rwtxhow to I connect to my windows network files with xubuntu?00:01
lightawith samba if you wanna use smb00:02
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:02
knomesamba is the easiest, especially if you don't want to run any (additional) servers on your windows machine00:02
lightaknome, do you know where I could get some help about chroote ssh ?00:04
knomewell, i have no experience on that00:05
lightaI want to set a system user a controled env so I think ssh chroot should be the best. I'd need to use some command line, ok thx anyway00:05
xubuntu389any 1 here?01:03
* knome is hiding01:04
knomeoh well...01:04
cristian_cI've got a keyboard called Media Wireless Desktop by Labtec.08:58
cristian_cI tried to set the keyboard shortcuts directly from the Applications-> Settings-> Xfce4 settings manager -> Keyboard-> Applications shortcuts.08:58
cristian_cI clicked on Add and for example I typed the command 'evolution'.08:58
cristian_cI pressed Ok and then the system asked me to type the key on the keyboard.08:59
cristian_cIn this case the key was correctly recognized as XF86Mail and has been included in the list of shortcuts.08:59
cristian_cBut if I press the mail key, it always happens the same problem, that instead of opening evolution, the pc goes into stand-by.08:59
cristian_cIs anyone able to understand what the problem is due?08:59
cristian_cI even tried keytouch editor and it recognized the keys.08:59
cristian_cBut after setting up the keyboard with keytouch, if I press the 'mail' key, the PC goes always on standby for no reason09:00
annagosh this is all very taxing on my nerves12:56
=== anna is now known as Guest17951
Guest17951Am i now talking to people who can help me fix xubuntu12:56
Guest17951apparantly my name is now guest12:57
Sysisomebody owned "anna"12:57
Guest17951ah okay12:57
Guest17951I have an old ibm think pad12:58
Guest17951trying to bung an os on it in a hurry12:58
Guest17951just screamed at the people over at tincy core12:58
Guest17951for asking me about einstin for a security question12:59
Guest17951would like to install xubuntu12:59
Guest17951can someone talk me through it12:59
Sysiburn cd or make bootable usb, select partitioning the way you want and wait some time13:00
Guest17951its the download part i cant do13:00
Guest17951got to the mirror page13:00
Guest17951but its just gobledygook to me13:00
Guest17951dont know which one to click13:00
Guest17951clikced a few13:00
Guest17951just get random text files13:00
Sysiare you familiar with torrents?13:01
Guest17951tried to learn but didnt understand13:01
Sysiwhat mirror is closest to you then?13:02
Sysiwhat country13:02
Guest17951(thanks for helping btw, v obliging of you)13:03
Guest17951i figured i dont need "amd64"13:04
Guest17951thats not me I dont think13:04
Guest17951:) its downloading!13:04
Guest17951I have a disk13:04
Guest17951when its done, do I just burn it like a file13:05
Guest17951or do I do it another way13:05
Sysiyou need to burn it as disk image to make it boot13:05
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto13:05
Guest17951ah yes13:05
Guest17951i remeber this for when i did a ubuntu disk13:05
Guest17951then, when i put it in the ibm13:06
Guest17951do i allways need the disk in13:06
Guest17951like puppy13:06
Guest17951or can i move it to the computer permenantly13:06
Sysino, you can instaal it to hard drive13:06
Guest17951(disk spin = energy expenditure)13:06
Guest17951does it matter if it allready has an os on it13:14
Guest17951its got no os13:14
Guest17951never mind13:14
Guest17951would you mind if I coppied and pasted this chat so I can use it in my fs software for beginers worksop13:16
Guest17951as an example of getting help13:16
Guest17951when trying to install13:16
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/13:18
Guest17951ah i see13:20
Guest17951will take it from there then, if thats okay with you. Its been very helpfull : )13:20
Sysiokay for me, even if I couldn't do anything for those logs anyway13:21
Guest17951lol, okay. : )13:22
Guest17951its downloaded now13:22
Guest17951v. excited!13:22
Guest17951janice joplin was in my cd tray13:22
Guest17951nice supprise!13:23
Guest17951so have disk13:33
Guest17951have put it in and am booking up13:34
Guest17951got an error to check time and date settings13:35
Guest17951i think maybe i need to tell it to boot from the cd13:36
Guest17951i think its trying to boot from harddrive13:36
Guest17951done that i think13:37
Guest17951same error13:37
Guest17951it thiks its 1980 bless13:38
Guest17951maybe it has the millenium bug!13:38
Guest17951we have liftoff!13:39
Guest17951got to the install menu13:51
Guest17951is this usualy so SLOW13:51
Sysicd:s are quite slow13:51
Sysihow much ram do you got?13:52
Guest17951 okay13:52
Guest17951its totally old computer13:52
Sysiopen terminal and type free -m13:52
Guest17951dosnet say on the outside of the computer anywhere, so its hard for me to asses13:52
Guest17951still onthe language menu13:52
Guest17951i checked it a while ago13:53
Guest17951i remeber it was at the bottom end of the xubuntu capacity13:53
Guest17951the website sais xubuntu can run devices from this spec13:54
Guest17951and that was my spec13:54
Guest17951it says "installation failed" and that iot will rin a desktop session so i can figure out why13:56
Sysihum, if you have very little ram you maybe should try alternate install disc13:58
Sysiit's text-only but not hard really13:59
MurzagalleyI wonder if someone saw this one before: I have a Lenovo W510. Installed Ubuntu 11.04 on it in a dualboot configuration (with the native Widows7 that came with it when I bought it) and therein there are the ACPI controls, specifically those that control the monitor brightness, but not only those. There's the LED, there's the camera, autdio controls and others. Ubuntu seems not to be able to control those. Does someone know what to d13:59
MurzagalleyThanks in advance!13:59
Guest17951let me try and see how much ram i have14:00
Guest17951(do you mean like usb allways boot?)14:00
SysiMurzagalley: try putting "laptop_model ubuntu" to google, possible that they just won't work14:01
MurzagalleySysi: OK, is there any Ubuntu way of controlling display brightness?14:02
Sysiyou need HW level support for it anyway, there is some possible hacky way that don't really remember, you could try #ubuntu14:03
Guest17951accidently followed the advise to other guy14:04
MurzagalleyI think I found something on this issue on Google. Thanks! I'll make this through.14:04
Guest17951seems the ibm think pads have sepcoal needs14:04
Guest17951*special needs14:04
MurzagalleyI dont know, but if it was working in the first place, it could be nice. The W510 display is really bright at its extreme high.14:05
MurzagalleyWell, I think I found smth worth trying. I'll go chkitout. Thanks again!14:06
Emily_Spenceri just installed xubuntu for my mother on her hp, and i am wondering does anyone else have issues with synaptics touchpad14:06
Emily_Spencerthe mouse seems very very sensitive, even when my finger is still on the pad the pointer seems kind of shaky. any advice on how i could fix this14:07
Sysicheck mouse settings first, try changing them14:08
Emily_Spenceri dont see a sensitivity setting14:10
Guest17951is ram cpu speed?14:12
Sysiram = memory14:13
Guest17951i have 128mb14:13
SysiEmily_Spencer: just see what sliders do, there's no settings for minimum movement14:13
SysiGuest17951: lubuntu might run on that but you can't really use any modern apps with that14:14
Guest17951will try lubuntu14:14
Emily_Spencerperhaps it is just that it is a sensitive mousepad but it seems to work fine on win714:14
Guest17951is this not going to be worth doing? as in will we be able to play card games and go online14:14
Emily_Spenceroddly enough my laptops touchpad is detected as a regular mouse and works really well14:15
SysiGuest17951: possibly/propably not worth it14:15
Emily_Spencerguest you could try puppy linux14:16
Guest17951I thought about it14:19
Guest17951ill see what their specs say14:19
Guest17951thanks emily14:19
Guest17951have nice days :)14:19
Emily_Spencerthere should be a file where i can edit the mouse settings14:30
Emily_Spencerxorg.conf maybe?14:30
Emily_Spencerwhere is that located14:30
Sysidoesn't exist anymore by default14:32
sandro_hey there14:51
sandro_is there someone could help me?14:51
Sysipop a question and see if somebody has an ansver14:52
sandro_i installed xubuntu 11.04 on my dad's pc14:52
sandro_i use to work with ubuntu, so i'm not that involved in xubuntu14:53
sandro_he tried to plug-in his canon 350d14:53
sandro_but seems that xubuntu doesn't mount it al tll14:53
sandro_no one has an answer?14:56
sandro_likemindead i already used google, ubuntu forums...15:05
sandro_i tied the irc chat as another option, trying to solve this issue15:05
ablomensandro_, it never get's mounted15:06
ablomenyou will need to use gthumb2 or some other photo manager to import the photos15:06
sandro_i both tried gtkam and gthumb15:06
sandro_no answer15:06
ablomeni have the same camera (or the 450d, not quite sure) and it always worked for me, have not tried in a while though, you might want to try fspot15:08
sandro_why you said that it never gets mounted?15:08
ablomenit does not get mounted as a drive, it uses some kind of protocol to transfer photo's15:09
sandro_i see... so xubuntu doesn't work ad ubuntu?15:09
ablomeni mean this in general, not os related, or not linux version related anyway15:10
sandro_well... in my ubuntus pc my camera (eos 50d) is automatically mounted in /media15:11
ablomenah it might be gnome uses gvs to simulate it nowadays15:13
sandro_i dunno... meanwhile i'm downloading f-spot15:14
ablomenhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7173964&postcount=3 << you could try this, maybe it works15:14
sandro_already tried...15:15
sandro_didn't work15:15
sandro_i'm done15:21
sandro_nope.. i'm not done15:33
likemindead"Never give up! Never surrender!"15:35
knobydobsHia - on my non-root user account xfwm4 keeps crashing i.e. the buttons to close windows disappear and the mouse turns into a cross - is there any way to stop this from happening16:24
charlie-tcaknobydobs: if running xfwm4 is fixing that, just add it to Settings -> Settings Manger -> Sessions and startup, startup tab, to make sure it always starts when you login16:25
charlie-tcaMy typing is a little slower than I would like it to be16:26
knobydobsi dont get what you said16:26
charlie-tcaIn the menu, you have settings16:27
knobydobsyh its not that bit16:27
knobydobsits the bit about running it fixes it16:27
charlie-tcahow do make thing buttons and stuff come back?16:28
knobydobsit is running at the time that the buttons go away16:28
charlie-tcaWhat do you do now to fix that?16:28
charlie-tcanext time, try hitting Alt+F2, type in xfwm4 and hit okay or enter16:29
charlie-tcaIf it works, then add xfwm4 to the startup tab16:29
knobydobswill go and try16:29
knobydobsdid not work16:32
knobydobsi know why - it wasnt installed properly last time i reinstalled16:33
Myrttion your non-root user account?16:35
Myrttidoes that mean that you have enabled root account and have logged into the graphical XFCE session with that?16:35
knobydobsyes i think so16:36
Sysiyou need to edit gdm settings to make that happen, or use startx16:36
Myrttithere's no reason to enable the root account nor enable it logging in to the system16:36
Myrttifor all I know, THAT alone might be the reason for your problem16:36
knobydobsit was the only way to use the system16:37
Myrttiso the problems arised before you enabled root account?16:37
Myrttiwhy did you enable root account instead of just creating a new non-root account?16:37
Myrttiand seeing if the problems exist on that...?16:38
knobydobsseemed easier16:38
Myrttilogging in as root is a very very ... silly idea16:39
Myrttiand even sillier is to connect to the Internet while root16:39
knobydobsas there was no way of setting up another account i chose log in as other user and typed root16:39
Myrttiyeah I suppose "sudo adduser" would have been too difficult16:40
knobydobsi didnt know16:40
knobydobsi am very new16:40
Myrttiright, sorry I have to go and I can't walk you through why using root account is a bad idea16:42
Myrttihopefully your problem gets solved tho16:42
knomeknobydobs, the best idea is to reinstall, really.16:43
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.16:43
knobydobstest user is working fine it is just this user16:45
knomeknobydobs, you can try removing ~/.cache, but please remember and understand that we do not support enabling the root account.16:48
charlie-tcaroot or normal user is not working right/16:48
knomeknobydobs, the most safe way is to reinstall, that way you will be also able to get support here in the future as well16:49
knobydobsreinstall the os?16:49
knobydobsor xfce?16:50
knomethe os.16:50
likemindeadCurious: What do Xubuntu users think of Lubuntu?16:50
knobydobsi will put ubuntu on - the only reason i chose xubuntu is cos i have pet rats16:51
Sysilikemindead: light but kinda rough16:51
knomefeel free to16:51
knobydobsi dont wanna loose the logo :(16:52
charlie-tcaLubuntu has a place when the hardware is not capable of performing well with Xubuntu16:52
knobydobsi thought xubuntu was a lightweight version of ubuntu16:53
charlie-tcaIt is, and Lubuntu is lighter in resource use than Xubuntu16:53
knobydobsvery light then16:54
charlie-tcaUbuntu is great for new people, since it is very easy to use and allows for minimum configuration16:54
knomejust to be correct, the animal on the xubuntu logo is not a rat, but a mouse. and if that's the only reason you are using xubuntu, i suppose you could just install ubuntu and use the xubuntu logo with it.16:55
knobydobsis it possible to replace the ubuntu logo with xubuntu?16:55
likemindeadEl Oh El16:55
knobydobsin the loading bit16:56
Sysiboot logo? quite easily16:56
charlie-tcaThe easiest way is to install xubuntu instead of Ubuntu16:57
knobydobsfed up with xfce16:57
knomecharlie-tca, say you want to drive a mercedes-benz, but like the lada logo. will you buy a lada?16:57
knomenot that i'm saying ubuntu is mercedes and xubuntu is a lada.16:58
knobydobsno and what is lada?16:58
Sysivaz, russian cars16:58
knomeknobydobs, lada is offtopic, so no need to go further down that road. now do you have any other support question?16:58
knomeknobydobs, please ask on the channel, no need to use PM's16:59
knobydobssorry whu is it in red?17:00
knomeknobydobs, why is what in red?17:00
charlie-tcaIf you don't like the mecedes, why would you want people to think you are using it?17:02
knomecharlie-tca, i don't know, it's not me who wants a different logo from my OS17:03
knobydobswhen u speak to me - never mind the question i have is that i have just bought and installed an ati x600 graphics card. I plug in the screen and everything works nicely apart from flickering black lines on the screen and ati catalyst doesnt recognise it17:03
charlie-tcaIf you don't like Xubuntu, why would you put a Xubuntu logo in for people to be confused about17:03
knobydobscos i am sad person17:03
Sysiknobydobs: it's call hilight, that you'd notice when people talk to you17:04
knobydobsmy new question now i have made myself look like a prat is above - not that i am pushing for an answer17:08
knobydobsjust drawing peoples attention to it and trying to get back on topic17:08
knomejust wait for people to come around and they'll most probably answer if they know the answer - i know next to nothing about ati, so i can't really help17:10
marc_smithany chance for releasing Xubuntu as img to use with USBs?19:34
marc_smithISO preparation is bit harder to prepare I'd suppose19:35
marc_smith*is bit harder19:39
charlie-tcaIt already is in oneiric19:56
charlie-tcaXubuntu images use the same base and installer as Ubuntu, so if Ubuntu is released as such, so is Xubuntu.19:57
charlie-tcaYou can now copy the images to USB.19:57
PeterVenkmanGreetings.  I have a 1hr virgin install of Xubuntu 11.04.  I have an audio issue.  Pavucontrol gives me a "sink callback failure".  Any suggestions on how to begin to troubleshoot this?21:18
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.21:20
PeterVenkmanknome, thanks for the general information.  I've gone through most of that already.21:22
PeterVenkmanI was really hoping that I have a simple switch problem, not requiring that I rebuild the kernel21:23
knomePeterVenkman, if you don't specifically need pulseaudio, you could try purging it21:23
PeterVenkmanits a pretty specific error message and always occurs when starting pavucontrol21:23
PeterVenkmanknome, I've thought about that.  But the Skype client defaults to pulseaudio without any other selections available21:24
PeterVenkmanhence the install of pavucontrol21:24
knomehmm, iirc, skype can work with alsa too, but i might remember wrong21:24
PeterVenkmanknome, ok I can go that route too.  How do I change the setting in Skype?  It only shows pulseaudio21:25
knomeit's ages since i've used skype21:25
PeterVenkmanis there an alternative to Skype that is compatible with other skype users?21:26
knomei don't think so21:26
PeterVenkmanI'm extremely hesitant about installing bill's monopoly product and helping him and his kind achieve world domination21:27
knomei expect this isn't a xubuntu specific problem, so i suppose you could ask #ubuntu too21:27
PeterVenkmanoh...I meant, I don't like windows.  not that other stuff21:27
PeterVenkmanI have, no response21:27
knomejust wait patiently :)21:28
miraenvigadohello, i want to install a gnome print admin23:17
In-Vent-iveHi, somebody help me.... I can't find the shortcuts of my software crossover23:41
In-Vent-iveI think is beacause im using Xfce23:42
GridCubesoftware corssover?23:45
GridCubeI don't know what that is23:46
In-Vent-iveI can't fiind the executable23:46
In-Vent-iveor app23:46
In-Vent-ivewith coomand line23:46
charlie-tcaIsn't crossover something that runs in Windows?23:47
GridCubewhat executable?23:47
charlie-tcaor does it replace wine?23:47
In-Vent-ivereplace nop23:47
In-Vent-ivewine and crossover is same people23:48
GridCubenever heard of it23:48
GridCubeisnt that a mac thing?23:48
In-Vent-iveone free and another trial23:48
GridCubei think i've heard about that on mac23:48
In-Vent-iveyup mac too23:48
In-Vent-ivesuppose is another software23:48
charlie-tcaNo, it is linux software to run windows apps23:49
In-Vent-iveand I don't know the exceutable name23:49
charlie-tcaIn-Vent-ive: I don't know if you need to find it, try running a windows app and see if it starts by itself23:49
GridCubeIn-Vent-ive, try #crossover ?23:49
In-Vent-iveits works unbelievable!!! Thks!23:51
GridCubewhat wast the command?23:52
In-Vent-iveThks a lot :D23:52
In-Vent-iveThank You Sir23:53
GridCubewhat was it?23:53
GridCubeO_o #crossover was the command?23:53
charlie-tcano, it works automatically when windows programs are run23:57
GridCubei see23:58

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