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pittiGood morning04:04
pittidobey, hyperair: FWIW, we _did_ discuss how to do major U1 upgrades through SRU04:06
pittiTheMuso: is that Gdk GType problem new, i. e. a regression since the last GTK upload, or has always been there?04:06
TheMusopitti: I don't know about how long its been there. Are you referring to bug 769256?04:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 769256 in gtk+3.0 "Gdk enumerations do not contain GType info in GIR" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76925604:07
TheMusopitti: This bug has only really popped up now as being serious since accerciser and orca moved to gobject introspection/GTK3.04:08
pittiTheMuso: ah, ok; anyway, I'll compare it to natty's .girs, to see whether it was a recent regression or just am missing thing in pygobject04:09
pittierr, g-i04:09
didrocksgood morning05:37
BigWhalewhat he said.05:39
pittibonjour didrocks05:40
TheMusoMorning didrocks.05:40
didrocksguten morgen pitti, how are you?05:40
didrockshey TheMuso :)05:41
pittididrocks: I'm fine, thanks!05:41
BigWhaleIs anyone here running Gwibber?05:46
rickspencer3good morning pitti, didrocks, et al05:55
rickspencer3I hope everyone is doing very well today05:56
didrockshey rickspencer3, how are you?05:56
rickspencer3didrocks, doing well05:56
rickspencer3today is kinda big day for me05:56
rickspencer320th wedding anniversary!05:57
rickspencer3didrocks, how about you?05:57
didrocksrickspencer3: oh, happy birthday to you and your wife then, congratulation :)05:57
micahgrickspencer3: congrats!05:58
rickspencer3nice translation05:58
rickspencer3thanks micahg05:58
rickspencer3we're celebrating with the kids this evening with pizza and bowling, and then a proper celebration on Friday05:58
didrocksrickspencer3: I'm fine as well, hoping today will be less busy than the past few ones. Crossing fingers :)05:58
rickspencer3didrocks, bon chance05:59
didrocksrickspencer3: how are you kids getting used to France? not too lost?05:59
rickspencer3didrocks, they are fine05:59
rickspencer3kids are adaptable05:59
rickspencer3and their school is in English05:59
didrockspitti: you asked for some stats on software-center, it seems that the income of "new bugs" is not higher since the gtk3 version: http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/qapkgstatus/software-center05:59
didrocksrickspencer3: did the new year started last Monday, as other French school?06:00
pittididrocks: oh, nice! I keep forgetting about all these graphs :)06:00
pittihey rickspencer3, how are you?06:00
rickspencer3didrocks, last Thursday, actually06:00
pittirickspencer3: ooh, congrats to your 20th anniversary!06:00
rickspencer3thanks pitti06:00
pittirickspencer3: do your kids learn some French as well?06:01
rickspencer3pitti, they are starting06:03
rickspencer3pitti,  my daughter has French and German language classes06:03
rickspencer3and our new neighbors are german with a girl my exactly my daughter's age06:03
rickspencer3AND the orchestra my daughter is in is combined with the German school06:03
rickspencer3so, I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with more German than French after this year ;)06:04
pittinice! they should pick it up in no time then06:07
didrockshey Sweetshark06:26
pittihey Sweetshark06:26
robert_ancellpitti, I need to do a ffe for unity-greeter, should I open a master bug for this?07:05
pittirobert_ancell: if there's already a bug for the thing you want to add, use that one07:06
robert_ancellthere's about 10...07:06
pittirobert_ancell: hm, use one of them and give the numbers to the other ones perhaps?07:06
pittirobert_ancell: but as you like, it doesn't matter much07:06
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:37
pittihey chrisccoulson07:37
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:37
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson!07:37
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks07:37
czajkowskihas anyone had any experience of apport crashing on them? it knows something has failed yet cannot get itself right to report the bug ?08:04
pitticzajkowski: I did a fix for that yesterday or Monday08:04
czajkowskipitti: did you :) ohh08:05
czajkowskiI reported the bug yesterday08:05
czajkowskidoing some updates now08:05
pitticzajkowski: if you have all updates from today, and it still happens, please run it from a terminal and give me the stack trace08:05
czajkowskiso *hopefully* will do it08:05
czajkowskipitti: will do, thanks08:05
pittichrisccoulson: are you going to do a new upload of thunderbird-gnome-support soon?08:09
chrisccoulsonpitti - what for?08:09
pittichrisccoulson: it uses some NBS libs like libdbusmenu-gtk3, libebook1.2-11, libedataserver1.2-1408:09
pittithese three08:09
chrisccoulsonoh, did i forgeto to update those? i actually fixed the extensions to load the new libs, but must have forgotten to update those dependencies08:10
chrisccoulsoni need to find a way to automate that ;)08:10
pittichrisccoulson: oh, don't you build-dep on the -dev packages?08:10
chrisccoulsonpitti - no, these libs are used with ctypes from JS, so they're basically dlopen'd at runtime08:10
pittichrisccoulson: but you could build-dep on the -dev packages and then create the binary dependencies dynamically?08:11
pittihey rodrigo_, how are you?08:11
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, possibly08:11
rodrigo_hi pitti, chrisccoulson08:12
pittichrisccoulson: anyway, it's the last or pre-last main package which has NBS problems08:12
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, how up-to-date is that information?08:13
chrisccoulsonit looks like i already fixed it08:13
pittishoudl run every hour actually08:13
pitti07-Sep-2011 08:00 52K08:14
pittiseems reasonably current (this is DC time)08:14
pittiit's 08:14 in the DC08:14
chrisccoulsonpitti - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-beta.head/revision/345 and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-beta.head/revision/34608:14
pittihm, werid08:15
pittiindeed, apt-cache show has the current one08:15
pittichrisccoulson: thanks, I'll investigate08:15
rodrigo_pitti, you didn't sponsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/evolution-rss/+bug/773763 , is it because there's anything missing from my side?08:19
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 773763 in evolution-rss "evolution freeze on startup with the plug-in "evolution-rss"" [High,In progress]08:19
rodrigo_bonjour seb12808:19
seb128hey rodrigo_, how are you?08:20
rodrigo_seb128, ça va bien, et toi? :)08:20
seb128rodrigo_, doh, my spanish is not good enough to reply to that! I'm good thanks ;-)08:21
didrockssalut seb12808:21
didrocksgood morning rodrigo_08:22
seb128lut didrocks08:22
rodrigo_salut didrocks08:22
seb128ok, over 300 emails during the night in my bugs box I was going to complain08:22
seb128but half of it is the janitor which cleaned old bugs08:22
pittihey seb12808:22
seb128so that's ok ;-)08:22
seb128hey pitti08:22
didrocksseb128: filtering filtering! :)08:22
seb128didrocks, yeah ;-)08:22
seb128rodrigo_, if you get g-c-c work done maybe only upload around the end of the day08:23
rodrigo_seb128, oh, why?08:23
seb128rodrigo_, seems we do 3-4 g-c-c uploads a day, we could probably batch a bit in the vcs before uploading08:23
seb128rodrigo_, well, if you know other fixes will come the same day maybe no need to push several updates to buildds and users08:24
rodrigo_seb128, yes, it's because I'm going through the bug list, and don't know what the next bug is08:24
seb128i.e spare some buildds time and bandwith ;-)08:24
rodrigo_but yes, will keep the branch UNRELEASED until the end of the day08:24
seb128rodrigo_, it's not only you, I did an upload as well yesterday ;-)08:24
seb128rodrigo_, well not a strict rule, but if you think it's likely another fix will come in the next 2 hours better to way and batch08:25
rodrigo_yeah, right08:25
pittiseb128: btw, do you know why versions shows the glib upstream version as 1.2.x?08:29
pittiseb128: it seems the "stable" version is 2.90.x, and the "unstable" version is 1.2.x08:29
pittiseb128: but this thing confuses me, it pulls from people.gnome.org/~vuntz/tmp/versions/versions-unstable for both the stable and the unstable dictionary08:29
pittiso I don't obviously see where it takes the 1.2.x from08:30
czajkowskipitti: still happening ;(08:34
czajkowskiI've done todays updates/upgrade and restarted and as sooon as I open up anything the apport thingy pops up but doesn't go anywhere08:34
pitticzajkowski: can you run "apport-bug" in a terminal? does that work?08:35
czajkowskilet me see08:36
czajkowskipitti: You need to specify a package or a PID. See --help for more information.08:36
czajkowskidialogue box pops up08:36
pittierr, what?08:37
Laneyare you talking about the infinitely respawning apport dialog of doom?08:37
pitticzajkowski: is that running GNOME or KDE?08:37
czajkowskiLaney: yes!08:37
czajkowskipitti: Gnome08:37
pittiapport-bug should print nothign and just ask you which symptom you have08:37
LaneyI've had that too, apport-bug works08:38
Laneythen again I xkilled it to make it stop08:38
pittiLaney: any stack trace? can you run it from a terminal?08:39
pittisimplest: "apport-bug", if that doesn't crash, run apport-bug /var/crash/something..08:39
doko_mterry, pitti: python-mocker needs a MIR, and a conversion from python-support08:40
pittiyep, seen already08:40
TommehThe following packages will be REMOVED08:40
Tommeh  libegl1-mesa libegl1-mesa-drivers08:40
TommehThe following packages will be upgraded:08:40
Tommeh  libwayland008:40
pittiTommeh: seems ok?08:41
czajkowskipitti: http://twitpic.com/6h9pzd/full  and http://twitpic.com/6h9qej/full08:41
TommehDoes libwayland0 really replace libegl & drivers? :/08:41
pitticzajkowski: ok, this looks utterly utterly wrong08:42
czajkowskipitti: welcome to my last 3 days08:42
czajkowskiI just pretend it's not there any more08:42
pitticzajkowski: can you please run sh -ex /usr/bin/apport-bug and pastebin?08:42
pitticzajkowski: do you see anything else on stderr when you run apport-bug?08:43
pittiah, no08:43
Laneypitti: it's probably something auto-respawning and crashing; apport pops up again after I cancel its previous dialog08:43
vuntzpitti: the glib thing is there to enable people who track both glib 2.x and glib 1.x08:43
pittivuntz: yes, that seems fine; it's a little weird that 1.2 is unstable and 2.9.x stable, but either way, it's a bug in the script which generates our versions.html08:44
pittiLaney, czajkowski: first, please remove all /var/crash/* and killall update-notifier08:44
pittito avoid the automatic popups get in the way08:44
vuntzpitti: well, versions-unstable doesn't track unstable version08:45
vuntzpitti: it tracks versions of all software in all interesting branches, for the 3.1.x development cycle08:45
vuntzpitti: which includes the glib 1.2.x branch08:46
vuntzpitti: but I'll be the first to admit it's a bit confusing :-)08:46
czajkowskipitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/684214/08:46
pitticzajkowski: what happens on /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk -f08:48
czajkowskipitti: what do you mean, sorry08:49
pitticzajkowski: if you run "/usr/share/apport/apport-gtk -f"08:49
pittiwhat happen?08:50
czajkowskiah ok sorry08:50
czajkowskiit's early08:50
czajkowskipitti: you need to specify a package or a PID. See --help for more information. pops up again08:50
glatzorhello pitti, do you have got any idea why the widgets in the gtk3 expander are so small? I tried resize and different sizes already, lp #73964708:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 739647 in aptdaemon "Update manager error window is too small to read and is not resizable." [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73964708:53
pitticzajkowski, glatzor: on the phone, bbl08:57
czajkowskipitti: no worries08:58
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jasoncwarner_didrocks: hey...I was having SHIFT+ALT+TAB probs today so I did a unity --reset09:06
jasoncwarner_now I can't CTRL+ALT+T for terminal...is that related?09:06
didrocksjasoncwarner_: hey, no, it's not related, this key is hosted by metacity09:06
didrocksjasoncwarner_: are you up to date? I pushed some fixes for ctrl + Alt + T yesterday, if so, you can reset it in g-c-c09:07
jasoncwarner_didrocks: I am...as of 2 hours ago (updating now)09:07
didrocksjasoncwarner_: should be fine, opened g-c-c, keyboard, shortcuts, launchers09:07
kamstrupjasoncwarner_: hi - that zeitgeistbug you tweeted... any special way to reproduce?09:08
didrocksjasoncwarner_: and you have "launch a terminal" there09:08
didrocksjasoncwarner_: if you set it back (which is the default now), it should be fine09:08
jasoncwarner_kamstrup: log in  ;)09:08
kamstrupjasoncwarner_: uh, i tried hat once ;-)09:08
jasoncwarner_kamstrup: that is all I really do. I just boot up (I usually do that after I update just to be sure)09:08
pitticzajkowski: do you have apport-symptoms installed?09:08
kamstrupjasoncwarner_: thing is that this stack trace is crazy! :-)09:08
pitticzajkowski: or, trying differently, does this work: /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk -f -p coreutils09:09
jasoncwarner_kamstrup: anyhting you want me to try to reproduce? I typically get it just by rebooting ;)09:09
didrockscan't it be the "shutdown" issue? is the timestamp really the one when logging in?09:09
kamstrupjasoncwarner_: if you can confirm you get it fairly often I have an updated module you can manually install...09:10
pittiLaney: do you get a stack trace when you run "apport-bug coreutils"?09:10
czajkowskipitti: gimmie a tic and I'll let you know. Thanks for the help btw.09:10
Laneypitti: no, but I just re-logged-in and didn't get the usual infinite dialog09:11
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pittichrisccoulson: ah, NBS updated, now it's only on powerpc (which hasn't built yet)09:14
jasoncwarner_kamstrup: I'll do that a bit later...or perhaps send me link...I have a bunch of calls to make tonight before I do anything reckless with my computer :)09:14
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks :)09:14
czajkowskipitti: running the above allowed me to get apport to report a bug !09:14
pitticzajkowski: ok, but didn't trigger a crash09:14
pitticzajkowski: ok, next experiment:09:14
pittish -c 'kill -SEGV $$'09:14
pittiapport-bug /var/crash/_bin_dash*.crash09:15
czajkowskiok that caused a crash09:15
czajkowskisorry the program 'Dash'09:16
kamstrupjasoncwarner_: ok - here goes - try it when you have time: "rm -rf /usr/share/zeitgeist/_zeitgeist/engine/extensions/fts.*" then download http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist-extensions/zeitgeist-extensions/trunk/view/head:/fts/fts.py and copy it into place "sudo cp fts.py /usr/share/zeitgeist/_zeitgeist/engine/extensions/" and reboot and do your thing09:16
seb128pitti, seems you have a busy morning, ping me when other discussions you have started settle and you have a quiet time ;-)09:17
jasoncwarner_seb128: Pitti has quiet time? I highly doubt that! ;)09:17
seb128pitti, nothing important, I want to check if you read the backlog or notice the gir gtk bug the a11y pointed yesterday09:18
pittiseb128: yes, I got that in my mbox, I'll look at it today09:18
seb128jasoncwarner_, yeah, I was thinking the same ;-) "quiet" might not be the right word :p "less crazy" would be better ;-)09:18
pittiseb128: I have my 1-on-1 with jasoncwarner_ soon, then I can hopefully get to that09:18
rodrigo_pitti, is there any way to trigger a retrace for a bug?09:19
pitticzajkowski: yes, it was meant to crash "dash" :)09:19
seb128pitti, ok thanks, seems also that the glib,gtk documentation is having issue, I saw you tweaked the builds for those so I wanted to check if you had a clue about that as well, not hurry there either09:19
pitticzajkowski: did you get a crash/backtrace for apport-gtk?09:19
pittirodrigo_: did the previous one fail, or did it not get to it yet?09:19
czajkowskipitti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dash/+bug/84371109:19
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 843711 in dash "dash crashed with SIGSEGV in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Undecided,New]09:19
pittiseb128: well, "tweak" -- it seems that with some new upstream versions, --enable-gtk-doc isn't the default any more, so I had to turn that on explicitly09:19
seb128didrocks, thanks for doing GNOME updates ;-)09:19
pitticzajkowski: oh, you reported it?09:20
didrocksseb128: yw :-)09:20
pitticzajkowski: I'll invalidate that crash then09:20
czajkowskipitti: sorry :(09:20
rodrigo_pitti, it did it in a weird way -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/832160 it doesn't correspond to the crash09:20
ubot2`rodrigo_: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0x8d65a2c> bug 832160 not found09:20
pitticzajkowski: no problem :)09:20
rodrigo_also, not sure why that bug is private09:20
pitticzajkowski: so, I still wonder what part of apport actually crashes for you then09:20
seb128pitti, we should maybe not build the documentation and ship the html files from the tarball, I will check on that09:21
seb128pitti, I'm looking at rodrigo_'s bug09:21
pittirodrigo_: ah, so retracing failed09:21
seb128rodrigo_, what pitti said09:21
czajkowskipitti: yeah tis kinda annoying last night in the middle of EMEA my system frize with the menu bar going across the screen  for alt tabbing through applications and I couldnt run apport then. but today I could at least get that bug to report09:21
pittiseb128: oh, that's why it's not built any more? but shouldn't 'make install' install the shipped html files then?09:21
pitticzajkowski: so, I guess you need to wait until you get that crash again, and then toss me the /var/crash/_usr_lib_apport_*.crash09:22
seb128rodrigo_, btw I think those are what the glib patch desrt commited yesterday and pitti backported today should fix09:22
czajkowskiwil do09:22
pitticzajkowski: thanks09:22
czajkowskipitti: thanks for your help, I appreciate it09:22
rodrigo_seb128, oh, really? there are tons of duplicates / similar bugs09:22
rodrigo_seb128, what's the # for the one desrt and pitti fixed?09:22
pitticzajkowski: no worries; if it still crashes for people, I certainly want to know and fix it09:22
seb128rodrigo_, i.e 657241 on bugzilla09:23
seb128rodrigo_, I didn't do proper bug number tracking09:24
rodrigo_seb128, I'll do it now, I've got several similar bugs assigned to me09:24
seb128rodrigo_, from the gtk channel yesterday09:25
seb128sept. 06 16:27:45 <hadess>desrt, look at that nice trace: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=trace.html&trace_id=22818509:25
seb128sept. 06 16:32:58 <desrt>ya.  there's clearly some g_main_context_invoke() action missing here somewhere09:26
seb128sept. 06 16:34:52 <desrt>hadess: i've a few things to tend to already today, but i'll try to look at it before the evening is out09:26
seb128sept. 06 19:32:22 <desrt>hadess: totally stupid mistake on my part responsible for this crash09:26
seb128sept. 06 19:32:37 <desrt>i made all of the change notify functions safe except for one09:26
seb128sept. 06 19:32:49 <desrt>which only happens when multiple keys are changed at the same time, and even then only sometimes09:26
seb128 09:26
pittirodrigo_: you asked me to look at bug 773763; do you just need sponsoring for the SRU, or is there something to be done for oneriic?09:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 773763 in evolution-rss "evolution freeze on startup with the plug-in "evolution-rss"" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77376309:26
seb128rodrigo_, the patch pitti backported with today update is supposed to address that09:26
rodrigo_seb128, so, have we confirmed it fixes the issue?09:27
rodrigo_pitti, just the SRU09:27
pittirodrigo_: ack09:27
seb128rodrigo_, desrt thinks it fixes but since we have no testcase I agreed that we would backport the fix and see if bugs stop coming09:27
seb128rodrigo_, so we are there now "wait to see if they stop coming" ;-)09:27
rodrigo_ok, I'll keep them all open09:27
rodrigo_there are a lot of very similar ones09:27
seb128rodrigo_, well, put them in incomplete asking to try with the current glib?09:27
rodrigo_yeah, right09:28
rodrigo_the glib update is 2.9.90, right?09:28
seb128they are all xcb errors right?09:28
seb128rodrigo_, correct09:28
rodrigo_btw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/804896 always gives me a timeout error09:29
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 804896 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon assert failure: gnome-settings-daemon: ../../src/xcb_io.c:140: dequeue_pending_request: Assertion `req == dpy->xcb->pending_requests' failed." [High,Triaged]09:29
rodrigo_can anyone try and mark it as incomplete if it works for you?09:29
seb128rodrigo_, try adding +edit to the url?09:30
rodrigo_oh, ok09:30
seb128+editstatus rather09:30
rodrigo_yeah, +edit is just for the summary and description09:30
seb128that usually workaround timeouts from loading the mainpage09:30
rodrigo_it does, yeah!09:30
seb128rodrigo_, I'm sure you will be glad if that's indeed fixed with that glib update because you were so looking forward debugging those :p09:31
rodrigo_I can't stop jumping of joy if that's fixed :)09:32
rodrigo_if that fixes it, I mean :)09:32
ronocpitti, hey i released yesterday with the new gsettings entry to hide the user menu09:41
ronocdid you see that ?09:41
ronockey is called 'user-show-menu'09:41
ronocin the i-session gsettings schema09:41
AfC'dconf' directories keep appearing all over the place, apparently whenever I start Nautilus or Gedit!09:43
seb128ronoc, btw I fail to see how that fix the "invalid utf-8" bug09:43
ronocseb128, was it not the idea that casper would set this value to false before starting the i-session-service which in turn would then hide the menu by default09:44
* ronoc checks code09:44
seb128ronoc, right, but there is still a bug somewhere, if displayed the indicator should get a valid username and not "invalid utf-8"09:45
seb128ronoc, even if the bug is workarounded by hidding the indicator09:45
ronocseb128, the only instance we get a invalid utf8 on the panel now is in the case of the live cd09:45
ronocseb128, for guests I have fixed it09:45
seb128well still it seems like on the livecd case you should get the real username, i.e ubuntu09:46
seb128but probably not worth arguing if the menu is not showed on the livecd09:46
ronocseb128, no you shouldnt because you shouldnt have the menu in the first place09:46
ronocso whats the point09:46
seb128ronoc, well to me it indicates that in some cases the indicator can get "invalid utf-8" rather than the username so there is a bug in the code that get the current user name09:47
* didrocks agrees on that view, seems 2 separate issues to fix…09:47
seb128ronoc, in practice it might be a corner case setup issue but it's still a bug, even if it's not visibility in common cases ;-)09:47
ronocseb128, I can protect some more against that09:47
ronocsure, ill get around to it09:48
seb128ronoc, but let's not bother, we have better to do09:48
seb128that seems like a low priority thing to investigate the day we run out of real issues09:48
seb128ronoc, just curious how do you get the username?09:48
seb128I though it would be reading passwd or doing a call to accountsservice, I'm just surprised that either of those would be buggy on the livecd09:49
ronocseb128, its that which is delivered by lightdm so from org.freedesktop.account.....09:49
seb128ronoc, ok, so maybe it's a bug in the accountsservice left and not in the indicator ;-)09:49
seb128I will play with d-feet later on to see09:50
ronocseb128, well the real name entry can be blank, its the user name has to be filled09:50
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davmor2guys there is a bug in the dash on the applications lens where nothing shows up under games10:01
popeyi thought there were no games shipped now?10:05
popeysaw someone in a video review mention that10:05
davmor2popey: it's not showing anything the panel is empty completely10:07
davmor2but only on games10:07
davmor2none for install either10:07
pittironoc: ah, nice10:09
pittironoc, seb128: want me to update casper for this?10:09
ronocpitti, please Martin, stop the flow of bugs ...10:10
pittironoc: which schema is that?10:11
pitti/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.indicator.session.gschema.xml ?10:11
ronocpitti, should have the key as of released last night10:11
pitticom.canonical.indicator.session user-show-menu true10:12
pittiright, here we are10:12
ronocthat's the one10:12
ogra_hmm, my .desktop file that used to be added to the favorites from an initrd script doesnt show up in the launcher anymore, is the process of adding an entry documented somewhere ?10:19
pittiuh, there's a lot of stuff in casper which needs porting to gsettings10:20
ogra_ah, was there already something ported ?10:20
ogra_so i could steal from there10:20
* ogra_ checks10:20
pittiogra_: no10:20
pittiI'll start with scripts/casper-bottom/22screensaver, and working my way downwards10:21
pittiand add ronoc's hiding of the user menu10:21
pittironoc: is there an LP bug for disabling the user menu?10:29
pittii. e. should I close something in the changelog?10:29
ronocpitti, I should have opened a fresher bug , there is one, I'll find it now one sec10:30
pittironoc: not necessary to open a bug just for that10:30
pittironoc: just wondering if the changelog shoudl close existing ones10:30
ronocpitti, yeah there is one, I just need to find it, one sec10:31
ronocpitti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-session/+bug/83413710:31
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 834137 in unity-foundations "user menu says [Invalid UTF-8]" [Medium,In progress]10:31
pittironoc: I'll add a casper task then; but the actual bug for the invalid utf-8 is still in the indicator, so this should be kept open, too10:32
pittironoc: grabbed the casper task, thanks10:32
pittironoc: ok, committed; I'll upload this now, let's test tomorrow's live CD10:33
Laneywhat package contains the network settings applet?10:34
Laneychrisccoulson: are you aware that "Use system proxy settings" in firefox/oneiric doesn't appear to work?10:34
chrisccoulsonLaney, yes10:34
seb128Laney: what "applet"? how do you open it?10:35
LaneyI go to gnome-control-center and click network10:35
Laneyis that part of g-c-c itself?10:35
ronocpitti, ok ill keep it open10:36
pittidesrt: hmm, does that ring a bell? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79223405/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.glib2.0_2.29.90-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:36
pittiSession terminated, terminating shell... ...terminated.10:36
pitti  /gdbus/delivery-in-thread:                                           make[5]: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.10:36
pittiI can re-try a build, I'll save the build log10:37
pitti(didn't happen locally)10:37
seb128Laney: yes10:37
seb128pitti, yeah, please retry and save the log10:38
pittiseb128: yep, done; http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.glib2.0_2.29.90-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:38
ogra_hrm, i dont seem to be able to find out how to add an entry to the launcher10:48
ogra_i need a way to do that from a script/package without running dbus available10:49
ogra_and all i cqan find is docs on how to create a launcher10:49
chrisccoulsonhmmm, trying to make it possible to create and upload mozilla source packages from the datacenter is turning in to a bit of a pain10:55
dbarthrandom thunderbird freezes since the last update this morning; is that a known issue?10:56
chrisccoulsonoh, i forgot to bzr launchpad-login10:59
chrisccoulsondbarth, no, i've not seen anything like that11:00
ogra_grmbl, why isnt the transition from gconf to the new launcher model properly documented, sigh11:01
ogra_or are gconf keys for favorites still used ?11:01
chrisccoulsonright, moment of truth time. lets see if i can get the daily builds to run without hammering my bandwidth now :)11:03
rodrigo_can someone sponsor this https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/oneiric/system-config-printer/fix-842092/+merge/74394 please?11:16
rodrigo_no, no need to, it's on the desktop set!11:17
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seb128rodrigo_, did you type the second command on the g-s-d bug you commented on?11:24
seb128you wanted to ask for the min value the second time?11:24
rodrigo_seb128, hmm11:30
seb128pitti, can we teach apport to stop duplicating from closed bugs?11:31
seb128or from "invalid" bugs rather11:31
pittiseb128: yeah, that's due to the missing dup db consolidation11:31
pittiwhich is due to LP timing out11:31
seb128well maybe "closed" is better ;-)11:31
pittiseb128: seems we'll need a different approach there11:31
seb128pitti, hum?11:31
pittiI have an idea about it, though11:31
pittiseb128: can you give me an example bug?11:31
seb128pitti, what has consolidation to do with that?11:32
pittiseb128: consolidation updates the dupe db for open/closed at which version11:32
seb128<hadess> division by 0 can still happen i guess11:32
seb128<rodrigo> hadess, the last duplicates are for 3.1.9111:32
seb128<hadess> but at least the error paths are ok11:32
seb128<rodrigo> hadess, yes11:32
seb128<hadess> where's the stack trace with the latest g-s-d?11:32
seb128<rodrigo> hadess, no stacktrace, the retracer in lp doesn't et the stacktrace again if it's a duplicate11:32
seb128 11:32
seb128pitti, today's example of an issue11:32
pittibut would be nice to have an example dupe bug for this11:32
pittianyway, I can find one as well, I guess11:32
seb128rodrigo_, ^ do you have an example?11:33
seb128pitti, I will tell you next time we get one11:33
rodrigo_an example of what?11:33
seb128pitti, but it's nothing new, we have the issue for ever I think11:33
rodrigo_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/833595 is the one I was talking about with hadess11:34
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 833595 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGFPE in backlight_get_percentage()" [Critical,Fix released]11:34
seb128pitti, if a segfault signature match one of the db it will close it as duplicate and clean it so you loose any way to get a newer or better stacktrace11:34
rodrigo_if it gets a duplicate for a newer version, it just marks it as dup, but it would be good to update the main bug with the stacktrace for the new version11:34
rodrigo_if that's possible11:34
seb128pitti, did the glib update drop symbols? i.e g_unix_signal_add_watch_full11:35
kamstrupseb128: desrt mentioned on gtk-devel that last snapshot broke api+abi11:41
seb128* API/ABI changes:11:46
seb128 - unix signal watches now match the API of all of the other sources11:46
seb128 - revert the addition of g_date_time_source_new () from last release"11:46
seb128he mentioned yes11:46
* rodrigo_ lunch11:46
seb128ok, I'm out for a few hours, bbl12:10
pittiseb128: yes, that symbol was dropped; I didn't notice anythign that actually used it and fails on it, though, did you?12:12
seb128pitti, we got a bug about evolution not starting12:13
seb128on that symbol missing12:13
seb128guess it needs to be updated to 3.1.9112:14
pittiah, I see12:14
seb128will do that later if nobody else do12:14
pittioh, doesn't appear on versions12:14
seb128it's not on the default installation12:14
pittiseb128: ok, thanks12:14
seb128so it slipped out12:14
pittiseb128: ah, that's only default install?12:14
seb128you need to click on the "+" next to package for non default install12:15
pittiI thought we didn't ship gnome-user-docs any more either12:15
seb128we have a whitelist in versions.py for things to show anyway, maybe it's there?12:15
seb128well I've pinged cyphermox_ about the evo update yesterday but he didn't reply12:15
seb128not sure if he's around this way12:15
seb128pitti, but don't bother we can deal with that later12:16
seb128I've to run now though, we will be back later12:16
pittiseb128: ok, sorry about that12:16
seb128pitti, not your fault and no worry, still an unstable cycle ;-)12:18
seb128ok, I got to go, see you later12:18
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cyphermox_seb128: you pinged me about evo yesterday? I never saw it13:08
cyphermox_I can update it now if nobody did it yet13:09
pitticyphermox_: thanks13:10
dobeypitti: is anyone looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/couchdb/+bug/817656 ? i see a merge proposal for it. is dholbach the right person to review it?13:21
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 817656 in couchdb "Please merge couchdb 1.1.0-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [High,In progress]13:21
pittidobey: can be done by any sponsor, but it needs a FFE, I suppose? (new upstream version)13:24
dobeyneeding an FFE for a severe bug fix sucks :(13:26
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
pittidobey: unless the current version doesn't work at all?13:28
Laneyis the new upstream bugfix?13:29
dobeypitti: it doesn't. and i can't mark the desktopcouch bug a dup of that one, because it has too many dups and timeout errors :(13:29
pittiand the bug trail has several problems, too13:29
dobeyLaney: couchdb is a clusterbomb of insanity like firefox13:29
pittithe main rdepends are python-couchdb (and its rdepends) and two universe packages which don't sound very interesting13:30
pittiso I don't mind upgrading to the new version13:30
pittibut the severe performance regression should be addressed perhaps? (there is a proposal how to fix this)13:30
dobeypitti: hrmm, that suggestion is also suggested to be set in the desktopcouch config, and leave the upstream defaults as they are in the couchdb package13:36
dobeypitti: not sure which would be better/preferred there13:36
AfCMore random spurious dconf/ directories!13:38
didrocksreboot needed, brb :)13:52
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pittigood night everyone!14:41
seb128cyphermox_, hi, no worry15:05
desrtpitti: i think so?15:05
desrtpitti: there is a kernel and/or libc bug that's causing a lot of glib tests to hang lately15:05
desrtpitti:  i tried to ping doko about it, but got no love15:06
seb128pedro_, hola!15:10
pedro_seb128, hey hey ;-)15:10
seb128pedro_, how are you?15:10
pedro_seb128, doing good and you?15:11
seb128I'm fine thanks15:11
seb128pedro_, sept. 07 12:55:59 <hadess>rodrigo, and tell pedro that i won't take any bugs for the media-keys plugin, and that i require versions in the bug reports15:11
seb128just for info15:11
seb128sept. 07 12:56:12 <hadess>it's really pissing me off that i have to go and look for those in launchpad15:11
seb128pedro_, so maybe copy the package version in the description of the bugs you forward ;-)15:12
pedro_seb128, ok so same special treatment we do with rhythmbox ;-)15:12
seb128what about rb?15:12
BigWhaleempathy is broken again? just for me or is it an international problem? :>15:16
pedro_broken in which sense?15:16
pedro_works fine for me15:16
BigWhaledbl clicking on a name in the contact list doesn't open chat window15:16
BigWhaleah, there's a new version... I'll try this one15:17
seb128cyphermox_, bug #843769 can probably be closed with the evolution update btw15:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 843769 in evolution "evolution not start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84376915:20
seb128"evolution: symbol lookup error: evolution: undefined symbol: g_unix_signal_add_watch_full"15:20
seb128that's thanks to desrt!15:20
cyphermox_I tried to reproduce it but so far couldn't?15:20
cyphermox_maybe I need to reboot or something before all the libs get used15:20
cyphermox_(I was updating this morning)15:20
seb128cyphermox_, what glib version did you get?15:21
seb128cyphermox_, the new version failed to build first so maybe you didn't it yet on your architecture, it's 2.29.9015:21
seb128so you didn't get it yet15:21
cyphermox_ah :)15:21
seb128well in any case it's a glib abi break15:21
cyphermox_well, this will be fixed soon in evo15:21
cyphermox_then I'll fix the NBS right away, I checked what would be affected ;)15:22
seb128pedro_, was there anything to fix still in bug #84061115:27
ubot2`Launchpad bug 840611 in seahorse "seahorse dropped the libcryptui-dev package, needed by almanah and seahorse-plugins" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84061115:27
pedro_seb128, seems pitti fixed all , so nope15:28
seb128pedro_, ok, I closed it, feel free to reopen if you notice issues due to it15:28
pedro_will do it15:29
jmlit seems that g-s-d is breaking whenever I log in with no power on.15:46
jmlno power plugged in, rather.15:46
seb128jml, breaking like segfault? did you use apport to send the bug?15:56
jmlseb128: yeah, probably about a half-dozen times already15:56
seb128jml, can you give me the numbers?15:56
jmlseb128: I don't know if it's a segfault. What happens is that none of the theming or key mod changes seem to work. And then, when I log out then log in again I'm prompted to report an issue.15:57
jmlseb128: sure.15:57
* jml looks through mail logs15:57
jmlbug 83601415:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 836014 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83601415:58
seb128jml, that's a segfault15:59
tedgpitti, Okay, so flash installer is still not working for me.15:59
Nafalloseb128: hi15:59
tedgpitti, It doesn't seem to want to go down and install the i386 deps all the way down.15:59
seb128hey Nafallo15:59
jmlseb128: sure. It's more that I didn't remember details.15:59
seb128tedg, h's off for today, try #ubuntu-devel16:00
jmlseb128: I've been filing stacks of oneiric bugs this last week, they all tend to blur together.16:00
Nafalloseb128: I have a weird bug I've seen twice over the last few weeks, and I'm not sure where to file it. thought you would be a good person to ask :-)16:00
broderhey cyphermox_: is nm-applet supposed to be creating system-owned connections by default instead of user-owned?16:00
seb128jml, is that real hardware or virtualbox?16:01
jmlseb128: real hardware.16:01
cyphermox_broder: yup, one of the major changes in NM 0.916:01
seb128jml, can you run "/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-backlight-helper --get-brightness" with no power plugged?16:01
seb128Nafallo, sure, just ask16:01
Nafalloseb128: when I alt+tab, the transparent selector thing doesn't disappear afterwards. stuff underneath is still accessible, just quite hard to see. restarting the x-session fixes it. any idea what it could be/heard of it before?16:01
=== eeejay_is_afk is now known as eeejay
jmlseb128: sure.16:01
seb128Nafallo, seems like a compiz issue16:01
brodercyphermox_: err, right. i know the architectural stuff, but you can still create "user-owned" connections that are stored in the system settings service16:02
brodercyphermox_: i ask because right now i get prompted by polkit every time i connect to a new network16:02
cyphermox_yes, you can still create user-owned connections16:02
brodercyphermox_: but we don't by default?16:02
Nafalloseb128: okay. that seems like a good suspect indeed. my others was metacity or unity :-)16:02
cyphermox_broder: my guess is that you're missing an update of some sort. initially it was prompting all the time, but that was fixed in the polkit policy some time ago (like, months)16:03
seb128Nafallo, it's unity-3d right?16:03
Nafalloseb128: yeah16:03
Nafallo4 year old hardware (at least)16:03
brodercyphermox_: hmm...ok, i'll try to upgrade soon and then come back and harass you :)16:03
cyphermox_broder: I think it may have been because of a dist-upgrade from natty early on, is that possible?16:04
brodercyphermox_: my config is screwy, i actually backported the NM 0.9 and nm-applet 0.9-rc packages to natty16:04
broderthis may be totally my fault16:05
cyphermox_but yeah, if upgrades currently break in this way and keep doing Vista-like "do you allow XYZ", then it's a bug that should have been fixed16:05
cyphermox_ok. in this case, check policykit or the package that ships the policy (hold on, trying to figure out which it was)16:05
brodercyphermox_: the polkit rules come from the NM package16:05
broderit has <allow_active>auth_admin_keep</allow_active> for the system settings16:06
cyphermox_broder: nah, there's some other piece. someone from the security team did the upload :)16:06
broderoh, there was a polkit change? ok, i can believe that16:06
cyphermox_oe maybe you're right16:07
cyphermox_but IIRC there was a change in other rules outside NM16:07
broderok. i'll try to actually upgrade soon and test on oneiric16:07
cyphermox_ok. let me know16:08
charlie-tcacyphermox_: Thanks for the network icon in Xubuntu Oneiric. It finally came back. :)16:15
cyphermox_charlie-tca: my pleasure. it was kinda fun to debug and figure out16:15
jmlseb128: sorry, am on a phone call. I run it, it says 15.16:15
jmlseb128: same plugged in and unplugged16:16
cyphermox_intially I had gotten it to show both the indicator and tray icon at once, but figured having just one instance of nm-applet was a good thing :)16:16
charlie-tcaProbably true16:17
charlie-tcaIt is good to see the indicator again16:18
cyphermox_so I take it you don't use the indicator widget?16:18
seb128jml, ok, no hurry, it would be useful to get a stacktrace using gdb, I've put a comment on the bug, whenever somebody can try to do that the info would be useful, I will have rodrigo to look at it since apparently he though he had fixed the bug but it's still happening16:18
cyphermox_I said I'd try to fix the bluetooth, jockey and etc too, perhaps I should get to that now16:18
charlie-tcaI don't know what we use.16:18
charlie-tcabluetooth is a nightmare for us. We are probably going to have to go to blueman for it16:18
=== ejat is now known as fenris
charlie-tcaI can't keep all the names of these things straight. I look in the panel, I got an icon, or I don't got an icon ;)16:19
=== fenris is now known as Guest40004
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jmlseb128: thanks.16:21
seb128jml, yw ;-)16:21
cyphermox_charlie-tca: if bluetooth is currently showing as a broken icon, then you don't have the indicator widget in the panel (I thought that was the difference between the Xfce and Xubuntu sessions)16:21
charlie-tcaBluetooth doesn't show at all in my panel, but I have nothing that uses it either16:28
cyphermox_charlie-tca: ok16:36
seb128chrisccoulson, could you have a look to bug #832603 when you have some time?16:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 832603 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_simple_async_result_complete()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83260316:46
seb128chrisccoulson, it's in the media-key code and upstream is not really wanting to look at it since we do some patching around there16:47
seb128chrisccoulson, you probably know the code best around so would be nice if you could have a look to it16:47
=== eeejay is now known as eeejay_is_afk
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, sure16:51
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks16:51
jmlyay progress.16:56
jmluninstalling rabbitmq-server makes "Restart" restart.16:56
jmlI wonder if it fixes suspend / resume too. That'd be awesome.16:56
* jml tests16:56
didrocksok, time for dinner. See you tomorrow!17:26
dobeyis there a calendar application installed by default in oneiric, or is that a missing feature now?17:27
seb128dobey, no calendar application by default17:28
dobeyseb128: should we split evolution-couchdb into 2 separate packages? (one for the e-d-s plug-ins, and one for the evolution gui plug-ins)17:29
dobeyseb128: so people can get contacts sync in tb without having to install the evo gui17:30
seb128dobey, chrisccoulson was supposed to work on that17:30
seb128dunno what happened to it17:30
seb128chrisccoulson, ^17:30
chrisccoulsonyes, we should do that17:31
chrisccoulsoni haven't done it yet because desktopcouch seems to be completely broken anyway17:31
chrisccoulsonand is resulting in people reporting bugs against thunderbird already ;)17:31
dobeycouchdb 1.1.0 fixes the desktopcouch brokenness. it's just that couchdb 1.0 doesn't work with new erlang that's in oneiric17:31
chrisccoulsondoes that mean we are completely screwed? ;)17:32
dobeywell there's a bug requesting couchdb 1.1.0 sync from debian, and a merge proposal for it17:32
chrisccoulsonthe plan was that i would split evolution-couchdb, and then provide a small tb extension to create the couchdb addressbook17:32
chrisccoulsonand i've already written the extension17:33
dobeybut new couchdb seems to suck at performance by default17:33
seb128chrisccoulson, when are you off again?17:33
chrisccoulsonseb128, good question17:33
dobeyand pitti didn't answer if it was preferred to fix that in couchdb itself, or in desktopcouch17:33
chrisccoulsonseb128, just in time for final freeze, i think ;)17:33
seb128dobey, "that" being?17:33
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, so you still have time for that couchdb and contact syncing work?17:33
dobeyseb128: there's a configuration change that makes the performance match what was in 11.0417:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah17:34
seb128chrisccoulson, some people will be unhappy at us if we don't have contact syncing working with tb for Oneiric ;-)17:34
dobeyseb128: that change can either go in the couchdb package as a patch, or we can stick it in desktopcouch, so that it always gets used by desktopcouch, but system couch uses upstream couch defaults17:34
seb128dobey, seems better to fix couchdb directly?17:35
dobeyseb128: i'd say enough people are already upset that it doesn't work with evolution :)17:35
seb128dobey, right, well rick checked with us that contact syncing will work in tb for oneiric some weeks ago17:35
dobeyseb128: i would think so, but i don't know enough to say definite one way or the other17:36
dobeywell syncing still works17:36
dobeyit's just that you can't see them from evolution or tb :)17:37
seb128dobey, well first step would be to address the issues on https://code.launchpad.net/~wibblymat/ubuntu/oneiric/couchdb/update-to-1.1.0/+merge/7423617:37
dobeyafaik, replication still works fine, so long as you're not stuck on the finicky server that can sometimes be problematic, and that we're working on getting fixed/replaced17:37
seb128Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote on 2011-08-18 Posted in a previous version of this proposal17:38
seb128"libjs-jquery-form is in universe. It would need to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess"17:38
seb128you need a ffe as well now17:38
dobeycan we just move couchdb to universe?17:38
seb128if everything which install couchdb on demand handle enabling universe when it's not set I guess we could17:39
dobeywhat all installs it on demand? just u1 control panel?17:40
seb128not sure but I think so17:40
seb128dobey, well demoting couchdb would be demoting anything which has a depends,recommends,build-depends on one of its binaries17:41
seb128or one of the binaries from desktopcouch, etc17:41
dobeyif so, you can consider that done. it's like 20 minutes of work for me to do tops, and i think it's not enabling universe atm for installing bindwood either, so we'd need to fix that anyway17:41
seb128not sure if any package use it to build in main17:41
dobeyi'm fine with that :)17:41
seb128well you still need a ffe17:42
dobeyjust couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb afaik17:42
dobeyffe because it is a major version bump?17:42
seb128that and the demotion probably need an archive admin review to check that actual nothing uses it17:43
dobeyi wish apt-cache had rbuild-depends17:44
seb128dobey, for example if evolution-couchdb has a build-depends on some couchdb component it will need to go to universe17:44
dobeyi don't think anything needs it to compile though17:44
seb128dobey, so you can't get a binary installed for tb by default17:44
dobeyseb128: we already can't have it installed by default because it's not on the CD17:44
dobeywe removed it from CD for 11.0417:45
dobeyso nothing installed by default is using couchdb/desktopcouch17:45
seb128dobey, you can use http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.oneiric/rdepends/couchdb/couchdb-bin17:45
seb128or similar17:46
seb128but yeah, demoting the erlang,couchdb stack would be nice ;-)17:46
dobeyseb128: that is just binary package deps though, doesn't show build-depends. like if soemthing used it to run tests17:46
dobeybut i don't think anything does, that's not in that list17:46
dobeyand odd that evolution-couchdb is listed there, instead of couchdb-glib :)17:47
seb128dobey, germinate does list build-depends17:47
seb128dobey, see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.oneiric/rdepends/xorg-server/xvfb17:47
dobeyok, gotta run17:47
seb128see you later17:48
Sweetshark!seen jasoncwarner_17:54
ubot2`I have no seen command17:54
* Sweetshark hands ubot2` a cookie.17:54
jmlseb128: just attached a thing that's a backtrace of a segfault in g-s-d in bug 83601417:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 836014 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in idle_is_session_inhibited()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83601417:55
jmlseb128: might be a different crash though.17:55
seb128jml, thanks17:56
seb128jml, could you get one with gnome-settings-daemon-dbgsym installed? ;-)17:57
ElvarHi. I'm not sure if this is the right channel for this, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with an ubuntu gtk problem.17:57
seb128Elvar, hey17:58
Elvarhi seb12817:58
jmlseb128: ok17:58
seb128what sort of question?17:58
seb128jml, thanks17:58
seb128Elvar, user questions should rather go on #ubuntu17:59
seb128have to go for dinner, bbl17:59
Elvarthx. i'll go there18:01
jmlhow do I install gnome-settings-daemon-dbgsym?18:01
seb128jml, cf 1. on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace18:02
bigonpitti: ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/gi/_gi.so: undefined symbol: g_callable_info_skip_return with the experimental version18:02
jmlseb128: thanks. go eat dinner. :)18:04
jmlseb128: OK. trace w/ symbols uploaded. I also need to eat, and am running out of morale so might not come back.18:26
seb128jml, thanks, no hurry for debugging go enjoy your evening and come back tomorrow with morale set to high ;-)18:50
jbicha/usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/gnome-classic.session requires notification-daemon or it will fallback to the metacity version19:22
jbichawill installing notification-daemon interfere with Unity's notifications?19:23
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chrisccoulsonso, bug 832603 will definitely occur if the media-keys plugin is stopped before the callback passed to g_bus_get is fired19:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 832603 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_simple_async_result_complete()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83260319:55
chrisccoulsoni wonder what would cause that condition to happen though?19:55
chrisccoulsonjml, is that the bug you were looking at eariler?19:57
kscloudAnyone know of a bug that concerns Qt apps crashing compiz?20:27
seb128chrisccoulson, no, jml's bug what in another .so20:47
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dobeychrisccoulson: ping. were you going to split up the evo-couchdb package, or should i go ahead and do that?21:16
cyphermox_dobey: split up evo-couchdb?21:19
dobeycyphermox_: yes into 2 packages. one for the evolution gui bits, and one for the e-d-s backend bits21:20
cyphermox_so you can use the e-d-s backend stuff in thunderbird I guess?21:21
dobeycyphermox_: so using contacts sync in tb won't require installing all of evolution21:21
cyphermox_well, I won't stop you. evo-couchdb will need at least a rebuild soon (e-d-s/evo updates)21:21
dobeycyphermox_: new versions break ABI?21:22
cyphermox_dobey: libcamel-1.2-2921:23
cyphermox_instead of -2821:23
dobeyi wonder why they don't just change it to -3.0 at this point21:24
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