BarkingFishsee ya dudes, I'm off to bed.  Catch you later tonight00:28
ScottKMeh.  He's gone.01:08
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ScottKubuntu-desktop/ppa qt4-x11 packages need testing for oneiric.06:14
DarkwingDuckjussi, ping07:07
jussiDarkwingDuck: yessir? 07:10
DarkwingDuckjussi, care for a PM?07:10
jussiDarkwingDuck: can do07:11
JabberwockyA19I cannot download the amd64 deb file, is this just me? http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/libboost-iostreams1.46.109:28
RiddellJabberwockyA19:  http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/boost1.46/libboost-iostreams1.46.1_1.46.1-5ubuntu2_amd64.deb  works here09:39
JabberwockyA19thanks Riddell the se mirror worked09:47
debfxdidrocks: qt 4.7.4 works fine with kde10:42
didrocksdebfx: ok, great! agateau confirmed it as well :) Will push the new Qt tomorrow with the new unity-2d release (there are some regressions)10:43
debfxsounds good10:43
didrocksdebfx: thanks for testing :)10:45
apachelogger!find qdoc310:58
ubottuFile qdoc3 found in libqt4-dbg, qt4-dev-tools10:59
debfxhas anyone tested 4.7.1 from the ninjas ppa?11:10
ryanakcaScottK, Riddell: Sorry, I completely forgot to take care of the Amarok announcement and I'm leaving on a family trip as we speak, could either of you take care of it please?11:19
Riddellok, although I'll need to work out what is being announced first11:20
* Riddell doesn't spot any new amarok on ftpmaster, in ~kubuntu-ppa or oneiric11:31
apacheloggerRiddell: maybe he meant kde?11:46
apacheloggerdebfx: apparently not11:46
debfxhow do you know? :)11:47
apacheloggerlucky guess11:52
debfxshadeslayer, bulldog98_, bambee: have you done some 4.7.1 testing?11:55
bambeedebfx: yes12:07
bambeekde 4.7.1 works just fine here12:07
bambeeI use it since few days12:07
bambeeeverything looks good12:08
debfxok, thanks12:09
* debfx uploads meta-kde and kdelibs12:09
shadeslayerdebfx: nope, haven't had the time to do much testing, have been busy with presentations and such13:59
shadeslayerthe weirdest thing happens with backlight control ... it starts working randomly ...14:00
ScottKRiddell: We neglected to announce amarok 2.4.3. when we uploaded it.14:17
ScottKIt's not new at this point, merely missing having been announced.14:17
ScottKdebfx: I see you've started uploading 4.7.1.  Great.  I was going to ask.14:18
bulldog98_debfx: just booted 4.7.1 up, but seems nice so far (even printer applet didn’t crash)14:23
ScottKDid anyone package 4.7.1 for natty?14:30
ScottKdidrocks: Any idea if Bug #805303 is addressed by Qt 4.7.4?14:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 805303 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "vlc : Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed with the default qt4 gui" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80530314:38
didrocksScottK: doko told me it's supposed to be addressed by this one14:39
ScottKCool.  That's a pretty nasty one.14:40
ScottKdebfx: Did you plan on continuing to upload KDE 4.7.1 stuff?15:54
debfxScottK: yes, but certainly not all of it15:55
ScottKOK.  Let's make sure to coordinate here so we don't duplicate.15:55
ScottKQuintasan_: You going to help upload?15:55
ScottKdebfx: I'll do kdepimlibs unless you've already done it.15:56
debfxScottK: I've already uploaded pimlibs15:57
ScottKOK.  I won't do that one then.15:57
ScottKHow about baseapps?15:57
* debfx grabs libkipi, libkdeedu and libksane15:57
* ScottK does baseapps15:57
debfxwe should use etherpad or something instead of the wiki to coordinate uploads15:58
ScottKIf it's just two of us, I think IRC is good enough.15:58
debfxyes, but we should try an etherpad for 4.7.216:02
* ScottK does okular16:05
debfxon the other hand it doesn't seem to support tables16:08
apacheloggerwho needs tables anyway16:08
rbelemapachelogger, i need :-D16:12
ScottKapachelogger: Can you join the 4.7.1 upload fest?16:12
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debfxwithout tables there is no order, so everything would obviously decay into anarchy16:14
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apacheloggerScottK: in a bit16:19
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ScottKOK.  THanks.16:20
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debfxScottK: don't forget to add bzr tags after uploading :)16:20
* ScottK doesn't think he's ever done that. OK.16:21
apacheloggerdebcommit -R -r is your friend16:22
debfxtags make bzr log much easier to read16:22
ScottKSigh.  I don't think it's possible for me to type anything other than bzr ci -m " ...."16:26
ScottKAlthough that does look fancy enough it might be worth it.16:27
debfxbzr tag (without parameters) also does the right thing16:27
* debfx grabs kate16:31
* ScottK mashes retry on powerpc failures.17:03
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shadeslayerFailed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kde4libs/libkparts4_4.7.1-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]17:22
nigelbshadeslayer: use a different mirror.17:24
shadeslayernigelb: dude, these packages won't have been mirrored yet17:25
nigelbshadeslayer: wait, its that new?17:25
nigelbThen just try again after some time17:26
shadeslayeryep, i'll do that in another hour17:26
* ScottK grabs workspace17:28
ScottKDid anyone test 4.7.1 on Natty yet?17:28
ScottKoxygen-icons too.17:31
shadeslayerScottK: i don't think we have packaged 4.7.1 for Natty yet17:32
ScottKOh, you're right. 17:32
ScottKIt's 4.7.0 still in ninjas for some reason.17:33
ScottKQuintasan_: You need to remember to commit to bzr (kde-workspace).17:33
afiestasHeya! see you in orlando girls and guys!17:47
shadeslayerheh, we were  just hit by a quake18:06
jussishadeslayer: small one? 18:07
shadeslayerjussi: big by delhi standards18:08
shadeslayeri'm just checking that18:09
shadeslayermy router fell off the table18:09
shadeslayerjussi: 6.6 i think ... not sure if these sources are correct18:10
shadeslayeri mean it happened just a couple of minutes ago18:11
jussiany major damage? 18:11
shadeslayerjust that everyone in the house is awake now and chattering about it :P18:12
shadeslayerjussi: there was a terrorist attack here in the afternook -.-18:15
shadeslayeroutside the high court ... 18:16
jussioh yeah, I read that18:16
* debfx uploads runtime18:17
* ScottK works on smokegen18:19
* jussi reminds people the ubuntu app developer week is on, and Stuart Langridge is giving the ubuntu one app talk right now...18:20
ScottKjussi: How is that relevant to Kubuntu?18:22
shadeslayerjussi: http://www.imd.gov.in/section/seismo/dynamic/PRLMNEW.HTM18:22
ScottKyofel_: Please talk to pino about your changes in smokegen.  It'd be nice to be able to sync the package again once they've updated.18:23
jussiScottK: well, there is no reason kubuntu devs may or may not be interested to use the ubuntu one backend for storing user data in applications they write.../patches they submit for existing apps? 18:24
ScottKjussi: There's no way to use Ubuntu SSO from Qt.18:24
ScottKSo not really.18:24
debfxoh no, runtime contains the active stuff *sigh*18:25
ScottKIt should be cleanly separated.18:25
* jussi sighs... 18:26
ScottKjussi: Don't sigh at us.  It's not our fault.18:26
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ScottKHello yofel.18:26
jussiScottK: I didn't :)18:26
yofelScottK: right, I was in a bit of a hurry to patch that, I'll talk to him18:27
ScottKThat and coming to a group of free software developers and pitching your closed cloud solution may not be the most receptive audience.18:27
shadeslayerjussi: this reminds me of http://xkcd.com/723/18:29
BarkingFishevening all :)18:30
ScottKHello BarkingFish.18:38
BarkingFishSorry if I was bugging you last night, ScottK.  18:38
ScottKNot at all.  I was just not at the computer much.18:39
BarkingFishdid you get my memo about dammit?18:39
ScottKI did.18:39
ScottKSo let's go over how we get your fix into Ubuntu if that's all right?18:40
BarkingFishjust one quick question, if my fix goes up into Ubuntu/Kubuntu, does this mean I become its maintainer?18:41
ScottKEverything in Ubuntu is team maintained.18:41
BarkingFishcool, ok.18:41
ScottKIf Debian updates the package you'll get first crack at merging the changes, but that's it.18:42
ScottKThe first question we need to answer is if you'll make changes directly in the upstream code or in some patch system.18:42
ScottKLooking at the package structure I can tell ~trivially it doesn't use a patch system.18:43
BarkingFishno, i did changes directly in the code18:43
ScottKYou can also use the 'what-patch' script from ubuntu-dev tools (run from the top level directory of the package.18:43
ScottKFor this package that's the right way to do it.18:43
BarkingFishif there'd been a patches folder, i'd have patched it, but there wasn't.18:44
ScottKIf the package used a patch system, we'd want to convert the inline changes to a patch.18:44
BarkingFishit looks only to be a beta or a demo anyhow18:44
ScottKNext step is a debian/changelog entry.18:44
ScottKProbably, but this kind of work is about gardening the whole of the archive and trying to get it consistent for release.18:45
debfxsomething is wrong with the archive mirror18:45
BarkingFishi think I did a changelog entry for it.18:45
ScottKThe debchange (or dch) script is what you use for this.18:45
debfxit doesn't have kdelibs 4.7.1 anymore18:45
ScottKdch -i will get you a new, blank changelog entry.18:45
BarkingFishi edit the changelog directly in vim.tiny, i couldn't figure out dch18:46
shadeslayerdebfx: its fixed iirc18:46
shadeslayerdebfx: i was having the same issues a couple of minutes ago18:46
ScottKBarkingFish: Mostly just use dch -i to get the initial format right and then use your $EDITOR_OF_CHOICE from there is what I advise.18:46
ScottKBarkingFish: Can you pastebin your debian/changelog entry?18:47
BarkingFishi just looked at the format of everyone else's changelog entry and did mine the same way18:47
BarkingFishthe only thing different in mine is the signature, since my gpg key has a nickname with it, i had to include it or the dsc wouldn't sign18:48
ScottKNot bad.18:48
ScottKIt should be a little more descriptive though.18:48
BarkingFishin what way?18:48
ScottKYou should have a line or two below the main on, indented and starting with - ... that describes what exactly you changed.18:48
BarkingFishah, ok18:49
BarkingFishdo you want me to do that and repackage it?18:49
ScottKAlso, instead of build2, this should be ubuntu1 on the revision.  buildx is only used for no change rebuilds .18:49
ScottKyes.  please.18:49
BarkingFishok, i'll do that now while it's fresh in my head18:49
BarkingFishgive me a few moments and I'll come back to you.18:50
ScottKYou'll also need to change the maintainer from the Debian maintainer to Ubuntu Developers now that we've modified the package.  You do this by running the update-maintainer script from inside the package dir.18:50
ScottKBarkingFish: You should also look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dammit to see if there's a relevant bug about it not buildng.18:51
ScottK(there is).18:51
debfxshadeslayer: yep, seems to work now18:52
ScottKSo if you add (LP: #831128) at the end of the main line in your changelog entry, that bug will get automatically closed when the package is uploaded.18:52
BarkingFishalong with the (), ScottK?18:54
ScottKYes, although that's just standard usage and not formally part of the regex that LP uses.18:54
Quintasan_I got sponsorship18:57
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BarkingFishthis update-maintainer script, where do I find it? I don't seem to have it in the project folder18:57
BarkingFishis it in the pbuilder/ area?18:57
Quintasanshadeslayer,yofel: ^ check your emails18:57
ScottKIt's in ubuntu-dev-tools18:57
BarkingFishah, ok18:57
BarkingFishok, I've redone the changelog listing what I did, I'll sign it and rebuild now, maintainers are also updated18:58
BarkingFishbugger. Give me a moment, I've just screwed this up.19:02
BarkingFishi'll brb19:02
Quintasan4.7.1 released!19:03
ScottKQuintasan: Please help us upload it.19:06
BarkingFishThat was fun, ScottK  :)19:09
ScottKGot it?19:10
BarkingFishI lost the original tar.gz file, repulled the source and it sucked out all the flaming changes I'd put in :)19:10
BarkingFishhad to go back and do it again19:10
BarkingFishanyhow, build is redone, everything's looking good. What do I do with it now? :)19:12
BarkingFishclean suggestions only :P19:12
Quintasandammit: Unbelievably inflexible build tool19:14
QuintasanWhy would anyone use this?19:14
debfxScottK: replace the "~cleanly" with "not really"19:14
ScottKSigh.  OK.19:15
ScottKIt was, IIRC, a demo of some kind.19:15
ScottKBarkingFish: There are two ways to submit this change for review.19:15
QuintasanIIRC we start by uploading kdelibs19:15
ScottKQuintasan: Done.  19:15
BarkingFishok ScottK - shoot19:15
ScottKQuintasan: Review your backscroll for the stuff that's uploaded already.19:16
debfxQuintasan: please fix kde-runtime so the active patches aren't applied when dh_auto_install is executed19:16
ScottKBarkingFish: 1.  Use the fancy UDD/bzr stuff that was in the packaging guide you were pointed too (I don't really use this myself, so can't advise you).19:16
debfxalso: W: kde-runtime-active-dbg: empty-binary-package19:17
BarkingFishi haven't worked out bzr yet, maybe it should be called bizarre, not bazaar :P19:17
BarkingFishwhat's the other way? :)19:17
ScottKBarkingFish: 2.  Use debdiff dammit_0~preview1-3build1.dsc dammit_0~preview1-3ubuntu1.dsc > patch to get a patch of the differences.19:17
ScottKThen you can attach that patch to the bug I found and subscribe the ubuntu-sponsors team to the bug.19:18
ScottKThey go through and look for stuff that needs uploading.19:18
debfxQuintasan: and W: plasma-scriptengine-javascript-active: file-in-unusual-dir debian/tmp-kde-runtime-active/usr/lib/kde4/plasma_appletscript_simple_javascript.so19:20
Quintasandebfx: Fixing19:20
* Quintasan looks at rbelem19:21
CIA-89[kde-runtime] Michal Zajac * 233 * debian/plasma-scriptengine-javascript-active.install Fixed install file for plasma-scriptengine-javascript-active19:22
Quintasandebfx: pushed19:22
dacresniwhy do the kipi pluginsrequire konquerer? 19:23
BarkingFishScottK, done.  Patch and comments added, and I've subscribed the ubuntu-sponsors team.19:24
Quintasanbulldog98_: Could you remove packaging branches which we already merged?19:24
debfxall of it?19:24
* Quintasan grabs kdeutils19:24
ScottKBarkingFish: Your dammfile.cpp changes aren't in the diff: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79262267/patch19:25
BarkingFishI musta forgotten to do them19:25
debfxQuintasan: what about the other two issues?19:25
BarkingFishThe package still built though19:25
Quintasandebfx: What are the two other issues?19:25
ScottKSo then I guess those weren't needed.19:26
* Quintasan lost track of it19:26
BarkingFishmost likely not19:26
BarkingFishit was just missing ; and a couple of spaces19:26
ScottKSo you'll need to fix the changelog entry (also lose the blank line(19:26
debfx[21:16:40] <debfx> Quintasan: please fix kde-runtime so the active patches aren't applied when dh_auto_install is executed19:26
debfx[21:17:00] <debfx> also: W: kde-runtime-active-dbg: empty-binary-package19:26
QuintasanI see19:27
dacresniwhy do the kipi pluginsrequire konquerer? 19:27
BarkingFishwhich blank line, the one between the * and the two -  lines?19:27
Quintasandebfx: You want me to revert the patches before calling dh_auto_install?19:28
debfxQuintasan: yes19:28
QuintasanAny particular reason for this?19:28
* Quintasan would like to know for future reference19:28
BarkingFishok, sorted, i've cleaned up the changelog, redoing the build now19:30
* Quintasan wonders why dh_strip doesnt work with runtime19:31
BarkingFishbrb, prepping food19:31
Quintasandebfx: Any ideas on debug stripping? Adding dh_quilt_unpatch in override_dh_auto_install should do the trick for the first issue however I have no idea how to fix the stripping if it doesn't work that way19:32
debfxQuintasan: otherwise you don't have a seperation, dh_auto_install rebuilds all files that have been modified19:32
BarkingFishbe back in about a half hour19:34
debfxdacresni: they don't19:34
dacresnii shouldn't have asked it in that manor 19:34
debfxhowever kipi-plugins recommends konqueror19:34
debfxthe changelog says "Added konqueror as recommend because flickr-plugin needs it."19:34
dacresnikipi automatically installs konkorer 19:34
dacresniin kubuntu 19:34
debfxI'm not sure if that's true anymore19:34
dacresniit doesn't in 19:35
debfxdacresni: yes, but you can remove it afterwards19:35
dacresnithey fixed it 19:35
dacresnioh, thank19:35
* rbelem pokes Quintasan 19:35
Quintasandebfx: http://paste.kde.org/119221 Should that fix the issue with the patches?19:35
Quintasanrbelem: Well, you forgot to fix plasma-scriptengine-javascript-active.install19:35
QuintasanI fixed it but we have something else19:36
Quintasandebug info stripping doesn't work for some reason19:36
rbelemQuintasan, did you use that vim cmd?19:37
QuintasanNope, I was too lazy to go through the backlog19:37
rbelemQuintasan, maybe we have to override dh strip19:37
debfxQuintasan: something like dh_strip -Nkde-runtime-active --dbg-package=kde-runtime-dbg; dh_strip -pkde-runtime-active --dbg-package=kde-runtime-active-dbg19:37
QuintasanThat will require testing!19:38
rbelemQuintasan, the cmd was in my idemtica19:38
debfxQuintasan: that would unapply all patches19:38
debfxand you need to have the active patches applied when calling dh_auto_install the second time19:39
Quintasandebfx: Well, the active patches remain applied after dh_auto_build, don't they?19:40
QuintasanFirst I build the source with the normal patches19:40
Quintasanunapply them19:40
Quintasanapply active patches and build the source once again19:40
Quintasandebfx: http://paste.kde.org/119227 IMO that should work unless I am mistaken with the patches still being applied after dh_auto_build19:42
ScottKBarkingFish: Yes.  That one.19:42
ejatanyone know y kontact 4.7.0 display this error : KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now.19:43
ejatThe error was:19:43
ejatFailed to fetch the resource collection.19:43
CIA-89[kdeutils] Michal Zajac * 129 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.7.1-0ubuntu119:43
Quintasanapachelogger: debcommit -R -r FTW!19:43
debfxQuintasan: yes, that looks better19:43
BarkingFishok, it's all done, i'll see you in a bit, i need to eat right now.  back in about 20 odd minutes o19:44
BarkingFish*or so19:44
Quintasandebfx: Anything else before I commit?19:44
debfxQuintasan: nope19:45
ScottKQuintasan: Can you do the updated translation upload?19:46
CIA-89[kde-runtime] Michal Zajac * 234 * debian/rules Fixed issue with wrong patches being applied when calling dh_auto_install and debug info stripping issues19:46
QuintasanScottK: I have absolutely no idea how do we do this but I think it's a good opportunity to learn19:46
DarkwingDuckWoot! Sponsorship approved. 19:47
ScottKSee if you can stir apachelogger from his stupor to explain it.19:47
DarkwingDuckI'll be at UDS-P19:47
QuintasanDarkwingDuck: Grats, same here19:47
* Quintasan wonders if he can get visa on time19:47
DarkwingDuckIt'll be more then just me and Riddell then.19:47
QuintasanBarkingFish: Can you lend me your baton?19:47
rbelemme too :D19:47
rbelemafiestas, too19:47
DarkwingDuckQuintasan, I believe that Canonical will help you with that.19:47
QuintasanWell, I already requested a letter of invitation19:48
rbelemQuintasan, i think you dont need visa19:48
QuintasanWhy wouldn't I need one?19:48
rbelemQuintasan, you are european19:48
Quintasanrbelem: Earth to Rodrigo, we are talking about USA19:49
rbelemeuropeans doest need visa19:49
QuintasanNews to me19:49
rbelemQuintasan, check the embazy website19:49
QuintasanAFAIR people from Poland always needed Visas19:49
rbelemyou dont need19:49
* Quintasan will call embassy tomorrow19:50
QuintasanScottK: Looks like I won't get to upload anything today, I have to go soon and it doesn't look like apachelogger is going to explain it anytime soon19:52
Quintasanit being translation magic19:53
* rbelem googles for visa 19:53
debfxhasn't apachelogger already uploaded kde-l10n?19:53
Quintasanrbelem: You'd better stick +Poland there19:53
apacheloggerdebfx: yes19:53
apacheloggerdebfx: and -fr needs a rebuild once l10n is in19:53
apacheloggerand what was it that Quintasan/ScottK wanted to have explained19:54
QuintasanHow do we deal with this translation stuff19:54
apacheloggeralso I am buzz-y with the phonons19:54
apacheloggerQuintasan: what is there to deal with?19:54
Quintasanapachelogger: Just put up a wiki page how to do it and everyone will be happy19:54
apacheloggerjust look at the wiki and everyone will be happy19:55
apacheloggerbesides, there is also a README.source19:55
QuintasanI see19:55
QuintasanIt's already uploaded then?19:55
* Quintasan will do it next release to get his share of experience in l10n magic19:56
apacheloggeras requested by someone, like before other stuff was uploaded19:56
apacheloggerleading ot consequential FTBFS on -fr19:56
txwikingerRiddell: Can bzr do submodules now?19:56
ScottKSure enough.  apachelogger did it already.19:57
ScottKDoing smokeqt19:58
sheytanapachelogger hey19:59
Quintasanrbelem: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Waiver_Program20:01
Quintasanrbelem: As you can seen, Poland is not included20:01
* Quintasan shrugs20:02
QuintasanI never expected anything to change in USA in that department20:02
debfxcp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/usr/lib/kde4/activitymanager_plugin_dummy.so': No such file or directory20:02
* debfx sighs once more20:02
QuintasanWhat on Earth...20:03
QuintasanPresident Obama promised that Poland would be added to the program, in a meeting with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski in December 2010; however no date has been set for when Poland will be added.[9]20:03
Quintasanrbelem: Something is still broken with runtime-active :/20:03
rbelemwhy dont you have visa free?20:04
rbelemwhat is broken?20:04
apacheloggersheytan: lo20:04
Quintasanrbelem: [22:02:54] <debfx> cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/usr/lib/kde4/activitymanager_plugin_dummy.so': No such file or directory20:04
Quintasanrbelem: Why don't we have no visa program? Don't ask me, ask USA20:05
rbelemi will check that now20:05
sheytanapachelogger do you know any  good and cheap hotel in Berlin near brandenburger tor?20:05
apacheloggersheytan: you should talk to Blizzz20:05
sheytanapachelogger: will do, thans :)20:06
rbelemQuintasan, is poland part of europe union?20:06
QuintasanAre you seriously asking this?20:06
QuintasanYes, Poland is in EU20:07
rbelemyup :)20:07
sheytanlol :D20:07
QuintasanSince May 2004 I think20:07
QuintasanWell, it doesn't matter at this point in time. If I won't get visa then I won't attend, that's all there is to it.20:08
rbelemi got a visa for usa in less than a nonth20:09
QuintasanYou live in a country with a better bureaucracy then20:09
ScottKshadeslayer got a visa last year. If he can do it, surely you can.20:10
ScottKFor visas it's the US bureaucracy you have to worry about.  Not Polish.20:10
QuintasanScottK: Well, I can get a visa. The question is if I can get it within time20:10
rbelemQuintasan, nope brazil is the most one20:11
rbelemQuintasan,  it should be easier for polish get visa than brazilians20:11
* Quintasan heads to bed20:13
QuintasanGood night20:13
BarkingFishHi again, sorry about the delay, just wanted to give everything time to settle :)20:29
=== OffToHades is now known as BarkingFish
ScottKNo problem.20:40
ScottKBarkingFish: Did you update the debdiff in the bug?20:41
BarkingFishno. I'll do that now20:41
BarkingFishok, the correct patch is up20:45
* ScottK looks20:45
ScottKLooks decent.  Let's try it.20:46
BarkingFishthe blank line has gone, I've removed the info about damnfile.cpp since the changes weren't required, it looks good to fly20:46
BarkingFishit builds ok here, I have a copy of it.20:46
ScottKMissed the maintainer change.  I'll fix that.20:47
BarkingFishdid I? oh flipping heck.20:48
* BarkingFish facepalms20:48
ScottKAlso there's two spaces after the email address (the format is very picky - always use dch -i to at least get the initial skeleton)20:52
BarkingFishIf I'd not lost all the original changes when I repulled the source, I'd have been fine.20:56
BarkingFishPanic does strange things to a person, ScottK :P20:56
ScottKVery good for a first effort.20:56
ScottKWith most people I'd still be explaining what a source package was at this point.20:56
BarkingFishI'll settle in soon, it's just a new thing for me, a new way of doing stuff, and I'm taking a wee bit of time absorbing the changes.20:57
BarkingFishThe next thing I'd like to do once I've got the hang of the basics is learn how to package from scratch, i.e package something that's never been packaged.   This is something I didn't do with mandriva, everything there was just updating deps and stuff, and repackaging20:58
BarkingFishI found out earlier that there's a package which needs redoing anyway, adobe's site is mentioning a security issue with flash 10.3.183, it's been updated to
BarkingFishiirc they released a security bulletin about it21:00
BarkingFishsorry, not .7, .521:01
BarkingFish"Adobe recommends users of Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris update to Adobe Flash Player"21:01
BarkingFishi think ours still needs updating though21:01
ScottKThat's one the Ubuntu security team will take care of.21:04
BarkingFishok. I wasn't sure, since I have 10.3.r183 - and I'd not seen an update in kpackagekit, it was issued by Adobe about 3 weeks ago21:05
ScottKmicahg: ^^^21:09
ScottKHe'll enlighten us.21:09
ScottKBarkingFish: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/dammit/0~preview1-3ubuntu1 - Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.21:09
ScottKIf you like fixing FTBFS, http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20110816-oneiric.html is a list of things that failed a rebuild test three weeks ago.  Most anything not marked superceded probably needs fixing.21:11
ScottKBTW, that's not Kubuntu specific, so the best channel for that kind of work is #ubuntu-motu (I'm there as well).21:12
ScottKFor Kubuntu stuff we're uploading 4.7.1 now and it's just a matter of waiting for it all to build so we can test some more.21:12
BarkingFishon phone, brb21:13
BarkingFishagain, sorry.  My house should become an automated phone exchange. 21:26
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
BarkingFishAnyway, I'm pleased that my update got accepted, have you personally got anything else you want testing, ScottK?21:27
ScottKWhat I'm working on is boost1.42 removal.21:27
claydohI  might be able to go to uds!21:27
ScottKWhich means I've got to get all the stuff that still uses it built against boost1.46 or removed.21:28
ScottKclaydoh: How'd that happen?21:28
BarkingFishDo you have anymore packages that need build testing against oneiric?21:28
ScottKLost my list.  Give me a moment.21:28
claydohI got sponsorship21:28
claydohScottK: so I got lucky somehow21:29
claydohsomeone somewhere suggested I apply, I forgot i had done so actually21:30
ScottKSomething casual.21:31
* claydoh goes off to calm down21:32
ScottKBarkingFish: The remaining targets for boost-filesystem are smc, scenic, and plee-the-bear.21:32
BarkingFishok, all to build against oneiric?21:32
BarkingFishok, I'll get started and keep you up as I go through21:33
ScottKAnd then fix them when they are broken or declare them more trouble than it's worth.21:33
ScottKOh, one then left on dammit.21:33
BarkingFishif they're basic, probably one or two minor errors, I'll see what I can do patchwise or change the code, whichever is the done thing with it.21:33
BarkingFishAnother one on dammit? Oh dammit.21:34
ScottKBarkingFish: If you look at http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dammit.html and click on bugs, you'll see this fail to build problem is a problem there too.21:34
ScottKSo you should send your patch to Debian as well.21:34
Riddellhola chicos21:34
ScottKhola Riddell.21:34
RiddellBarkingFish: did you chat about whatever you wanted to chat about yesterday?21:35
micahgBarkingFish: I haven't seen a new flash yet, but we usually get updated pretty soon after release21:36
ScottKBarkingFish: After boost-system, boost-program still has some reverse dependencies: vowpal-wabbit and glogg.21:37
BarkingFishRiddell, yes I did. Turns out I'm nowhere near the standard for the group I wanted to join, so I'll stick to low level stuff for now until I'm better at my job.21:37
ScottKNot sure how much you're up for.21:37
BarkingFishScottK, those need build testing too?21:38
ScottKAnd then probably fixing.21:38
BarkingFishok, I'll see what come up from them.21:39
ScottKIf you find ones that need fixing, you can alse check if the Debian BTS has a patch already.  Sometime they do.21:40
ScottKDon't redo stuff that someone else has already figured out.21:41
* rbelem is back21:44
BarkingFishok, well I'm in chat with #debian, while I'm dealing with them, I'll get started on the test build of smc21:47
debfxmicahg: are you aware of http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/09/07/what-the-diginotar-security-breach-means-for-qt-users-continued/ ?21:49
micahgdebfx: no, I was told that 4.7 used the system certs...I'll add these to my list, thanks21:50
debfxmicahg: it does but I guess every library that does certificate validating needs to blacklist the intermediate CA certs (which are cross-signed by other CAs)21:52
micahgdebfx: right, makes sense since ca-certs has no such functionality yet21:52
micahgdebfx: can you take care of oneiric?21:54
micahgdebfx: we're tracking this in bug 83755721:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 837557 in nss (Ubuntu Natty) "fraudulent DigiNotar certificate issuance" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83755721:54
debfxmicahg: didrocks wants to do a Qt upload tomorrow, I guess he can add that patch21:57
micahgdebfx: yeah, please let him know if you chat with him21:58
micahgI'll try to catch him in the morning21:58
micahgand assign him this task21:58
BarkingFishScottK, I've forwarded an email with the patch attached to the Debian bugs team, so hopefully it'll get sorted22:01
BarkingFishholy cow. I can't watch that for too long.  I just did pull-lp-source smc and got my cursor whizzing across konsole plastering shedloads of dots all over it.22:04
BarkingFishIt's enough to send you cross eyed, and trigger an epileptic seizure for me :)22:04
debfxyeah pull-*-source really likes to print dots22:07
BarkingFishyeah, and make your eyes hurt too. Not fun to do it in konsole, maybe that needs fixing too, instead of having it print dots, have it count up a percentage of the package downloaded on screen22:08
BarkingFishepilepsy and rapidly repeating images have a horrible habit of not going well together22:08
BarkingFishthe other course would be to include an option in pull-lp-source, such as --no-progressbar22:09
BarkingFishScottK, major problem22:10
BarkingFishI can't build smc - one of the packages I need to install to do it is going 404 on the archive server22:10
BarkingFishE: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/ncurses/libtinfo5-dev_5.9-1ubuntu3_i386.deb: 404  Not Found [IP: 80]22:11
micahgthat package is gone in oneiric I think22:11
BarkingFishwell that makes a bugger of things, do we have anything to replace it?22:12
BarkingFishApologies for the language by the way, it's a habit of mine.  If it gets too much, please feel free to kick me22:12
BarkingFishmicahg, where would I update that in the packaging layout?22:12
micahgBarkingFish: debian/control or debian/control.in with a note in the changelog22:13
BarkingFish!info libtinfo-dev22:13
ubottuPackage libtinfo-dev does not exist in natty22:13
BarkingFish!info libtinfo-dev oneiric22:13
ubottulibtinfo-dev (source: ncurses): developer's library for the low-level terminfo library. In component main, is optional. Version 5.9-1ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 62 kB, installed size 204 kB22:13
BarkingFishweird. the file is not mentioned in debian/control whatsoever22:16
BarkingFishand there isn't a control.in file22:16
micahgsounds like something's out of date22:18
BarkingFishyeah, the question is, what? :)22:18
BarkingFishsorry, i cut myself off there for a brief period.22:20
BarkingFishcould you repeat anything you said to me within the last 2 minutes or so please?22:20
* micahg said nothing22:22
micahgScottK: or debfx, you guys don't have stable release branches, right?22:22
debfxmicahg: for Qt? no22:23
micahgdebfx: ok, thanks22:23
BarkingFishwell this is confusing now.  I've just run kfind against the smc directory, searching for the text libtinfo5-dev, and it's not hit anything.22:25
DarkwingDuckRiddell, ping22:25
BarkingFishScottK, I'm gonna hiccup on smc for now, until I can figure out why it's looking for something which it shouldn't be.22:28
yofelcould be a dep of a build-dep, where did that happen?22:30
BarkingFishyofel, while I was building the package, it went looking for all the things to add to the cache so i could build it, I got the error I posted above about a package being missing22:31
BarkingFishBarkingFish> E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/ncurses/libtinfo5-dev_5.9-1ubuntu3_i386.deb: 404  Not Found [IP: 80]22:31
BarkingFishI can't find it in the control file, I've searched the entire directory with kfind for the name of the package, and scored a big zero22:32
BarkingFishi'm getting more 404s too while building scenic22:32
BarkingFishhave we got any problems on the archive at all?22:32
yofelBarkingFish: do you have a build-dep on ncurses or so?22:32
BarkingFishin the control file, no.22:32
yofelhm, package cache up to date?22:33
BarkingFishI'm missing a load of stuff on this build, I'll paste the output up22:33
BarkingFishthere's roughly 8 or 9 404'd files in there22:35
yofelare you *sure* your pbuilder package cache is up to date?22:35
yofellibgnome-keyring0 i386 3.1.4-0ubuntu1 <- rather old22:36
yofel!info libgnome-keyring0 oneiric22:36
ubottulibgnome-keyring0 (source: libgnome-keyring): GNOME keyring services library. In component main, is optional. Version 3.1.90-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 56 kB, installed size 236 kB22:36
BarkingFishwell if it's not, how do I fix it? I only set the kit up 72 hours ago, how much has changed?22:36
yofelBarkingFish: the archive changes as soon as someone upload something, for now run pbuilder update22:36
BarkingFishthis may fix the smc one too22:37
BarkingFishit won't allow me to update it22:37
yofelBarkingFish: in the kubuntu pbuilder hooks there's a hook that updates the cache every time you build something22:37
yofelBarkingFish: sudo?22:37
BarkingFishit seems I'd missed some steps which weren't mentioned when I set up22:38
BarkingFishI tried sudo pbuilder update and it said there was no base.tgz, had I run pbuilder create?22:38
BarkingFishI didn't know I had to22:39
yofelBarkingFish: sudo -E ?22:39
BarkingFishI'm running pbuilder create at the moment22:39
yofeluh.. how did you run pbuilder build without setting it up first?22:39
BarkingFishyour guess is as good as mine22:40
yofelBarkingFish: did you use sudo with or without -E ?22:40
BarkingFishsudo without -E22:40
yofelfor pbuilder that makes a difference22:40
yofelas without -E it ignores your ~/.pbuilderrc22:40
BarkingFishwhen I've been building, all I've been doing is pbuilder-dist oneiric *whatever.dsc.here*22:41
BarkingFishand it's been building22:41
yofelBarkingFish: aaah, you're using pbuilder-dist22:41
RiddellDarkwingDuck: pong22:41
yofelthen run pbuilder-dist update22:41
* yofel doesn't use pbuilder-dist22:41
BarkingFishtoo late now, I'm going through the create as I said22:41
BarkingFishI'll sort it in a moment or three, whenever this finished22:41
ScottKBarkingFish: Did you mail it to that bug?22:45
ScottKBarkingFish: You probably need to run pbuilder-dist oneiric update to update your packages list.22:48
BarkingFishyep, looks like that's what it needed23:04
BarkingFishI've got scenic on the move now, no 404s as of yet23:04
BarkingFishjust out of interest, how often should I be looking to update pbuilder-dist? once a day, a couple of times a week?23:05
yofelwhenever you get 404's - usually like every time before you build something23:06
BarkingFishi hadn't had any 404s until today23:06
yofelBarkingFish: see the hooks part on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/BuildEnvironment - there's a hook that runs apt-get update before every build23:07
* yofel is off to bed, good night23:08
BarkingFishnight yofel 23:08
BarkingFishsleep well23:09

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