htorqueTrevinho: "This branch has not been pushed to yet." - are you sure it's still uploading? :P00:08
Trevinhohtorque: I've also looked at indicator-appmenu but I can't find something causing that00:08
Trevinhomaybe it's something more related to libdbusmenu...00:09
Trevinhohtorque: I know... I'm sorry, but that branch is too great (due to the fact that it's full of old revisions)00:09
TrevinhoI'll notify you when it should be there00:09
htorqueno problem :)00:09
htorqueTrevinho: downloading now :)00:12
Trevinhonice, thanks ;)00:13
Trevinhohtorque: it's so strangeusing the default ubuntu version I had the issue, compiling it again no more the problem00:14
Trevinhohowever the code could have some issues,that's why I've changed few bits00:14
Trevinhoso I'll wait your feedback00:14
htorqueTrevinho: meh, i need help building it: i get "dpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no orig.tar file found"  with "debuild -us -uc"00:15
Trevinhodebuild binary doesn't work to you?00:18
htorquethat works00:20
htorqueone day i'll learn all that packaging voodoo, i swear ;)00:20
Trevinhohtorque: yes... I know... All the man debuild and dpkg-buildpackage manuals should help00:21
Trevinhobut there are a looot of things00:21
htorque** (nautilus:1600): DEBUG: [PRE] progess is 0.000000. [current: 0.000000, total 1]00:23
htorque** (nautilus:1600): DEBUG: [POST] progess is 0.000000. [current: 0.000000, total -636860064]00:23
htorqueTrevinho: ^^00:24
htorqueTrevinho: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683964/ → working case within root partition (part of it, i actually don't want to write that much to my ssd)00:27
Trevinhohtorque: thanks... I was wondering something like that also if I don't really understand why it happens00:28
Trevinhohowever... Do you still have the issue right now?00:28
Trevinho(I mean, with this code)?00:28
htorqueyes, for the first part where progress and current stay at 0.000:29
TrevinhoMmhm... And in that period the progress goes on the wrong direction....00:30
Trevinhohtorque: I hardly understand what's going on... Since the value of total changes also if nothing in the code should do that...00:32
TrevinhoAlso, I was already checking if that value was invalid00:33
htorquebut as you from the paste, it also does that in the working case00:33
Trevinhocould you send me the package you built? Maybe I'm building it with a different environment...00:35
TrevinhoAlso if that seeems really strange to me00:35
htorqueonly nautilus?00:35
Trevinhoyes.... However just wait I'll retry ASAP00:38
htorqueTrevinho: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/673326/trevinho-nautilus.tar.gz00:39
htorquethat's all packages, 7.7mb00:39
Trevinhohtorque: thanks00:47
htorqueTrevinho: will try to reproduce this with a live cd tomorrow. gotta go now, it's almost 3am here. ;-)00:47
Trevinhoplease, could you pull the new revision and retry it?00:47
htorqueoh, okay00:47
Trevinhohtorque: if it's too late for you (it's the same time here :P), I can wait...00:48
htorqueno, no problem :-)00:48
Trevinhohowever just a little log would be appreciated00:48
Trevinhothank you :)00:48
htorqueTrevinho: just to make sure, that's revision 242?00:50
htorqueTrevinho: failing one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683981/ - good one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683982/00:55
TrevinhoThank you htorque00:55
htorqueif you need anything else, just post it in the bug report. i'm off now, cya! :-)00:57
Trevinhook, thanks htorque...00:58
didrocksgood morning05:37
oSoMoNgood morning07:00
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andyrockTrevinho, around?07:55
TeTeTjust upgraded to oneiric yesterday and now I see an indicator for apt slightly out of place: http://people.canonical.com/~tspindler/indicator-weird-place.png08:34
TeTeTworth a bug report or already known?08:34
KaleoAndy80: sorry, I was sleeping :08:41
Andy80Kaleo: don't worry ^_^08:42
Andy80Kaleo: I've assigned me a couple of bugs in the mean time, but I'll need your help to understand where to start from... just tell me when you have some spare minutes and I'll ask :)08:43
Andy80which is the key to zoom in/out the screen? Like You can see at 2:48 of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0Tn3Z8OklQ08:53
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mardyKaleo: about bug 809202, do you prefer having one key per component, or a single key for all Unity2D?09:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 809202 in unity-2d "add a configuration key (dconf) to enable the opengl backend" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80920209:35
Kaleomardy: a single key please09:40
mardyKaleo: that's my preference too. Will do!09:43
Kaleomardy: thanks!09:44
Zhenech /wi3509:44
Andy80mardy: thanks for merging :)09:59
andyrockkamstrup, hi... i can't find a way to get the mount point from a gvolume09:59
mardyAndy80: thanks to you for the code :-)09:59
Andy80mardy: I've a little question about the Unity-2d code: when a user click on a Launcher icon, a specific istance of QMenu is showed. I can find all the code of the menu (where the menu is composed, the text is filled ecc...) but I cannot find the line of code that shows the menu O_o10:01
Andy80mardy: the method should be popup() but I tried to grep inside the code and it's not available anywhere. How do you show the menu?10:02
mardyAndy80: let me have a look...10:02
Andy80I start my VM in the mean time...10:03
andyrockkamstrup, and if  i don't find it i can't use mount point into the blacklist10:03
mardyAndy80: see the showMenu() function, in launcher/LauncherList.qml10:05
Andy80mardy: I knew!!! I knew I should have looked in the QML :P10:06
mardyAndy80: :-p10:07
kamstrupandyrock: not sure, but g_volume_get_mount() followed by g_mount_get_default_location() not working?10:07
andyrockKaleo, it think it works for mounted volumes... but we need also the mount point of umounted volumes10:08
andyrockin fact g_volume_get_mount return NULL if volume isn't mounted10:09
Andy80mardy: what I want to do is to catch also the MouseDown event and not only the MouseClick one... so we can fix the bug #688830 what do you think about?10:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 688830 in unity (Ubuntu) "Select quicklist items with just one right click" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68883010:11
mardyAndy80: yes, that's good. But the bug resolution might be tricky, because I don't know if the popup menu will receive the mouse events (it may be that the MouseArea grabs the mouse while the button is pressed)10:13
mardyAndy80: but I'm just speculating, maybe it will just work out of the box :-)10:14
Andy80mardy: only trying I will able to know it :P the only good thing is that I don't have to re-compile anything if I just have to modify the qml ;)10:14
mardyAndy80: yep :-)10:15
saoI'm just porting my unity lens to the new api available in Oneiric. However I have just noticed the documentation on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses has not been updated. Is there a reason for this (as the API might not be completed yet or so...) or is this a pending issue?10:55
JohnLeaCimi; compare the screenshot you posted to http://www.markshuttleworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/dash_home_11.10.png11:00
CimiJohnLea: I did that, read in #dx11:00
JohnLeaCimi; the Dash tint should be the same in both as they are both using the same background11:00
JohnLeaCimi; woops, wrong channel ;-)11:01
CimiJohnLea: that's why I have taken the sshot with the wallpaper11:01
Andy80mardy: it looks like I cannot use the onPressed property: unity-2d-launcher: [WARNING] file:///home/andrea/Documents/development/unity-2d-bug-688830//launcher/LauncherList.qml:149:9: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onPressed"11:12
Andy80mardy: I really cannot understand why... it's in the documentation...11:13
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kamstrupsao: there are a few kinks to work yet11:27
kamstrupsao: which langauge?11:27
kamstruplanguage, even11:27
saokamstrup: vala. I'm currently looking at unity-lens-files to get my lens up and running.11:28
kamstrupsao: that should be mostly smooth sailing then - we havea few issues with the Python bindings...11:29
saokamstrup: OK good.11:29
andyrockkamstrup, i've talked with gio hackers11:38
andyrockthere is no way to get the mount point11:38
andyrockfrom an umounted gvolume11:38
andyrockbecause it's generated on request to avoid duplicates11:39
kamstrupandyrock: ah, right, that's what you meant :-)11:39
kamstrupandyrock: i've battled with identifying devices in zeitgeist as well... it's really tricky business11:40
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andyrockkamstrup, we can use the same algorithm used to generate mount point but we cannot be sure at 100%11:43
Trevinhoseb128: aroud?11:44
* ogra_ looks for some info on the "add .desktop to launcher" procedure, mainly how to add an entry from a script in a chrooted environment11:51
ogra_it doesnt seem like that is documented anywhere, we have a few packqges in ubuntu that would need a transition from the g_conf favorites list (which was trivial to append to in the above case) to the "new way" (whatever that is)11:52
seb128ogra_, it's a gsettings key11:52
seb128Trevinho, yes?11:52
ogra_seb128, ah, oh11:52
kamstrupandyrock: yeah - i am not sure that is going to be more reliable than any other hack though11:53
ogra_seb128, hmm, all i could find were dbus method to add stuff, where can i find any info about that (i have no dbus running in the chroot)11:54
Trevinhoseb128: I just wanted to know against which package I should have sent the merge request for unity11:54
Trevinhosupport for nautilus11:54
Trevinhobut I simply sent it to ~3v1n0/nautilus/branch-name...11:55
Trevinhoseb128: however the merge request is already up right now ;)11:55
seb128ogra_, gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favoriteS?11:56
seb128ogra_, gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites?11:56
seb128ogra_, get -> set to set to a value11:56
ogra_seb128, doesnt that require a running dbus too ?11:56
seb128ogra_, get no, set yes, use dbus-launch ... ?11:56
ogra_i'm operating from initrd ... chrooted11:57
seb128ogra_, well ask desrt on #ubuntu-desktop, dconf is made to have writes done by a service11:57
seb128ogra_, you can install a .gsettings-override (similar to old gconf-defaults)11:57
seb128Trevinho, the new merge request you did is right11:57
seb128Trevinho, thanks11:57
Trevinhothank you seb12811:57
ogra_hmm, that will get really complex, isnt there a way like we had in natty, where my package could just drop a gconf override file in place ?11:58
seb128i.e lp~ubuntu-desktop not lp:ubuntu11:58
ogra_bah, i type to slow11:58
ogra_seb128, thanks ! thats what i was looking for :)11:58
Trevinhosorry for using the bad main-branch, but I used that to test and I wondered it was the right one also for the packaging tasks...11:58
seb128ogra_, .gsettings-override in the debian dir, they will be installed as .gschema.override on disk, you should have a few examples on disk11:59
seb128Trevinho, no worry, thanks for the work ;-)11:59
ogra_hmm, i need to do that different i guess, since i need to parse the existing list first11:59
* ogra_ checks dh_installgsettings12:00
Andy80mardy: I've tried with this piece of code before the onClicked: http://pastebin.com/LMWqDTAH but, don't know why, it doesn't work at all. The debug message is never printed and of course the menu doesn't popup12:16
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mardyAndy80: the item where the onCLicked handler is defined is a LauncherItem, and LauncherItem doesn't have a "pressed" signal. You should work on that, first12:22
Andy80mardy: you mean the LauncherItem cpp file or the qml one?12:23
mardyAndy80: qml12:24
Andy80mardy: I see... but simply adding onPressed: item.pressed(mouse) to that file in DropItem doesn't work... maybe even DropItem has a cpp part?12:30
mardyAndy80: did you add it to the MauseArea around line 165?12:31
Andy80mardy: sorry I forgot this line too: signal pressed(variant mouse)12:32
Andy80mardy: now the Menu popups ^_^ but I still have to work on it because if I start dragging then I release it has a strange behaviour, but I'm on the good path I think12:33
mardyAndy80: great!12:33
Andy80mardy: shortly: when I press the mouse button, the menu appears, but when I start dragging it disappears.12:34
Andy80I'll continue this evening, I've to go now, sorry :\12:34
htorqueTrevinho: sorry for bringing you bad news after your late night ;-) as for your comment - in all bad cases i reproduced, nautilus *did* show a perfectly fine working progress dialog.12:41
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ephanI'm doing some translation, and I'm wondering, what is "Automaximize value"?12:50
njpatelephan, the percentage of the screen a window takes up before we just maximise it12:51
ephanAh! So it's not automaximizing the value, but it's the automaximize value12:51
njpatelright :)12:52
ephanThanks njpatel!12:52
htorquesmstacking: hi! you probably cannot explain why compiz' mem usage raised by 40mb within a minute after restarting unity? http://img.xrmb2.net/images/936664.png12:52
smstackinghtorque: nope12:53
htorquesmstacking: too bad. thanks anyway! :-)12:53
njpatelhtorque, I still need to fix a leak in panel-service, right?12:54
htorquenjpatel: that's definitely still there, yes12:55
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ephanTranslations are making me nervous. Some guy some time ago translated everything in the unity package to Portuguese, but over 90% of it is wrong...12:56
njpatelhtorque, dammit, will take a look12:59
njpatelhtorque, I still approach bugs with the optimism that they will magically get fixed by someone else ;)13:00
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nerochiaromardy: https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/unity-2d/unity-2d-exclude-filter-proxy-model/+merge/73836 should be good to go13:36
nerochiaromardy: fixed the comment nitpick13:36
htorquenjpatel: hehe, as long as not all work with the same optimism... :P we pinpointed the panel leak  to be in or be caused by the appmenu indicator, but my valgrind wasn't helpful, so i've no idea how to help.13:37
njpatelhtorque, oh, so it was in appmenu13:37
njpatelhtorque, I'll try and take a look today, see if some fresh eyes help13:37
htorquenjpatel: well, the mem increase showed when using the indicator-loader with appmenu.so13:38
htorqueplus, applications with more top-level menus cause more memory raise13:38
davidcallekamstrup, ping13:44
davidcalleAbout : AttributeError: 'gi._gobject.GProps' object has no attribute 'categories'13:45
davidcalleWill it need a new libunity release to be fixed or is there something I could do to workaround it?13:47
davidcallekamstrup ^^13:47
njpateldavidcalle, I believe kamstrup is working on a update to libunity that fixes the categories/filters setting for python13:48
davidcallenjpatel, ty13:49
kamstrupdavidcalle, njpatel: there's no workaround in Python i am afraid - I'll try to get the api fixes out by tomorrow, but there are a few places that need forward porting because we break libunity, so I can't get it out today13:50
davidcallekamstrup, ok, if you need testing on python <-> lenses , I will be happy to help13:52
kamstrupdavidcalle: if you are on ayatana-devel i'll throw a mail up there when things shape up13:56
davidcallekamstrup, ok13:57
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nerochiaromardy: i noticed that i had set the oneiric branch as the target for the MR you recently approved (invertMatch in the proxy model). can it be backported to natty please '14:33
mardynerochiaro: sure, just make a second request14:34
nerochiaromardy: same code, just different target branch ?14:34
mardynerochiaro: yep14:34
nerochiaromardy: done: https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/unity-2d/unity-2d-exclude-filter-proxy-model/+merge/7444314:36
mardynerochiaro: and approved :-)14:38
nerochiaromardy: thank you14:38
njpatelKaleo, I'm testing Trevinho's panel-service branch, it seems pretty robust so far, would appreciate if you could do some testing of the unity-2d side please so we can figure out if we can merge it for tomorrow15:02
andyrockJohnLea, ping15:02
JohnLeaandyrock, pong15:04
andyrockI'm sorry but identify a cd from the other is not possible...15:06
andyrockusing Label drive IMHO is not a good solution15:06
andyrockso we should add the difference between15:07
andyrockfilesytem (removable or unremovable) and physical devices15:07
andyrocka filesystems have an uuid and physical devices  have a syslink15:08
andyrockpower use can specify to blacklist LABEL15:09
andyrocki will try to add this to the code15:09
andyrockbut use it by default it's not cool15:09
Kaleonjpatel: understood15:11
* Andy80 is back!15:19
Andy80mardy: I cannot understand why if I move the mouse the menu is canceled :\15:51
Andy80Kaleo: ping16:12
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Andy80I want excuse me if in the next 2 minutes I could: 1) make noise, 2) make spam, 3) seems crazy, but......16:27
Andy80F************************ YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! :D16:28
jcastroAndy80: got the email I take it?16:41
Andy80jcastro: yeah :D16:43
Andy80please let me celebrate for at least 1 hour then I'll get back to coding :D16:44
andyrockjcastro and all other guys, thx :)16:49
Andy80Italian Stallions II - the revenge! :D16:51
Andy80omg I'm too happy!16:51
Trevinhonjpatel and Kaleo it's nice to see you're looking at my stuff :P18:21
Trevinhojcastro: thanks for the sponsorship ;)18:22
TrevinhoYour Italian Stallions won't leave you alone!18:22
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Trevinhohtorque: I'm sorry about that...18:33
TrevinhoI've to check that branch better18:33
Trevinhobut I' hardly understand what's going on.18:33
Trevinhohtorque: maybe I'd need some more help on your side18:34
htorqueTrevinho: back, whatever you need :-)19:08
kscloudCan anyone point me to a bug about Qt apps crashing Compiz/not working in Oneiric?20:29
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davidcalleHey jono21:19
jonohey davidcalle!21:19
davidcallejono, the libunity fix for python lenses should land tomorrow, so I should be ready on monday to spread the word about the Books lens.21:20
ajmitchdavidcalle: there's documentation about how lenses are done now? :)21:24
davidcalleajmitch, nope. But there will be an AppDev Week session on python lenses on friday. Documentation should come next week.21:25
ajmitchdavidcalle: great, I need to rewrite my horrid code to work for oneiric21:25
davidcalleajmitch, what's your lens?21:26
ajmitchit's a launchpad lens, I didn't release it for natty21:26
ajmitchhttps://launchpad.net/unity-lens-launchpad, code isn't particularly useful21:26
davidcallehttps://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-sample/unity-place-python is the best Oneiric python lens to date. But it doesn't work, it's waiting for a fix in libunity.21:27
davidcalle*looking at your code*21:28
davidcalleajmitch, do you have a screenshot? I'd love to see how bugs are presented.21:31
ajmitchno I don't21:33
* ajmitch doesn't have a natty system available just at the moment21:33
jonodavidcalle, hey21:58
jonosorry was on the phone21:58
davidcallejono, :)21:59
jonoawesome, can't wait to spread the word!21:59
jonoif you can send me a screenshot I will blog it21:59
jonowhen you are ready21:59
davidcallejono, I will21:59
davidcallejono, have you seen the mockups for the new dev site?22:00
jonodavidcalle, which site?22:00
davidcalleThe one your new designer, john Oxton, is doing!22:01
jonoahhh yeah22:01
jonoit is looking good22:01
davidcallejono, I was in a testing session on tuesday. It's gorgeous :)22:01
jonodavidcalle, sweet :-)22:01
jonoyeah I am excited about the work going on there22:02
davidcalleThe elementary guys are raising the bar, though22:02

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