TheMusoAlanBell: agreed00:00
AlanBellTheMuso: so is a sound in gfxboot no longer something worth bothering with?00:02
TheMusoAlanBell: I don't think so, now that I've been able to get code into ubiquity to launch a11y profiles.00:02
AlanBellso ctrl+s is the magic key combo to start it talking then?00:03
TheMusoAnd control + H for high contrast.00:10
TheMusoMagnification doesn't have one atm because we don't really have a magnification solution atm.00:10
TheMusoDue to compiz eZoom not really working alongside orca yet, and the installer is not yet set up to use compiz when necessary.00:11
* AlanBell fully intends to make compiz ezoom work for text tracking during oneiric00:12
AlanBellwe need to get the community documentation on the installer right00:13
TheMusoDuring oneiric, or P?00:13
AlanBelldeveloped on Oneiric to be ready by P00:18
AlanBellwhich will hopefully be Promiscuous Puffin00:19
TheMusoheh ok.00:26
PendulumAlanBell: that's got my vote00:27
paul_h1I was disappointed that 11.04 wasn't called oily octapus00:31
Pendulumpaul_h1: that would have been good too00:56
TheMusoI think Mark chooses animals based on the focus for the next release.00:59
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