yesitisjustmeanyone use wine?03:04
Unit193Some like beer more03:04
yesitisjustmei mean meam wine for linux03:12
Unit193Bad joke, what's the issue?03:13
yesitisjustmedoes msi extension work in wine?03:16
Unit193Kind of, but you need to change something03:17
Unit193First run   sudo apt-get install winetricks    then     sh winetricks msi203:18
yesitisjustmewine tricks is needed for it to work?03:26
Unit193Well, it's the quick and easy way03:27
silverarrowanyone clever with firefox addon?04:48
silverarrowI am on to a bug in gnome mplayer04:48
silverarrowyesitisjustme, hi05:18
JadedJacobGood evening.06:31
JadedJacobWhat size do you guys use for your /root partition if you're not using a home partition?06:32
bioterror10GB could be enough06:33
M0hiJadedJacob: what are the applications you install/use ? like somw web development or some other06:33
bioterrorI would give maybe 1506:33
M0hibioterror: 20 ? :P06:34
JadedJacobI'm setting up a triple boot for a friend.06:34
JadedJacobVista (cringes) Lubuntu, and Opensuse 11.0406:34
JadedJacobThey want to test out in linux06:34
JadedJacobSo I'm installing lubuntu and opensuse for them.06:35
JadedJacobjust basic internet and media use06:35
JadedJacobSo I'll just install VLC Player and make sure flash player works and leave it at that.06:35
M0hithen 10 will do06:36
JadedJacob80GB = 74GB as far as Gparted is concerned.06:36
M0hi10 GB I mean06:36
JadedJacob4gb for the vista recovery partition. so i gave vista 35GB, and I have 35GB left for linux06:36
JadedJacobHow about 15GB for each distro, and 5GB for the swap file?06:37
M0hiJadedJacob: 10 GB is enough for lubuntu. Its upto you to give more memory06:39
silverarrowis gnome mplayer freeze, a lubuntu issue06:45
silverarrowknows bug?06:45
silverarrowknown bug*06:45
bioterroryou can search for gnome player06:47
M0hisilverarrow: is the other players also having the same issue? If not, register a bug in launchpad.net as bioterror mentioned06:47
M0hibut under gnome player and not under lubuntu06:47
silverarrowno only mplayer, vlc doesn't cause freeze-up, but then again will not work06:48
silverarrowvlc, works on some stuff06:48
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JadedJacobThanks M0hi06:49
M0hino probs JadedJacob  =]06:50
JadedJacobNow I just have to work whether to use 10GB for each distro, and then a 10GB as a shared storage partition.06:51
JadedJacob15GB per distro and mount points to each distro's user dir :)06:52
bioterroryou should use all the 80GB for Lubuntu.06:53
bioterrornext! ;D06:53
M0hibioterror: :P07:01
silverarrowit's always a bit daft with bugs, nobody wants them. I don't think it's a mplayer issue / I do think it's an mplayer issue07:02
bioterrorthen backtrace that gnome mplayer07:03
bioterrorinstall all the dev -packages for mplayer and gnome-mplayer07:03
bioterroryou get more specific data07:03
silverarrowmaybe related ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/78843007:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 788430 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Chromium causes computer to freeze when playing .asf video" [Undecided,New]07:04
silverarrowI get it in firefox to with the video flash replacer addon07:05
silverarrowwhich is mplayer07:05
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IAmNotThatGuysilverarrow: mplayer and flash player drivers has no link. Try VLC/ some other movie players please07:13
silverarrowvlc do not freeze, I have it, but it will not play like mplayer07:17
IAmNotThatGuythen find mplayer devs and ask for the help regarding this silverarrow07:18
IAmNotThatGuyhyperair: remove the ',' in the topic after "Welcome to lubuntu"07:19
* IAmNotThatGuy gives work to hyperair 07:20
hyperairum what ,?07:21
IAmNotThatGuyhyperair: in priv msg07:21
hyperairIAmNotThatGuy: i don't see any priv msg..07:21
silverarrowif I install smplayer from package manger will it somehow affect default gnome mplayer?07:22
IAmNotThatGuyhyperair: PM07:22
hyperairokay, just saw it07:22
IAmNotThatGuysilverarrow: No07:22
IAmNotThatGuyyou should be careful only at the time of removal07:22
silverarrowthat could potentially muck up the experiment07:23
* IAmNotThatGuy didn't do that hyperair :P07:25
* hyperair didn't do that to IAmNotThatGuy 07:26
IAmNotThatGuyhyperair: -offtopic07:28
silverarrowit is a chore to address bugs07:59
CARCASShi people, I need suggestion about synaptic in lubuntu 11.04: I can't remove packages marked as "not installed, residual config". I mark them to completely remove, but the apply button is not active.08:08
silverarrowwho asked me to install gecko?08:09
silverarrowI have installed two packages from suggested packages. I have mucked up some functions08:09
silverarrowis it easy to revert to previous state?08:10
silverarrowI regret it big time08:10
bioterrorWed02:42*<micahg> silverarrow: I'd suggest just installing gecko-mediaplayer from -proposed and then removing it if your risk tolerance is low08:11
bioterrorWed02:43*<micahg> silverarrow: removing -proposed, not gecko-mediaplyer08:11
silverarrowI installed lib6 something08:11
silverarrowstupid me08:12
silverarrowit did mess up08:13
silverarrowthe gecko package08:13
silverarrowif I run package manager will it detect and remove them?08:14
silverarrowI could shoot my self in the foot08:17
silverarrowi cannot stream online tv08:17
silverarrowa bit stupid too08:20
silverarrowwhat was I thinking the package would be good for?08:20
bioterrorit's a nice thing that my service proviced offers us a XBMC plugin to watch stored tv shows from their clould service08:20
silverarrowfreeze issues are more than enough08:21
bioterrorI can just WoL my HTPC, start the plugin and choose what I've stored and watch it08:21
bioterrorso maybe you should consider a better service for your online tv?08:22
silverarrowI was rather happy with gnome mplayer gecko and chromium, is streamed online tv, direct too08:22
silverarrowyes maybe08:22
bioterrorwe have one channel that has webpage full of silverlight08:22
silverarrowI have moonlight08:23
silverarrowI have a feeling this is never going to be reversed08:23
silverarrowmaybe next time I install lubuntu,08:24
silverarrowwhen does lubuntu 12 come?08:24
silverarrowor 11.10, what ever they call it08:24
Unit193Think about that, it's based on release date (version numbers)08:27
silverarrowUnit193, thanks, obvious really lol08:54
silverarrowI heard rumors there's a release in October08:55
silverarrowI really wish there was a way to reverse newly installed packages08:56
mewaywhy is my desktop showing multiple things open when there is only 1 thing open? (when closing they all close)09:57
bioterrorfor example?09:57
mewaywell my time wireless and sound is not in the correct spot (to the right of the screen) and I open xchat and I see multiples going across the bottom09:58
bioterrorah notification area09:58
mewayoh that helps xD09:59
meway<- feels like a tard :)09:59
Unit193Try saying /me feels like a tard ;)10:03
* meway tard the new Pokemon 10:07
M0hiUnit193: LOL10:50
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Jaded-Is there a special way that I need to install Vlc player on lubuntu compared to ubuntu pure?12:56
bioterrorsudo apt-get install vlc12:56
micahghmm...moonlight in natty also needs testing in natty-proposed, I missed that too...14:37
tomeoWhy does the Lubuntu installer create three partitions?15:21
tomeoI get sda1, sda2 and sda5 where sda2 is primary and sda5 is swap15:21
tomeoI dont understand what sda1 is15:21
morrihi guys, I have forcefully downgraded my firefox back to 4 because I didnt like the 5 or 6 browser, but now it appears always in update manager, how do I make it that the update manager ignores firefox?15:54
Soojinmorri: inside synaptics you can lock packages16:00
Soojinunder Package -> Lock/Force (I have swedish lubuntu so i don't know quite what it says in the english version;) )16:01
morricool thanks Soojin16:11
silverarrowis there a way to revert to a previous update?17:23
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silverarrowwhat kind of players and media drivers are default in lubuntu?19:17
silverarrowI am thinking of removing all extras, en reinstall19:18
Unit193!info lubuntu-core19:19
ubot5lubuntu-core (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment - minimal installation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.24 (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc ia64 sparc lpia armel)19:19
silverarrowI have 11.0419:19
silverarrowI messed up my mediaplayer, some kind of gecko or plugin mess19:20
Unit193What exactly are you looking for? Sounded like you didn't want default programs19:20
silverarrowoh sorry, I am very happy with default19:20
silverarrowand extras19:21
silverarrowfor a while everything worked fairly well19:21
silverarrowI installed two proposed packages yesterday and they messed up online stream tv19:21
silverarrowI  don't know if it is repairable19:22
silverarrowI am hoping19:22
silverarrowstreaming in mplayer stopped working19:23
silverarrowso, it's really difficult to trace the packages? or latest updates?19:23
Unit193Ok, disable the repo then open the terminal and type   sudo apt-get update    and     sudo apt-get reinstall {packages messed up}19:23
silverarrowyes, I did disable the proposed stuff19:24
silverarrowcan you make sense out of this? http://pastebin.com/uKAHCccu19:26
Unit193You need to actually secect the package name >.<19:27
silverarrowsudo apt-get reinstall invalid operation19:27
silverarrowdefinitely a challenge19:29
silverarrowgod knows what I have installed19:29
silverarrowhe has probably no idea either19:29
Unit193Oh, wrong program for that :P sudo apt-get uninstall [package]   than    sudo apt-get install [package]19:29
silverarrowI have to google what packages I installed19:31
silverarrowI followed a guide for medibuntu I think with added gecko/mplayer/and windows media plugins19:32
micahgsilverarrow: I forgot to mention that a new moonlight is waiting in natty-proposed as well19:49
silverarrowand how will it work?19:57
silverarrowI'm not shore I even know if can use moolight, when I have mplayer and gecko19:57
silverarrowsituation now is that tv streams loads, caches, and play for a second then aborts20:00
silverarrowI'm shore something is interfering with the main driver or plugin20:00
silverarrowit looks like moonlight mozilla plugin should stream tv20:02
silverarrowi've had enough for today I think20:03
silverarrowI'm not getting any where20:03
silverarrowI suspect I have double up some kind of plugin or driver and the interfere20:04
silverarrowmicahg, the gecko package messed up20:07
micahgwith Firefox 6?20:07
silverarrowno, with chromium, but it didn't work in firefox 6 either, or before20:08
silverarrowin chromium I could stream tv with mplayer fine20:08
silverarrowfirefox never did20:08
silverarrowI have no good explanation for it20:09
silverarrowmicahg, firefox is the preferred browser these days?20:19
silverarrowI tried to stick with chromium, because it was default20:19
micahgsilverarrow: depends in which derivative20:20
micahgyou're free to use whatever you like, I happen to be the one pushing through updates in the stable releases for both Firefox and Chromium20:20
silverarrowit's all right, I installed Firefox because of the flash video replacer20:21
silverarrowwork well20:22
silverarrowbut I lost tv stream20:22
silverarrowI am sure it is a minor issue20:23
silverarrowlike double up drivers, but I cannot find any clue to how or where they should be lined up20:24
gumushi all20:28
gumus I need to transform a subtitle's code to utf-8 .Because local letters are not legible at the moment. I used to write a command like  -f iso... -t utf-8  file.srt > file1.srt. But I don't remember it exactly. Can anyone help me with that?20:28
gumusoh found it20:33
mewayhow do I set a background?20:39
mewayhow do I set an image as a background in lubuntu?20:44
mewayout of 43 people everybody is afk?20:45
Soojinkids these days21:41
jeffcutsingerIs there something special I need to do to use a different wm? I changed the setting in lxsession-edit, and it's still using openbox.22:12
jeffcutsingerFor whatever reason, lxsession-edit was writing its configuration changes to the LXDE session instead of the Lubuntu session. Copying directory over made it work.23:23
silverarrowI have discovered where the annoying popups come from23:46
silverarrowI blamed chromium for being bad with popups, but it i IsoHunt23:46
silverarrowIH have these nasty banners with blinking adverts and popups that appear in a new window23:47

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