dwr435hellois there anyone in her ewho knows this stuff ok?00:10
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dirty-harryhi, how can I sandbox applications for restricted user access to the filesystem; filemanager displays only one dir, no root, network etc16:48
urlin2udirty-harry, I don't think you can sandbox in ubuntu.17:01
urlin2udirty-harry, I think you mean something else, as far as a definition.17:02
urlin2udirty-harry, I stand corrected I guess that term may apply here try the #ubuntu channel much busier for help. :D17:08
dirty-harryurlin2u, I don't know whether or not sandboxing is the right way17:14
urlin2udirty-harry, the term fits as far as locking down another user, fedora sandboxes, I believe but more like a MS type sandbox, the main channel though willl get you faster answers.17:16
dirty-harryurlin2u, I'm trying to find a way to display as little as possible in the filemanager and open/save dialog17:16
urlin2udirty-harry, I don't know to be honest on how to do it.17:16
dirty-harryurlin2u, ok I'll try my luck over there17:16
dirty-harryurlin2u, thanks anyway17:17
urlin2udirty-harry, no problem.17:17
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bodhi_zazendirty-harry: what do you want to 'sandbox " ?19:01
bodhi_zazensystme files - meaningless as a non-root user can not modify them and if they want to see them, just download the .deb19:01
bodhi_zazenOther home directories ? chmod 770 $HOME19:01
bodhi_zazenIf you need more then that, then you are talking apparmor : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9799756&postcount=519:02
bodhi_zazenbut if you are going to use apparmor, you have to allow a ton of access to run X, lol19:03
dirty-harrybodhi_zazen, yes sth on X; I'm installing vbox to try it out now20:00
bodhi_zazenYou  can also use the guest account20:01
bodhi_zazenguest account is confined by apparmor and may be less hassle20:01
bodhi_zazenaks guest session20:03
dirty-harryok thanks; I'll try to costumize the guest-account; probably the better/easier approach20:11
philipballewis a learn python book from 2003 gonna be out-dated?20:40
eyadofhi all i want to join to the ubuntu beginners team can someone explain to me more than this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership23:37

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