TLEHaaaaaaallo everyone :)08:32
TLEjust handed in my thesis, so I'M BACK08:33
dpmwelcome back TLE :) - and congratulations for handing in the thesis!09:37
TLEdpm: thanks09:38
TLEfinally i bit of spare time again, and just in time for gnome and ubuntu translations :)09:38
dpmcool :)09:53
TLEyeah, I celebrated by (among other things) starting to program that proofreading app that I have been longing for during the past several years :)10:01
andrejzcongratulations from me too, TLE. I hope i will be hand in my thesis in a good year or so :)10:26
RawChidCongratz TLE!  (I finished my thesis last week)10:52
RawChidWe can shake hands :P10:52
TLEandrejz: thanks11:00
TLERawChid: ahh what do you know, that's funny11:01
* TLE shakes RawChid's hand11:01
RawChidWhat was your subject?11:12
TLEThe structure sensitivity of CO dissociation on ruthenium surfaces (Keywords; Surface physics and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy), yours?11:16
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artnaytransifex had a major update: http://blog.transifex.net/2011/09/freemium/11:39

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