ubottuIn #ubuntu, maum said: ubottu: there is no status messages and I cannot see the ubuntu menubar after I reboot my PC02:13
earl2hol23Whats this now?06:24
earl2hol23Why am I in limbo06:24
rwwearl2hol23: one second, I'll go take a look06:24
rww(and by "one second", I mean "meh, the website is slow, this might take a couple of minutes")06:25
earl2hol23Boy, you weren't kidding.06:30
earl2hol23I'll just masturbate.06:30
rwwearl2hol23: yeah, sorry. The bot wasn't co-operating for me, I'm having someone else take a look.06:30
elkyI don't think I need to look at the bantracker anymore, rww.06:30
rwwelky: yeah, I am getting that sense. log is more of the same?06:31
elkyrww yes.06:31
earl2hol23Whats the word fellas.06:32
rwwelky: original set date?06:32
elkyrww 28th06:32
elkyhe's had plenty of time to grow up.06:32
rwwearl2hol23: Come back in a few days and try to catch bazhang online when you're in a more family-friendly mood.06:33
earl2hol23And then what?06:33
elkyThat depends entirely on how you conduct yourself.06:34
earl2hol23I see.06:36
earl2hol23I'll start with 200 Siemens.06:36
earl2hol23And progress accordingly.06:36
elkyWhat do you mean by that?06:36
earl2hol23Bazhang seems to be here right now.06:39
rwwearl2hol23: His client is connected. He last talked about 17 hours ago.06:40
elkyHe's not actually at the computer. Probably sleeping or something.06:40
elkyearl2hol23, as you will have noticed in the topic of this channel, we don't permit idling here. Please return in 48hrs or more06:40
earl2hol23ah sure.06:40
topylido *to*?06:42
earl2hol23Ill let myself out06:43
earl2hol23But before I go, I just wanted to let bazhang know06:43
earl2hol23that im truly sorry06:43
elkyYou should be specific about what you're sorry about.06:44
earl2hol23that hes such an uptight lame petty twat with a childs precious ego06:44
topylihow nice06:45
rww@mark #ubuntu-ops earl2hol2306:45
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:45
earl2hol23gnight dears06:46
elkytopyli, i see you're around. since it's almost 7pm and im still at the office, i'll take this opportunity to go.06:46
topylii'll be around for a while, have a huge backlog of email and other todo, so i'll be sitting at the damn computer for a while :\06:47
Tm_Tubottu: no, !ops-#ubuntu-server is <reply>Help! Channel emergency! soren, lamont, mathiaz, Pici, Daviey, Tm_T or pmatulis09:01
ubottuI know nothing about !ops-#ubuntu-server yet, Tm_T09:01
Tm_Tubottu: no, ops-#ubuntu-server is <reply>Help! Channel emergency! soren, lamont, mathiaz, Pici, Daviey, Tm_T or pmatulis09:01
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T09:01
oCeanwhat happened in -ot??09:17
elkywith deltaepsilon?09:22
elkyit's not even a full moon09:23
oCeanI don't think the channels follow the moon phase anymore.09:25
rwwall crazy, all the time!09:25
ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, Unit193 said: !no, opendns is <reply>To set up OpenDNS in Ubuntu, see https://store.opendns.com/setup/device/ubuntu/09:39
Tm_Tubottu: no, opendns is <reply>To set up OpenDNS in Ubuntu, see https://store.opendns.com/setup/device/ubuntu/09:42
Tm_Tno response?09:43
Tm_Tbah, worked in -irc09:44
ikoniaI don't think that should be included09:45
ikoniaif it's valid information it should be put into an ubuntu wiki page that we can maintin and linked to09:45
ikoniaa lot of the factoids that link to external sites don't get maintained and cause problems in the long run, so if the advice is valid I think it should be on an ubuntu wiki page that if it changes we can maintain09:48
ikoniaplus I don't think we should be linking to external sites unless it really is the best and trusted option09:49
elkyagreed. the information belongs on a wikipage which we link to09:50
Tm_Tikonia: well, it was already linking there09:55
Tm_Tso the edit was an improvement (old link was obsolete)09:55
Tm_Tfeel free to do it right (;09:57
ubottu<reply>Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/10:32
ubottu<deleted>a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs10:32
oCeanwhy was it deleted.10:33
oCeanand it's in universe it seems, not mutiverse :p10:34
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs10:34
IdleOnewho knows.10:35
oCeanI blame eir :p10:35
ubottuIn ubottu, BarkingFish said: !za is Do you need help with Ubuntu or Kubuntu in Afrikaans?  Type /join #ubuntu-za  or  /join #kubuntu-za - Het jy hulp nodig het met Ubuntu of Kubuntu in Afrikaans? Tik /join #ubuntu-za of /join #kubuntu-za.10:38
IdleOne!za is <reply> Do you need help with Ubuntu or Kubuntu in Afrikaans?  Type /join #ubuntu-za  or  /join #kubuntu-za - Het jy hulp nodig het met Ubuntu of Kubuntu in Afrikaans? Tik /join #ubuntu-za of /join #kubuntu-za.10:39
ubottuI'll remember that, IdleOne10:39
IdleOne!za > barkingfish10:39
oCeanvibhav: what's up?10:41
vibhava guy called K-Rich is using words like perv3rt and d1ck in ubuntulo1 offtopic10:42
vibhavplease tell him to stop10:42
IdleOnethat was  minutes ago. if he does it again you can also remind him of the !language rules.10:43
vibhavcause my mom is  sitting beside me and if she noticies that , im gone10:43
vibhavill observe him10:44
vibhavplease kick as i cannot use part in this irc client10:44
jussivibhav: type /part10:45
vibhavnot enough parameters specified jussi10:45
jussivibhav: type /part #ubuntu-ops10:45
IdleOnethere you go. I let him know about our rules.10:45
oCeanjussi: it seems you edited !mplayer last - did that mean you deleted it?10:46
ubottu<deleted>a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs10:46
oCeanbut it's referred from !font10:46
ubottu<reply>Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/10:46
jussi!no font is <reply>Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/10:47
ubottuI'll remember that jussi10:47
oCeanor that :)10:47
jussisee, I beleive in "!info mplayer" :) - says mostly the same thing without being needed to be updated10:48
oCeanjussi: sure but _once_ there was probably some useful no-fonts-in-mplayer-info in that factoid10:49
jussiI wonder how much trouble it would be to build some sort of dependencies into the new factoid system, so that if you delete something that another factoid references, it warns you.10:50
oCeanwe have #ubuntu users for exactly that10:50
jussipish. not reliable enough.10:50
oCeangot a point there10:51
IdleOnehahaha jussi done lost his mind10:51
IdleOneis the bot not over worked as it is10:52
tsimpsonjussi: that would be hell to implement, a factoid is just a key and a string of text10:58
tsimpsonit would require loading and searching *every* factoid and searching for the deleted factoid (and all aliases) every time a factoid is edited10:59
tsimpson^ this is not nice10:59
jussitsimpson: yes, I guess so.10:59
knometsimpson, not if the dependencies were cached on an another db table11:00
tsimpsonknome: would still add a lot of overhead11:00
tsimpsonand complexity11:00
knometsimpson, of course. but only when adding/editing :)11:00
knometsimpson, and a bit when deleting, but not really much.11:01
tsimpsonknome: patches are welcome ;)11:01
knometsimpson, haha, what's the language?11:02
tsimpsonpython + supybot11:02
knomecan't do python :P11:03
jussiincorrect. python + evilness.  :D11:03
tsimpsonstorm in stormyfacts, python-sqlite in encyclopedia11:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, Unit193 said: ubottu: frostwire is a totally open source !bittorrent client, based on Vuze, the Azureus BitTorrent Engine.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire11:03
jussino encyclopedia implementation needed11:03
tsimpsonexcept storm doesn't really like postgresql afaik11:04
jpdstsimpson: wut.11:04
tsimpsonI remember trying it with sqlite, mysql, and postgres back ends, the postgres one just didn't want to work11:04
tsimpsonthis was a while ago though11:04
* jussi volunteers jpds to fix the postgres in stormyfacts.11:05
jpdstsimpson: Launchpad has been using postgres/storm since forever.11:05
tsimpsonwell it failed on lucid11:05
tsimpsonas I say though, I only tested it many months ago11:06
tsimpsonjpds: if you're feeling helpful, could you give storm the ability to create tables (in a non implementation dependant way)? Pleeese :)11:07
jpdstsimpson: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/684302/11:11
jpdstsimpson: Tweak __storm_table__. Do that in the first run, otherwise after that it'll return an already existing table error.11:13
tsimpsonjpds: yeah, well postgresql doesn't like CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS, though MySQL and SQLite do11:14
tsimpsonalso DATETIME vs TIMESTAMP11:14
tsimpsonand the auto increment thing, which is a little less important11:14
tsimpson(though I wasn't 100% serious in suggesting that you should go and make storm do all these things)11:15
jpdswgrant is probably a better person to ask than me.11:15
tsimpsonI doubt it's trivial to get working, or it would already be done11:15
PiciI haven't read all the scrollback, but it sounds like a good job for sqlalchemy.12:11
tsimpsonlooks similar to Storm12:15
* Pici doesn't actually know a lot about storm12:15
tsimpson"Storm is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python" "SQLAlchemy is the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper"12:16
tsimpsonhttps://storm.canonical.com/ btw12:16
Picicurious, there are some things in there that are very similar to sqlalchemy.12:22
Tm_Tyou should use Qt4 instead12:22
* Tm_T hides12:22
PiciTm_T: good idea12:22
Tm_Tfew examples, http://www.blogistan.co.uk/qt/2006/02/mkbot_qt4_based_irc_bot.php and https://github.com/minirop/Bot-chan12:23
tsimpsonmkbot is deaded, bot-chan is way too simple12:32
tsimpsonbot-chan and uses non standard stuff, bad bot!12:32
Tm_Tit's just an interesting thought, using the possibilities of Qt on an irc bot12:33
tsimpsonTm_T: yes, I have been playing with that idea for a while ;)12:33
Tm_TI've been playing with that idea since I heard of mkbot first time, what, 5 years ago? (:12:34
tsimpsonit would also be quite nice if one were to be able to script such a bot in many script languages...12:34
Tm_Tshame I have no time nor patience to do anything with that thought12:34
tsimpsonincluding over DBus12:34
Tm_Ttsimpson: uh, KDE (or was it Qt too) has perl bindings, if that's what you're after12:35
tsimpsonwell, I'm not after perl12:35
Tm_TI know, I'm just still amused with the whole idea of using perl for writing some KDE/Qt app12:35
tsimpsonTm_T: I was being semi-sarcastic, because I know that KDE/Qt has lovely bindings to many languages12:36
Tm_Tircbot and qt, you gotta be a bit sarcastic to discuss it (:12:36
tsimpsonso if one were to write an IRC bot in Qt, it would remove the "sorry, I don't know <language> so can't help" excuse12:36
PiciIts certainly an interesting idea...12:37
jpdsJust write it in Go.12:37
Tm_Tjpds: awww, no go bindings yet12:37
tsimpsonI think I prefer Eiffel over Go12:38
Tm_Tbut ye, list is rather impressive I'd say: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_%28framework%29#Bindings12:39
MyrttiQt is a script language :->12:39
Myrttiahem :-D12:39
* Myrtti hides12:39
Myrtti!botabuse > adam_16:24
Piciikonia: I guess you saw what ActionParsnip did too?18:37
ikonianot impressed with it18:37
Picime either.18:37
PiciBeen trying to get some work done here though, trying not to get sidetracked with IRC stuff18:38
ikoniame too, got a lot of expenses and stuff to arrange, but taking a break18:38
Piciand just looking at where this issue is going I'm glad I didn't answer.18:38
ikoniayes, I'm annoyed with myself18:39
Tm_Thmm, -ot?18:42
Tm_Tapparently no18:43
ikoniaI think we should remove alien from !rpm18:52
ikoniait's a terrible solution to recommend and it really doesn't spell out the dangers18:52
Picifine with me.18:52
rwwI think we should remove all mentions of alien that are not criticisms from ubottu, personally :\18:53
ikonia%99.99999 of the time it will not work and break things, I just don't feel we should push it via the bot18:53
ikoniaI'll remvoe it18:53
PiciI wouldn't remove alien entirely from the bot though, just make it sound like its a bad idea.. a really bad idea.18:54
ikoniaI'd remove it from !rpm, but have !alien18:54
rww!search alien18:54
ubottuFound: alien, rpm18:54
Picisounds good18:54
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)18:57
Priceyikonia: heh... alien... hasn't everyone been saying that for yeeeeeeeeears? :)18:58
ikoniaPricey: it's just the worst thing ever18:58
ikoniaapart from the fact that symantic force you to use it as an official install method for ubuntu and netbackup18:58
Priceyhehe sorry I wasn't disagreeing with you, its just amusing how its still raging18:59
rwwas in the antivirus company?19:01
Myrttiit's a PRICEY19:06
* Myrtti jumps and huggles19:06
PriceyMyrtti: Howdy :)19:15
ikoniarww: as in the company that now owns veritas and all it's enterprise products19:25
ikoniaPricey: sorry was away, it's not as raging as it was, but I just saw someone trying to use it in #ubuntu19:25
Jordan_UDoes the "don't take polls" policy mentioned in !best apply to #ubuntu-offtopic as well? Possibly to a lesser extent?19:33
IdleOnethe Aliens are coming, the Aliens are coming!19:55
rwwIdleOne: you're already here ;(19:57
IdleOneyeah, but the rest are coming to join me20:00
IdleOneI miss them20:00
IdleOnewill you be my friend :)20:00
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:10
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:10
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:10
KindOneThe FloodBot that sets the bans for people effected by the DCC expoit, is that opensource somewhere?22:23
IdleOneno it isnb't22:23
KindOneOh well, thanks anyway22:24
tonyyarussoKindOne: ubottu is, but the Floodbots are not.  Sorry.22:24
* mneptok floats out the window22:50

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