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dholbachgood morning07:15
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freeflyingdholbach: ping07:47
dholbachfreeflying, pong07:47
freeflyingdholbach: quick question, how can I apply for upload right to specific package?07:48
dholbachfreeflying, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#Per-package_Uploaders07:49
freeflyingdholbach: thanks07:49
dholbachfreeflying, it's the same process for every kind of upload rights: write the application, mail the DMB and attend the meeting07:49
dholbachjust point out which packages you need upload rights for :)07:49
freeflyingdholbach: understood07:50
FourDollarsHi, I have a patch for the ibus-chewing package in main. Who can help me?07:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 843619 in ibus-chewing (Ubuntu) "There is a twice pages turning problem when using plain zhuyin with space as selection." [Undecided,Confirmed]07:51
FourDollarsdholbach: Could you help me?07:51
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* Laney is running a find-bugs-with-debdiffs-without-sponsors-subscribed script15:32
ScottKNow if only LP could recognize a debdiff as a patch.15:53
tumbleweedI thought it did?15:57
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ScottKDunno.  I rarely have to attach them to bugs, but last time I did it (a few weeks ago) it complained it didn't look like a patch.16:28
Laneycould be a problem (I'm only searching bugs with patches)16:28
broderI think ScottK is right. I feel like I've run into that problem before. I'm not sure why, unless LP can't deal with the 2 lines of debdiff header before the actual diff16:29
cjwatsonI think it prompted me for patch-tagginess last time I attached a debdiff.  Maybe it's more specific than that16:29
ScottKThis was the opposite.  I ticked the box for it was a patch and it claimed it didn't look like a patch.16:30
cjwatsonI always use .debdiff as the extension for debdiffs, which may explain why I haven't seen this16:31
broderis that new?16:31
broder(the detection for .debdiff)16:31
cjwatson'bzr blame' dates it to 2010-03-2216:32
cjwatson(may have landed a bit after that; that's the commit date)16:32
broderHuh, ok16:32
cjwatsonsee bug 53821916:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538219 in Launchpad itself "debdiff does not look like a patch" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53821916:32
cjwatsonheh, ScottK commented on that even16:33
Laneywhat 2 lines of header?16:34
brodergood question. i'm going to go with the two lines i imagined into my head without actually looking16:35
LaneyI was actually asking as this script rather awfully just looks for "debian/changelog" in the attached patch16:35
Laney(a 1 minute google didn't give me any diff consuming libraries)16:36
Laneyprobably should have gotten more information (patch author)18:07
tumbleweedLaney: how were you detecting that? extension?18:08
tumbleweedoh, you just said18:08
Laneya quick glance saw some really old ones, some that should have had sponsors subscribed and some that deliberately had sponsors unsubscribed due to not being ready18:10
tumbleweedthe ones that were deliberately unsubscribed are probably worth reviewing, anyway, they may be worth tidying up ourselves18:11
Laneywhat should we do? triage the list? It's 420 items18:12
tumbleweedthat is a lot :/18:12
lfaraoneIs there a place where UDS rooming is coordinated? Aka a list of people who are staying at the sponsored venue so we can choose roommates?18:12
Laneyit's mainly allocated by a black box unless you have a particular preference18:13
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cjwatsonyes, I believe the interface is that if you have a particular preference you e-mail Marianna18:29
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