wallyworld_poolie: dumb question. bzr branch stacking is recursive right? A stacked on B which is stacked on C etc00:44
spivwallyworld_: yes00:53
wallyworld_spiv: thanks00:54
wallyworld_spiv: how's google?00:54
spivPretty good!  Commuting and working in an actual office has taken a bit of getting used to, though.00:57
spivBut the office has better espresso machines than I have at home :)00:58
wallyworld_spiv: i just bought a new dual boiler espresso machine. but i imagine google's would be better! what are you working on?00:58
spmo/ spiv01:27
spivwallyworld_: This: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/places/01:36
* wallyworld_ looks01:37
spivHi spm01:37
wallyworld_looks interesting. of course, now you have an excuse to go and get a Samsung Galaxy Note or other cool smartphone for "work" purposes :-)01:39
vilahi all !07:36
fullermdEh?  You're not allowed to show up before breakfast...07:47
vilayeah. I took my breakfast07:50
fullermdI haven't, though.07:55
Riddellhappy Wednesday08:14
vilaRiddell: thanks ! Happy morning to you !08:15
fullermdvila: OK, now you can show up   :p08:29
vilahehe, file and fixed a bug in the mean time ;)08:30
fullermdShoot, that's nothing.  I've created TWO!08:30
vilayou win :)08:30
vilajelmer_: ping, 2.4.0 on jubany ? I've lost track of progress there, care to refresh ?09:12
vilajelmer_: refresh *my memory*09:13
jelmer_vila: there's an open rt in the queue09:58
fullermdjelmer_: So, I got a little confused in the colo discussions.  Is this expecting to use a new format or not?10:43
jelmer_fullermd: eventually, no. it's expecting to be an addition to 2a10:45
jelmer_fullermd: in the mean time, we might do the development in a separate format so we can be sure that whatever changes we make to 2a are correct11:04
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jelmer_Riddell: hi13:14
jelmer_Riddell: do you perhaps know what this error is about? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/684394/13:14
Riddellhmm, it doesn't think it has expired13:15
Riddelljelmer_: what does  gpg --list-key 4F8D1513  give you?13:17
jelmer_Riddell: this is on one of the buildds13:17
jelmer_Riddell: I've recently added python-gpgme to the build deps so we can run the gpg tests, and this is the only remaining failing test13:18
RiddellSIGNATURE_KEY_MISSING = 1   so it thinks the key doesn't exist13:20
Riddellbut it should be the expired_key in bzrlib/tests/test_gpg.py13:20
Riddellthat test doesn't have a self.import_keys()  so maybe that's what is missing13:21
jelmer_I can reproduce the issue on my local machine with a different account (without writable homedir and missing ~/.gpg), although it gives (2, None) there rather than (1, u'4F...')13:23
* jelmer_ tries13:23
Riddellthat fixes it for me, testing with a new user13:25
jelmer_Riddell: What if that users' ~/.gpg doesn't exist and isn't writable?13:26
Riddellif it doesn't exist then gpgme will make it, but if it's not writable I don't know but I guess something will fail13:26
jelmer_Riddell: we shouldn't really be touching anything out of the test directory when running the tests; can we perhaps override the home directory gpgme uses?13:27
Riddellno, I think gpg is pretty stuck on ~/.gnupg13:27
RiddellI couldn't find any way to change it when I looked13:28
jelmer_Riddell: it looks like gpgme has a way to set the home directory, but I guess pygpgme might not expose it13:29
jelmer_Riddell: I'll file a bug against bzr/pygpgme13:29
jelmer_Riddell: Can you propose that self.import_keys() fix, or should I?13:30
Riddelljelmer_: I'll do it13:30
jelmer_Riddell: thanks13:31
jelmer_Riddell: it looks like gpgme should honor the GNUPGHOME environment variable13:32
* jelmer_ patch0rz13:32
Riddelljelmer_: bzr-explorer 1.2.1 seems to be in its debian packaging reponsitory but not in debian, are you able to upload it?15:36
jelmer_Riddell: sure, one sec15:48
jelmer_Riddell: do you mean 0.21.1-1 ?15:49
Riddelljelmer_: bzr-explorer (not qbzr)15:49
Riddellalthough qbzr could do with the upgrade too I see15:50
jelmer_Riddell: I'll have a look at aboth15:50
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jo-erlendwhat do you think about using bzr to version Audacity projects?20:23
jelmerhi jo-erlend20:38
jelmerjo-erlend: I'm not too familiar with the Audacity format, is there anything in particular you think might be problematic?20:38
jo-erlendfairly large files.20:39
jelmerjo-erlend: how large is large?20:41
fullermdWell, presumably WAV's for the like, so you'd get dozens to low hundreds of megs...20:42
jo-erlendwell.. A small project of a few minutes often consumes hundreds of megs. But bzr doesn't really care about the total, only the largest file?20:42
jelmerjo-erlend: yeah, the max memory usage would probably be the size of the largest times 2 or 320:43
ccxCZjo-erlend: if you don't need full VCS feature set, I would actually suggest rdiff-backup22:07
jo-erlendthat might be something to consider, actually.22:08

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