49
mhall119cjohnston: dunno, I'll have to check on them later18:50
cjohnstonmind if i start checking into 17731?18:50
cjohnstonsorry.. its actually 17810 and 17498.18:51
cjohnstonmhall119: is it in a ppa somewhere that I can install it locally?20:53
mhall119hmm, I don't know if the ISD PPA is public21:16
mhall119nope, it's not21:16
mhall119you can build it from the branch though21:17
mhall119or just put the branch into your PYTHONPATH21:19
cjohnstonthat sounds hard21:23
mhall119I could make it easier by putting it in the Makefile21:25
cjohnstonthe one that i dont use?21:26
cjohnstonjames_w: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/security-o-apparmor-dbus  any idea what can be done to fix status complaining about the milestone target of later?21:28
james_wno, not currently21:28
cjohnstonuggh.. ok21:29

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