knomeScottL, what's the status on the ubuntu studio website update? we're just getting the new xubuntu website theme reviewed and after that, hopefully before oneiric release, getting that into production...00:25
knomeScottL, i was wondering if you need some help, or some more00:26
astraljavagnome rocks! err... wait, no, knome does.00:26
knomexfce ftw00:27
falktxhey there12:27
falktxScottL: oin12:27
astraljavaoink oink to you too, Filipe. :)12:30
knomei thought i didn't join #stall12:31
astraljavaI sneaked you in.12:32
knomei shoudl've guessed that12:33
shnatselfalktx: pong12:33
falktxshnatsel: someone mailed me about the new gimpstudio packages12:35
falktxbasically he wants to copy them but doesn't want to fix it12:35
shnatselfalktx: fwd?12:35
falktxshnatsel: what's your mail?12:35
shnatselfalktx: shnatsel@gmail.com12:35
astraljavaHi shnatsel, falktx, did you manage to come to conclusion about the app selection for the seeds? I could update them tonight.12:35
falktxshnatsel: err, this is a logged channel...12:36
shnatselfalktx: it's OK12:36
shnatselfalktx: my mail shows up in so many places12:36
shnatselfalktx: and it's googlable anyway12:36
falktxgmail is good enough to handle spam12:37
astraljavaAnd imagine that, now you two can be googled by one search?12:37
astraljava? == !, of course. :)12:37
falktxastraljava: my boss found my mail by googling my nickname12:37
falktxastraljava: that's how we first talked12:38
shnatselastraljava: hi, I've just updated some workflows and proposed even less packages to include/replace in the mailing list, I have no idea who's responsible for accepting/rejecting those changes12:38
astraljavashnatsel: The team collectively, but I have taken that task on my responsibility. Anyone in the -dev team can push, though. Which reminds me, have you applied already?12:40
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shnatselfalktx: that's rly weird - I have tested that use case thoroughly and even shipped the packages in my own distro, it worked fine with no users12:40
=== falktx2 is now known as falktx3
shnatselastraljava: nope, should I?12:40
falktx3astraljava: did pulseaudio got cutoff? if not pulseaudio-module-jack should be there12:42
astraljavashnatsel: I dunno, do you wanna? :)12:42
shnatselastraljava: no idea tbh12:43
astraljavafalktx3: I think the discussion went to the direction where we agreed not to try to drop it at this point. It's a pain to keep away, really, at the moment.12:43
astraljavaLuke said he's willing to make changes for the coming cycle, though, if enough derivates don't want to use it.12:43
falktx3astraljava: so *-jack there is there, right?12:43
astraljavafalktx3: Let me check.12:44
* falktx3 plans to do a unity-2d fork12:44
astraljavaYep, it's there.12:45
falktx3heh, this is kinda misinformation12:48
astraljavashnatsel: Well, thanks for your efforts on the app selection, anyway! I'll read through that thread tonight, and incorporate the changes to the seeds unless there's some controversy in the selection.12:48
falktx3"PulseAudio with jack detection"12:48
astraljavaHehe, where'd you find that?12:48
falktx3^ jack detection, has in jack hw thing that phones have, not jack audio system12:48
falktx3astraljava: ^12:48
astraljavaOh the module?!12:49
astraljavaOh, you're talking about that blog. I'll read it later, thanks.12:51
shnatsel'jackd modules for PulseAudio sound server' = pulseaudio-module-jack12:51
astraljavafalktx3: Okay, the statement intrigued me. Why do you say it's misinformation?12:54
falktx3jack hw != jack audio12:55
astraljavaHmm... yes, but he's the Canonical audio guy. I don't think he's talking about JACK, but jack, as in what you already mentioned.12:55
astraljavaThen again, I might not understand it correctly.12:56
astraljavaI'm a little tired, and going to have a nap now. See ya later this evening.12:56
falktx3time for work12:57
scott-workknome: sorry for not responding sooner, yes we need help20:10
knomeno problemos! :)20:10
knomedo you need an artist and/or a developer?20:10
scott-workprobably a little of both20:10
scott-worklet me find a link....20:10
scott-workthis is the new website...http://www.myhaiku.org/20:11
scott-workit lacks any real content but also only has a few pages20:11
scott-worki've never updated our current website so i'm unsure if i can even add pages using the canonical hosting20:11
scott-worki'm also unfamiliar with how to change the website design through launchpad20:12
scott-worknote: if you click the words "audio", "video", or "graphic" the view changes20:12
knomescott-work, okay...20:26
knomethat's quite a flashy effect20:27
knomethe site is not too bad20:27
knomei suppose that you'd just need some of the canonical IS guys set up the new theme20:27
knomethat's drupal? :(20:28
knomeanyway, what we've done with the new xubuntu site is here: http://xubuntu.princessleia.com/20:28
scott-workknome: we felt that for lengevity we should stick with canonical hosting, and yes, that is drupal20:32
knomeyup, we're on canonical hosting too, but we're switching to wordpress with the new site20:32
knomewhat is exactly what you need help with?20:35
scott-worksorry, got busy at work21:36
scott-workknome: any artistic input would be great21:36
scott-workknome: but also help understanding how the process works for hosting some of the website in launchpad and then getting it working on the hosting would be helpful too21:37
scott-workwe considered moving to wordpress as well, but again felt that since there are very few people involved that we should stay with drupal for the long term21:38
knomei can give artistic input, but i know quite little about the process for canonical hosted stuff21:38
knomewordpress is actually easier in the long run21:38
knomeso you prefer feedback by email or in irc?21:39
scott-workwhich ever is the better medium for you knome 21:39
scott-worki will be leaving shortly but my laptop (ScottL) is almost always on though21:40
knomei could send an email for starters, then we can continue discussion in irc21:40
knomepaste your address to PM (or chan if you don't mind) and i'll get back to you asap21:41
scott-workknome: scottalavender@gmail.com21:42
scott-workknome:  this is asking a lot, but if you were interested in helping us to migrate to wordpress then we would certainly do so21:43
knomei'd love to help you on that21:43
scott-workwe just chose to stay with drupal because of those involved and their limited ability and availability21:43
knomeyeah, i understand21:43
scott-workknome: that would be awesome21:43
scott-workleaving work :)21:56
knomeokay, see you later21:56
ScottLknome, do you think it is possible to migrate the http://www.myhaiku.org/ site to wordpress?23:22
ScottLor similar?  i ask because many people have already commented on how much they like this site23:23
falktx_ScottL: hey23:25
falktx_ScottL: I'm willing to work on that site23:26
falktx_I said it before23:26
falktx_ScottL: any way to get the entire sources of it?23:26
falktx_maybe you have jorge's mail?23:26
ScottLfalktx_, http://imagebin.org/17133023:29
ScottLastraljava, also23:29
ScottLfrom the QA image that we tested and then i made the menu use the studio menu and changed the theme to the ubuntu studio theme23:29
falktx_ScottL: looking good23:30
falktx_don't like the decoration though23:30
ScottLit's certainly better23:30
falktx_desktop text is not very visible23:30
ScottLi'm not a theming genius i'm hoping others are able to figure this out ;)23:30
falktx_ScottL: there are lots of deco themes in xfce, we just need to pick a better one23:31
ScottLfalktx_, i do have his email and the source for the myhaiku site23:31
falktx_ScottL: oh, great23:31
falktx_ScottL: what exactly do you think the website needs?23:31
falktx_besides working correctly23:31
ScottLhold on, cooking, brb in 2 mins23:32
falktx_btw, ScottL, I'm working on this now - http://distrho.sourceforge.net/gallery.html23:34
falktx_correct link - http://distrho.sourceforge.net/23:34
ScottLcooking for the kids23:35
ScottLback now23:35
ScottLthat looks cool falktx_ 23:36
ScottLtell you what, you are part of the team and have access to the code23:36
ScottLwould you work with knome to make this happen if write up a decent spec and blueprint?23:36
ScottLi'm not particular to whether it is in wordpress or drupal or what particular graphics are used23:37
ScottLbut i think i can (or already have) develop a good framework description of what it should accomplish and it's goals23:38
falktx_who's knome23:38
falktx_knome: oh, hey there23:38
falktx_ScottL: so, knome already offered to work no the site, is that right?23:40
ScottLyes he did23:41
falktx_ScottL: what can he do?23:43
falktx_I never noticed him around here...23:43
ScottLsorry, getting kids their dinner23:44
ScottLfalktx_, he said he did this for xubuntu:  http://xubuntu.princessleia.com/23:44
ScottLand they are working on migrating it to the ubuntu website23:44
falktx_wow, no match for my skills!23:44
falktx_I mean, he's way better than me23:44
ScottLi don't know about that, that sourceforge site looked pretty darn good to me :)23:45
falktx_ScottL: it's a html5 template I downloaded23:45
falktx_not done by me23:45
falktx_"Website template designed by TemplateMonster.com"23:45
ScottLah, it look really good23:47
ScottLdid you ever see the ones i mocked up with inkscape?  the first one was really scary looking23:47
falktx_no, please give me a link23:50
falktx_how scary is it?23:50
ScottLhahaha, not happening my friend :P23:51
ScottLit also got erased when my server got screwed up anyways23:51
ScottLhosting had a problem with their raid which got corrupted and synced garbage onto my server23:52

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