_mup_ensemble/go-formulas r17 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net01:35
_mup_Got started with formula.Dir implementation. Missing bundling01:35
_mup_and expanding for completion.01:35
_mup_Bug #843539 was filed: Statusd -- deployment side status computation <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/843539 >04:27
kim0morning folks08:03
_mup_Bug #843667 was filed: Instance not provisioned in the specified region <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/843667 >08:25
niemeyerFolks, it's a national holiday around here, and given the recent events, I'll probably be mostly offline today to rest a bit. 14:39
highvoltagerecent events?14:48
kim0yeah what events .. hope everything is fine15:00
hazmati think gustavo is recovering from some dentistry issues15:02
robbiewnah, I know what he's talking about...nothing serious15:05
jimbaker`bcsaller, there's no bug linked to lp:~bcsaller/ensemble/statusd, so it's not showing up in the kanban15:36
bcsallerjimbaker`: thanks, there was an error with lbox when I tried it, thought I fixed the issue15:37
jimbaker`bcsaller, no worries15:37
bcsallerjimbaker`: it created the bug, I'll link it manually15:38
SpamapSwow so the shutdown command just *disappeared* ?!15:44
jimbaker`SpamapS, yes, it's now destroy-environment 15:45
SpamapSNo "this is deprecated stop using it"? :-/15:45
SpamapSMeh, it was an evil command anyway.15:45
jimbaker`SpamapS, considering how devastating it can be, it seems reasonable to require this15:46
SpamapSI really really don't like the introduction of incompatible changes this late tho.15:46
SpamapSEven when they're quite beneficial.15:46
SpamapSBut, meh.15:47
jimbaker`SpamapS, understood. i forgot to give you a shout when i pushed this merge in, since it was you that we were specifically trying to save ;)15:48
SpamapSbug subscriptions are fine I saw it poking around15:48
SpamapSI was just surprised to see it land so suddenly and break my test script15:49
SpamapSbut again, thats a good thing15:49
SpamapSThe really important one is for bootstrap to exit non-zero when an env is already bootstrapped15:49
jimbaker`SpamapS, good point. re suddenly - it was marked as high and it was easy15:50
jimbaker`SpamapS, i'll fix that as part of the more general bug 69709315:50
_mup_Bug #697093: Ensemble command should return nonzero status code for errors <cli> <Ensemble:New for jimbaker> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/697093 >15:50
_mup_Bug #844010 was filed: fix autocomplete for the rename of shutdown <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/844010 >15:50
jimbaker`kim0, thanks for pointing that out, that's an unfortunate aspect of not having autocomplete going against source15:51
kim0yeah :)15:51
kim0wish it could15:51
jimbaker`kim0, it's too bad that argparse in python leaves some obvious stuff unimplemented15:52
* kim0 nods15:52
fwereadehey all15:53
jimbaker`kim0, with bcsaller's statusd branch, we will be pretty close to having autocomplete on names15:53
fwereadeanyone got a few moments to talk about HTTP authentication?15:53
kim0jimbaker`: that'd be awesome :)15:54
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SpamapShazmat: I'm thinking I'll just patch in the openstack fixes into txaws for Oneiric.. its too critical to wait for a merge from "upstream" :p18:07
hazmatSpamapS, i actually am upstream.. i can get to it tomorrow18:30
hazmatSpamapS, i can cut a new release with the branch fixes as well18:31
hazmatSpamapS, one additional issue is the shutdown error message, which isn't functionally bad.. and as a result i'm tempted to wave off on it for oneiric18:32
SpamapShazmat: I wasn't sure if you had to await process tho. :)18:32
SpamapShazmat: you mean the destroy-environment message :)18:32
hazmatSpamapS, process is done, i got at least one other dev to sign off on it.. that's all i need18:32
hazmatSpamapS, yeah that too :-)18:33
SpamapSah ok18:34
* niemeyer waves19:24
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hazmatjimbaker`, do you know what this error might mean? /bin/ensemble deploy --repository=examples wordpress20:07
hazmatNo machines have addresses assigned yet20:07
hazmatjuju make me sick20:08
* hazmat looks for some mojo20:08
hazmatoh.. i see its the bootstrap isn't complete yet20:09
hazmathmm.. this is odd.. error on destroy-environment.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/684699/20:17
robbiewhazmat: heh20:24
niemeyerhazmat: This error means the machines are still pending in EC220:44
niemeyerhazmat: I have a guess about what the underlying error means, but it looks like the exception is from a bug in txaws itself20:45
niemeyerhazmat: I mentioned to jimbaker` that EC2 would raise an error if the machine disappeared while it was waiting, since ec2-describe-instances (the equivalent API) requires the id to exist20:45
niemeyerhazmat: This may be the underlying cause.. but the txaws error will have to be fixed for us to be sure20:46
statiklynxman: fyi I submitted a homebrew formula for ensemble. homebrew is a popular replacement for macports. https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/pull/748821:04
lynxmanstatik: nice!21:04
lynxmanstatik: hope they're faster ;)21:04
statikyeah, previously when I've sent pull requests for things like upgrading to a newer version of bzr they have been merged in 45 minutes21:04
statikmacports has fallen out of favor with all the developers I know who use macs21:05
statiki'll let you guys know if it gets merged. there are no "maintainers" so anyone can submit updates in the future.21:06
lynxmanstatik: that's very cool, I've submitted things to macports in the past and they've been faster, I think they're trying to cope with the upgrade to Lion21:07
lynxmanstatik: but definitely, as many flavours as possible of ensemble on the mac are a good thing21:07
jimbaker`niemeyer, hazmat - i made that fix with respect to describe instances. obviously for now the immediate problem is in txaws, as mentioned21:08
smoserSpamapS, can you re-review https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ensemble/cloud-init-output-log/+merge/7359622:07
smosershould pass test now.22:07
SpamapSsmoser: ack22:08

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