ashamsseif, Hi04:22
ashamsseif, if we're trying to held an irc meeting, would you please be the host04:22
ashamsI mean you organize the agenda and talks and help us get over this, please04:23
ashamsseif, I trust your mind, man04:24
seifyeah will be there08:10
=== aosama is now known as Pronco
ProncoHey folks,15:29
ProncoHow do I edit this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Become%20A%20Member?15:29
Proncohttps://launchpad.net/~egyptlocoteam/+join <- this link should be revised15:32
sarhanPronco: connect into wiki with your launchpad account and edit15:40
Proncosarhan, I have edit it already.15:40
sarhanPronco: so why you ask?15:41
Proncosarhan, there was a FF issue and has been resolved at my place. memory leaks15:42
sarhanah ok15:42
sarhani have a question too15:46
sarhanwhy you don't use the prefix [Ubuntu-eg] in your mailing list? cc thelinuxer15:46
thelinuxersarhan: ok will do that now :)15:47
sarhanother mailing lists15:47
sarhanlike ubuntu-tn ubuntu-qc or ubuntu-fr do it15:48
thelinuxeryes lots of mailing lists do it15:48
thelinuxerthanx for noticing it :)15:48
seifI am very happy with how ashams and karim settled it15:49
seifguys u rock15:49
sarhanthelinuxer u rock !15:52
thelinuxersarhan: thanx man15:52
thelinuxergtg now i have a session that will start in an hr15:52
thelinuxersarhan: we need to talk more about the joint projects between our teams15:52
thelinuxerbut later ba2a isA15:53
sarhanyes thelinuxer why not15:53
sarhanbye :)15:53
ashamsseif, is it settled yet? :D16:38

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