inetprog00d m0rning08:35
superflyhi inetpro08:41
inetprosuperfly: hiho, how goes it this morn?08:59
inetproMaaz: coffee on08:59
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:59
superflyinetpro: not too bad, can't complain09:00
* inetpro shaking off the feelings of burnout and trying to focus09:01
inetproobviously a good cup of caffeine from Maaz will help to do the trick09:02
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro!09:04
inetproMaaz: thanks a lot09:04
MaazMy pleasure inetpro09:04
Kilosmornin superfly and others09:15
Kilospta electrical decided we dont need power this morning09:16
superflymorning Kilos09:18
Kiloswhen natty tells me unity cant work with my hardware is it referring to the graphics card?10:40
Kilosor are cpu and ram invloved as well10:43
superflyKilos: yes, your graphics card11:19
Kilosty superfly 11:19
magespawnhowdy all12:21
Kiloshi magespawn 12:24
magespawnhey kilos. you always here?12:27
Kilosas much as possible 12:27
magespawnthat was ironic12:47
Kilospower again12:57
Kilosim sure they keep cutting it to see how many pc's they can mess up12:58
Kilos4 times today12:58
Kilossuperfly, what do you use for twitter. is there a low data tool13:50
superflyKilos: All Twitter clients use the same way of talking to Twitter.13:53
Kilosoh ok ty13:53
Kilosi forgot how to setup gwibber13:53
superflyKilos: you can maybe change how often Gwibber talks to Twitter13:54
Kilossome peeps been tweeting bout tara at xfactor13:54
Kilosok will look into that ty13:56
Kilosalso saw gtwitter13:56
Kilosi can only browse to twitter. gwibber and gtwitter cant get in14:05
* Kilos right off tweeting14:06
Kilosheres my brat trying out for xfactor14:11
magespawnand there he goes again.14:27
nuvolarilo everyone14:51
inetprosuperfly: kilos is famous if you ask me14:56
magespawnlater all home time.14:58
inetproKilos: wb15:01
inetproKilos: you are the man of the moment!15:01
Kilosty inetpro i be on xubuntu now15:01
Kiloswhat i missed15:02
inetproKilos: your brat on xfactor15:02
Kiloslol oh15:02
inetprothat is damn good!15:02
Kilosand she cant go all the way this year because the usa blocked her visa for the next round15:02
inetprothere's no way that you can hold back that sort of talent15:03
Kilosbut the judges said they will fix the visa and she can skip first 2 rounds in next year15:03
Kilosi havent seen it15:03
Kilosaparently twitter and fb raving15:03
Kilosshe doesnt even tweet15:04
inetprofor sure they are15:04
inetproKilos: see https://mobile.twitter.com/searches?q=Tara-Lynn15:07
inetprothat is the low-bandwidth mobile version15:07
Kilosoh i can go by fone?15:08
Kilosor from here15:08
inetproKilos: on you normal browser15:10
Kilosok ty inetpro 15:10
* nuvolari saves oom Kilos's video15:29
Kiloslo nuvolari 15:29
Kilostell me how to save it lad15:30
Kiloshavent seen it yet15:30
Kilosbut if i get there i wanna be able to save not look online\15:30
nuvolariKilos: what I do is to watch a video in Chrome on youtube, then I go to ~/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache and check for the last f_xxxx file after I watched the video15:32
nuvolarithen I just copy it to my videos directory15:32
Kilosow is it a video?15:33
nuvolariit's a flash video15:33
nuvolariI'm off 15:34
nuvolaricheerz everyone15:34
Kilosgo safe15:34
Kilosnuvolari, ping15:37
Kiloswhat size is it in megs15:37
Kilostoo late15:41
Kiloseish power cut again15:53
KilosMaaz, coffee on15:54
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:54
KilosMaaz, strong15:54
MaazKilos My coffee is always strong. If it is too strong for you then add more milk15:54
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:58
KilosMaaz, ty16:03
MaazEnjoy Kilos16:03
* superfly stabs KDEPIM with a sword, repeatedly16:21
superflydie scumbag, die!16:21
Kiloseish superfly 16:22
Kilossuch violence16:22
superflyKilos: then you can imagine how horrible it is, if it drives me to violence16:22
Kiloswow i never seen you like this16:23
Kilosmust be old age creaping up16:23
superflyKilos: no, it's bad software16:24
superflyany software that makes you want to rip your eyeballs out with forks because it would be less painful than actually using the software is bad software16:26
Kilosmust be very bad16:28
Kilosnot written in python hey?16:28
superflywell, it's written in C++, which is fine16:29
Kilosah just badly written16:30
superflybut it's a retarded piece of software, with a retarded idea behind it16:30
superflyand yet the monkeys who wrote it think that it's the best thing ever16:30
KilosMaaz, coffee for all16:31
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already16:31
superflyand I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible, but now even my e-mail client needs to use it16:31
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:31
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:31
superflyso I have no choice16:31
Kilosoh my thats not nice16:31
* nuvolari vee 'n traan weg16:31
nuvolarioom Kilos 16:31
Kilosya nuvolari 16:31
nuvolarisy sing ongelooflik mooi!16:31
nuvolariek het sommer hoendervleis gekry16:31
Kilosek sien op twitter almal hou daarvan16:32
Kiloshoe veel meg is die video seun16:32
nuvolariek kyk oom16:33
nuvolarinogals groot16:33
nuvolari31.8 Mb16:33
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:35
KilosMaaz, ty16:35
MaazEnjoy Kilos16:35
Kiloshow do we see logs please17:38
Kilosi was on xubuntu now back and need to find some info from then17:38
superflyKilos: is your xubuntu partition mounted?17:39
Kilosi can mount it17:39
Kilosits in places17:39
superflyKilos: what info do you need from it?17:41
Kiloswhat nuvo said where he finds the downloaded youtube vids17:42
Kilosor whatever he does to save it. i have forgotten already17:49
Kiloshee hee18:18
KilosMaaz, spell domdonner18:19
MaazKilos: That doesn't seem correct, but I can't find anything to suggest18:19
inetpro09/06 17:32:50 <nuvolari> Kilos: what I do is to watch a video in Chrome on youtube, then I go to ~/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache and check for the last f_xxxx file after I watched the video18:20
Kilosty inetpro 18:20
Kiloswith my luck that cache wont be there18:22
inetproin Firefox it seems that we can no longer get the cached version18:22
Kilosim actually trying to blog again after so long away18:23
inetproKilos: have you seen the video yet?18:23
Kilosi will try chromium18:23
Kilosi always the last you should remember that18:24
Kilosyou brouhgt me the first songs we ever heard about her remember18:24
inetproheh, that was some time ago18:25
Kilosim just scared i get to see it even though it will come bits and pieces and then not have it saved18:25
Kilosdunno where that nuvolari brat is so i can make sure first i dont need to add something to chromium first18:26
Kilosxubuntu has that ghost kinda bottom panel. kinda weird18:27
Kiloswill still get my kubuntu back from ian18:28
inetproKilos: just play it!18:34
inetproyou can always save later if it doesn't work now18:34
inetprothat kind of talent will not be removed any time soon from youtube18:35
Kilosbbl. struggling here18:49
Kilosinetpro, ping19:07
Kiloscan i wget the song19:07
Kilosi tried three times19:07
Kilosgets to 2 mins 38 and just stops downloading19:08
Kilosor maybe i ask nuvolari to mail it to me then hey?19:08
nuvolarioom Kilos, if you hang on a bit I'll try to get it for you so you can use wget19:08
Kilosty nuvolari 19:09
nuvolarino problem oom19:09
nuvolarijust need te get my mojo straight :P19:09
Kilosso frustrating when this happens19:11
Kiloshow can one get all the ubuntu files of hundreds of megs but cant watch a whole video19:12
nuvolariya oom, youtube making me see red often19:13
Kiloshad to sign in and all kindsa stuff and try watch 3 times. up to the same place. i dont understand it19:15
* Kilos gets like the fly and looks for a sword19:15
Kilosor a hammer19:15
nuvolari:-/ having trouble19:19
Kilosmurphy is out in full force19:19
Kilosnuvolari, you can just mail it from work to me tomorrow\19:20
Kilosnuvolari, pong19:20
Kilosdankie weer19:54
Kiloslol dit het tot op 310kB/s gegaan19:55
nuvolarisjoe! dis blitsvinnig! 19:55
nuvolariok, ek gaan nou rerig slaap19:55
nuvolarilekker slaap oom19:56
Kilosja as dit net daar kan bly is ek in twee dae sonder data19:56
nuvolariek weet oom gaan lekker slaap na daai video :D19:56
Kilosbaie dankie19:56
Kilosnet die audio het gekom19:58
nuvolarihmm. dit kan nie wees nie :-/19:59
nuvolariag jinnetjie tog19:59
Kilosskuus ek kan dit nie volskerm kyk nie19:59
nuvolarihoe meen oom?20:00
nuvolarikan oom iets sien?20:00
Kilosja op die klein vlc20:00
nuvolarihet oom mplayer?20:00
Kilosmaar volskerm net audio20:00
nuvolaridis weird20:00
Kilosek sal kyk dankie seun gaan slaap nou20:01
Kilosoh my. she can really sing20:09
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:43
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