paultagdoctormo: I think we've got this muchmuch stuff down02:31
mhall119akgraner: what in your opinion has had the biggest impact to you, personally, from being involved in free software?03:36
* mhall119 is still trying to nail down an idea for this essay03:37
mhall119that question is actually open to anyone who wants to answer03:37
mhall119not just akgraner03:37
akgranerbiggest personal impact....hmmm03:37
mhall119like, aside form employment, has is changed your life or perspective in a meaningful way?03:37
mhall119I mean, I explicitly remember downloading the source code for Netscape 5 and realizing "My God, this tells me exactly how to build a browser!"03:38
mhall119hmm, that's actually a good anecdote, I should use that03:39
akgranerfor me it has nothing to do with FOSS  -but with re-defining me  - and my drive, determination, and re-enforcing my can-do, adapt and over come anything nature.  I am more confident, and understand and can articulate my strengths and weakness in a way that I think tends to influence and drive change...03:40
akgranerit's also caused me to realize anyone can do anything they set their mind to (if they want it bad enough)03:40
mhall119I like that03:42
* mhall119 copy/pastes03:42
akgranerit's re-defined how I view the world and show me personally how being open to change and diversity can change the world literally03:42
mhall119this essay may end up on my blog before it get's submitted to my professor ;)03:44
mhall119we'll call that peer-review03:44
mhall119so someone can shout: "Hey, there's no apostrophe in 'gets' you illiterate engineer!"03:45
akgranerFOSS is more that technology - if you people choose it see it - it reaches further than the applications and distributions on your desktop  - it can quite literally open up the world to not only  non-developer end users but anyone who chooses to be more than a consumer03:45
* mhall119 makes more notes03:46
* akgraner gets off my soapbox...:-)03:47
* mhall119 considers getting akgraner to write this in exchange for food and Gwibber patches03:47
mhall119only Gwibber is Vala now :(03:47
akgranerI pretty passionate about that - and to be honest I think it's the first time I have expressed how it's changed me openly :-)03:48
akgranerbut the last 3 years - amazing!03:48
mhall119alright, brainstorming phase of the assignment has been turned in03:48
mhall119yeah, it has been pretty wild03:48
mhall119more wild for some of us I suppose03:49
akgranertrue enough...03:49
mhall119thanks for your insights akgraner03:49
* mhall119 is off to bed03:49
akgraneranytime - me too03:49
akgranerthanks for asking03:50
dpmgood morning all06:07
jonohey dpm06:17
dpmhey jono06:17
dholbachgood morning07:15
dholbachhi kim0, hi nigelb07:57
kim0dholbach: nigelb dpm hey there07:57
dpmmorning kim0, dholbach, nigelb07:58
dholbachhi dpm07:58
czajkowskimorning lovelies08:01
kim0czajkowski: morning :)08:03
mhall119good morning11:59
Pendulumhiya mhall11912:00
mhall119hey Pendulum12:01
mhall119how are you doing these days?12:01
PendulumI'm doing okay. Healing well :)12:05
nigelbMorning mhall119 / Pendulum12:20
jussiWhy does unity not actually switch on alt+tab, just wiggle the icon?14:28
mhall119a bug perhaps?14:36
paultagjussi: when Unity fails, it tris to be cute and clever so you say "Awww" rather then "WTF"14:41
popeyyeah, the wiggle means "dont hate me, I wub you!"14:57
paultagspeaking of WTF - Hello, MoinMoin, nice to meet you!14:57
paultagpopey: that's exactly it :)14:57
paultaghttp://i.imgur.com/vYUWa.png - forgot to put this at the end of the last line14:57
kim0jussi: yeah I get this wiggle thing too .. meh15:01
dholbachhey jono15:01
jonohey dholbach15:01
jonodholbach, jcastro, kim0, dpm creating hangout now15:01
mhall119wow paultag, how'd you do that?15:07
paultagmhall119: I tried using some invalid syntax to see if I could get the parser to do the right thing15:08
paultagmhall119: turns out not15:08
paultagbut still; it should not fail like that15:08
paultagit should protest impotantly at me15:09
paultagimpotently *15:09
mhall119nope, python is explicit15:12
mhall119not passive aggressive like PHP15:12
paultagmhall119: no, I mean, it should (just like if I do [[invalid|syntax!>], it'll try and parse it best it can15:13
paultagmhall119: I should never see that screen :)15:13
mhall119oh, you broke Moin's syntax parser?15:14
paultagmhall119: yes sir.15:14
mhall119well, then the reason is because wikis are inherently evil and abusive15:15
* paultag shrugs15:15
paultaggood 'nuf for me.15:15
paultagcall it a day :) we agree (for once) :)15:15
mhall119he agreed last week too15:15
mhall119we really shouldn't make a habit of this15:15
paultaghe sure did. Yeah, it's getting odd15:15
paultagpeople'll think we're dating or something15:16
mhall119hey, you're agreeing with me again, stop!15:16
paultagNo, you!15:16
mhall119ok I will15:16
paultagfffuuu-- :)15:16
dholbachjono, dpm, jcastro, kim0: hippies15:34
dholbach… always good to talk to you :)15:34
kim0woot :)15:34
jcastroI need to shave15:35
kim0dholbach is the coolest though ;)15:35
dholbachI think I looked most tired :)15:35
jonodholbach, always fun :-)15:53
jonoI love our team calls, I prefer our team sprints :-)15:53
* czajkowski does a dance 15:57
* czajkowski got a job as a PM :D 15:57
czajkowskistart next wednesday15:57
czajkowskiPM dealing with developers15:58
czajkowskithat's me :)15:58
jussiPendulum: oh Pendulum!!!16:02
jussiczajkowski: sounds fun!16:02
pleia2czajkowski: congrats :)16:03
dholbachcongratulations :)16:03
czajkowskiThank you16:03
czajkowskiam sooo happy16:03
czajkowskistart next friday16:03
czajkowskinext wednesday even16:04
czajkowski4 month contract as they've never had the role before so we'll see16:04
czajkowskiI get to deal with developers who are going over budget and introduce time plans and then make specs up for their projects based on what the account manager has noted from the client. NEver done this before but gonna love trying it16:12
paultagczajkowski: which company?16:13
paultagwas this the mozilla gig?16:13
czajkowskipaultag: nope16:13
paultagsweet :)16:13
czajkowskithough I do have a mozilla interview for another role in about 45 mins16:14
czajkowskibut they have a long drawn out process16:14
paultagczajkowski: leverage the offer16:14
czajkowskiinterview on last week and again on monday for this place, and hired today.16:14
paultagczajkowski: got hired or got an offer?16:14
czajkowskipaultag: hired I start wednesday morning16:15
paultagczajkowski: and you accepted already?16:15
czajkowskipaultag: I'm cracking up not working. So yes.16:15
* czajkowski hates being idle 16:15
paultagczajkowski: yeah, but you should have said I'd think about it (which usually is what you do), then do the next interview and leverage (I got an offer for this at here, and I'm going. Make me an offer)16:15
paultagczajkowski: if they come back and raise them, bam. If not, no worries16:16
czajkowskipaultag: mozilla made me go through 4 interviews to tell me it's now on hold. that's enoigh to make a person not apply again to a company.16:16
=== daker_ is now known as daker
paultagczajkowski: sure, but you had an interview later on that same day, it's not like you're telling the first guys no16:16
paultagoh well :)16:17
paultagczajkowski: congrats!16:17
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nigelbNow I know why dholbach was looking for email :)16:25
nigelb(in summit that is)16:26
mhall119paultag: negotiating is much easier when you currently have a job16:40
jcastrojono: http://ostatic.com/blog/bacon-justifies-ubuntu-decisions16:54
jcastrofor some reason this title is funny to me16:54
nigelbI was about to say "that title is awesome"16:54
jcastrolike "we're doing this so you can have bacon in the morning with your bread"16:54
popeymmmmm bacon16:54
nigelbExactly my thought16:54
czajkowskiI brought back 5 packets of bacon from ireland16:55
czajkowskiwe're down to 316:55
popeywhat's wrong with good old british (danish) bacon!16:56
dholbachok my friends - see you all tomorrow16:56
nigelbg'nite dholbach16:56
Pendulumhave a good evening dholbach!16:57
dholbachyou too16:57
jcastrohow do I roll back a page in wordpress?16:59
jonojcastro, lol16:59
jcastrodoesn't seem to be listed in the obvious places17:00
czajkowskiroll back what do you mean like revert to an older page without editing?17:02
czajkowskijcastro: I think it's a plugin that has to be installed17:02
czajkowskiit's not by default on 2 of my blogs but is on my barcamp17:02
czajkowskiversion control17:02
popeyscroll down17:02
popeyprevious versions are listed under the edit box17:03
AlanBellclick a revision, hit the restore link17:03
jcastrook which page would I see a revision on?17:03
jcastroI'm on the Pages page17:03
jcastrowhere I can click on a page, edit, etc.17:03
AlanBellclick the page you want to look at17:04
AlanBelland then say, "oh darn, wish that was a post"17:05
AlanBellI have a revision history on posts but not pages17:05
nigelbWith jekyll, I just realized I can do a git reset \o/17:06
jonothat article is nuts17:08
jonoshe really read waaaay too much into it17:08
jonoI just responded17:08
nigelbjono: Obviously. Which is why we just read the title, chuckled and left it there :)17:09
popeyI can see their point.17:17
popeyI can certainly see how jono uses a broken light switch analogy17:17
popeythe menu doesn't just have two states, there, and not there.17:17
popeythe menu has lots of options, a light switch does not17:18
popeynow, compare a mixing desk with the menu and you're getting closer17:18
popeyyou can probably reach out and hit the fader first time most of the time, but you probably wont hit all the pots on target all the time17:18
mhall119jono: do you know if hiding the mindow controls was usability tested like other parts of Unity?17:28
ejatthanks to the sponsorship board .. i feel lucky to be in the standby list …17:28
Pendulummhall119: there's a response to jono's post by mpt that addresses that17:30
Pendulummhall119: http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/06/menu-discoverability-in-ubuntu-11-10/#comment-30401230417:32
mhall119thanks Pendulum17:45
mhall119I like the idea of showing the menus briefly on app startup17:45
mhall119I'd even say they should be shown all the time for non-maximized windows (since otherwise thespace is wasted)17:46
* jussi doesnt like stuff that hides. It makes things slow :/17:48
mhall119woot, > 2GB in U1 now17:48
jussi(and yes, Im trying unity atm)17:48
mhall119my biggest usability gripe with Unity is that when I have a maximized window below a non-maximized one, the non-maximized windows's menu appears to below to the maximized window (visually)17:50
mhall119and clicking part of it brings up the non-maximized windows' menus, but if you miss the menu text it'll switch to the maximized one instead17:51
jussiSomeone should write a book about "how to gripe effectively" :D17:52
* jussi wonders if Pendulum is about...17:52
mhall119she was17:53
jussiyeah, but she disappeared on me :(17:55
mhall119just mouse-ver, she'll re-appear17:55
* Pendulum reappears18:03
Pendulumsorry jussi!18:03
mhall119see, it's totally intuitive18:12
nigelb"In 1995 you could able fit all Internet technology in brain. In 2011 you can not able fit even git in brain."18:22
nigelbthat devops guy is awesome18:22
mhall119to be fair, 90% of the internet in 1995 was rainbow background images and <blink> tags18:32
nigelbYou're confusing MySpace with internet :P18:32
mhall119there was no MySpace18:32
mhall119only Yahoo profiles18:33
mhall119oh gawd18:33
czajkowskijono: we have 1 email address that goes to all of the boards - ubuntu-membership-boards@lists.ubuntu.com20:54
jonoczajkowski, oops20:54
jonothanks for letting me know czajkowski20:54
czajkowskijono: np I think it's been said before, helps for reply all20:54
jonoczajkowski, mhall119, nigelb, cjohnston call in 5m?20:54
cjohnstonare we doing a call in 5 minutes?20:54
jonoyup :-)20:54
pleia2jono: you sent to the old board lists again :) those aren't used so new board members on them, you want just Ubuntu-membership-boards@lists.ubuntu.com20:55
jonopleia2, yeah, czajkowski just told me20:55
doctormohmm whereis paultag... missing.20:55
pleia2oh sorry20:55
pleia2I don't read20:55
jonoI will resend my mail20:55
czajkowskijono: delete the other addresses will you please :)20:55
jonoczajkowski, yup20:55
pleia2we should probably get those old lists shut down20:55
pleia2ticket with IS?20:55
czajkowskipleia2: want me to do it20:56
pleia2czajkowski: yes please, can you Cc: me and popey on it?20:56
pleia2(I think popey was the one who was helping with this consolidation)20:57
pleia2if not, well, he loves email20:57
* cjohnston is trying to clear out my spam20:59
cjohnstonerm.. amount of email he gets20:59
jonoalirght dialing you all up :-)21:00
cjohnstonjono: we will hopefully have rt 17810 done in the next week.. which will mean huge improvements for LD and summit21:00
czajkowskipleia2: done21:01
jonomhall119, can you join the call?21:02
jonoI tried skyping you21:02
czajkowskinow to go find charlieS and ask him nicely21:02
duanedesignjono: what channel?21:29
jonoduanedesign, huh?21:31
duanedesignjono: i git a messAGE  we g=had a talk in ten?21:32
jonoduanedesign, we scheduled it for Friday21:32
jono<duanedesign> so in the coming weeks keep it in mind please jono21:33
jono jono: awsome!21:33
jono<jono> duanedesign, lets get something in the calendar, one sec21:33
jono duanedesign, Fri at 2pm Pacific?21:33
duanedesignjono: HAHA that is the first time me camendar has been early :)21:33
jono<duanedesign> only thin i have that day is a 10 am Central21:33
jono so sounds perfect21:33
duanedesignthat is great21:34
cjohnstoncall dropped21:35
jonocjohnston, dialing back21:35

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