wgrantwallyworld_, StevenK: Please don't force buildbot yet.00:34
wgrantwallyworld_: However, I do need an urgent review for https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/connectionstring-hates-production/+merge/7432100:35
wgrantIf you have a sec.00:35
wgrantCopyright year fail.00:36
wallyworld_wgrant: shoud the test for changes include the case where the key being changed is in the original connection string, as well as just adding a new key value?00:40
wgrantwallyworld_: Probably, yes.00:41
* wgrant fixes.00:41
* wallyworld_ wants longpoll NOW. hitting refresh on a mp is a pita00:46
wgrantDiff has updated.00:48
wallyworld_wgrant: r-me. thanks00:48
StevenKwgrant: r13862 is marked as bad, what rev is the relevant fix/rollback?01:00
StevenK[r=henninge][no-qa] Sort utilities/sourcedeps.cache. Finally.01:01
StevenKOh, Henning!01:01
StevenKG: You have two revs to QA -- bug 697157 and bug 84165801:02
_mup_Bug #697157: Streamline "You have assigned this bug to yourself" message  <bugs> <qa-needstesting> <trivial> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by dev-nigelj> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/697157 >01:02
_mup_Bug #841658: DistroSeries/DistroArchSeries API link does not return any entries <api> <qa-needstesting> <trivial> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by dev-nigelj> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/841658 >01:02
GStevenK: jtv said he was going to QA 697157 because it's his responsibility ;)01:04
StevenKwgrant: Any idea how to QA bug 841850?01:04
_mup_Bug #841850: OpenIDRPSummary continues to exist <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by stevenk> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/841850 >01:04
Gbut I'll test 841658 now :)01:04
GStevenK: it's on qastaging now right?01:04
StevenKG: Aye01:05
wgrantStevenK: Acquire a user without PPAs (or ask me to use one of my test accounts), ensure that renaming displays the warning sensibly, and that acknowledging it works.01:06
StevenKwgrant: I have a PPA, so I think it should be one of your test accounts01:07
StevenKAnd I don't really want to launch into the mess of deleting it just to QA something :-/01:07
GStevenK: yep, 658 looks correct, I'll mark it qa-ok01:08
wgrantStevenK: You can't delete it, because qastaging doesn't have a publisher.01:09
StevenKSo not signing up for a new account on qas :-)01:10
* wgrant is doing it.01:11
StevenKwgrant: So marked, thanks01:12
StevenKNo staticdiffs against Launchpad. Bah01:16
wgrantHm, sure?01:16
StevenKPerhaps I should get the LOSAs to actually do the migration on qastaging ...01:16
wgrantYou didn't accidentally commit the migration, did you?01:16
StevenKOn DF? I don't think so01:17
wgrantYou can't use the presence of staticdiffs for QA.01:17
wgrantBecause you can't view prod diffs on qastaging.01:17
StevenKlaunchpad_dogfood=# SELECT count(*) from branchmergeproposal where review_diff is not null and merge_diff is null; => 525101:17
wgrantJust check the a new preview diff works OK.01:17
wgrantNo need to QA the migration you did yesterday.01:17
StevenKSo create a new MP and check the diff gets generated?01:18
wgrantIdeally check that revision mail still works too.01:19
wgrantPush up a new branch.01:20
wgrantSubscribe to revision mail.01:20
wgrantPush up some new revisions.01:20
wgrantScan the branch.01:20
wgrantPush up some more new revisions.01:20
wgrantScan the branch again.01:20
wgrantUncommit and push.01:20
wgrantScan the branch again.01:20
wgrantCreate a merge proposal somewhere (doesn't need to be same branch), and check that the diff is generated.01:20
* StevenK works through that list slowly01:23
StevenKAccording to https://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/~stevenk/+junk/foo I'm already subscribed?01:24
wgrantNot to revision diffs.01:24
wgrantProbably only to merge proposals.01:24
* StevenK changes his subscription01:25
StevenKDo I need a LOSA to run the scanner?01:25
wgrant 45 files changed, 127 insertions(+), 801 deletions(-)01:31
StevenKwgrant: The scanner has been run, but the branch page still says Updating ...01:38
LifelrssWay too much cron spam04:21
wgrantIt is mildly insane.04:23
wgrantJust don't look at the staging mailbox.04:24
LifelrssIt's disturbing cynthia. Can fix ?04:25
wgrantWell. Part of it needs an RT that is way down the queue fixed.04:26
wgrantOther parts need hloeung.04:26
LifelrssThe apt pyrge thingy?04:26
=== wgrant changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Critical bugs: 256 - 0:[########]:256
wgrantWe got to 260 on Monday :)04:28
LifelrssUhm, perhaps that ticket should be higher. It's not in fhe losa queue04:28
wgrantLOSAs can't do it.04:29
wgrantSo perhaps it shouldn't be in the LOSA queue.04:29
wgrantBut it is in the LOSA queue.04:29
LifelrssRight :)04:29
wgrantYou have priority powers, feel free to use them :)04:29
LifelrssTalking to a gsa will be fadter04:30
wgrantNobody else subscribed to the list has powers.04:30
LifelrssSm kn phone04:30
StevenKWhat the heck are you typing on?04:30
StevenKOr *with*04:30
wgrantIm on phone04:30
wgrantI assume.04:30
hloeunglifeless may be teaching cynthia how to type already04:30
wgrantOr perhaps Cynthia is proxying for him.04:30
StevenKIt could have been a dvorak keyboard via a pencil in the mouth given the typos04:31
Lifelrsscinerama: ^04:31
LifelrssIf you could move that ticket around for yts that would be awesome04:33
wgranthttps://rt.admin.canonical.com//Ticket/Display.html?id=47596 is the ticket.04:34
wgrantBut there is no vanguard today.04:34
StevenKcocoplum has one too04:34
wgrantYeah, there are lots.04:35
StevenKI saw it with the paste from the dapper destruction04:35
wgrantI really should just have reverted Chameleon while it was easy :/04:36
nigelbWoah, Cynthia is already on IRC?04:43
StevenKShe should post her first branch in a few days04:43
StevenKFirst landing in trunk in what, a week?04:43
nigelbI guess so04:44
nigelbbuildbot failed again :(04:45
wgrantYeah. Something leaked a forkingservice again.04:45
wgrant1:20 to go on the next run.04:45
wgrantJenkins remains stable.04:46
StevenKIt's hard to leak stuff between runs when the entire instance is shot in the head04:47
jtvIs it okay for a package publication to be superseded but not have supersededby set?05:31
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
jtvStevenK, wgrant: this may happen if we allow multiple versions of a package to survive domination: a publication may become superseded but without a clear dominant.  The schema allows it, but won't it break anything?05:39
wgrantjtv: No, it's only used by the UI.05:40
jtvSo it's fine to say "superseded, but not by any particular release"?05:40
wgrantjtv: And deletions from before ArchiveRemovalRedesign are already Superseded without a supersededby05:40
jtvVery very few.05:41
wgrantTry to avoid it, but it's legal and acceptable.05:41
wgrantHow is there not a clear dominant, though?05:41
wgrantCan't you just use the oldest live one after the publication?05:41
jtvHeh.  I'm asking about the case where there isn't one, of course.05:42
wgrantIf there is no newer live publication, isn't it probably Deleted?05:43
jtvThat's the kind of thing I'm asking about.  Think "latest version of a package is removed from Debian Sources list, leaving only the previous version."05:44
cineramalifeless, wgrant: ok, i see the RT, i'll just go and see what we are going to do05:45
jtvI could mark that as superseded (but by which version?) or as deleted.05:45
wgrantjtv: Seems likely it's Deleted if there's nothing to supersede it.05:46
jtvHow would we know the difference?05:46
wgrantcinerama: Thanks. I know the issue fairly well, so can hopefully clarify anything that needs it.05:46
wgrantWhat difference?05:46
wgrantIf there something newer alive -> superseded05:46
wgrantOtherwise -> deleted05:46
jtvBetween a deleted one and a superseded one in this situation?05:46
jtvSo you meant "likely" as in "I'm not sure"?05:47
wgrantNo, I'm sure that it's true in most cases.05:47
jtvThen how do we tell the difference between cases where it is and cases where it isn't?05:47
wgrantWe probably can't.05:48
wgrantThe status doesn't make a huge difference. I think the method I described will get it right just about all the time.05:48
wgrantG: Around?05:56
Gwgrant: yo05:59
wgrantG: Do you have a moment now to QA bug #697157?05:59
_mup_Bug #697157: Streamline "You have assigned this bug to yourself" message  <bugs> <qa-needstesting> <trivial> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by dev-nigelj> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/697157 >05:59
wgrantG: I can grab the mail from qastaging's mailbox.06:00
wgrantOr I can do the whole thing.06:00
Gwgrant: jtv, said he was going to QA it but if you want to06:00
Gwgrant: I'll create two bugs and you can do the rest if you want06:00
Gwgrant: your LP login is wgrant I take it?06:03
wgrantG: Indeed it is.06:03
wgrantNote that it can't be a bug on any of the Launchpad projects, because I'm already subscribed to all of them.06:03
Gwgrant: you should have got a correct message about me assigning you https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/pymheg2xmltv/+bug/80025606:04
_mup_Bug #800256: Blue Triangle, top left, next to BFB. <Ayatana Design:New> <unity:Invalid> <unity (Ubuntu):Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/800256 >06:04
wgrantNigel Jones (dev-nigelj) has assigned this bug to you for MHEG5 to XMLTV Converter:06:04
Gwgrant: and if you assign https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/pymheg2xmltv/+bug/800257 to yourself...06:04
wgrantYou have assigned this bug to yourself for MHEG5 to XMLTV Converter:06:05
wgrantLooks good. Thanks.06:05
cineramawgrant: ok, so i've removed the egg info and reinstalled where i found python-tz, didn't see python-setuptools as i was expecting06:06
wgrantcinerama: The package often isn't installed any more.06:06
wgrantIn that cause just remove the directory.06:06
Gwgrant: np, happy to help06:06
Gis there another downtime-less update happening overnight or something?06:06
wgrantWith a bit of luck we'll do one in about an hour.06:07
wgrantNeed to QA incoming bugmail now, though :(06:07
Gback to getting a sane xmltv file for my mythtv setup :)06:08
wgrantGood luck with that.06:08
wgrantI never had much luck.06:09
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
Gwgrant: I'm processing the MHEG data directly :)06:09
wgrantG: Doesn't MythTV normally do that itself?06:09
wgrantAh, no, that's not MHEG.06:10
GI've been using an xmltv file that someone creates using the Satellite EIT data, but the DVB-T (OTA) service doesn't really have much EIT data06:10
cineramawgrant, lifeless: ok, looks like we should be rid of those bad eggs06:11
wgrantcinerama: Thanks. Which hosts did you clean?06:11
Gproblem is, the Satellite data doesn't always match the DVB-T data :)06:11
cineramawgrant: the ones mentioned in your ticket for hloeung06:11
wgrantcinerama: Thanks. Logging changes over the last couple of days have revealed four more that need fixing :( I've just updated the ticket.06:16
wgranthloeung: ^^06:16
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
cineramawgrant: ok, i think we've tidied up the others now06:26
wgrantcinerama: Great. There's probably another host or two that isn't spamming dozens of times an hour and has been drowned out until now, but I'll update the ticket later if so.06:27
cineramawgrant: sounds good.  i am going to leave the ticket with the losas since they can do most of it and can just poke a gsa for help06:28
wgrantOh, can they?06:28
wgrantDidn't know that :(06:28
wgrantThe staging mailbox has gone three minutes without a dozen messages a minute. This is good progress!06:29
hloeungwe can poke GSAs for help - that's "most of it"06:29
cineramayay, let's open some champagne to celebrate06:37
wgrantcinerama: Hm, tellurium seems to still have pytz.06:45
wgrant... and asuka just showed up with 11 pytz-whining emails too :(06:47
cineramaugh, need to clean up /usr/lib/python2.6 stuff as well as /usr/share/pyshared stuff06:50
wgrantgermanium too.07:01
wgrantnigelb: Your webfonts stuff looks good.07:02
wgrantHm, actually.07:05
wgrantIt's fine in Chromium, but Firefox 7 doesn't display the bold fonts properly.07:07
wgrantIt seems to scale up the normal weight.07:08
lifelesscinerama: wgrant: thank you both very much07:08
cineramathere still appear to be some broken links for eggs in that area for packages you haven't mentioned -- do i need to fix those up as well?07:09
wgrantcinerama: They're not being noisy, but if you want to...07:13
=== jtv is now known as jtv-eat
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
cineramaok, i think i've properly dealt with pytz07:28
adeuringgood morning07:42
wgrantcinerama: Thanks.07:44
nigelbwgrant: Oh. Its in production? \o/07:45
StevenKIt is not07:46
nigelbah, qastaging.07:46
* StevenK digs for canonical_url07:47
StevenKSo tempted to move it to lp.app07:47
StevenKBut the diff would be LARGE07:48
wgrantnigelb: I think it may need further work; see the bug for details.07:50
nigelbwgrant: I saw. Need to get back home to test on my machine.07:50
* nigelb just got to work07:50
nigelbI'm using Firefox 8 though.07:51
nigelbwgrant: Do you want to qa-bad that or just want me land a better fix later today?07:52
wgrantnigelb: I don't think it's worth marking it bad.07:53
wgrantParticularly given we're already fairly blocked.07:53
nigelbheh, ok :)07:53
wgrantSome bold fonts will look bad on some browsers for a day. Meh.07:53
nigelbYeah, stub marked my email fix as qa-untestable for faster deployment :)07:54
wgrantThat deployment sadly failed.07:54
nigelbOh. Why?07:54
wgrantChanges to DB connection string handling meant that hostnames with hyphens didn't work. Staging and dev use underscores, production uses hyphens, boom.07:55
StevenKDo we have a ... um, something for a "Are you sure?" action?07:56
wgrantThere is a new confirmation overlay that rvba or allenap has been working on.07:56
wgrantAnd the bug assignee picker already has a confirmation page at the end.07:57
allenapwgrant: rvba I think.07:57
rvbaStevenK: ConfirmationOverlay08:09
rvbaStevenK: It's meant to be used to 'protect' an existing submit button. Very much like the js 'confirm' method.08:10
allenapMorning mrevell :)08:22
allenapWho wants to do a review?08:22
allenapPlease :)08:23
StevenKallenap: r=me08:28
allenapStevenK: Thanks :)08:28
lifelessjamesh: am I right that the only missing thing to migrate to oops-wsgi is an answer for storm query capturing ?08:34
jameshlifeless: that's the main one I've identified.  That said, we've got code to handle this, so I could wire it up with python-oops08:36
jameshlifeless: I need to follow up with a few others on the U1 team though to see if there is anything else.08:37
lifelessthe thing blocking me extracting the tracer we use from LP is identifying 'current request'08:37
lifelessbecause 'current transaction' doesn't seem like a good match08:38
jameshlifeless: https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuOne/Futures/Notes/PythonOops has my in-progress notes for moving over.08:38
lifelessunless we inject 'this is the oops-in-progress' into the tracer from a wsgi decorator08:38
=== jtv-eat is now known as jtv
lifelessin which case we need a storm-timeline tracer (which could go in storm itself), and a storm-wsgi which would have a thin wsgi app to set and unset the timeline that the tracer should use08:39
lifelessdoes this sound sane ?08:39
jameshlifeless: one other case I'd like to eventually handle (as in "I don't think we currently do it but it would be nice") would be tracing statements in the API server08:41
lifelesswhat sort of statements ?08:41
lifelessdo you mean like a custom debug hook that logs rather than profiling/debugging ?08:41
jameshit is a twisted daemon that performs DB transactions via deferToThread()08:41
lifelesscause that would be the bomb.08:41
jameshstill storm statement tracing, but not in a "one thread per request" model08:42
lifelessoh right08:42
jameshI guess a "this is the current timeline" API would handle that though.08:42
lifelessuhm, so that seems straight forward, have a wrapper - deferToThread(setTimeline, timeline, realthingtocall, realparams)08:42
StevenKrvba: Are you off the stand-up?08:43
jameshlifeless: I haven't looked the python-timeline package you're using in LP yet.  I guess it would be worth looking at together with the other OOPS stuff though.08:45
lifelessjamesh: its tiny, but yeah08:45
lifelessjamesh: we put memcached call-outs, google search API calls, librarian operations, storm queries all into the timeline08:46
lifelessjamesh: lets us see slow backend API's08:46
wgrant(and SSO!)08:46
rvbaStevenK: not yet.08:47
jameshlifeless: I guess that is a bit more structured than just capturing all logging messages to the oops report ...08:47
jamesh[that seems to be the equivalent functionality from the wsgi-oops package we're using]08:47
lifelesslog messages are fine08:48
lifelessbut this is introspectable08:48
lifelessso we can get duration, which log messages don't have08:49
lifelessand that lets oops-tools tell us that '5400ms were taken up by repeated query Y'08:49
lifelessand be confident that its that, and not slow python code post-query, for instance.08:50
lifelessyou could do that with log messages with a well-known-form08:50
rvbaStevenK: ?08:50
lifelessbut IMO it gets a bit ugly having a heuristic to ditch ones not matching it08:51
jameshI'm not suggesting you switch to the logging module.08:53
lifelessno :)08:53
lifelessI was just being verbose08:53
lifelessjamesh: do you think the tracer belongs in core storm? will add the dependency on the timeline module for testing at least.08:54
StevenKrvba: You're working on a confirmation overlay?08:55
jameshlifeless: we've got a number of optional modules in Storm already: storm.zope (which you're using) and storm.django (which we're using).08:55
jameshone more wouldn't be out of place08:56
rvbaStevenK: It's already in the code actually: lib/lp/app/javascript/confirmationoverlay/confirmationoverlay.js08:56
StevenKrvba: Nice!08:56
rvbaStevenK: It's used on +localpackagediffs to add a confirmation overlay when you're about to sync stuff.08:57
StevenKrvba: I was about to ask08:57
StevenKI was going to use it to solve a disclosure bug08:57
rvbaStevenK: See lib/lp/registry/templates/distroseries-localdifferences.pt08:57
rvbaStevenK: I hope it can suit your needs without modification.08:58
StevenKrvba: That would be nice, I'll dig tomorrow, thanks for the help.08:58
rvbaStevenK: np.08:59
rvbaStevenK: when it's not timing out, you can see it in action and play with it https://dogfood.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+localpackagediffs08:59
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jtvIs it just me or are EC2 tests not working?09:38
bigjoolsjtv: I dunno, are you not working?10:24
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
jtvbigjools: I am, but ec2 isn't.10:24
jtvI get timeouts and hanging instances.10:24
rvbajtv: I lannched an instance 1 hour ago without problem.10:26
jtvThanks.  Blast.10:26
lifelessstub: hey there10:32
lifelessstub: python-pgbouncer seems to have some skew in its version numbers - __init__ says 0.0.1, setup.py 0.0.2 and pypi 0.0.3 ;)10:33
lifelessstub: I'm really glad you updated it :)10:33
lifelessstub: I was worried I hadn't setup enough permissions10:33
stubsetup.py should have 0.0.3 too since that is what is used to build and upload the package to pypi10:34
stubDidn't think of a number in __init__, but now I think of it I've had setup.py pull the version number from __init__ before.10:34
lifelessyeah, me too in other projects10:35
lifelessneed to copy that glue across10:35
lifelesshey, so fastdowntime seems to be awfully close10:35
lifelessnice work10:35
stubJust trying to get the know issues stuff landed.10:36
lifelesswe always knew there would be rabbits in holes.10:36
lifelessits pretty awesome getting it all flushed out10:36
stubI'll hack around lag mon with PGPORT instead of --port so I don't have to worry about that crud for now. I think the wanted revs are otherwise in place now, which I'll check after I've updated these rollout scripts for ISD.10:37
lifelesslynne is having some trouble, I -may- not be back next week. I'll let you know when I let francis know (which will be ~ 5 minutes after I know :P)10:37
stubYup. No worries. Reviews have been pretty boring.10:37
lifelessthey always are... until you get one that terrifies :)10:38
stubneed to ensure we don't lose google juice with async loading of comments, and privacy is making some of the branch queries go recursive (if your stacked on branch is private, you are private too even if you claim to be public). But the queries I've seen so far are fast.10:38
lifelessI believe google have js execution in their crawlers now10:39
lifelessto handle twitter et al10:39
stubGood luck with Lynne and the spawn too!10:40
lifelessthanks ;)10:40
lifeless'spawn' is smiling and gurgling cutely already.10:41
wgrantI think we probably want a boring old batched comment listing, as well as the async loading.10:42
lifelessasync should batch as well10:42
stubyer, thats what I said. I don't think we lose with what is behind the FF at the moment either.10:42
lifelessfaster for the only-reads-a-few case10:42
lifelessand permits scroll-to-end etc10:43
lifelessbut thats efuture :)10:43
wgrantstub: We should be OK to deploy the port fix in an hourish.10:49
wgrantstub: Did you see the fireworks overnight?10:49
stubApart from the bug being flagged as rolled back, I don't know what happened.10:50
wgrantWell, ConnectionString thought that connection string values were in \w+10:50
wgrant\w is roughly [a-zA-Z0-9_]10:50
wgrantProduction DNS aliases have hyphens...10:50
wgrantSo host=lp, and boom.10:51
wgrantAnd because of our marvellously unified database connection mechanisms, appservers were not affected so it wasn't noticed for a while.10:51
wgrantStill, Zopeless is now very nearly dead.10:52
stubwgrant: So you have landed the fix and it is with ec2 or buildbot atm?10:52
wgrantstub: It's been on qastaging for a few hours now.10:52
wgrantJust waiting on three revs of QA.10:52
wgrantbigjools, henninge: ^?10:52
stubThankyou very much. I should sleep in more often :-)10:52
henningewgrant: will be a little longer10:52
wgrantThe connection string syntax supports escaping and quoting, but I decided we needed a quick fix so just added an assertion to prevent unnoticed misparsing of those cases.10:53
wgrantSo it just uses [^ ]+ instead of \w+10:53
stubYes, I think that is the better approach too10:54
wgrantstub: If someone tries to use a space in a username, hostname or database name, they probably deserve a crash :)10:55
stubYes :-) On my list is to switch all the usernames using hyphen to using underscore too, and block hyphen in security.py. Quoting the names is annoying.10:56
wgrantYeah, although that's fairly well encapsulated now.10:59
wgrantBefore I rewrote half of it it was quoting and unquoting everywhere :(10:59
wgrantstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/more-zopeless-destruction/+merge/74367 may be of interest11:02
wgrantPretty simple continuation of the series.11:03
wgrantBut gets rid of most of the rest of ZTM's non-wrapper bits.11:03
henningewgrant: I am having a problem with that revision11:04
henningewgrant: It is not fixing the bug, just movingn an exception being raised from the UI to a script run.11:05
henningewhere it is more likely to cause problems11:05
henningeor be ignored ...11:06
henningewgrant: Unfortunately there does not seem to have been a pre-implementation chat with translations people.11:06
wgrantbad enough to need a revert?11:06
wgrantIt sounds pretty rare.11:06
henningeI hope jtv is around for a second opion.11:07
jtvwhat now?11:07
henningejtv: Hi!11:07
henningejtv: can you please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/bug-742662/+merge/74254 ?11:07
henningejtv: I am not sure it is an improvement.11:08
jtvWait… we always did report mixed newlines, didn't we?11:08
henningejtv: yes, it currently happens when submitting translations.11:09
henninge(see the OOPSes)11:09
henningein the UI.11:09
henningeThis branch moves the check into the importer.11:09
henningeWhich would be fine if the exception was caught and added to "errors".11:09
jelmer_wgrant: hi11:10
henningejtv: I don't like uncaught exceptions in the importer ...11:10
wgrantjelmer_: Morning.11:10
jelmer_wgrant: I saw something in the logs about an import test leaving processes around?11:10
wgrantjelmer_: Something is occasionally leaving a forking service around.11:10
wgrantThe buildbot logs aren't a timestamped subunit stream, so I can't tell what.11:11
wgrantBut you can see the sort of failure it happens around at https://lpbuildbot.canonical.com/builders/lucid_lp/builds/1342/steps/shell_6/logs/summary11:11
wgrantI don't know if that was the cause or effect.11:12
=== jtv1 is now known as jtv
jtvI guess my connection bounced.11:13
jtvhenninge: where does the exception currently go?  We meant to have separate sanitizers for web and import, didn't we?11:13
jelmer_wgrant: ah, hmm11:14
jtvhenninge: I mean, where does the exception currently go in benji's code?  What catches it?11:14
henningejtv: nothing catches it AFAICT11:17
jtvThat would be bad.11:17
henningethat's my problem with the code ;-)=11:17
henningejtv: line 302 of the diff is where it would get raised.11:18
jtvIn fact I'm not even sure this should be an error instead of a warning.11:18
gmbbigjools: Can you give https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/169630 a decent canonical answer? maxb has already answered it but there seems to be some confusion.11:18
henningejtv: well, at least the importer has self.errors to which it should be added instead of halting the whole import by raisingn an exception.11:19
bigjoolsgmb: I can look11:19
gmbbigjools: Thanks.11:19
bigjoolsgmb: dear lord some people are thick11:19
maxbOh that one. I started ignoring it because the user seemed lacking in clue11:20
jtvhenninge: absolutely.  There are cases where a bad newline will confuse things, but I don't see how they could lead to accidental acceptance of the import or anything disastrous like that.  So the parsing at least can proceed.11:20
gmbAh. I figured that might be the case, but I'm sufficiently clueless myself that I couldn't actually tell for certain.11:20
wgrantmaxb: But they seem to maintain a package in Debian.11:20
henningejtv: for that reason, the introduction of an uncaught exception in the importer code, I'd like to not have this revision deployed.11:20
wgrantmaxb: Which is a worry.11:20
maxbYes. Quite.11:20
jtvhenninge: agreed.  How did it get through Q/A?11:21
wgrantThis *is* QA.11:21
henningejtv: We are doing it atm. ;-)11:21
jtvAh OK11:21
henningewgrant: rollback, sorry.11:21
jtvThis is pre-imp stuff.11:21
henningeyup, and that was lacking here.11:21
jtvBut it's hard to know that at pre-imp time.11:21
jtvGood thing you caught it.11:22
henningewgrant, jtv: can either of you please prepare the rollback branch? I cannot do that at this computer atm, I have to relocate to the office first which will still be a while.11:23
jtvhenninge: I'm not in a position to do that I'm afraid, and wgrant is even further past EOD than I am.  :/11:23
henningeoh, right.11:23
bigjoolsI finished my QA11:23
StevenKhenninge: Mark the bug as qa-bad bad-commit-1388911:24
StevenKI think it's bad-commit-XXXXX11:24
henningeI think so, too.11:25
henningeStevenK: done.11:25
stubStevenK: You are handling the rollback?11:28
henningeStevenK: will you do the rollback?11:28
wgrantI'm on my freshly reinstalled laptop which has no keys at the moment.11:28
wgrantSo I'm afraid I can't help.11:28
wgrantbuildbot is ready and waiting for the rollback, however :)11:29
StevenKYeah, alright.11:29
henningeStevenK: thank you!11:29
StevenKwgrant: Give me the bzr command, since I'm lazy and waiting for rf?11:29
wgrantbzr merge -r1234..1233 .?11:30
StevenKI tend to do bzr di | patch -p0 -R which is a little disgusting11:30
wgrantThat's very CVS.11:30
StevenKGuess where I learnt revision control ...11:31
StevenKhenninge: One line description for the rollback?11:32
bigjoolsI try not to remember that I learned revision control in CVS11:32
* gmb lunches11:33
henninge"[rs=henninge][rollback=13889] Rollback r13889 because it introduces an uncaught exception in translation import code."11:34
henningeStevenK: ^11:34
henningelike that?11:34
StevenKLooks good.11:34
cjwatsonI'm pretty sure I originally learned revision control in RCS, which I'm not sure is an improvement11:34
* henninge lunches11:34
=== henninge is now known as henninge-lunch
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
* wgrant only seriously learned version control with svn :(11:36
StevenKhenninge-lunch, wgrant, stub: Revert landed.11:38
StevenKNow to wait 11 minutes for buildbot and then 4h20, and then 60 minutes.11:39
StevenKThen we can think about deploying11:39
=== jtv is now known as jtv-away
bigjoolssvn isn't much better11:40
nigelbI learned bzr, then git, and then svn.11:44
nigelbBackwards, yeah.11:44
StevenKCVS, then how to fix broken CVS repos, svn, svk (twitch), tla, baz and then bzr11:45
StevenKI am allergic to git11:46
nigelbThere are creams for that :P11:46
StevenKI no longer have a reason to learn it11:47
bigjoolsI tried to use git for another OSS project I play with, and found it unfathomable11:53
bigjoolsI think it's the colo branches that annoy me the most11:53
wgrantbigjools: bzr-git :)12:04
bigjoolsyes :)12:04
bigjoolsdoes it work properly now? it had some bug that stopped me importing some kinds of git repos12:05
wgrantThe only failures I know of now are lack of submodule support and lack of support for backslashes in paths.12:05
nigelbbigjools: I kinda like colo branches :)12:06
bigjoolsnigelb: in some cases yes, I use a colo checkout in bzr but I just found the git interface to them confusing.  Having said that, I found bzr rather confusing initially too.12:07
bigjoolsThe help text has a nasty habit of defining some of bzr commands using the same word in the definition.12:07
nigelbbigjools: I use a zsh extension to lessen the confusion of git branches12:09
bigjoolsyou use *zsh* to *lessen* confusion?12:10
bigjoolsIRONY KLAXON!12:10
nigelbzsh is nice when you use oh-my-zsh12:16
gary_posterstub, hi you still around?12:59
gary_posternm stub, thanks13:02
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
stubgary_poster: yo13:17
gary_posterhey stub, I have a corrupted postgres that won't start after a hard drive incident (PANIC:  could not locate a valid checkpoint record) and was wondering if there were a quick way to wipe it away13:18
gary_posterand start again13:18
gary_posterI decided to go ahead with some overdue upgrade work and restart, but if there is a quick answer, that would be cool13:18
stubgary_poster: Its /var/lib/postgresql/8.4/main13:19
wgrantutilities/launchpad-database-setup should do it, too.13:19
wgrantIt drops the cluster and is OK at recovering from completely broken setups.13:19
stubeven better as then we don't need to recover the config13:19
gary_posterah-ha, cool thanks wgrant and stub, will give it a try13:19
gary_posteryes, worked a charm.  thanks again13:21
sinzuijcsackett, do you have time to mumble?13:28
wgrantgary_poster: We should be able to deploy r13891 in about 4.5 hours. Will someone from your squad be able to arrange that?13:29
wgrantgary_poster: QA is done; all that's left is one rollback revision that's currently in buildbot.13:29
gary_posteryes, wgrant, we'll do it.13:29
wgrantgary_poster: buildbot has been a little unreliable lately: if this test run fails, get a LOSA to check for and kill any orphaned processes on pigeonpea. bzr forking services and rabbitmqs have been leaking occasionally.13:31
wgrantI sorted most of the flaky tests on Monday, but there still seems to one somewhere doing nasty stuff.13:31
gary_posterwgrant, :-/ ok thanks for warning.  I saw the Monday cleanups, yes13:32
wgrantSo we just have to remember to clean the slaves every so often for now :/13:32
mthaddonI'd rather we figured out why these processes are hanging around - seems like we've had to do this kind of clean up quite a lot recently13:32
gary_posteryeah :-/13:32
jcsackettsinzui: sure, firing up mumble in a moment.13:32
bigjoolswgrant: what's the situation with Rabbit versions and packages?  Your email left me a bit confused,13:37
wgrantbigjools: I have 2.3.1 of the server and the required plugins packaged for lucid->natty. But 2.3 is getting pretty old now; 2.6 was released a couple of weeks ago. Oneiric has 2.5, so I will need to package plugins for at least 2.5 as well.13:39
wgrantSo I'm not sure if we want to go to 2.5 everywhere, or even 2.6, depending on when this work is going to happen.13:39
bigjoolswgrant: so we need to backport and put it in the lp PPA13:40
bigjoolsmight as well go for the latest release provided it works on lucid and oneiric/natty13:40
bigjoolswgrant: are you the only one making packages at this point?13:40
wgrantI think latest is probably best. It's not as if we're upgrading a core part of the system to an non-battletested release.13:41
wgrantWell, the server packages and plugin infrastructure are maintained in Ubuntu.13:41
wgrant2.6 isn't there yet, but I have 2.6 server packages already.13:41
bigjoolsI want to avoid a custom package13:41
wgrantHopefully we can get the extra plugins into Ubuntu for oneiric+1.13:42
bigjoolsyes - which reminds me to send an email13:42
bigjoolswhat is not there right now that we need?13:42
wgrantCheck https://launchpad.net/~wgrant/+archive/rabbitmq13:42
wgrantrabbitmq-server and rabbitmq-erlang-client are straight backports of natty versions.13:43
bigjoolswhat about the management plugin?13:43
wgrantrabbitmq-management depends on mochiweb, webmachine, rabbitmq-mochiweb and rabbitmq-management-agent.13:44
wgrantNone of those are in Ubuntu.13:44
bigjoolsok ta13:44
bigjoolsare they in Debian?13:44
wgrantmochiweb/webmachine are general Erlang libs, not rabbit-specific.13:44
bigjoolsas in, packaged, or did you package?13:44
wgrantThey weren't two months ago when I packaged them initially, but that may have changed.13:44
wgrantI packaged them.13:44
wgrantNot that there was much to it.13:45
wgrantBut yes.13:45
wgranteg. for mochiweb: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/74782554/mochiweb_1.5.2-0ppa1.diff.gz13:45
bigjoolswhat is rabbitmq-erlang-client  for?13:45
wgrantIt's a rabbitmq client for erlang.13:46
bigjoolsno shit sherlock :)13:46
wgrantSome of the other plugins speak AMQP using it.13:46
wgrantIt *is* in Debian and Ubuntu, I believe.13:46
bigjoolsI was wondering what needs it since it wasn't mentioned in your dep list above13:46
wgrantI think management-agent depends on it.13:47
wgrantIt's in Ubuntu, but not Debian.13:47
allenapabentley: Hi. Line 45 in https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/storm/json-property/+merge/74428 looks a bit like a manifestation of bug 510052, but I can't figure out what I did wrong. Could you help me out?13:47
_mup_Bug #510052: Incorrect Merged proposal diff produced with pre-requisite option <code-review> <lp-code> <udd> <Launchpad itself:Invalid> <Ubuntu Distributed Development:Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/510052 >13:47
wgrantrabbitmq-management and rabbitmq-management-agent both depend on rabbitmq-erlang-client13:48
bigjoolscoolio, thanks13:48
bigjoolsso we need the lot13:48
wgrantAnd the packages are all pretty trivial.13:48
abentleyallenap: if it is a manifestation of bug 510052, then there's nothing you did wrong.13:48
_mup_Bug #510052: Incorrect Merged proposal diff produced with pre-requisite option <code-review> <lp-code> <udd> <Launchpad itself:Invalid> <Ubuntu Distributed Development:Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/510052 >13:48
allenapabentley: Bug 510052 is marked Invalid, so I wondered if I had actually done something wrong instead, Occam's Razor and all that.13:50
_mup_Bug #510052: Incorrect Merged proposal diff produced with pre-requisite option <code-review> <lp-code> <udd> <Launchpad itself:Invalid> <Ubuntu Distributed Development:Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/510052 >13:50
abentleyallenap: There is a legitimate bug where incorrect diffs are produced, but it's fairly rare.13:52
wgrantsinzui: Ah, I'm glad it was not just me who ran your suggested test case blindly!13:52
abentleyallenap: So, I merged jkakar's branch into lp:storm, and it produced the conflict you see.13:53
allenapabentley: My branch merges trunk and resolves those conflicts. Should I have started from trunk and merged Jamu's branch instead?13:55
bacabentley: i have made the change to combine DerivedAuthorization and ForwardedAuthorization.  i chose a new name DelegatedAuthorization, which i think is more descriptive.  you can see the diff at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/684417/13:56
bigjoolsDelegated makes me think of lazr.delegates13:56
bigjoolsor whatever it is13:57
baci considered that but they are different beasts13:57
bigjoolsI think your original name was the best!13:58
abentleyallenap: yes, you would have needed to fix the conflicts in Jamu's branch.  I think the conflict removal is shown because that's one of the differences between your branch and Jamu's.13:59
allenapabentley: Okay, cheers.14:00
abentleyallenap: Looks good.  I expect we'll want to support different permissions per object at some point, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.14:02
allenapabentley: Was that meant for someone else?14:03
bacallenap i think that was for me14:03
abentleybac: Looks good.  I expect we'll want to support different permissions per object at some point, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.14:03
abentleyallenap: yep, thanks.14:03
bacthanks abentley14:03
jkakarallenap, abentley: Hi! :)14:07
abentleyjkakar: hi.14:08
jkakarallenap: Thanks for picking up my branch and finishing it off.14:08
jkakarallenap: Should I just merge it into my branch and get therve to approve it, so I can land it?14:08
allenapjkakar: No worries, it was nice to see that what I was thinking of was already there :) And sure, that would be great.14:09
jelmer_has something changed in the handling of merge proposals recently? They seem to be timing out more often than previously, even on a project like bzr14:09
allenapjkakar: Fwiw, the diff in my merge proposal is now free of conflict markers, so you can see what you're getting easily.14:09
allenapjkakar: Garg, no it's not. Ignore me :)14:10
jkakarallenap: Heh14:10
jkakarallenap: Okay, I'll merge it into my branch and harass therve. :)14:10
allenapAwesome, ta :)14:10
bigjoolswgrant: I need to specify which rabbit package versions we want in oneiric+1.  AFAIK we don't *need* the latest and you packaged 2.3.1 but I suspect they'll just take whatever you packaged.14:13
bigjoolsany preferences?14:13
wgrantbigjools: What I have already can't go into oneiric+1, since it's lower than what oneiric has.14:16
wgrantAnd releasing the LTS with a very old RabbitMQ would be foolish.14:17
bigjoolswell, yes14:17
wgrantI suspect oneiric+1 will end up going with whatever Debian has at the time, but maybe not.14:17
fjlacostebigjools: did you get a volunteer yet?14:27
bigjoolsfjlacoste: OTP, but no14:27
=== fjlacoste is now known as flacoste
jkakarallenap: The branch is merged, thanks!14:35
allenapjkakar: \o/14:35
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
allenapstub: I have an update to lp:~launchpad-committers/storm/with-without-datetime. What do I do next? My guess: (1) push with with-without-datetime, (2) build egg (how?), (3) put egg tarball in lp:~launchpad/lp-source-dependencies/trunk, (4) update versions.cfg in Launchpad.14:43
stubYes, 1) update lp:~launchpad-committers/storm/with-without-datetime 2) python setup.py egg_info -b-lpwithnodatetime-rXXX sdist14:46
stubTwiddle the -b option until the generated filename is correct14:47
stuband the rest you know14:47
allenapstub: Brilliant, thank you.14:48
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adeuringabentley: fancy a review of a not-too-big diff? https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/lazr.batchnavigator/lazr.batchnavigator-result-length-from-range-factory/+merge/7445915:44
abentleyadeuring: sure.15:44
bacabentley: can you do a review at your leisure?  https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/launchpad/bug-838957/+merge/7446015:45
abentleybac: sure.15:46
abentleyadeuring: "should" misspelled on 29.15:48
adeuringabentley: right. fixed locally.15:48
adeuring...and line 30 has a typo too...15:49
abentleyadeuring: What do you think about saying "rough_length" or "approx_length" or something instead of "result_length"?15:51
adeuringabentley: good idea! let's use rough_length15:52
abentleyadeuring: r=me15:53
adeuringabentley: cool, thanks!15:53
abentleybac: I think we're recommending catching exceptions using the "as" syntax, e.g. "except ValueError as e"15:57
stubadeuring: You found estimateRowCount in lib/canonical/database/postgresql.py ?15:58
adeuringstub: not yet; thanks for the hint! will make work on my next branch easier :)15:58
bacabentley: good catch.  i haven't gotten into that habit yet15:59
stubadeuring: Feel free to drop that function and create something more useful with Storm. I don't think there are any callsites.15:59
abentleybac: r=me15:59
bacer, thanks15:59
adeuringstub: ok, I'll check it15:59
abentleygmb: I think your code could be tested using MockIo.  Have you taken a look at that?16:04
gmbabentley: Ah, ISWYM. No, I hadn't thought of that - been too wrapped up in getting the damn thing working. I'll do that now, thanks for the suggestion.16:05
abentleygmb: no problem.16:05
abentleygmb: Even when we get those integration testing facilities, we should avoid using them where we're not actually testing integration.16:06
gmbFair enough.16:06
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nigelbjelmer_: could you /nick to jelmer?16:51
=== jelmer_ is now known as jelmer
nigelbClassbot is complaining that you're around16:51
nigelbAnd you can /join #ubuntu-classroom-backstage in case you need to poke us for help :)16:52
nigelbcan I tag a bug that's  fixed again if I'm improving the fix?17:23
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
sinzuinigelb, we do not have a tag for that. It is best to report a new bug and add a comment to the old bug that you are working on an improvement17:41
nigelbsinzui: excellent, ok17:41
sinzuinigelb, I believe we will have bug linking by the end of the year17:41
nigelbits the fonts bug. Needs a bit more tweaking17:41
sinzuiI saw William's remarks. Your branch did fix the bug17:42
nigelbok,I'll open a new one and assign it to me17:42
sinzuiI was tempted to comment that most of the uses of italics in Launchpad are incorrect. They should be strong instead of em17:42
jelmerhi sinzui17:55
sinzuihi jelmer17:55
jelmersidnei: saw your gtk3 branch for bzr-gtk, thanks for that. I'll see if I can have time to do a review of it in the next couple of days.17:56
sinzuithank you17:56
jelmergrarr. lolcats are messin with mai englishz17:56
jelmers/can have/have/17:56
nigelbHow hard is it to fix bug 88545?18:18
_mup_Bug #88545: Abolish the "statusexplanation" database field <lp-bugs> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/88545 >18:18
nigelbabentley: Hi, could you do a quick review? (its a tiny diff) https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/launchpad/font-fixes-787798/+merge/7449218:25
abentleynigelb: certainly.18:29
abentleynigelb: r=me.  What's it doing exactly?  It looks like it's specifying normal, italic, bold, bold-italic.18:31
nigelbIs including that woff from google web fonts18:31
abentleylifeless: just ran the first concurrent test-farm run.19:17
nigelbwhat does bug-columns tag mean?19:20
stubabentley: \o/19:32
lifelessabentley: cool!19:32
* abentley may need to change the name of this project, because Spinal Tap's "Sex Farm" keeps going around in his head.19:33
stubIts hyphenated database name day19:41
nigelbIs the team leads meeting notes new?19:56
nigelbI've never seen it on the dev list before.19:56
sinzuinigelb, They are not new. I believe they were sent to the wrong list :)20:32
nigelbsinzui: aww, drat. I enjoyed reading them :)20:40
benjiabentley: do you have the time/inclination to do a lazr.restful review (it's really simple)? https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/lazr.restful/do-not-hide-original-tracebacks/+merge/7451620:51
abentleybenji: r=me, and this is a bug that I reported.  Thanks!20:53
benjiabentley: cool, I'll find the bug report so I can decorate it appropriately20:54
abentleybenji: I believe it's bug 83213620:54
_mup_Bug #832136: tracebacks are obfuscated <lazr.restful:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/832136 >20:54
benjicool, thanks20:54
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sinzuiwallyworld_, wgrant, stevenK: I think mumble does not want me to attend the standup23:07
wgrantsinzui: We were able to hear you.23:07
wgrantBoth the first and second times.23:07
jelmersigh, I now seem to have traded in my password error for another error when trying to run the launchpad tests23:53
jelmerpsycopg2.OperationalError: terminating connection due to administrator command23:55
jelmerSSL connection has been closed unexpectedly23:55
jelmerdoes that look familiar to anybody?23:55

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