karl370I'm hoping someone could help me with my mythbuntu setup.  I'm using mythbuntu 11.04 and an HDPVR.  If I set the Input Connections | External channel change command parameter to /bin/true, the HDPVR lights up blue and I get video.  If I set it to /usr/local/bin/directv.pl, the HDPVR doesn't light up and no video displays. Does anybody have an idea why this is happening & how I can fix it?03:13
qwebirc22807Question....I upgraded my frontend to Mythbuntu 11.04 with Myth 0.24 fixes and now get a whole bunch of QPainter messages in mythfrontend.log....I'm using the MythCenter-wide theme....any ideas?17:55
superm1do they cause problems?17:55
superm1if so, i'd pick a different theme17:55
superm1it's possible that some things haven't been fixed in the theme17:56
qwebirc22807I have another box with the same that's fine17:56
qwebirc22807Is there a way to compare frontend settings on two boxes or could the problem be in the database?17:57
qwebirc22807sorry....another box with the same 'theme'17:58
superm1that's a bit weird then18:04
superm1you could clear the cache in ~/.mythtv/18:04
superm1that might help out18:04

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