BarkingFishsalty - so what exactly is the problem with it?00:00
saltyi live on a boat and sometimes need the range00:00
saltythe os or net manger has problems when both are running...00:00
BarkingFishwhat kind of problems?00:01
saltythey try to connect to the same access point and the short range interupts the long range00:01
saltyand programs i guess get confused00:02
BarkingFishdoes it give you two wifi points in ifconfig?00:02
saltyand some times i'm watching a streaming video and it just stops transfering data... but works perfect under winblows00:03
BarkingFishright, do you know which of the two wifi points is the long range?00:03
saltywlan0 and wlan100:03
BarkingFishhere's what you should do if you want to force it to only connect over one wifi point.00:04
BarkingFishare you using the network manager on the taskbar? the little thing that looks like a speaker icon turned upwards?00:04
saltyi perfer the terminal00:06
BarkingFishthis is easier for the moment, trust me :)00:06
BarkingFishif you click on the network manager icon, when the window opens, click Manage connections.00:06
BarkingFishyou'll get network manager's control module configuration pop up.00:07
BarkingFishclick on the wireless tab, and click the name of the stored connection00:07
BarkingFishnow click edit, and when the next window opens, you'll see a little section that says "Restrict to interface"00:08
BarkingFishchange the area to the right, to whichever is your long range wifi point, and hit ok00:09
BarkingFishthe window will close, click apply and click ok00:09
BarkingFishthen close that window00:09
BarkingFishnow, whenever you connect to that access point, it will strictly only connect over whichever wifi point you set00:10
magyarI am experiencing an odd issue after upgrading to 11.04. I use pymol program that is using 3d features of my radeon 1905XTX video card. With 10.10 version of kubuntu the application was working fine after the upgrade it choppy and tapping the CPU. Why?00:10
saltyit doesn't give whether it's wlan0 or wlan1 it just says wlan for both wireless cards00:10
BarkingFishMy machine used to do the same, salty - imagine 3 wifi adapters all trying to hook to the same beacon, it's nuts.00:10
BarkingFishsalty - you can change that too00:11
saltyi'll try ifup and ifdown00:11
saltyBarkingFish: how can i change that00:12
BarkingFishif you go back to the manage connections window I just sent you to, when you get it open, click Other on the left side, and set "Show network interfaces using" - to System name. apply it, and OK it00:12
BarkingFishat the moment, it's using Descriptive name most probably00:13
BarkingFishOnce you've done that, network manager will refer to your interfaces by their system name, which will be wlan0 and wlan100:14
saltyok... just did it... i hope it stays... thnx BarkingFish00:15
BarkingFishyou can then go back and do the restrict to interface thing, since you'll now see the wifi points by their proper name00:15
saltyi did :)00:16
BarkingFishno problem salty - networking is sorta my specialty00:16
BarkingFishespecially usb, since most of my wifi is run through it00:16
saltyit's alot easier using commandline00:16
saltyand alot faster00:17
BarkingFishunfortunately, i am not great on the cli, most of my stuff is done through GUI00:17
BarkingFishthe only thing I use the cli for is package building :)00:17
saltymy pewter has slowed down so much with this GUI stuff00:17
saltybut i told myself i'd give it a try00:18
BarkingFishyeah, GUIs do tend to slow things down a fair bit, my poor laptop has a heck of a time when I'm using blender.00:18
saltylol... now that's something someone should develop for linux... a good 3D CAD system00:20
saltyblender is a surfacer... not really a CAD system. Like autocad and solidworks00:21
BarkingFishwe have one00:21
BarkingFishsudo apt-get install librecad00:21
BarkingFishI have it on here00:21
salty2d or 3d?00:21
saltyok... i'll give it a try... thnx... i hope...lol00:23
BarkingFishi don't use it much, most of my stuff is done through sweet home 3d00:25
BarkingFishbut that's specific for doing things like internal house decoration00:26
BarkingFishanyways, I'm outta here for today.  It's nearly 1.30am. I'll be on later today salty, about 1700 UK time, so if you get stuck, grab one of the guys in here, or I'll catch you later.00:28
BarkingFishSee you about all, take care and have a good night00:28
saltyok cya00:28
ionitewhy can't i perform a software update? i keep getting a legacy lock prompt01:24
szal"legacy lock prompt"?01:25
ioniteszal: that's right01:25
szalnever heard of01:25
ioniteszal: anyways, how do i perform an update via terminal?01:27
szalsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade (or replace 'apt-get' with 'aptitude' if (1) you have that installed and (2) you intend to do package management entirely on the cmdline)01:28
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miltonalguem de sp pra tc01:52
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:56
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yesitisjustmeanyone use wine?03:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:35
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fithai want to need the vmworkstation for linux 7.1.4 ,,the key04:37
sergey_it works05:39
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fitha<fitha> vm key 7.1.4 for linux07:10
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
fithavm 7.1.4 for linux key07:50
osinclairanyone here actually manage to use RTM plasmoid? I got it connected once only, since it just hangs09:09
nadimhi, best place to ask for help setting up multiple monitors/gpus with nvidia drivers? #ubuntu, #xorg, #nvidia are not very helpfull right now.09:27
James147!nvidia | nadim09:32
ubottunadim: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto09:32
James147nadim: genereally though its install the closed drivers (using "additional drivers") and run "kdesudo nvidia-settings"09:32
James147making sure to save the xorg.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf once you have set it up09:33
nadimI did that09:33
* James147 dosnt have must expeience with multiple gpus though 09:34
nadimthe config gets updated. I even set the pci bus ID manually. on X restart I get a device not found error. althoug nvidia-settings shows the devices.09:34
nadimI just installed kubuntu after a disk crash. I as running Gentoo before and it worked OK.09:35
nadimI am happy to skip gnome desktop but not so happy that I want to run a single monitor down from three09:36
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milesthat's my name10:44
rehbeinnlol who are you10:44
milesi'll bet yours isn't rehbeinn10:44
milesi am fine10:45
milesoh, who10:45
milesi'm miles10:45
rehbeinnjust thought this is a lan chat10:45
rehbeinni am here sitting on the pc and learning info10:45
mileslearning is good10:53
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BluesKajG'Day all12:46
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natman2Does here use yahoo mail? just want to find out if my problem is Kubuntu related or not13:07
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vivepi am unable to creata a keyboard shortcut to open Konsole. I am newbie to Kubuntu. Would be very glad if someone can help me out13:08
natman2vivep: you might want to try installing "yakuake" is a drop down terminal, like konsole but a lot easier to hide away when you dont need it13:11
vivepnatman2: Thank you . I have yakuake already. But i need to be able to open multiple terminals13:12
vivepSo i also prefer having a shortcut13:12
natman2vivep: have you tried Kmenu->sys settings -Shortcuts and Gestures->Custom->edit and new command13:14
vivepnatman2: I went till there. But there i got confused how to create a shortcut. In the comment,triggered and action part. I didn't understand where i am supposed to say open console for this shortcut13:15
susundbergHey, what is this: python-pyopencl nvidia-current13:15
susundbergi mean python-pyopencl depends on nvidia-current13:16
susundbergThat should be a bug -- since opencl is not nvidia dependent13:16
natman2vivep: I just got it working there, in that custom settings, go to edit, new, give it a nice name then on the left panel under trigger, clikc the box and hold the key press that you want to launch konsole with, then under action just type "konsole"13:17
vivepnatman2 , thanks will try it now13:17
susundberg"update-alternatives: using /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ld.so.conf to provide /etc/ld.so.conf.d/GL.conf" -- this sounds like it will break my ati card ..13:19
vivepnatman2, its not working13:22
vivepnatman2 , i gave the nickname as kon13:23
vivepI gave the input as ctrl+j13:23
natman2vivep: what was the action13:23
vivepnatman2 , i typed Konsole in the action. i said apply. Still konsole doesn't open if i click ctrl+j .13:23
vivepnatman2 , action is Konsole13:24
natman2vivep: can you open konsole as normal, then type konsole13:24
natman2vivep: what happens?13:24
vivepnatman2 : multiple Konsoles are opening13:25
natman2vivep: LOL in that settings box there is an unticked block called examples, one is for Konsole13:25
natman2vivep: just expand out examples and tick the one for Konsole, and try that should be defaulted to "ctrl+ALT+T"13:26
vivepnatman2 : got it . Thanks . But still i wanna learn to create shortcuts. I saw the action part of the example . There was something called command/url13:28
vivepBut when i created a shortcut there was a slightly different screen . And i typing konsole had no effect. I had the doubt that my mistake was in action part. Just can't figure out where13:29
vivepnatman2 : its basically a new -> global shortcut -> keyboard shortcut right?13:29
James147vivep: edit the menu (right click > edit menu or run kmenu edit) > find the applicaiton you want to launch > advanced > add a shorcut there13:29
vivepnatman2 , James147 : Thanks to both of you. I realized my mistake . I was creating new->global shortcut->send keyboard input instead of command/url and so i was lost13:33
natman2vivep: cool all working now?13:33
natman2Does here use yahoo mail? just want to find out if my problem is Kubuntu related or not13:34
James147natman2: you might want to say what your problem is ^^13:34
natman2Sorry, Recently in Kubuntu on yahoo mail ( the new flashy version ) whenever i try to add an attachemt the flash plugin will crash or it will just never finish the upload - fine in windows13:35
James147natman2: useing what browser?13:38
vivepnatman2: sorry to bug you again . What should i give in command/url if i wanna open chromium-browser ?13:39
natman2James147: using Firefox ver 6.02 and latest version of flash ( all other flash things like youtube work perfect )13:39
OerHeksvivep >> /usr/bin/chromium-browser %U13:40
natman2vivep: im guesssing just "chromium" but to test, open up Konsole  and type chr and press tab it should predict the needed command13:40
vivepOerHeks : why is that %U ?13:44
James147vivep: list of urls13:44
OerHeksvivep, not sure, i just copy the starter from menu13:44
vivepnatman2 : Just chromium wouldn't work because we've to give the path of the file to open . And if i say just chromium . It will open my default browser and it will generate the search result of chromium in my default search engine13:45
vivepnatman2 : In my case . It opens chromium-browser :P and opens google and searches chromium13:45
natman2vivep: :D13:45
James147OerHeks: vivep: entries in the menu will replace %U will a list of urls that list any files or folders that they where launched with (ie when you click a file in dolphin)13:45
James147also %u with a single url %f and %F with file names and various others ^^13:46
vivepJames 147: thanks , but i didn't understand properly. So it means that if i replace  %U with content like http://www.google.com it will open that . Is this what you tried to explain?13:49
giantpunedoes anybody here have experience with nvidia drivers and kubuntu?  i have everything working fine with ubuntu 10.04.  but im wanting to switch to kubuntu 11.04 and the video drivers are my only concern13:57
DavidTalbotthe are working great as long as u use the nvidia drivers and not the nouveau13:59
* szal doesn't see any problem, not even with nouveau13:59
szalif you have any card that's too old for the nvidia-current, you better go with the nouveau, unless you can live without effects14:00
giantpunei booted up the live DVD and it worked with the default drivers, but the screen was flickering.  i installed the nvidia drivers through the package manager, but i dont know how to have it use those new drivers.  dont you need to restart the computer to have it use the newly installed drivers?14:02
James147vinces: %U is a placeholder for .desktop files to tell what ever calls them where to place the list of urls (ie it lets you launch stuff in dolphin)  ^^ shorcuts wont have any files so %U will be empty... if you want to launch a spicific site then just replace it with the site you want ...14:02
BluesKajgiantpune, which nvidia card , the nvidia-current driver supportd cards from the 6XXX series up14:03
giantpunethe motherboard has a 8xxx integrated and i have a 9200gt in the pci slot14:04
* szal guesses that there is no easy way to get the nvidia driver running on a live system, unless you have a persistent USB live stick14:05
James147szal: ^^ just restart X14:06
BluesKajgiantpune, then if you do a clean install the nouveau will be the default upon install, then just use the jockey to install the nvidia-current driver14:06
James147though it is a bit of hassel to keep doing it on a live cd every boot14:06
szalJames147: restarting X doesn't load the kernel driver14:07
giantpuneok, ill give that a shot.  also, the liveDVD hangs at the boot screen when i have a certain hard drive attached.  any idea if this is just a bug in the CD and will not happen once i install the operating system?14:08
James147szal: installing nvidia-current, setting up xorg.conf and restarting X is all you need to do ^^14:08
BluesKajgiantpune, kmenu>apps>syatem>additional drivers14:08
BluesKajerr system14:08
* James147 thinks udev handels the loading of the kernel modules ..14:09
BluesKajfor nvidia the command is sudo nvidia-xconfig to configure Xorg14:10
BluesKajszal, read above about xorg14:11
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szalBluesKaj: define 'above'14:22
BluesKajszal, for nvidia the command is sudo nvidia-xconfig to configure Xorg14:23
szalBluesKaj: yes, that creates a xorg.conf14:24
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BluesKajszal, if there's no xorg.conf file which the nouveau doesn't seem to need , but the nvidia-current driver does14:26
szalBluesKaj: and if there is one, it backs that up & creates a new one14:26
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bigbrovaranyone knows the best way to open a vcf file on kde?14:49
genii-aroundbigbrovar: It is a text file so any editor if you just want to see whats inside.14:54
genii-aroundbigbrovar: Probably Kaddressbook if you want to import whats in the vcard file14:55
bigbrovargenii-around: yeah by default vcf are opened via a text editor (in most cases kate) which is not ideal because the files are not well formatted. If I choose to open them with kaddressbook just to see the contact in a well formatted way and before I decide to add them to my contact. It just fails :/14:58
genii-aroundbigbrovar: Have you tried Kontact?14:59
bigbrovargenii-around: yeah I do kontact 4.715:00
bigbrovarbut I can not get it to open and view a vcf file15:01
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DuolosFor some reason, KDE's desktop effects no longer work in 11.04.  Can't be enabled in System Settings, but worked great on a clean install.  Any ideas on where I should look to figure out what went wrong?15:32
genii-aroundDuolos: Most likely is that the current driver for video cannot support composite effects15:44
Duolosgenii-around: I never changed the drivers, though...15:44
genii-aroundDuolos: Perhaps check under System Tools ... Additional Drivers   to see if it recommends a different driver15:47
genii-around( jockey-kde )15:47
JuJuBeeCan I run the 64 bit 11.04 on an Intel 6300 with 4G RAM? or should I use 32 bit?15:51
BluesKajI need to generate a GPG key for launchpad , there are tutorials on the web for ubuntu , but there's no equivalent path/application in kubuntu ...any ideas ?15:51
BluesKajer PGP15:52
PiciBluesKaj: gpg is a cli application.15:53
PiciTheres a section further down the page about submitting it to launchpad as well.15:54
BluesKajPici,  sorry , I meant PGP15:55
PiciBluesKaj: They're essentially the same thing.16:06
BluesKajPici, I get this message after using the tutorial for cli PGP generation , http://paste.kde.org/11913116:30
PiciBluesKaj: did you mash on the keyboard?16:30
BluesKajshould I ?16:31
BluesKajPici, ^16:31
PiciBluesKaj: It needs to generate random bytes, and it does that by reading stuff in from hardware (among other places), so move the mouse around, mash on the keyboard, etc, when it gives you that message.16:31
BluesKajPici, ok ...thanks, it worked16:33
LordCrchi, how do i make the neponuk/stringi icon go away?17:20
LordCrcit's seriously annoying17:21
OerHeksLordCrc, in my (dutch) Kde i just richtklick the icon, go into settings and disabled it. then it won't show up, only in hidden icons.17:24
LordCrcOerHeks: ok, i'll try that now that it's settled down17:24
LordCrcOerHeks: you disable the whole service then?17:25
LordCrci want the service, i just dont want the icon17:25
LordCrcwhy should i know what file it's indexing all the bloody time17:25
James147LordCrc: right click the systray > System tray settings > Entries you can set it to always be hidden17:38
LordCrcah, nice17:40
LordCrcbe gone your irritating little thing17:40
hacked_kernelis there a room for firewalls and security?17:50
drostjeHas anyone gotten GIMP working on Kubuntu Natty? o_O.17:52
szalno need to get it working, it just works17:53
James147drostje: it should ^^ why dosnt yours?17:53
drostjeIt doesn't just work for me. Here's a GDB backtrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/684617/ . It segfaults in a Oxygen::RCStyle::createStyle(_GtkRcStyle*)  call.17:54
drostjeone sec, just installed the libgtk debug symbols...17:58
markithi, natty here, and gcompris. When I use a tool to draw a line, I click and drag, but the cursor becomes a "star" and I can move the window, like normally I can do with ALT+drag. Any idea?17:58
markitand, someone can confirm? :) KDE 4.7 from backports17:58
drostjehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/684622/ has more details of why GIMP fails on kubuntu natty for me. :<17:59
markitnevermind, found that is a bug http://old.nabble.com/-Bug-280284--New%3A-Drag-window-from-all-empty-areas-should-be-disabled-in-Gcompris-educational-suite-td32281421.html18:04
drostje:ooo problem almost solved.18:08
drostjeYayyy. Found a duplicate of the bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp/+bug/778414 and someone proposed a workaround there. :DDD18:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 742516 in gimp (Ubuntu Natty) "duplicate for #778414 gimp-2.6 crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke() (with oxygen GTK theme)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:09
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SJrI'm using Kubuntu 11.04 and for some reasons login seems to hang for new users. My account can login fine, but completely new accounts just have the K stay unblured for ever18:19
SJrthere seems to be no disk activity either18:19
drostjeSJr: sounds very weird. :x18:25
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SJrxfce loaded fine, now I have upgraded to KDE-4.7 but I actually had this problem before18:27
drostjeIt might be possible to debug such a system by switching to a teletype (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and doing a bunch of text commands but without more information that is very hard to figure out. KDE does store a lot of stuff in home directories -- perhaps copying ~/.kde to the new user's account helps?18:28
genii-aroundSJr: How are you adding new users?18:28
James147SJr: check ~/.xsessions-error of the suers failing to load ^^18:29
drostjeheh, others clearly know better than I do. :o18:29
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jonyI want to install XP as a second OS18:58
jonyI've read a tutorial about how I can do this18:58
jonyit tells me about GRUB's menu.lst backup18:59
jonybut I don't have any in GRUB folder18:59
jonyI have Kubuntu .18:59
jonyannnybody help?19:00
mfraz74jony: you need to look for a tutorial based on GRUB 219:00
shane2perujony: I gotta run, but you are now using Grub2, and not 1, as the tutorial you were reading was for Grub, not grub2.19:01
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jonyty for answers19:09
dacresniwhy do the kipi pluginsrequire konquerer?19:24
dacresni_why do the kipi pluginsrequire konquerer?19:24
vadraoHi all, does anybody know how to download the latest kernel, now that kernel.org is not working ..19:32
mudassarI installed Kubuntu 11.04 after using 10.04 for long times ...... now I am running my c code with gcc ..... but it gives me permission denied ...... it was fine in 10.04 ... I guess now some library is missing19:57
mudassarplz help19:58
vadraomudassar: try chmod 777 yourfilename20:10
vadraoand then try and compile the c code20:11
mudassarstill same problem20:13
mudassari tried to do sudo apt-get install libc6 libc6-dev but it says it is set to manual install20:14
mudassarmy understanding is that, this library is either not installed20:14
mudassaror I am missing something else20:14
mudassarplz help me20:15
vadraomudassar: Did you install build-essential ?20:19
mudassarlet me try20:20
mudassarit says it is already latest20:20
vadraocan you copy and paste the error in the pastebin20:21
mudassarit compiles but when I run it as ./serial.o it says permission denied ....... I am compiling the same way I was compiling in 10.0420:23
vadraowhat does ls -al serial.o give ?20:25
mudassarI am sure, I am missing some post installations20:25
mudassarafter installation of 11.0420:25
vadraomudassar: what does "ls -al serial.o" give ?20:26
mudassar-rw------- 1 mudassar mudassar 17007 2011-09-07 22:13 serial.o20:27
vadraomudassar: Post installation problem could be one reason.. but since the error is about permissions its good to rule it out first20:27
vadraoThere you go20:27
vadraoYou do not have permissions to execute the file20:27
vadraotry "chmod 777 serial.o"20:27
vadraoand then execute it20:27
mudassarI have tried this20:27
mudassarstill same :(20:28
mudassarI discovered one thing .....20:30
vadraomudassar: I can clearly see that you do not have permissions to execute the file.. you may also try copying the serial.o file to your home directory or desktop and then executing it20:30
mudassarthis solved20:30
mudassaractually the code is placed on the windows drive ...20:31
vadraoSo most likely, the problem is the folder in which you are working..20:31
mudassarlike this20:32
mudassarthis time I used ext4 as filesystem20:32
mudassardid this make any difference ?20:32
vadraoIt only has to do with the permissions of the folder..20:32
vadraochmod -R 777 /media/Windows7_OS/Linux_Data/20:33
vadraosee if that solves20:33
PiciThats rather extreme.20:33
=== coaboa is now known as coaboa|afk
vadraoif Linux_Data is a small working directory.. if it has a lot of files and different kinds then it is extreme,, I understand20:34
mudassaris there any difference in navigating to folder as /media/Window7_OS/Linux_Data or first mounting it at /mnt and then going through mnt ?20:35
=== OffToHades is now known as BarkingFish
mudassarusing mount /dev/sda2 /mnt it does not allow me to mount it20:36
mudassarit was already mounted20:37
mudassari used umount to unmount it20:37
mudassarand now everything worked :)20:37
mudassarI unmounted /media/Window7_OS and then did sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt ........ and then opened that folder throught mnt ........ and everything worked :)20:38
mudassarthanks people :)20:38
mudassarfor your hints20:39
vadraowhenever you are mounting an ntfs partition you need to use the driver ntfs-3g like "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ntfs/ "20:39
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jimmy51_how can i access logs for this channel?21:08
jimmy51_i figured something out months ago, reported it here, and have forgotten my solution :(21:08
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BarkingFishevening all.  Can someone tell me whereabouts in the system major crashes, such as progs crashing out to a stack, would be listed please?  I just suffered a serious crash which locked my machine up and dumped a whole shedload of stuff which i couldn't read through in time.23:36
meirHi everyone23:38
meirNeed some help with Kubunto :: can not find the terminal  for some reson , just disappear23:40
virgiliomeir: ALT+F2 and then konsole23:41
BarkingFishmeir, when you say it just disappears, do you mean you open it and it goes away, or that you can't find it at all?23:42
meircant find it  at all23:42
BarkingFishfollow what virgilio said then23:42
BarkingFishthat will open a terminal for you23:42
virgilioKDE 4.7.1 has been released23:46
BarkingFishvirgilio, I don't suppose you'd know where I can find the output from a crash, do you?23:48
BarkingFishAll i know is my screen went black, filled up with crud, and locked up so I had to switch the machine off23:49
virgilioDid you try to go to console (CRTL+ALT+F1)?23:49
BarkingFishI tried everything, I couldn't get anything to work23:50
BluesKajthe toolbar containing file , edit etc is missing from Dolphin, there doesn't seem to be an option in configure dolphin to add it ...any suggestions?23:50
BarkingFishI had no tty access, no keys would work, plasma died, I was just left with a black screen, lots of text which looked like a backtrace, and that was it23:50
virgilioBluesKaj: CRTL+M23:50
virgilioBarkingFish: maybe a kernel panic?23:51
BarkingFishmost likely, but I still wanted to see what caused it23:51
BarkingFishi just don't know where to find the output from the panic, assuming it got logged somewhere23:51
BarkingFishi've searched through /var/log and all the files in it, can't see anything blatantly obvious23:52
virgilioBarkingFish: I'm not sure. If you have support in kernel for that, you can try to use the sysrescue key23:52
virgilioBluesKaj: did it work?23:52
BluesKajvirgilio:  thanks , I should have recalled that , but my old memory fails me sometimes23:53
BarkingFishI don't have a sysrescue key23:53
virgilioBluesKaj: ur welcome23:53
virgilioBarkingFish: I can't help, but you should check new hardware or weird old hardware when kernel panics23:54
BarkingFishI have no new hardware or weird old hardware.  I know what I was doing when it panicked - and I am not aware of anything which has changed with those devices or the software concerned23:54
virgilioBarkingFish: also, try to do a memtest from grub loader23:54
BarkingFishMy internet connection dropped, so I opened network manager, clicked on another connection to switch to it, and that's when it all went hairy23:55
virgilioBarkingFish: for me seems to be a hardware problem, but I can't be sure about that23:56
BarkingFishI have 3 wifi devices, one built in using ath5k, and 2 running windows fw with ndiswrapper23:56
BarkingFishi've checked the two on ndiswrapper, there is no native support for them23:56
BarkingFishone is an ar5523 chipset, the other is rtl8192cy23:56

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