Stanley00Morning! I'm using oneiric, and I'd like thunder can minimize to systray or some kind of that. any suggestion?01:03
urlin2uStanley00, I  installed gconf-editor although deprecated, it will put the buttons back on the windows if you want.01:13
Stanley00urlin2u: can you be more specs, which keys should I change?01:14
urlin2uin gonf editor-desktop-shell is a place to add the minimizw ans maximize buttons.01:15
Stanley00urlin2u: thanks, I will look at it now01:16
urlin2uthis helps01:17
Stanley00urlin2u: or, sorry, maybe you misunderstood,..01:18
Stanley00urlin2u:  I'd like thunder bird can minimize to systray or some kind of that. sorry, mistyping...01:18
urlin2uI was not sure but having a minimize button on the window seemed a conmpromize.01:18
Stanley00urlin2u: I tried looking for an add-on but there isn't for thunder bird 7.0...01:22
urlin2unever seen one as you describe, myself01:23
micahgStanley00: there used to be such an addon, but it's unmaintained01:24
Stanley00micahg: hmm, I think it's a very helpful add-on, can you tell me where I can find it?01:25
micahgStanley00: it won't work with thunderbird 701:26
Stanley00micahg: hmm, what's a pity!01:26
SirFunkhey, since evolution is no longer default, is there going to be another calendar program included in oneiric?02:34
Stanley00SirFunk: how about reminderFox add-on in thunderbird?02:54
SirFunkStanley00: that's really not a replacement for evolution03:10
jbichaSirFunk: just install Evolution then, it still integrates with the messaging menu03:16
SirFunkjbicha: heh, well i never liked/used evolution... I was just hoping that in removing evolution (with calendar) there was some planned alternative that was better than evolution03:28
jbichaSirFunk: it's hoped that Ubuntu 12.04 will have some sort of calendar built-in, perhaps Lightning03:36
SirFunkjbicha: nice. Lightning isn't bad.. perhaps integration is what i'm missing in it.. looking forward to that03:47
DanaGsay, what do I need to do to get a Novatel wwan card ( Bus 003 Device 003: ID 1410:8000 Novatel Wireless03:53
DanaG ) to work?03:53
DanaGThat is, to at let me try dialing with networkmanager, OR to at the very least give me GPS.03:53
DanaGHmm, so, I can connect to the WWAN network, but I can't get to anywhere.04:33
DanaGAny traffic trying to go anywhere results in ICMP "Network Unreachable" from a host that's neither the gateway nor the DNS server nor anything else obvious.04:33
cwillu_at_workDanaG, dumb question, but it's not localhost?04:35
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] Since yesterday's upgrade my "Super" key is unfunctional when resuming from suspend state or or using LibreOffice for a while. What package should I report this error against? I do not obtain any error message.04:40
bullgard4_I need to restart the computer in order that the Super key re-appears.04:42
cwillu_at_workbullgard4_, logging out and in doesn't restore it?04:42
snadgedoes the oneiric installer kernel support xen pvops?04:44
snadgeor is the recommended way to install it, still to use debootstrap04:44
snadgei have downloaded the alternate install iso, assuming there was a kernel and initrd i could boot with xen04:45
DanaGcwillu_at_work: nope.  the ICMP sender is 172.x; the network is 10.x; the gateway is 68.x.04:45
DanaG68 is public; the others are private.04:45
cwillu_at_workDanaG, your ip is?04:46
cwillu_at_workcould be a misconfigured dhcp server04:47
DanaGIt's a Sprint 3G card yanked from a Kindle.04:47
DanaGSo, it may very well be blocked.04:47
DanaGBut the IP configuration seems weird.04:47
cwillu_at_workI didn't know there was a usable piece of equipment you could nab out of one of those04:47
DanaG68.28.50.91/92 are the gateways.04:47
cwillu_at_workI must resist the urge to take mine apart :p04:47
DanaGthat's page 1.04:48
bullgard4_cwillu_at_work: '~sudo service lightdm restart' in a virtual console sometimes restores GNOME 3 and sometimes not.04:48
DanaGShows up as Bus 003 Device 003: ID 1410:8000 Novatel Wireless04:48
DanaGOh yeah, lightdm seems to die, and leave behind an X server.04:48
DanaGSo I can't restart lightdm.04:48
cwillu_at_workah, I've got a kindle304:48
DanaGAnd logging in gives me blank.04:48
DanaGI should probably try the card in the Kindle itself.04:49
snadgenobody uses xen anymore? :p04:51
cwillu_at_worksnadge, I let my vps provider deal with that stuff04:52
snadgeyour vps provider still has to try and install oneiric eventually ;)04:52
bullgard4_cwillu_at_work: Please tell me what program package should I report this error against in Launchpad?04:52
cwillu_at_worksnadge, hardly04:53
DanaGOkay, so it works fine in the Kindle itself.04:53
cwillu_at_workbullgard4_, singularity-music04:53
cwillu_at_workbullgard4_, more seriously, I don't really know, although if you pick off xorg-input or something, it's not a big deal;  it'll get reassigned as necessary04:54
bullgard4_cwillu_at_work: hm.04:58
snadgeahh ok http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/xen/05:00
snadgehandy to know that exists ;)05:00
DanaGargh, stupid gnome 3... has only two brightness levels.05:01
DanaGHigh, and low.05:01
cwillu_at_workDanaG, I predict revolt within a year05:01
DanaGI see... Amazon uses a proxy.05:02
DanaGCool.  Maybe then I'll be able to use the card.05:03
DanaGanyway, off to get ready for bed.05:03
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] Yesterday there was a huge update of ~180 MB via UpdateManager. Why does this update not reflect in Synaptic's history?05:13
urlin2ubig one today as well.05:14
Onlyodindamn proxy must be screwing me over05:17
OnlyodinAll I have is gnome-control-center which has a broken dependency05:17
bullgard4_cwillu_at_work: A revolt against what?05:24
cwillu_at_workgnome-shell in particular05:24
bullgard4_cwillu_at_work: I cannot confirm your prediction. I hav been using GNOME 3 since Oneiric Alpha 2 and had no major problems until yesterday.05:25
snadge3.1.90 has just been pushed out yeah?05:26
snadgeit broke fedora too05:27
bullgard4_snadge: What package do you speak about specifically?05:29
snadgegdm possibly gnome-shell05:29
snadgeoneiric installs beautifully in xen, using the latest nightly.. you have to manually load the xen net driver for it to detect network, otherwise fine05:31
bullgard4_snadge: Current gnome-shell version is 3.1.4-0ubuntu2.05:31
snadgefedora is a bit more psycho then.. they are also using kernel 3.1.0 rc405:31
micahgfedora releases a month and a half after us this cycle05:32
snadgeironically i started messing around with f16 to see what the latest gnome 3 shell was like05:33
snadgejust getting to a point where i could use it was difficult enough.. but, that was my first experience with gnome 3 and i liked it05:34
snadgebeing able to choose between that, and unity, in a more stable environment does sound preferable though05:34
zniavregood morning06:42
zniavrethere is a worrie with desktop icon no ?06:42
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/5xOXU.png      it looks too small im thinking06:44
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bullgard4_LibreOffice 3.4 crashes when performing the task suggested in http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6924 and writes: "A report of the crash was created to help us to identify the reason why LibreOffice crashed. Click 'Next' to get to the Error Reporting Tool. When clicking 'next' this old window disappears and no new window appears. How to proceed?07:41
bullgard4_zniavre: The "Desktop" icon is a bit small in my GNOME 3 too.07:43
Saviqhi all, after resuming from suspend, ubuntu managed to completely turn off (or break, as the symptoms are the same) my backlight08:20
Saviqany ideas what I might try and poke to get it back?08:21
SaviqI tried booting to windows, upgrading the BIOS, resetting it to the defaults, nothing :/08:22
Saviqit's a Dell laptop, btw08:22
urlin2uSaviq, kind of drastic responses to try and get a OS in development to suspend, has earlier releases supended?08:25
Saviqurlin2u: no earlier releases were installed on it, tbh, but it suspended fine multiple times08:26
urlin2uSaviq, are you a new open source user?08:27
Saviqno, actually the opposite, and that's why I have the dev version running08:27
urlin2uSaviq, cool I figured not, well I had some problems that a fresh install fixed, the beta1 has I forget what exactly stuff turned on that were off in the alpha stages.08:28
urlin2uyou can save the installed apps to a file and reload them to a fresh install that is what I did.08:29
Saviqyeah anyway... that's what I have the next day service for08:33
Saviqnew screen incoming08:33
AdysAnyone got ELF header smaller than expected on boot?08:34
chandWill totem stay default video player in oneiric ?08:38
popeychand: yes08:39
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chandwe dont see totem 3.1.x package08:40
chandany idea why ?08:41
popeychand: its 3.0.108:41
chandpopey, yes but all other gnome 3.1.X have been uploaded to follow gnome 3.2 development08:43
popeyi see debian has totem 3.0.1 also08:43
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HoellPHello, i need a hint against which packages i should report a bug11:38
HoellPthe problem is between empathy and the messaging menu...11:39
HoellPcan anyone tell me on which side of the two the connection is made, so i can select the correct package to report against?11:39
IdleOne!info telepathy-indicator11:42
ubottutelepathy-indicator (source: telepathy-indicator): Desktop service to integrate Telepathy with the messaging menu.. In component main, is optional. Version 0.0.6-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 7 kB, installed size 72 kB11:42
IdleOnenot sure if that is what you need11:42
HoellPme neither actually11:42
HoellPthe problem is, if i set empathy to auto start at boot, it shows up, but the status switcher in the messaging menu is deactivated (greyed out)11:43
HoellPi have to close empathy, and start again for it to work11:43
IdleOneHoellP: file against empathy and it should get triaged to the right package if that isn't it.11:43
HoellPthis only happens if i start it via startup applications11:43
HoellPalright, will do that11:43
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gnomefreakare these safe to remove? console-terminus gnome-icon-theme-extras ntfsprogs12:23
gnomefreakwell dont care about the icons12:24
gnomefreaklibx264-116 is the problem. not sure if they should be removed due to impementing them into the libx264-116 instead of depends on them12:25
HoellPconsole-terminus is not a package, it's part of console-setup which is marked important12:25
HoellPi wouldn't do that...12:25
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Development:~$ show console-terminus12:27
gnomefreakPackage: console-terminus12:27
HoellPapt-cache show console-terminus12:28
HoellPN: Can't select versions from package 'console-terminus' as it is purely virtual12:28
gnomefreakconsole-terminus is already the newest version.  :(12:29
HoellPand aptitude show says that "console-terminus" is provided by package "console-setup"12:29
gnomefreakyes it does12:29
HoellPi don't understand what you mean then...12:30
HoellPbut nevertheless, you should NOT remove console-setup afaik12:30
robin0800after latest updates network manager won't connect to mobile broadband gnomeppp works however is there a bug report?12:32
HoellProbin0800: search launchpad yourself will probably be faster, then get someone here to search for your12:33
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] '~$ LANG=C sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree; E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages." Is the only solution to wait for the future?12:37
HoellPtry sudo apt-get install -f12:38
HoellPand then sudo dpkg configure -a12:38
bullgard4_HoellP: This -f switch ends in 'E: Package 'nspluginviewer' has no installation candidate'.'12:42
HoellPi also don't have that package available12:42
HoellPbut there is nspluginwrapper available, maybe there is some transition going on12:43
HoellPyou have a 64bit system?12:43
knightstalkerI have some problems with Window Theme in Gnome shell...,any ideas?12:43
bullgard4_HoellP: But have you managed to install flashplugin-nonfree?12:43
bullgard4_Yes, 64-bit system.12:43
HoellPi use the native 64bit plug in12:43
HoellPavailable from ppa:sevenmachines/flash12:44
HoellPthat is : and s12:44
HoellPdamn smilies12:44
HoellPthe package is called flashplugin64-installer12:44
bullgard4_Ah! I thought I better wait until I do not have to rely on PPAs.12:44
HoellPi'm unsure if version 11 will be ready for oneiric release. but it doesn't matter much because all flash installers only d/l the plug in from adeobe servers anyway12:45
HoellPit has RC1 state now and works pretty well here, definitely better than the 32bit plug in with wrapper12:45
bullgard4_HoellP: That's what others told me too.12:46
BluesKajG'Day all12:46
HoellPand a good day to you sir12:46
bullgard4_HoellP: I am in no hurry and can wait until the end of October, 2011. Then I will reconsider the matter. --  Thank you for commenting.12:47
HoellPyou're welcome12:48
BluesKajhi HoellP12:51
* BluesKaj begins to wonder whether the plasma desktop is the prob here, ...looks much like Kwin but I'm not sure12:53
HoellPHmm, i'm running out of bugs to report...12:56
* HoellP searches deeper12:56
HoellPgot another one :D12:58
dchuaHi. I'm testing beta1 and would like to look at the source code for a specific package. What deb-src URL do I use (in my /etc/apt/sources.list) for this? Thanks.13:01
HoellPdepends on the package...13:01
HoellPspecifically, in which repo the package lives13:01
dchuaOK. It's the command-not-found-0.2.43ubuntu1 package.13:02
dchuaSorry if this is newbie question ...13:02
HoellPno worries, everyone starts sometime...13:02
HoellPi'm pretty sure that package is in main13:03
HoellPso, the easiest way, is to start software-properties and activate source repos in the first tab13:04
dchuaOK. I see. Sorry, I confused myself ... I've got the TGZ by means of apt-get source.13:04
HoellPthat's the default way13:05
HoellPdidn't you get the source?13:05
dchuaI'm testing chinese input in beta1 and found that command-not-found is throwing a Unicode exception.13:05
dchuaI wanted to grab the python source code to find the root cause. Maybe even the fix.13:05
Piciapt-get source does get the source....13:05
HoellPand it does for me...13:06
HoellPlook for the folder in the dir where you ran the command13:06
PiciI'm confused.13:06
rohdefhow come postgres 9.1 start on a random port each time?13:08
rohdefI've set it to port 5432 in /etc/postgres/9.1/main/postgres.conf13:08
rohdefand netstat don't show any apps using that port13:08
mongygoogle gravity wa fun for 7 seconds13:09
HoellPmongy: +1 ;)13:11
bassoupdates today?13:14
HoellPwow, empathy's irc implementation is totally broken...13:16
gnomiecertainly not designed with irc in mind. then again none said it was an irc client really; i use irssi! :D13:19
HoellPi know, but i use irc so seldom nowadays, that configuring irssi for it is kinda wasted time13:20
gnomieit works for light irc'ing [read: one channel open] heh13:20
HoellPthere are other capable clients as well, but i'd really like all messaging be done in one program13:20
HoellPsadly, not even that...13:21
HoellPat least if you don't want a fullscreen window13:21
HoellPbecause writing over the border of the text input box just resizes the whole window...13:21
HoellPthere is a bug report, which says it's fixed in oneiric, which is clearly not the case13:22
gnomieit was unbearable to have 3 channels open, while sending commands to nickerv .. managing of channels is not empathy's forte13:22
HoellPthat's another problem...13:22
HoellPmaybe switch to pidgin, that works pretty well for light irc usage13:22
gnomienot only that, but authenticating to network was clumsy to say the least13:23
HoellPclumsy is very nicely said...13:25
BluesKajis quassel default in gnome ?13:26
HoellPquassel is default in kubuntu13:26
HoellPand is a KDE/Qt program13:27
BluesKajyes , but what the default irc client in gnome ..i've forgotten13:27
HoellPUbuntu has no default IRC app, only empathy which does rudimentary IRC13:27
coz_BluesKaj,  empathy last I looked as default  if that does irc13:27
BluesKajyeah qt , but some are used there13:27
coz_BluesKaj,  but generally I have to install an irc client in gnome13:27
HoellPxchat is the way to go, but you need to install it13:27
gnomieif empathy = irc , i rather say there is no default irc software under unity13:28
coz_yeah not sure about empahty at all for irc13:28
coz_BluesKaj,  I always install xchat  in gnome13:28
HoellPcoz_: i'm here with empathy13:29
BluesKajkonversation is still my default, not default on kde anymore but it is mine :)13:29
HoellPyou can connect and send messages13:29
coz_HoellP,  ah ok cool13:29
HoellPthat's about it13:29
HoellPbut there is this bug, which makes the window get bigger when the text gets too long for the input box13:29
HoellPbut only when the user list is shown13:29
HoellPvery weird...13:29
gnomiei say it's more a design flaw than a bug13:30
HoellPnot really13:30
HoellPit's only in irc windows, so i consider it a bug13:30
gnomieclearly coming from a client designed for i.m. instead13:30
HoellPthere is also a report on launchpad and gnome's bugtracker13:31
HoellPbut also when IMing, the window has to respect the size i give it13:31
HoellPit's just not ok to grow bigger than the screen13:32
HoellPduring our conversation, this window has grown at least 5 cm horizontally13:32
HoellPif that is not a bug, i don't know what is13:32
HoellPbrb, got to check another possible bug...13:33
HoellPgot another empathy bug...13:33
HoellPdamn this program is buggy...13:33
gnomieat least the ui is easy on the eyes, i give you that13:34
HoellPThat's why i like it for IM, it does what i need it to do, is well integrated and out of the way13:35
HoellPis there a common package for all the indicators i can report a bug against?13:36
HoellPor should i report against unity?13:36
gnomiei got some screen artifacts at one point while having a channel open fullscreen [empathy] , have you seen anything like that yet?13:37
HoellPNope, no artifacts... But i use a FullHD 22" screen, so i don't use fullscreen at all...13:37
|HoellPomg, i can hardly keep up with reporting all the bugs i run into today...13:46
|HoellPanyone here can tell me, what the preferred way is to re-open a bug that's been closed as fix released?13:53
|HoellPis setting back to confirmed the way to do it?13:54
sburwood1Just tried the beta 1 of Ocelot in VirtualBox.  Didn't see much in the way of visible changes.  Unity a little different.  Will much change from beta1?13:54
|HoellPsburwood1, nothing greatly visible13:54
IdleOnesburwood1: probably not too much13:54
|HoellPnow is the time for fixing bugs and polish13:54
IdleOnewhat you see is what you get and hopefully works13:54
sburwood1IdleOne: Well, what I saw so far was probems with a format during boot - boot completed, so a minor problem.  What has really changed aside from kernel numbers and versions of different programs like Firefox?13:56
IdleOnecheck the technical overview linked in topic13:56
sburwood1IdleOne: Thx.  Didn't understand much.  Will look into the rc or the final version to see what matters to me13:59
|HoellPok, i'm sending my 4th empthy bug in a row14:02
|HoellPi'm wondering if this really is wort keeping as a default app...14:02
=== |HoellP is now known as HoellP
HoellPit's getting worse and worse14:20
HoellPi'm actually finding bugs, in functions i need to report other bugs...14:21
GTRsdkHoellP: did you run a dist-upgrade?14:25
HoellPFresh install a day before beta14:25
GTRsdkHoellP: have you been updating/upgrading?14:26
HoellPi do that a few times a day at  this state14:26
jtaylorsometimes dist-upgrades are necessary14:27
HoellPi'd do it more often, if just the google repos weren't so damn f*** slow14:27
HoellPjtaylor, i know, i've used every dev version since 5.1014:28
GTRsdksince 9.10 for me14:29
GTRsdkHoellP: have you seen the recent bug where a computer with about 1 GB of RAM could not report it?14:29
HoellPbut i have 8GB myself, so i'm unlikely to run into that problem14:30
HoellPit's kinda stressfull if packages you report bugs against get updated while you write the report...14:34
knightstalkerChances of the bug still existing is not low14:34
HoellPSadly it does14:35
HoellPi already commented on the report, with the new info...14:35
HoellPmaybe now someone can answer my question from before14:37
HoellPhow can i correctly reopen a bug that has been marked as "fix released"14:37
HoellPif the bug is not fixed in current dev version14:37
knightstalkerCan you provide a Launchpad URL?14:37
HoellPone mom, i have to look for it14:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433651 in GTK+ "Chat window grows beyond screen bounds - no text wrap when typing in the message entry" [Low,Confirmed]14:39
HoellPoh no14:40
HoellPjust tried to check with the new version, and found another bug14:40
HoellPthis really has no end today14:41
knightstalkerHoellP,anyways,I am not sure how to reopen a Fix Released bug,but if the problem was fixed and now its back,open a new bug with regression mark14:43
HoellPi would rather not do that, one report per bug seems more sensible to me14:44
gnomiecomment on it again..14:45
HoellPthat's what i did14:45
* gnomie shrugs14:45
HoellPnow i hope it's enough that it gets noticed...14:46
gnomiesomeone will be notified, then again, it might need more input than just yours14:46
HoellPi wanted to check for another bug i found before, and found a new one...14:46
knightstalkerBtw,anyone tried to use Chrome's Proxy settings on Ubuntu 11.10?14:46
gnomie*to be reopened, that is14:47
HoellPgnomie, i wasn't going to do it to that report anyway, it's to big for me to mess with it14:48
HoellPit was more a question of principle14:48
knightstalkerIt doesn't work correctly over here,I do not know why the changed its interface in Ubuntu 11.10 at all...14:48
knightstalkerand I am using the same chrome package anyway(installed using dpkg)14:49
HoellPsry, can't help, i'm using neither chrome, nor proxies...14:52
gnomieHoellP: i think it sensical that if the bug still remains you should file a new report. conversely, you could contact its assignee14:52
HoellPI will leave it at the comment for now, if the problem persists and there is no change in the report, i will consider other steps...14:53
HoellPWaiting is mandatory anyways because of all the timezones involved...14:54
knightstalkerYeah,takes at least 24 hours for even new filed bugs to get noticed14:54
HoellPit happened again...15:00
HoellPi report a bug, and get a crash report concerning the reporting of bugs15:00
HoellPthis is sooo awesome ;)15:00
gnomiefile one against !apport ..15:01
gnomiealso, it IS YOUR day today15:01
HoellPi will just send in the crash report15:01
HoellPi know, i'm the lucky one today15:02
HoellPit was kinda boring anyways the last days15:02
HoellPi wish i had a cookie for every bug report ;)15:02
knightstalkerMy cheese crashes,and I missed the first bug report,I can reproduce the crash,however,Apport doesn't tell me about filing the bug15:03
knightstalkerwhat can be wrong?15:03
HoellPthe reports are stored in /var/crash15:04
knightstalkerI missed the first report(it was 14 mb),because of my internet15:04
HoellPyou can either attach to a manually reported bug, or retrace it with apport somehow15:04
HoellPphew, the compiz bug is already known...15:05
knightstalkeroh noes!15:05
HoellPbtw, cheese is kind of a mess too atm15:05
HoellPalready made a report or two against it today15:06
knightstalkeralso ubuntu-bug cheese,says that cheese will open and I can reproduce the bug,however,cheese never opens15:09
HoellPfor me it opened gst-launch with the webcam pic15:10
HoellPbut somewhere in the background15:10
knightstalkerso it did its job?!15:10
HoellPswitch through all open windows15:10
HoellPmaybe it is hidden somewhere15:11
HoellPit was for me, and i had to close this window to finish the report15:11
knightstalkerHoellP,it automatically goes to next page for me15:11
knightstalkerand in the end gives me an error about crash report not existant15:11
HoellPthat's kinda weird15:12
HoellPi'd just report the bug manually on launchpad and attach the old report from /var/crash15:12
knightstalkerCannot connect to crash database, please check your Internet connection.15:12
knightstalker[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '.cache/CheeseDebug.txt'15:12
HoellPor try to run ubuntu-bug cheese again15:12
knightstalkerErm,I done that multiple times,I am going to manually insert crash report =)15:13
HoellPseems the best way...15:13
HoellPas i said before, i also found at least 2 apport crashs today15:13
gnomiei believe apport has gotten better though15:13
HoellPit has15:13
HoellPit actually works really well most of the time15:14
HoellPand it saves so much typing with all the info it provides15:14
* gnomie nods15:14
Saviqhmm any idea how to enable onboard in the new greeter?15:14
HoellPonboard what?15:15
Saviqonboard the onscreen keyboard15:17
HoellPnope, sry15:18
HoellPi'm submiting a crash that happend while submitting a crash that happened while i submitted a crash15:19
HoellPbut now it stopped :D15:19
Saviqok, looks like it's there, just not packaged yet http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/unity-greeter/trunk/revision/13415:24
Jcook_5xDatawhere are the user config file kept for unity? If I log into unity all I see is the wallpaper the menu bar nor panel load up my guess this config file is corrupt15:25
unimatrix9hello every one15:25
unimatrix9i tried to file a bug report on ubuntu software centre , but the launchpad say's it does not understand the data15:27
HoellPJcook_5xData, have you tried a new user to confirm it's in the user config?15:27
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, nope, the guest account should confirm that yes!15:28
unimatrix9its software centre gtk that crashed, i cannot file an bug report . can some one else do it ?15:28
unimatrix9its the latest version ( just updated it )15:29
unimatrix9hmm, i lost the bug report .. some how..15:30
unimatrix9is there an way to retrace it on bash ?15:30
HoellPunimatrix9, crash reports get stored in /var/crash15:30
unimatrix9okey tanks15:30
HoellPhave alook there...15:30
HoellPJcook_5xData, so it does work in the guest account?15:30
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, one sec let me check have to log out15:31
HoellPkk, was unsure what you meant before15:31
HoellP11 reports today, my new personal best ;)15:33
knightstalker:o,I have 14 reports in total15:33
knightstalkerYou are good :P15:33
HoellPI've never found so many new ones before either15:33
HoellPi guess this is my lucky cycle15:34
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, yes it does work in Guest. I think it grabbing some of the Gnome3 setting which is causing the problems15:35
HoellPthat's unlikely... because unity uses compiz, shell uses mutter...15:35
HoellPi'd just wipe .config/compiz-1 .cache/compizconfig-1 .cache/unity and .compiz-115:36
HoellPor move them away if you feel uncomfortable15:37
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, I do see a .compiz-1 folder is that where it holds it configs?15:37
Jcook_5xDatacool will do15:37
HoellPyou can also try "unity --reset"15:37
HoellPbut that never did help much for me15:37
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, yea try that error on me something about a string15:38
HoellPjust go through your configs in your home and remove everything concerning unity and compiz15:38
unimatrix9okey thanks i will bug report later .. <15:38
unimatrix9see you , God bless15:38
* HoellP waves15:38
Jcook_5xDatashould be clean let me give it a shot15:39
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, Sweet that did work thanks15:43
HoellPyou're welcome15:43
Jcook_5xDatanow if I can figure out how to remove the menu bar across the second screen15:44
HoellPanyone else has the U1 config 2x in the system prefs?15:45
HoellPJcook_5xData, which gpu do you use?15:46
HoellPi'm reporting my last bug for today, getting dizzy...15:47
knightstalkerI think I just reproduced https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/yelp/+bug/71942715:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719427 in yelp (Ubuntu) "yelp crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Medium,Incomplete]15:55
knightstalkerIn that report,it says we should try to reproduce it,and I did15:55
knightstalkerhow to merge my bug with that?15:55
knightstalkerBtw,I didn't reproduce using Firefox4 but with Help application15:55
HoellPhow did you reproduce it?15:57
HoellPanything special you did?15:58
HoellPyelp seems to work fine here on first glance15:58
knightstalker"Was testing Help Application in 11.10,Sadly,Browsing it and clicking on a link on Unity help page caused this.15:58
knightstalkerI found out that bug #719427 can be a duplicate of this bug,but caused using Firefox,but that bug is marked as incomplete,and filer was asked to reproduce it in 11.10,so here it is,15:58
knightstalkerPlease feel free to merge this bug with the original one if its required,I don't know how to do it"15:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719427 in yelp (Ubuntu) "yelp crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71942715:58
knightstalkerI am going to file it now15:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 844023 in yelp (Ubuntu) "yelp crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Undecided,New]15:58
BluesKajI'll ask here too : I need to generate a PGP key for launchpad , there are tutorials on the web for ubuntu , but there's no equivalent path/application in Kubuntu ...any ideas ?16:04
HoellPif the tutorial is for the terminal you can use it for kubuntu as well16:04
HoellPeverything non-gui is the same in both systems16:05
BluesKajHoellP, yeah but keeps talking about gpg rather tha pgp ..is one  public and the other private ?16:06
HoellPone is opensource the other closed afaik16:06
HoellPbasically you use gpg on every *buntu system16:06
HoellPgpg is also just shorter for gnupg16:08
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, sorry lunch | nvidia 8400GS 512mb16:30
HoellPno problem...16:31
HoellPi tried to have a look at it, but the amd cc crashes when i want to spread the desktop over the second monitor...16:31
Jcook_5xDataHoellP, not a big deal I am sure someone will come out a tweak tool. I thought AMD were working on there linux when they bought ATI or do thing it a problem with XOrg version number16:36
HoellPthe drivers work bearable, except video playback and gaming work much better on Nvidia16:38
HoellPbut multi-monitoring is just broken right now16:38
blontohi all, i have a problem running unity 3d in oneric, and i'm not sure what the problem is16:40
blontobut when i run "compit --replace" it does not start start unity-window-decorator16:40
blontoeverything works fine however when running unity2d or unity3d with the guest account16:41
blontoany ideas?16:41
jbichablonto: it's compiz, not compit, and you should just be able to run "unity", unity doesn't even need the normal --replace16:44
HoellPgrml, the second time one of my reports is a duplicate of a private bug...16:59
HoellPhow would i know about such a thing, if i can't access it?16:59
HoellPi could've reported another issue instead, so i just wasted time and space17:00
VincentvandenBergood evening17:10
h00kHi friends.17:21
=== VincentvandenBer is now known as VincentvdBergh
gnomiei want that ubuntu/dash button from 3d into unity-2d  >:(17:31
gnomieunity-2d got the anemic one17:32
HoellPbugreport as wishlist?17:33
HoellPbut that's actually the only thing to seperate the 2 right now...17:33
HoellPi was really having trouble to find out which i was using when i first started oneiric17:33
gnomieit's very easy to spot really17:33
gnomiejust open the dash.. the highliting of icons is a dead givaway17:34
HoellPbut basically i agree, i find the 3d button beautiful...17:34
HoellPnot really that easy if you just boot up and don't know which you are in and cannot switch to check the other17:35
gnomiei just want the button17:35
HoellPbecause it falls back to 2d if 3d can't load17:35
gnomiei can tell without problems which one am using..17:35
* gnomie shrugs17:35
HoellPafter a week i could too, probably17:35
HoellPbut now i know my gpu driver works17:36
HoellPwhich i didn't after installation17:36
HoellPand then i did not know the difference17:36
mb55can someone suggest an alternative to padevchooser in oneiric?17:36
HoellPmb55, there is not really any afaik17:36
HoellPwhat's wrong with it?17:36
mb55HoellP: the padevchooser package seams to have been removed from oneiric17:37
HoellPi think i know ;)17:37
HoellPyou can use pavucontrol for most of the settings i guess17:40
HoellPat least it's worth a try if it meets your needs17:40
TheSimkini use links2 a lot for browsing from the cli17:41
TheSimkinis there an equivilant browser that's installed on ubuntu by default?17:41
mb55it really doesn't, i need a tool to easily switch pulse servers17:42
HoellPok, that's something different...17:42
jbichaTheSimkin: w3m17:42
HoellPnot in default install jbicha17:43
HoellPneither are links nor elinks or lynx...17:43
HoellPcouldn't think of more atm17:43
TheSimkinwhat a pain17:44
TheSimkini wonder why links isn't included, it is so tiny17:44
jbichaa cli browser isn't something that the avg user wants, but I installed something that pulls w3m in17:45
TheSimkinjbicha: not something the average user wants... until they can't get to their gui.17:45
HoellPTheSimkin, probably, because you would only use it with internet connection, and it's easy to install it then17:45
TheSimkinHoellP: except it's not because it's part of "universe"17:46
jbichauniverse is enabled by default17:46
TheSimkinso then you need to use cli to enable universe and then apt-get update and then atp-get install links17:46
HoellPTheSimkin, no you don't17:47
TheSimkini just did17:47
TheSimkinwith 11.0417:47
HoellPas jbicha said, it's enabled17:47
HoellPwhich installation?17:47
TheSimkinlive cd17:47
TheSimkinand universe was not enabled.17:47
jbichaI believe live cd is different...17:47
HoellPthat's never happened me17:48
TheSimkinall, so universe is not enabled on live cd17:48
TheSimkinbut if i install it it would.17:48
HoellPand i installed countless times with desktop, alternate, server, netinstall, etc...17:48
TheSimkinmaybe i should just make a custom install to a usb stick17:48
HoellPTheSimkin, that could be the case...17:48
TheSimkinif i install to a usb stick using the default install method.. will it just work ?17:48
HoellPyes, but probably slowly17:49
TheSimkinwhat file system should i use?17:49
HoellPdirect access to usb sticks is very slow for most sticks17:49
urlin2uTheSimkin, you would use the something else option though.17:49
HoellPthe livesystem gets loaded into ram and is very usable because of it17:49
TheSimkinis there a way to get the live system + customize it ?17:49
HoellPTheSimkin, do you have a persistent image on the stick?17:50
TheSimkini don't have it on a stick yet.17:50
HoellPthen you can just install it/activate the repo and it keeps17:50
BluesKajheh, the desktop is hidden underneath the plasma panel now ...yeah new KDE 4.7.1 really fixed the desktop alright :)17:50
TheSimkinBluesKaj: i miss 3.5.10 dearly17:50
HoellPTheSimkin, the only thing you can't do, is kernel updates afaik17:50
HoellPat least it used to be17:51
TheSimkinthank HoellP17:51
HoellPTheSimkin, i have a system installed on an external HDD, that works pretty great17:51
TheSimkini'll try that out in the next few days17:51
HoellPeven with encrypted home17:51
BluesKajTheSimkin, I miss 4.4 , atleast it worked ok , even in dev17:51
TheSimkinBluesKaj: eh17:51
TheSimkinBluesKaj: i think 4.7.x is better than 4.417:51
TheSimkinnow they are talking about kde 5.17:52
BluesKajwell, TheSimkin , maybe on yours , but not here17:52
TheSimkinall these new desktops use so much memory17:52
HoellPi found KDE better with every release17:52
HoellPand i'm very much looking forward to KDE517:52
TheSimkinI tried englightenment, it didn't seem very enlightened.17:53
HoellPmb55, i found pavucontrol, it was removed becaus it is not maintained for the last 3 years17:53
HoellPmb55, won't come back any time soon, it seems17:54
BluesKajHoellP, i would have agreed with you until last Fri.. the desktop wallpaper does show up at all now ..who knows where it will b e after reboot agian17:54
HoellPon oneiric?17:54
HoellPi haven't tried it there17:54
BluesKajdoes not17:54
TheSimkinhey guys, i hae a rather "advanced" question.17:55
HoellPi only have kubuntu natty installed17:55
nperryHmm, seem to have lost Ubuntu Beta Mono font :s17:55
TheSimkinbecause of the way ubuntu binds everything to the 'partition/drive id' i can't clone machines by just "rsynching" them any more.17:55
HoellPwhich works very unspectacular17:55
TheSimkinis there a tool i can run to update all of the disk ids?17:55
TheSimkinor to install using the partition names/paths (/dev/sda1)17:56
HoellPTheSimkin, you do install with the path17:56
TheSimkinHoellP: not really, if i clone a ubuntu machine in this fashion it says it can't find the boot drives17:56
TheSimkinand never works.17:56
TheSimkini tried changing grub17:56
TheSimkinbut there where other failures...17:56
HoellPTheSimkin, after the cloning i would update /etc/fstab by hand17:56
HoellPthat's all it needs afaik17:56
TheSimkinso grub and fstab17:57
TheSimkini think i changed those and still had problems, but i will try again.17:57
HoellPgrub has it's own handling of the disks17:57
HoellPbut then again, i never cloned anything, i just did some repartitioning17:57
HoellPand had to correct the uuids afterwards17:57
HoellPwhich was no problem at all17:58
HoellPif you have a live-system, that is17:58
=== nyuszika7h is now known as ubot93
HoellPcan anyone give paprefs a quick check?17:59
HoellPeverything is deactivated for me...17:59
BluesKajwell, now at least the wallpaper covers 70% or so of the scrn ...must be thankful for small mercies :)18:00
TheSimkinBluesKaj: using kde?  can't you set it to scale + crop?18:00
BluesKajno effect TheSimkin18:00
TheSimkinBluesKaj: how odd18:01
TheSimkinBluesKaj: can you send me a screen shot?18:01
vince Hi guys ? Is anyone testing 11.10 at the moment ? I'm having trouble with gnome-shell. Whenever I try to open a gnome-shell session (as opposed to Unity Ubuntu), I get the same error message over and over again: failed to load sessions 'gnome'. I'm stuck at the Lightdm screen :/18:01
=== ubot93 is now known as nyuszika7h
TheSimkinvince: what happens if you select the failsafe option?18:03
vinceTheSimkin, How do I do that ?18:04
TheSimkini'd hvae to logout to check.. and i can't right now :(18:04
TheSimkinbut i beleive it is one of the boot up menu options. at least for me.18:04
vinceI'll try on a virtual machine18:05
urlin2ufailsafe is in the firts gui of the recovery18:05
vincewhich key should I press ?18:05
vinceto get the recovery menu ?18:05
HoellPmb55, have you seen http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176552618:06
HoellPmb55, maybe that helps18:06
BluesKajHoellP, http://wstaw.org/m/2011/09/07/snapshot18.png18:11
HoellPwow, what chaos ;)18:12
HoellPhave you tried with other wallpapers and other settings?18:12
billybigriggerBluesKaj, THAT is kde these days???? :O18:14
urlin2uvince, recovery is in the grub menu.18:14
HoellPthat's kde win-style ;)18:14
BluesKajHoellP, several times each day ...but you know what they say about ppl who keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result  :)18:14
HoellPi usually have my kde in gnome style...18:14
HoellPor even unity style18:14
HoellPBluesKaj, :D18:15
billybigriggerthat dock isn't stock for kde is it?18:15
HoellPthat's no dock18:15
HoellPthat's just the standard panel18:15
BluesKajnot a gnome fan ..but I'm definitely considering it now18:15
billybigriggerreally, that's really new18:15
billybigriggerthey didnt have that in 4.5 last time i tried it18:15
HoellPbillybigrigger, that is just a panel with shortcuts18:15
BluesKajthe panel's been around sindce plasma was intro'd18:16
HoellPexactly as it has been since 4.018:16
billybigriggerya but the panel in 4.5 was ugly, and it stretched across your whole monitor18:16
HoellPonly if set to do so18:16
qziois there some trick to get sound in skype. (64bit 11.10) I installed the i386 package as specified in some blogs...18:16
billybigriggeri never got into kde too much, so tweaking wasn't my thing :)18:16
HoellPwe notice ;)18:16
billybigriggerBluesKaj, is that picture taken in scotland18:17
HoellPkde is so variable, that you can't deduce what it can do, just by looking at one screenshot18:17
vinceurlin2u, I don't see any grub menu since Ubuntu comes into play right after the boot18:17
BluesKajit's configurable ...I like across the bottom ..where it belongs ...the pic is from bavaria , the Black Forest ...it's in the wallpapers for kde18:17
urlin2uvince tap shift or any key at start to get the grub menu.18:18
unimatrix9hello all18:18
unimatrix9i might need new glasses, or ubuntu software centre ( oneric with updates of today ) is showing all pakcages dubble18:19
vinceurlin2u, Thanks, I didn't know that18:20
unimatrix9tried bug reporting, failed somehow aswell18:20
HoellPunimatrix9, i had that too after installation of oneiric. i had to remove the package cache for it to work normal again18:20
HoellPif you wait a mom, i look up the file names18:20
unimatrix9crashing software centre, battery indicator dissappeared ..18:21
urlin2uvince, if you only have ubuntu it bypasses the grub menu without a key prompt, hehe, no problem.18:21
HoellPunimatrix9, there is a crash report, which you should submit...18:21
vinceStill, can't load session 'gnome'18:21
HoellPunimatrix9, most of the time there will already be a report, but sometimes it's new18:21
vincethat's unfortunate because I don't like Unity.18:22
urlin2uvince, are you updated completely?18:22
vinceI've got gnome-shell and its dependencies +  gnome-session installed18:22
vinceYes I totally up to date18:23
HoellPunimatrix9, try "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin /var/cache/apt/srcpkgcache.bin"18:23
urlin2uvince, I had the same problem until I just reinstalled the same set up, now both DE work fine .18:23
HoellPand then apt-get update again18:23
vinceSince, Fresh install I'm guessing ?18:24
urlin2uvince, yeah, I think many forget that in development the official testers run new snapshots regularly18:25
vinceurlin2u, have you installed with the B1 or the daily ?18:25
urlin2uvince, the daily after the B118:25
unimatrix9i am missing the gnome-battery monitor ( on the gnome menu ) is there an way to get it back ?18:25
vincebecause i've been using the daily for 6 or 7 days18:26
vincemaybe more, wasn't in the beta stage yet18:26
unimatrix9ubuntu software centre starts okey, but the packages are still dubble entry18:26
urlin2uvince, you can save alist of the installs and the sources list as well.18:26
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
HoellPunimatrix9, check your /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ for any double entries18:26
unimatrix9ccms is creating crashes too18:27
HoellPunimatrix9, yes, it does, that's known18:27
urlin2ucompiz was upgraded yesterday as well.18:27
unimatrix9i did upgrade just on hour ago18:27
unimatrix9or update18:27
vinceyes, so did I18:28
vincestill not working18:28
HoellPi just removed my collection of skydomes...18:28
HoellPi can't even remember how long i haven't even used the cube...18:28
vinceurlin2u, Thanks for your help, I'll stick to 10.10 until the final release of Oneric18:28
vinceI installed 11.04, was a bloody mess :/18:29
HoellPvince, why would you use oneiric anyway if not to report bugs?18:29
urlin2uvince, it can be a hassle unless you're really into it. :D18:29
unimatrix9there is no refresh in ubuntu software center ?18:29
vinceHoellP, I was rather curious about Gnome3, that's all.18:30
vinceand gnome-shell more precisely18:30
unimatrix9okey the dubble entry is gone18:30
vince(Yes, I gave Fedora a try but my AMD graphic chip didn't quite like the design...)18:31
unimatrix9i just disabled some sources and its okey then18:31
HoellPvince, i see, still, a beta release i probably not giving the correct impression18:31
unimatrix9the 'third party sources`  i think created the dubble entry18:32
vinceYes you're right.18:32
vinceI think it's going in the right direction though. Except for I can't run gnome-shell haha18:33
HoellPsorry can't help, got my hands full testing unity atm18:33
BluesKajHoellP, seems there are settings on my /home partition that are causing this problem .. I did an experiment and installed the beta to my / partition without specifing a home partition at the partitioning phase ,,,I ended up with a perfectly fine beta install with no Kwin or plasma problems . The I reinstalled again but this time  I specified the /home partition in the partioning phase and I ended up with same problem , once the install was done ..18:33
unimatrix9its only the 'elite'that can run it .. :P18:33
almoxarifewhat's the sane simple way to get rid of the universal access icon??18:33
BluesKajthere has to be some config file(s) that are corrupted18:33
HoellPwill give the shell a spin soon i guess18:33
vinceFunny thing, I managed to make it work for like 10 minutes, then an update came up, then nothing haha18:33
almoxarifewhat's the sane simple way to get rid of the universal access icon?? from shell18:33
HoellPBluesKaj, seems plausible18:34
HoellPBluesKaj, like so often, keeping home is not always carefree18:34
unimatrix9any one know where the unity conif files are located ?18:34
unimatrix9config '18:34
HoellPi suggest you move it away, let it create a new clean home and then only copy back what you need18:34
HoellPi do that every 2-3 releases18:35
BluesKajgonna copy a few new files over to my backup pc and do a fresh install18:35
unimatrix9create an nwe user might make an new config18:35
HoellPunimatrix9, wait18:35
HoellPmy comment was for BluesKaj18:35
HoellPnot that you do something unnecessary here ;)18:35
vincealmoxarife, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/how-to-remove-keyboard-indicator-icon.html18:35
HoellPunimatrix9, but you are actually looking for compiz settings18:36
HoellPyou find them in .compiz-1 .confg/compiz-1 .cache/compiz-1 if i'm not missing something18:36
unimatrix9okey heading for that location now .. ±)18:36
HoellPjust look through your home and move everything away that is called compiz or unity18:37
HoellPeven deleting is not really a problem, because when you log in a clean config gets created18:37
almoxarifevince: that's not the icon I need to remove, I have the 'univeral access' icon on shell, someones idea of feel good PC do good18:38
=== HoellP is now known as HoellP|away
unimatrix9is there a way ( bash ) to start gnome battery monitor ?18:42
jakempMy wireless seems to be working again19:48
=== HoellP|away is now known as HoellP
HoellPAnyone knows, why oneiric tries to turn off my monitor while i'm watching a movie?20:02
HoellPand how i can prevent it, without deactivating the auto-off.20:02
HoellPi'm using VLC btw, because totem is even worse at video playback20:03
HoellPand even vlc is not perfectly smooth...20:03
HoellPdamn AMD drivers20:03
jakempI can't find a menu to shutdown/reboot/ sleep, etc.20:14
HoellPTop right corner?20:25
bullgard4_HoellP: "[22:02]<HoellP>Anyone knows, why oneiric tries to turn off my monitor while i'm watching a movie?" <--  /var/log/dmesg.0 should provide a clue.20:52
RRRRubeHoellP, is it just the sleep mode/screensaver kicking in? Could you try disabling that?20:53
HoellPbullgard4_, nope, nothing, the messages stop after boot is completed20:57
HoellPRRRRube, it is the monitor dimming which you can configure in the system prefs20:58
HoellPsection Display(?)20:58
HoellPwhere you also can set if the monitor should lock20:58
HoellPyou can not disable this feature20:58
HoellPhmpf, the theme just crashed as well...20:59
RRRRubeHoellP, You can change some settings under "Power" in System settings. Have you looked in there?21:00
RRRRubeHoellP, There was an app called Caffeine that inhibited screensaver/power saving but I'm not sure if it's still available or works in Oneiric. Maybe try googling it?21:01
HoellPthat's only for system standby as i see it21:01
HoellPnothing to do with the monitor21:01
HoellPthe setting is in section personal called display or monitor (Bildschirm21:02
HoellP in german)21:02
HoellPbut you can only set the time from 1 min in steps to 1hr21:02
HoellPno disable21:02
HoellPcaffeine is not in the repos at least21:02
HoellPthis is nothing i'd be willing to install an external application btw21:03
HoellPthis has to work ootb21:03
RRRRubeMy Display option in System Settings doesn't even let me disable it!! (It really bugs me how so much functionality is being removed)21:03
robin0800RRRRube, I think you can't stop this and its little things like this that really need fixing in unity21:03
HoellPRRRRube, that's what i said, you can't disable it21:05
HoellPand the display dims during the movie21:05
HoellPwhich is extremely annoying21:05
RRRRubeWell, I'm in Gnome shell at the moment. I'm never quite sure what features come under Ubuntu or Unity and what are Gnome. Surely they're going to add a screensaver utility before the final release? (cos you can usually stop the monitor switching off there)21:05
HoellPthis is not a screensaver21:06
HoellPand G3 dropped the screensaver anyway21:06
HoellPthis is display powersaving21:06
HoellPkinda similar to the bug that plagues kubuntu's default video player since 2 years or so21:07
RRRRubeWell, Caffeine is the only thing I can suggest. They have a PPA. I know it's maybe not what you're looking for, but this is their launchpad page if you want to check it out: https://launchpad.net/caffeine21:10
HoellPi will try it at least21:12
HoellPanyone checked for a bug report21:12
HoellPthere is no oneiric package for caffeine...21:13
HoellPalso, it is a panel applet, i'm pretty sure that won't work too well in Unity21:15
HoellPanyone knows against which package i could report this?21:19
HoellPgnome-control-center, the video player?21:19
reya276Is there any way to change icon themes in 11.10 beta?21:25
robin0800reya276, gnome-tweak-settings21:26
reya276is that a terminal command?21:26
mongya package21:26
reya276oh I have to install that21:27
mongyI know, using an app classed as tweaking advanced settings to change the font and icons is a bit much21:27
robin0800reya276, it will appear as advanced settings when installed21:27
mongyserious fail on gnome3's part21:27
reya276also can I install Gnome Shell?21:27
HoellPmongy, does that work for unity's icons as well?21:28
HoellPi really don't wanna install a new DE just to change the icons...21:28
mongyreya276, it installs gnome-shell also I believe.  you use it for both21:28
HoellPseems excessive21:28
mongyits not really a huge install.21:28
mongyinstall, set , remove21:28
HoellPnot likely...21:29
mongythere isnt much extra to install tbh. try it21:29
HoellPi can do with the default icons21:29
HoellPi know, that's a thing of principle...21:29
reya276yeah, not me I hate those Icons, needs me some Faenza21:29
reya276ok I installed that package but no Advance Settings under the main System Settings21:31
robin0800reya276, its an app21:32
reya276ah ok21:34
HoellPi'm off for today21:37
HoellPsee you guys, have a good night21:37
reya276how can I choose to run Gnome-Shell or enable it?21:38
robin0800reya276, from the login screen21:39
reya276Nope, all I get is Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D21:39
robin0800reya276, well it's not installed then  it will be there afterwards21:40
mb55is there a way to get the old and useful system settings back?21:41
robin0800mb55, don't think so21:42
mb55hmm, then oneiric is probably the worst release yet21:43
jtaylorno one forces you to use it21:43
robin0800mb55, what are you missing?21:43
Machtinanyone got skype running on 64bit?21:45
mb55most of the appearence settings (colors, fonts), the sound settings (sound profiles, login/etc. sounds), power settings (close laptop lid) for starters21:45
jtayloryou need to enable multiarach and install the 32 bit version21:45
jtayloror the "64bit" version + a bunch of 32 bit libraries21:45
Machtindpkg: warning: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 34801 package 'mac-3.99-u4:i386':21:48
robin0800mb55, themes.fonts icons and power settings ... gnome-tweak-tool21:49
Machtinerror in Version string 'b3-1': version number does not start with digit <- that's the error.21:49
MachtinI'm pretty sure multiarch is enabled.21:49
jtaylorwhats that for a package it complains about?21:52
jtaylorthere is no mac in the archive, some broken ppa?21:52
Machtinthat's when I do dpkg -i skype<tab> and the skype-package is from the skype-page21:52
jtayloryes that has nothing to do with skype, the dpkg data is corrupted21:53
jtayloroh its only a warning? you can probably ignore it then21:53
Machtinah, read "error" in the second line21:53
Machtinbut well, you're right.21:53
Machtinstill: bash: /usr/bin/skype: No such file or directory21:54
jtayloryou should be able to remove that file and do a new update, maybe that fixes the issue (assuming its not coming from a broken ppa)21:55
jtaylormake a backup though21:55
Machtinhm, apt-get/aptitude upgrade doesn't create that file on its own.21:58
jtaylordoes installing skype work now?21:59
Machtinnah, it lacks the available-file21:59
Machtinhowever, there's an update-avail-option in dpkg21:59
jtaylorfor i in /var/lib/apt/lists/*Packages: do sudo dpkg --update-avail $i; done should restore it22:05
Machtini can cat /usr/bin/skype, but /usr/bin/skype says "no such file or directory"22:07
jtayloryou have to install skype first22:07
Machtinwell, i did22:08
Machtinthere's that error, but dpkg doesn't throw any errors22:08
jtaylorwhich error?22:08
Machtinthe one i pasted: "error in Version string 'b3-1': version number does not start with digit"22:09
Machtinbut for dpkg that's only a warning as you pointed out22:09
jtaylorwhich ppas are you ising?22:09
Machtinhow to tell?22:09
jtaylorcheck the file which package has this invalid version string22:09
MachtinDescription: Monkey's Audio for Ubuntu 6.1022:13
alex_mayorgaany horror stories on recent  dist-upgrades?22:15
octeor rather, lots of stuff seems broken atm..22:15
alex_mayorgaocte: sorry to hear, thanks in the warning :)22:15
octei installed the beta yesterday on my work computer and everything worked fine22:16
octeisntalled it tonight on my home computer and lots of stuff isn't installable22:16
octecan't install ubuntu-desktop due to dependency problems22:16
alex_mayorgaodd, I've been pretty much OK since alpha1 or 2 IIRC22:17
* alex_mayorga knocks on wood22:17
alex_mayorgatoday I'm having apport appearing over and over, but not sending out a report :S22:18
octeand the nvidia properitery driver doesn't really work, the nouveau driver is always built into the initramfs and loaded22:18
octei didn't find a way of fixing that except actually removing the .ko-file and rebuilding the initramfs22:18
alex_mayorganouveau has been rock solid on my nvidia card so far22:20
octeso the plan with the new multiarch support is to not have a ia32-libs / lib32*-packages upon release?22:20
octeyeah, nouveau is great except for games :(22:20
alex_mayorgahedgewars works fine ;)22:21
octehehe :)22:21
BluesKajocte:  depends on your nvidia card , but the nvidia-current driver should work on most cards fromm the 6XXX series and up.22:21
octeBluesKaj, you mean nouveau?22:22
octenvidia-current seems broken now...22:22
BluesKajnouveau is merely the std default22:22
BluesKajnot here22:22
octeas i said, nouveau gets built into the initrd and loaded at boot22:22
octewhich conflicts with the nvidia module22:22
BluesKajyeah, so , the nvidia-current is optional in addtional drivers / jockey22:23
octehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/815803 found a bug about it even22:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 815803 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "nouveau driver included in initramfs even though it has been blacklisted by nvidia-current" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:23
octeBluesKaj, you're confusing me.22:23
octeinstalling nvidia-current needs to prevent nouveau from being loaded since they conflict with eachother22:24
BluesKajocte:  admin>additional drivers , choose the recommended driver and it will install replacing the nouveau , then a restart is required22:25
octeBluesKaj, i can't even get there since i can't install ubuntu-desktop ;-(22:25
octei just installed the nvidia-current packages.22:25
octewhat else does jockey do?22:25
BluesKajocte:  oh sorry to hear that22:25
octeif it works by doing it the jockey way, jockey must be doing something extra22:26
yofelocte: jockey installs the driver and creates an xorg.conf, nothing more22:28
yofelif nouveau is loaded with the nvidia driver installed that's a bug22:29
octestrange that it seems to work for other people, since the bug i found is from july22:29
BluesKajocte:  not really . if you install nvidia-current from the prompt , it will do the same as jockey , but gdm has to be stopped first22:29
yofeluh no, you don't need to stop gdm to install nvidia-current22:30
octeyofel, if nvidia-current is installed, is nouveau supposed to be built into the initfs?22:30
yofelyou need to reboot after it to use it though22:30
yofelocte: well, having it in initramfs breaks nvidia-current, so I hope not22:31
yofelocte: add 'nomodeset' to the kernel command line22:31
yofelthat'll make nvidia work even with noveau loaded since it turns KMS off22:32
octeah, i'll do that instead.22:32
Machtinjtaylor: got it :)22:33
octehttp://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ZJMBev56 <- bug then?22:33
yofelbug IMO22:34
Machtinnight guys!22:34
octehow does update-initramfs decide which modules get added? i've tried changing MODULES to either "dep" or "most" in initramfs.conf, makes no difference22:35
FernandoMiguelBluesKaj: yofel http://theoatmeal.com/comics/senior_year22:59
bassoanyone running gnome-shell with nvidia prop drivers?22:59
bassoanyone with nvidia want to install gnome-shell and check for vertical tearing?22:59
bassobecause i get vertical tearing when viewing videos in gnome-shell, unity is fine, but gnome-shell is evil :(23:00
bjsniderbasso, only in videos?23:25
bassobjsnider: its all the time, but its easier to spot it on videos, i can for instans just movie the nautilus window around and see the same tearing23:25
BluesKajthe toolbar containing file , sdit etc is missing from Dolphin, there doesn't seem to be an option in configure dolphin to add it ...any suggestions?23:49
BluesKajfile , edit etc23:49

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