mewayHello I need a good program for simple math that also covers algebra and fractions09:43
mewayany ideas?09:43
dgroosalkisg: I just was telling someone on the list server about your setup.17:07
dgroosthey wondered if you were using a 100 or gig switch?17:08
dgroosAlso, I told them about you using regular PC's as the fat client servers in your classes and am about to tell them that you use xubuntu to 'slim them down'.  True?17:09
alkisgFalse :)17:11
alkisgWe use switches either with 1 or 2 gigabit ports, or full gigabit switches17:11
dgrooswhich part--about the xfce?17:11
alkisgAnd we use normal ubuntu installations17:11
alkisgWe haven't tried xfce, but it shouldn't make a difference on the setup17:11
alkisglubuntu would also work, for thinner fat clients17:11
dgroosI thought you said once that you used that to minimalize your image.17:12
dgroosOK, I17:12
dgroosI'll let him know.  Thanks.17:12
alkisgNope, I never seen xfce or lxde in a thin/fat client environment, but especially for fats, they should work out of the box17:12
dgroosOK, what are the specs on your classroom PC servers--you do have them, right ;)17:13
alkisgWe have about 250 classroom labs with ltsp, which one of them do you want? :)17:14
dgroosShow off ;) This guy is looking at his options to replace their ailing servers… how about a range of low- adequate to high- adequate?17:16
alkisgFor fat clients, any 5 year old pc with a bit of ram + disk will do17:17
alkisgThe network speed is the greatest asset there17:17
alkisgFor thin clients, you need cpu, ram, network, etc etc17:17
dgroosGreat, thanks!17:18
alkisgSo, if he has some money to spare, tell him to go for 3 gb ram + 2 pci-e gigabit nics17:20
alkisg(for fat server)17:21
dgroosDo you bind those gig ports together?  I assume you have another port, perhaps a 100 meg port, to the WAN/Internet?17:25
alkisgWe have cheap routers for wan/internet17:40
alkisg2 mbps usually17:40
alkisgAnd yes, if one has 2 gigabit nics, he'd better bind them together17:40

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