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HazRPGooooo so tempting to build a reprap machine!02:13
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: hey man03:23
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: You about?03:23
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: sup03:23
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: yeah ^_^03:23
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I spoke to you before about my piles03:23
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: ah yeah03:23
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: how'd it go?03:23
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I haven't woken early enough to see a GP yet03:24
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: But I just did the fattest dump in my life. It took me half an hour and was the size of my foot03:24
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: It reached the toilet water before it came out fully03:25
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Amazingly, I didn't bleed from it03:25
HazRPGyeah that's not going to help matters03:25
HazRPGalthough I know what it like not being awake to do morning stuff03:25
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I touched it and it was so dry and hard03:25
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: But then some sloppy stuff came out after it03:26
HazRPGtmi for a logged channel ^_^03:26
sammmmmmmmI could probably knock someone out by throwing my stool at them03:27
HazRPGheh, now that is saying something - and rather disturbing at the same time :P03:27
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I don't understand why I'm so constipated03:27
sammmmmmmmMy diet is fine03:27
sammmmmmmmI drink plenty of liquids03:28
HazRPGdrinking plenty?03:28
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Hell no03:28
sammmmmmmmI'm so laid back03:28
HazRPGlike I said, fibre can go either way03:28
sammmmmmmmI don't consume massive amounts of fibre03:28
HazRPGif you have too much fibre... but not enough water... then your going to get constipated, if you have too little fibre, and too much water... then... well... its going to be sloppy :P03:29
sammmmmmmmMaybe a bit under nourished, but I wouldn't have thought it'd make it this bad03:29
sammmmmmmmI don't drink any water03:29
sammmmmmmmI haven't for months03:30
sammmmmmmmI drink milk and sometimes Dr Pepper03:30
HazRPGnot a huge issue, as long as your drinking fluids in general03:30
HazRPGcos they're still made with water somewhere03:30
sammmmmmmmThen my stools should be sloppy.........03:30
HazRPGif you drink lots, its best to put more fibre to your diet03:30
HazRPGthat will definitely help03:30
sammmmmmmmI eat lots of bananas03:31
HazRPGbest place I get my fibre, samiches and cereals :)03:31
sammmmmmmmAnd I eat cereals03:31
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I probably need an expert to diagnose and recommend solutions03:32
HazRPGwatch out for bananas!03:32
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Why?03:32
HazRPGalthough its good for fibre, it works both ways03:32
sammmmmmmmThey have fibre03:32
HazRPGits a strange paradox!03:32
sammmmmmmmI just want a cure03:32
HazRPG2-3 bananas iirc is a good daily amount03:32
HazRPGhowever, more than that, you'll constipate yourself03:33
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I don't eat more than that03:33
HazRPGsounds like there's enough fibre in your diet, its just fluids that's your issue then03:33
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Can milk cause constipation?03:33
HazRPGit shouldn't03:33
sammmmmmmmI drink so much of it03:33
HazRPGbody, technically speaking, can't properly digest milk iirc (I might be wrong on that one)03:34
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I heard that before, but without solid evidence.03:35
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: And my best friend drinks as much, if not more milk than me, and he has no problems03:35
HazRPGlactase is an enzyme in the intestine that helps breaks down milk sugars...03:36
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Or at least, never talks about it...03:36
HazRPGbut not everyone has the same levels of it... so having too much milk can cause issues to some people (esp. people who have very little - or non at all - which causes them to be  lactose intolerance.03:36
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Wouldn't I know if I had that?03:37
HazRPGwell... you'd know if you were lactose intolerant for sure!03:38
HazRPGmilk shouldn't be an issue though03:38
sammmmmmmmThen I'm not.03:38
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: What about chicken?03:39
sammmmmmmmI eat a lot of that.03:39
HazRPGas do I ^_^03:39
HazRPGfavourite meat group ^_^03:39
HazRPGshouldn't cause an issue03:39
sammmmmmmmI heard Vikings had big dumps because they eat so much meat.03:39
HazRPGbut the more meat you eat, the more fibre and water you'd need with it03:39
HazRPGwouldn't call it wrong03:40
HazRPGa friend always told me "don't eat too much meat" as advice to me... however I find that you just need to balance how much fibre/water to go with the number of meat you eat - its hard to work out, but it can be balanced with a bit of mixing and matching to find out :)03:40
HazRPGbalancing the diet can be a pain!03:41
HazRPGcos no 2 people are going to be the same03:41
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: And because we're incredibly lazy03:41
sammmmmmmmOr I am, at least.03:41
HazRPGI've recently started eating 3 of 4 tuna or cheese sandwiches... and that seems to be helping with the amount of fluids I have...03:42
sammmmmmmmI eat tunas03:42
HazRPGjust get your balance of fibre per fluids consumed :)03:42
sammmmmmmmI eat cans of it...03:42
HazRPGsame ^_^03:42
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: And see a GP soonish?03:42
HazRPGtuna/chicken/cheese/bread/pizza = my diet :P03:43
sammmmmmmmShould I take one of my dumps with me?03:43
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: obviously :)03:43
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Love those foods too03:43
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: they might not be able to tell you exactly what your body needs, but they can at least guide you in the right direction!03:43
HazRPGand definitely get rid of any pains/irritations in that area - which is probably more important to fix really03:44
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: not really03:44
sammmmmmmmI can live with pain03:44
sammmmmmmmI can't live with long-term health problems03:44
HazRPGfor fruits I tend to drink them more than eat them... fresh cranberry juice is my forte03:44
sammmmmmmmI don't eat that much fruit03:45
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: well that was more what I was getting at, the pain can be put aside mentally - however it will cause many complications over time03:45
sammmmmmmm1 banana a day03:45
HazRPGcranberry is good for the system btw :)03:45
sammmmmmmmBut I drink milk03:45
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: why are you still awake?03:46
HazRPGalthough cranberry is sometimes classed as an acquired taste - but its good for flushing out the system03:46
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I like cranberry juice03:46
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: does research support your statement?03:46
HazRPGabout cranberry?03:47
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I hope my toilet still works...03:48
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: yes03:48
HazRPGcertainly, it's a cranberry juice has a mild diuretic quality03:48
HazRPGbah that was fail typing03:48
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: why are you still awake?03:48
HazRPGhave a look at diuretics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diuretic#Uses03:49
HazRPGspecifically the uses part03:49
HazRPGfor some info on cranberry: http://bnf.org/bnf/bnf/current/41001i995.htm03:49
HazRPGbah that was a bad link03:50
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Diuretics are often abused by sufferers of eating disorders, especially bulimics, in attempts at weight loss?03:50
sammmmmmmmMy weight is fine03:50
sammmmmmmmOptimal BMI03:51
HazRPGyeah, but you still need some in your diet - they don't call it balanced for nothing :P03:51
sammmmmmmmBalance requires effort and planning...03:51
sammmmmmmmTwo things I don't like to do03:51
HazRPGe.g. my dad's doctor recommended that he should drink lots and lots of cranberry when he had kidney stones03:51
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: What are those?03:52
HazRPGvery nasty is what they are :P03:52
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I've heard of them before03:52
HazRPGkidney stones are crystals that form in your kidneys03:52
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: What's the technical name for them?03:52
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Crystals?!?!?03:52
HazRPGkidney stones is the technical name :P03:52
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: lol sounds like slang03:53
sammmmmmmmLike piles03:53
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: You know so much more about stuff than me03:53
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Why are you so wise?03:53
HazRPGI guess if you want to get fully medical its "nephrolithasis" or "renal calculi" ... but don't quote me on those spellings03:54
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: my mum's a doctor lol, she kept telling more than I needed to know about stuff to scare me to do things properly03:54
HazRPG(she probably wanted me to become a doctor too, but that never happened :P)03:54
HazRPGalso, google03:54
HazRPGI live on google03:54
HazRPGand wikipedia03:54
HazRPGI like reading about useless facts - because then it actually helps with conversations like this :P03:55
* HazRPG is a jack of many trades... but master of none lol03:55
HazRPGso yeah, cranberry juice - very good for the system03:56
HazRPGI'd recommend at least 2 or 3 glasses in a week03:56
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: why are you still awake?03:56
HazRPG(like I said, you don't need lots of it, but it stops you getting urinary infections, cos your constantly flushing out stuff quicker than it can form in the system ^_^03:57
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: me? I sleep little and odd hours03:57
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: sounds like you have a sleeping disorder, or a fancy sleeping schedule03:58
HazRPGits a rolling system schedule ^_^03:58
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Like Arch Linux?03:58
HazRPGover time I'll be sleeping in the night then waking in the day... and slowly rotates round03:58
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: heh, sorta :P03:58
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Is it wrong for me to be proud of the humongous dump I just did?03:59
HazRPGheh, nah lol03:59
sammmmmmmmFirst thing I did was text my friend about it03:59
HazRPGI'd probably do the same03:59
sammmmmmmmHe'll see the text when he wakes up03:59
HazRPGbut more because I know he'd get annoyed and think it to be tmi :P03:59
HazRPGso you asked me why I'm awake, how come your awake :P?04:00
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: My friend won't care, he farts loudly when I'm about...04:00
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I struggle to go to bed and struggle to wake up04:00
HazRPGthat sucks04:00
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: And I did a massive dump and wanted to talk about it04:01
HazRPGI have that problem too (sleeping)04:01
sammmmmmmmAnd I was going to have a wank but CBA now04:01
HazRPGI find sleeping pointless, its more hours I could be doing something else04:01
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: At uni, I just shift my sleeping times forward by 2 hours every day.04:01
HazRPGI do that04:02
HazRPGI know I roughly sleep 6-8hrs04:02
sammmmmmmmI wish getting out of bed wasn't so hard04:02
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I sleep 10-1404:02
HazRPGso if I know I need to be up at x time, I make sure to minus 8hrs off that for sleep04:02
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: agreed04:02
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Haha if I need to be up when at uni, I skip sleep two nights before, then go to bed early the night before04:03
sammmmmmmmSo I'm actually going to bed really really late04:03
HazRPGat the moment I usually sleep around 15-2104:03
sammmmmmmm15-21 hours a day?04:03
HazRPGno from 3pm to 9pm04:04
sammmmmmmmah okay04:04
sammmmmmmmmy best friend has naps in the day04:04
HazRPGbut like I said its rolling ^_^04:04
HazRPGe.g. yesterday I fell asleep at 6pm, and woke up 11pm04:04
sammmmmmmmsleep is so lame04:04
HazRPGI know what you mean04:05
sammmmmmmmI wish I didn't need sleep04:05
sammmmmmmmwould be so awesome04:05
HazRPGlike I said, its time I could be doing more stuff (like trawling the internets :P)04:05
sammmmmmmmconscious 24/704:05
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: isn't that a waste of your life?04:05
sammmmmmmmI spend my time playing video games04:06
HazRPGerm... trawling the internets for food for my brain04:06
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: how do you manage your job around your sleep?04:06
HazRPGconstantly reading useless facts like I said :P04:06
HazRPGI work freelance :)04:06
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: as what?04:07
HazRPGheh, ironically web developer04:07
HazRPGI like the internet so much, I want to create more of it :P04:07
HazRPGhaven't been doing it freelance for long though, it's a recent thing since it fits better with my sleep04:08
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: haha04:08
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Your sleep controls your life04:08
HazRPGI did work for a company for a year (between college/uni transition)04:08
HazRPGand now since I graduated, I decided I don't want to work for a company04:08
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: If you slept normally, you could have a 9-5 job04:09
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: I could... but a 9-5 job means HAVING to do work you might not want to do04:09
sammmmmmmmBTW isn't it unnatural to wake up at 06:30-08:00 every day?04:09
HazRPGfreelance, means I can picky if I have many clients offering me work :P04:09
HazRPGat the moment I have about 2 websites that people want doing, and currently deciding which to take (or possibly take both, if one or the other doesn't mind waiting )04:10
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: VERY unnatural04:10
HazRPGlets put it this way, me going to sleep anywhere between 9pm to 2am... means I'll be getting up (naturally) at around 9am-12pm04:11
sammmmmmmm9-5 seems like long and tedious hours04:11
HazRPGand that's if I just leave it to my brain to wake itself up, not a clock04:11
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I think people should wake up naturally04:11
sammmmmmmmClocks suck ass04:11
HazRPGI find, if I leave myself to my own devices - sleeping at night means I end up sleeping 8-12 hours04:11
HazRPGif I sleep during the day... I sleep 6-8hrs04:12
sammmmmmmmBut that would mean going to bed at like 7-804:12
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: 6-8 is rubbish04:12
sammmmmmmmI like 10-1204:12
HazRPGlike I said, currently I sleep 6pm to 12pm04:12
HazRPGI prefer 6-8, means I can do more - I'm too hyper naturally04:12
sammmmmmmmI currently sleep 05:30 to 16:0004:13
HazRPGwhy I hate sleep so much04:13
HazRPGI've always wanted to try doing what some of the genius artists and inverters use to do04:14
HazRPGhave constant mini-naps during a day...04:14
HazRPGthat way you have more hours in your days to work - and overall your brain functions better04:14
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: If I had a 9-5 job, I'd have to go to bed at 9 and wake up at 7. Which would mean I'd only have 3 hours of free time a day (if it takes an hour to get home from work)04:14
HazRPG(it explains why dogs and cats seem to always be having lots of mini-naps!)04:14
sammmmmmmmBusy from 21:00 'til 18:00 the next day04:14
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: I know what you mean04:15
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Sure, but it'd involve clocks04:15
HazRPGmy dad works 9am-2pm, 4pm-9pm each day04:15
HazRPGI have no idea how he does it!04:15
sammmmmmmmAnd those 3 hours would be comprised of eating, cleaning and doing chores and stuff04:15
sammmmmmmmSo 0 minutes to play games, socialise and relax04:16
HazRPGI know what you mean :(04:16
sammmmmmmm9-5 is shit04:16
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: except weekends ;)04:16
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: weekends = PARTY TIME!04:16
sammmmmmmmShould be 14:00 to 18:0004:16
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Weekends are few and far between04:16
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: People work like your dad in Spain04:16
HazRPGalthough for most 9-5ers, weekends means cleaning/choirs and just generally just sitting and doing nothing04:16
sammmmmmmmThey nap in the afternoon04:16
HazRPGheh, yeah that's what my dad does!04:17
HazRPGI don't know how he does it, I can't nap... AT ALL!04:17
sammmmmmmmWhy not?04:17
sammmmmmmmI suck at it too04:17
HazRPGif I nap, it ends up being a full on sleep :P04:17
sammmmmmmmlol same04:17
sammmmmmmmMy best friend is good at it04:17
HazRPGso say I got up at 6am... and then napped at say 10am...04:17
HazRPGI'd wake up 4pm04:17
sammmmmmmmyou wouldn't want to nap 4 hours after you wake up04:18
sammmmmmmmOr at least I wouldn't04:18
HazRPGnapping is a hard habit to get into, unless you did it as a kid04:18
sammmmmmmmI never did04:18
HazRPGI wouldn't, but I've had to do it a few times though04:18
sammmmmmmmParents told me to get a bigass sleep at night04:18
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Is it normal to have a limp left foot and left arm after a HUGE dump?04:19
HazRPGand I blame my sleeping pattern because my parents never told me off for play RPG's non-stop when I was a kid04:19
HazRPGI would play Final Fantasy for 18hrs at a time04:19
sammmmmmmmCould I be having a mini-stroke?04:19
HazRPGonly taking a break for say food, and toilet breaks...04:19
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: HAHAHA same about the RPGs04:19
HazRPGe.g. my dad would wake up in the morning (around 7-8am) see me... and say "you still up? Make sure you get to school on time!"04:20
sammmmmmmmUsed to love 'em04:20
HazRPGthat was about it04:20
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: wow04:20
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: that's bad04:20
HazRPGdidn't do me any harm ^_^04:21
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: worose than me04:21
HazRPGhe was more strict about me being clean, then my sleeping pattern04:21
sammmmmmmmmy parents were only strict about profanity04:21
HazRPGi.e. he would get a broom, and LITERALLY threaten to sweep all the stuff on the floor into the bin04:21
HazRPGI was allowed to, but NOT in the house04:22
sammmmmmmmthat's harsh04:22
sammmmmmmmCould I be having a mini-stroke?04:22
HazRPGthe fuck?04:22
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Is it normal to have a limp left foot and left arm after a HUGE dump?04:22
HazRPGhow bout your left side of your face/04:22
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: You missed my earlier messages...04:22
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: feels fine04:22
HazRPGthen I doubt it's a stroke04:23
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: my foot felt limp and now my forearm feels weird04:23
HazRPGtry talking aloud04:23
sammmmmmmmand my bum aches04:23
HazRPGif you can form sentences fine... then your not having a stroke04:23
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: lol no, don't want to wake anyone04:23
HazRPGwhisper ^_^04:24
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: no, I'd look stupid04:24
HazRPGhmm the ability to understand things also fades if your having a stroke too04:24
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: or im just tired?04:24
HazRPGalso, inability to see one side of vision04:24
HazRPGso if one eye is blurry, then you need to be worried04:24
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: or im just short-sighted?04:24
HazRPGmore likely lack of sleep dude ^_^04:24
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: not unless you see blurryness with your glasses on!04:25
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: that reminds me, why do my muscles sometimes ache when I'm sleep deprived?04:25
HazRPGalso not seeing at all can be possible too04:25
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: wow id hate that04:25
sammmmmmmmI like being able to see stuff04:25
HazRPG(in one eye! its unlikely to have a stroke in both sides of the brain - rare)04:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: would you rather lose an arm or go blind?04:26
sammmmmmmmwhy do my muscles sometimes ache when I'm sleep deprived?04:26
HazRPGI'd rather loose an arm, then go blind04:26
HazRPGmy skills are computer based04:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: hahah same04:26
HazRPGI'd rather type with one hand, then to not be able to see what it is I'm coding04:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: what about both arms?04:26
HazRPGhmm, that would be hard04:27
HazRPGdon't think I could sit and talk to my computer all day long04:27
sammmmmmmmyeah, would be04:27
sammmmmmmmlol same04:27
sammmmmmmmyou could use it to type04:27
HazRPGalso, not sure why sleep deprivation causes pains, but it does  :P04:27
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: that would drive me insane04:28
sammmmmmmmwould you ever augment yourself?04:28
HazRPGhow do you mean?04:28
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: stephen hawking doesn't mind doing it04:28
HazRPGthrow myself into a computer?04:28
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: nooooo04:28
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Deus Ex04:28
HazRPGnever played that04:28
HazRPGheard of it... though04:29
sammmmmmmmMechanical body parts04:29
sammmmmmmmWould you give up an arm for a mechanical one?04:29
sammmmmmmmOr an eye?04:29
HazRPGwould be cool to be indestructible in places :P04:29
HazRPGmaybe not an eye04:29
HazRPGbut other body parts yes04:29
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: people have done it04:29
HazRPGwould love not needing to go to the toilet for example :P04:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: how would that work?04:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: you NEED the toilet, man04:30
HazRPGe.g. all goes into a box that I can just throw into a machine and put in a different box ^_^04:30
HazRPGlol exactly04:30
sammmmmmmmwould you augment your penis?04:31
HazRPGe.g. all toilet waste goes into some sort of box... which you can just remove, and place into a toilet like thing to clean it out04:31
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Recording a Screencast In Ubuntu Tutorial - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/07/recording-a-screencast-in-ubuntu-tutorial/04:31
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: hell no!04:31
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: I want to be able to feel something good ;D04:31
sammmmmmmmI'd augment my chest and belly04:32
sammmmmmmmWith super tough metal compounds04:32
sammmmmmmmAnd then my limbs04:32
sammmmmmmmMy eyes if I could safely04:33
sammmmmmmmSuper eyesight would be awesome04:33
HazRPGI'd only augment one eye, if it meant I could do some awesome calculations with it to predict stuff with (e.g. reference Eureka :P)04:33
HazRPG(or terminator)04:34
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Augmented reality04:34
sammmmmmmmI'd use it to whois people in real time04:34
HazRPGtechnically we're getting there!04:34
HazRPGwith glasses and such04:34
sammmmmmmmI want to know about people without talking to them04:34
HazRPGhaha yeah04:35
HazRPGwould defo help with relationships too!04:35
sammmmmmmmI want to know if a girl will put out just by looking at her04:35
HazRPG(schedule of her day...)04:35
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: OMG you think like me04:35
HazRPG(she likes, x, y, z...)04:35
HazRPG(she just made a reference to *this*, here is a sample of what she's talking about)04:36
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: imagine how useful augmented reality would be for soldiers and firefighters04:36
HazRPGor if its from a TV programme (here is a video of what she's talking about)04:36
HazRPGwould be cool04:36
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: But then you have the issue of whether she likes you for who you are, or for the machine you use04:36
HazRPGspeaking of hating going to the toilet... brb04:36
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: If she only likes you because you can understand her using complex electronics and computer code, it might de-value your relationship.04:37
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Although I struggle with empathy, so I'd use it more as a handicap tool rather than because I'm just lazy04:38
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I do not understand girls AT ALL04:39
sammmmmmmmProbably why I haven't had a girlfriend for 5 years04:39
HazRPGheh, don't confuse the situation - at the end of the day, the computer won't act for you unless you tell it to04:40
HazRPGit'll only present to you what your actually thinking04:40
HazRPGor requesting of it04:40
HazRPGand at the end of the day, your brain would still have to process if you want to follow up with any of the stuff it presents to you04:40
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: could do more04:40
HazRPGe.g. "hmm I wonder what type of flower she likes" and then it tells you, and you don't go and buy it04:41
HazRPGso at the end of the day, she'd still like you for you... cos its your choices04:41
HazRPGthe fact that your memory and ability to find things easier would be irrelevant04:41
sammmmmmmmCould augmented reality tell me if girls like me or not?04:42
HazRPGbesides, who to say she wouldn't do the same thing back to you - if she had it too04:42
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: it could try to read body languages, and maybe base it on past events, etc04:42
HazRPGbut doubt it would be fully accurate04:42
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: That would be nice, I suck at body language04:42
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: But it'd probably help I bet04:43
sammmmmmmmCould it tell if a girl is horny for me?04:43
HazRPG"body language detects, she doesn't think your trying too hard... computer pull me up some info that might be relevant to her... computer: well she likes this, try that... etc"04:44
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: that ones easy yes04:44
sammmmmmmmThat would be awesome04:44
sammmmmmmmI want this tech NAOW04:44
sammmmmmmmI need help with friendships and relationships so badly04:45
sammmmmmmmI'm not really a people person :(04:45
sammmmmmmmI have like 5 friends04:45
HazRPGcos being horny has some side-effects that are visible via body language, change in temp., way of talking, breathing... smells (hormones, etc)04:45
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: yep, was thinking that04:45
HazRPG5 good friends, is better than non dude04:45
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: sure, but most people have like 5004:46
sammmmmmmmor more04:46
sammmmmmmmand girlfriends04:46
HazRPGthat's only because people suck at categorising stuff04:46
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: ?04:46
HazRPGpeople can have many accountancies - people you don't see often, speak to often, or just talk to if they're around - but most will call these friends04:47
MartijnVdSnot everyone that's a "friend" is a good enough friend to confide private things to04:47
HazRPGbut its not the same thing04:47
HazRPGMartijnVdS: exactly :)04:47
HazRPGepic autoword correct there04:48
sammmmmmmmI still think I have less friends than most people04:48
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Pidgin?04:48
MartijnVdSsammmmmmmm: So? It's not a race :)04:48
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: yeah lol04:48
sammmmmmmm<3 Pidgin autocorrect and lazy typing04:48
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: my spelling is bad04:48
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Hahaha mine is good, but I'm tired and CBA04:48
HazRPGI have maybe 3 true friends... rest to me are either partial-friends or acquaintances04:49
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: But you're at home almost all the time04:49
HazRPGor people I get along with for use of a better word :)04:49
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: You live on the internet04:49
HazRPGpeople always get offended when I call them an acquaintance04:50
sammmmmmmmhaha why?04:50
sammmmmmmmit's a neutral word, is it not?04:50
HazRPGthey assume it means something bad, when really its just someone you've met or someone you get along with (more so on the whole someone you've met... but still, it depends on context)04:50
MartijnVdS"But I consider you a friend" etc.04:50
sammmmmmmmBut someone can be both a friend and an acquintance04:51
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: home most of the time cos its where I spend my working hours and personal time yes... but I still go out, and still see people :P04:51
sammmmmmmmpeople shouldn't comment on things they barely understand04:51
MartijnVdSsammmmmmmm: Welcome to the real world, where everyone has an opinion on everything :)04:52
HazRPGfriend to me is a sacred word - it means trust, etc04:52
MartijnVdSsammmmmmmm: just ignore the non-experts :)04:52
sammmmmmmmreal world sucks04:52
HazRPGso hate a good handful of friends, and very best friends, but many acquaintances04:52
MartijnVdSsammmmmmmm: Sorry, we don't have anything better on offer today ;)04:52
sammmmmmmmsometimes I can say stupid things and my friends assume its true because im thought of as the smart one LOLOL04:53
HazRPGhave* not hate04:53
MartijnVdSHazRPG: http://www.learn2type.com/ :P04:53
HazRPGMartijnVdS: just that time of morning ^_^04:53
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Autocorrect doesn't do grammar so well04:53
MartijnVdSHazRPG: time for your first (Egyptian) coffee? :)04:53
sammmmmmmmJust spelling04:54
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Can we be friends on Facebook?04:54
HazRPGMartijnVdS: no such thing as Egyptian coffee really lol, they're local is technically turkish coffee :P04:54
MartijnVdSHazRPG: not Ethiopian?04:54
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: if ya want04:55
HazRPGtheir* yes04:55
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I cannot find you04:55
HazRPGMartijnVdS: also, bad time for coffee, I need to be awake and sane at 2pm04:55
sammmmmmmmAlthough I haven't tried very hard04:56
MartijnVdSHazRPG: time for sleep then :)04:56
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: fail :P04:56
sammmmmmmmit's past my bedtime04:56
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Dude, I could have found you if I had any effort to04:56
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: mine is facebook.com/facrbook04:56
HazRPGprobably :P04:57
sammmmmmmmstupid facebook took the one I wanted04:57
sammmmmmmmso I went with the most common typo04:57
HazRPGyou wanted facebook.com/facebook ?04:58
HazRPGXD lol why? You can't change that url at all04:58
sammmmmmmmWhat do you mean?04:59
sammmmmmmmI could have made it whatever I wanted04:59
MartijnVdSyou can only set it once, right?05:00
sammmmmmmmI might make my forename on FB "Sam" and my surname "uel"05:00
sammmmmmmmonce, I think so05:00
MartijnVdSsammmmmmmm: until FB asks you for photo id05:00
sammmmmmmmmart I can't tab-complete you :(05:01
sammmmmmmmWTF why would FB do that?05:01
MartijnVdSsammmmmmmm: sometimes they do, if the suspect you're <13 years old, or someone reports you as a spammer too foten05:01
sammmmmmmmIf they did that, im quitting for good05:01
sammmmmmmmWow that's lame05:01
MartijnVdSit's a good way to prevent spam, imho05:01
sammmmmmmmI'm going to make Pidgin replace every instance of "gay" with "lame" so I don't have to keep forcing myself to be polite05:02
sammmmmmmmcaptchas work better05:02
sammmmmmmmFB sometimes gives me captchas when I spam my friend's profile too often05:03
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Did we move our convo into private on purpose?05:08
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: to autocomplete MartijnVdS in pidgin do "martij"05:08
HazRPGand then tab05:08
HazRPGI use that a lot ^_^05:09
HazRPGbtw, martijn is pronounced "martin" iirc :)05:09
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: nope ^_^05:09
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: you msg me first ^_^05:09
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: too many letters to auto-complete05:09
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I use 3 then tab05:09
sammmmmmmm7 is too many05:09
sammmmmmmmWhy not just type the whole thing?05:10
sammmmmmmmor not bother05:10
HazRPGurgh, seems facebook changed their privacy crap again T____T05:12
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I noticed that too05:12
* HazRPG goes through all the crap again to see what's different and what I don't want05:12
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: same05:12
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I have 99% of the stuff set to "only me"05:13
HazRPGI have groups for that :P05:13
HazRPGI allow my best friends to see all things05:13
sammmmmmmmPeople keep complaining they can't post on my wall05:13
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I don't trust the security of my friends' accounts05:13
HazRPGif I put someone into my "restricted" group, they seem very very limited stuff ^_^05:13
sammmmmmmmAnd don't trust Facebook with my info05:13
HazRPGagain its all trust... I put people in places that I can trust them with ^_^05:13
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: you trust too much05:14
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: FB is evil05:14
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: I've noticed you can now review posts to walls...05:14
sammmmmmmmMy friends are stupid05:14
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: How does that work?05:14
HazRPGset it so that you have to review any posts to your walls it seems05:14
sammmmmmmmBut that'd require I have my wall visible05:15
HazRPGthat way, you see the message, but you don't have to physically allow it on your wall ^_^05:15
sammmmmmmmmy wall has too much personal info05:15
HazRPGwell yeah... but you can restrict it down further if needs be05:15
HazRPGyou can set it so that its not visible to people, but allow them to post on it05:15
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: that's cool05:16
HazRPGor that's my understanding of it05:16
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: But still, I could just not bother with it at all05:16
sammmmmmmmI'm not exactly missing much05:16
sammmmmmmmIf someone wants info from me, they could just IM me and ask05:16
HazRPGI've noticed that being unsocial on facebook however... makes real life social life suffer (been there!)05:16
sammmmmmmmThat's the way I like it05:17
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: WTFFFFFF?05:17
HazRPGso I find it easier to just limit crap on my facebook account (e.g. I don't put my number on there, and that stuff)05:17
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: There was a time before FB!05:17
HazRPGbut I allow people to post me stuff05:17
HazRPGhowever I don't allow facebook to tell me people post stupid apps05:17
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: what do you mean exactly by "unsocial"?05:17
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: try telling that to the world (sadly) :(05:18
sammmmmmmmI want an open source and openly run FB05:18
HazRPGi.e. people not being able to post on your wall... and not replying to people often/fast05:18
sammmmmmmmFB is too big to be trusted by a for-profit business05:18
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: WTFFFF05:18
HazRPGthey forget I use pidgin for IM... so half the time I'm not actually on the darn website05:18
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: why would that ruin my social life?05:19
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: yeah same05:19
HazRPGI don't know, it ruined mine at one point05:19
HazRPGpeople started hating me for it o.O05:19
sammmmmmmmIm logged on FBchat 24/7 but at my PC more like 8/705:19
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Sorry about that, sounds like they mistreated you05:20
HazRPGobviously not my close friends - they're close for a reason ^_^05:20
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I get people asking me every single week "why don't you have a wall"05:20
sammmmmmmmSo annoying05:20
HazRPGthere are open-source facebook equivalents - just hard to get people to adopt them05:20
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Damn vicious circles!05:21
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: my groups seem to do all their organising on facebook - so I miss out on a lot :(05:21
HazRPGi.e. "why were you at x, we sent you an invite on facebook"05:21
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: why?05:21
sammmmmmmmI get so many spam events05:22
sammmmmmmmSO annoying05:22
sammmmmmmmI don't look at most of them now05:22
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: cos apparently everyone uses facebook - they live on facebook - breathe on facebook - apparently without facebook they would not have internal organs05:22
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: gayyyyyyyyy05:22
sammmmmmmmoops I mean lameeeeee05:22
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: so do I... and worst thing is you can't control the events either!05:22
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: How do you propose we should be able to control them?05:23
HazRPGi.e. "don't allow people, except this list to send me events"05:23
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: hmm that could cut down my spam lots05:23
sammmmmmmmI want to prevent some people from sending me event invites05:23
HazRPGif you could do that, FANTASTIC, would be a winner, I'd set facebook events to hook straight into my phone to grab straight to my calendar (I have an android phone)05:23
sammmmmmmmI think some of my friends are working for nightclubs05:23
HazRPGcos I keep getting "come to this club, and has funs, we haz cheap booze lulz, why not come, lulz, will be a blast, lulz"05:24
sammmmmmmmThere are so many things wrong with Facebook05:24
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: OMG same05:24
sammmmmmmmidc about those events AT ALL05:25
HazRPGfacebook is the bane of the world :P05:25
sammmmmmmmIt's spam and advertising05:25
sammmmmmmmI want a ban on advertising via facebook events05:25
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: agreed, it's the reason I have ad blockers, I don't need more things clogging my internets damnit05:25
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I haz adblocker too :)05:25
HazRPGin fact, same adblocker, I've actually blocked the facebook chat bar as a result05:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I want facebook even adblocker05:26
HazRPGcos I don't need to see the same message twice!05:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: ahahaha05:26
HazRPGwhat browser you on, and which adblocker do you use?05:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: sometimes pidgin doesn't get the message, so I have to go on the website :(05:26
sammmmmmmmMy wi-fi is so flaky05:26
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: do you know how to get messages in pidgin that have already been sent to me?05:27
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: firefox adblock05:27
HazRPGyou do realise even if you block the chat bar, the messages now show up in your messages section - cos chat and messages are one and the same thing now (stupid thing)05:27
HazRPG(facebook is the stupid thing btw, wasn't referring to you - I just hate facebook)05:27
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I want Pidgin to retrieve messages sent to me when im not connected, how do I do that?05:27
sammmmmmmmHazRPG:  yeah, noticed that05:28
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: don't think you can do that currently05:28
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Once I can do that, I'll never need the website again05:28
sammmmmmmmBad wi-fi means I need it sometimes :(05:28
sammmmmmmmThe website chat is too unintuitive05:28
sammmmmmmmhard to use05:28
sammmmmmmmPidgin makes it super easy05:29
sammmmmmmmBut it's buggy05:29
HazRPGthing that annoys me is that facebook uses xmpp - but doesn't follow any of its usual protocol measures05:29
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: well that's dumb05:29
HazRPGpidgin isn't the buggy one - its just following the xmpp protocol, facebook is the buggy one05:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: never used XMPP myself05:30
HazRPGtechnically you are :P05:30
HazRPGXMPP is just the server technologies05:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I know it's technically FB's fault05:30
HazRPGJabber is the actual service, or facebook, or gtalk05:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I know, I meant before FB05:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: Sorry, haven't been explaining myself well05:30
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: somehow I've managed to talk to you for 2 hours now without getting bored05:31
HazRPGI find it amusing that people show up in pidgin as "-3026830268236@chat.facebook.com" cos its that retarded05:31
sammmmmmmmI could probably keep going, but it's WAY past my bedtime05:31
HazRPGif it was a normal xmpp, and it was federated properly, technically you'd only need a google account to add your facebook contacts05:31
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: what generates that number?05:31
HazRPGas far as I know, it's a static number (i.e. hover over a contact on pidgin and you'll see that info - or right-click the their pic at the top right and click get info)05:32
HazRPGand it doesn't change05:32
HazRPGI have a feeling its generated when you create a facebook account05:33
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: I think that too05:33
sammmmmmmmLike a userID05:33
sammmmmmmmWe each have our number05:33
HazRPGwhen you make your url, then you can login to fbchat with pidgin as you know... so technically you should just be "username@chat.facebook.com" but that doesn't work for some stupid reason05:33
HazRPGi.e. in my gtalk account, I can't add myself (I was testing to see if it would work)05:34
HazRPGI've even tried adding people in based on the random stringed number - with no luck05:34
HazRPGguessing its cos its not federated xmpp05:34
HazRPGfederated, just means that other servers can talk to other servers05:34
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: that would be cool05:35
HazRPGlike how I can have an e-mail with @somethingdaft.com and still be able to email you at @someotherwebsite.com05:35
HazRPGgtalk is federated, along with jabber, and many others05:35
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: nice examples05:35
HazRPGyou can technically make a federated server at home if you wanted to05:35
sammmmmmmmHazRPG: isn't domain registration expensive, though?05:36
HazRPG(federated xmpp I mean)05:36
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: domain is cheap05:36
sammmmmmmm£30 a year?05:36
HazRPGin the UK, we can  get a domain for ~£3 a year for a .co.uk05:36
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: if it was that expensive, I'd be broke o.O05:36
sammmmmmmmdude, stop talking, let me sleep05:36
HazRPGsammmmmmmm: I've got like 5 domains!05:37
HazRPGlol alright :P05:37
sammmmmmmmnight xx05:37
HazRPGHeh, I'm going to see what happens when I put my name in arabic as an alt in fb ^_^05:44
HazRPGhah epic ^_^05:46
AlanBellmorning all05:46
HazRPGAlanBell: morning squire :)05:47
HazRPGhmm, ubuntu question: how do I get the UUID for a given partition?05:48
AlanBellthen figure out which is which05:53
AlanBellor sudo blkid /dev/sda105:54
AlanBell!info pencil06:05
lubotu3pencil (source: pencil): animation/drawing software. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.4b-0ubuntu4 (natty), package size 478 kB, installed size 1196 kB06:05
* daubers should go catch a bus to catch a train to go to London :(06:47
* daubers dislikes London06:47
daubersHowever, my eeepc now works nicely :)06:49
MooDoohello all06:55
HazRPGAlanBell: Ah, I'll give that a go, thanks :)07:14
HazRPGAlanBell: Brilliant, that works :)07:20
HazRPGAlanBell: Does this look sane to you for fstab: UUID=1C7432C87432A504 "/media/MP3's" defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 007:20
MartijnVdSwhere's the filesystem type?07:21
HazRPGah good point07:21
MartijnVdSnot on that line..07:21
MartijnVdSalso.. gid 46?07:21
=== mar_33 is now known as kkoo
MartijnVdSthat's plugdev..07:21
=== kkoo is now known as mar_33
MartijnVdSyou shouldn't need to put stuff in that group07:22
HazRPGits what /media/storage and /media/win7 had when I installed ubuntu07:22
=== mar_33 is now known as kkoo
MartijnVdSsure but that's because you mounted them by clicking in the gui, I guess07:22
HazRPGin fact... looking at this fstab, its very messy o.O07:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Look at that o.O: http://pastebin.com/kjQD23CH07:24
MartijnVdSCommented out by Dropbox -- WUT07:25
MartijnVdSwhy would you run dropbox as root?!07:25
* MartijnVdS adds this to the list of reasons to not run dropbox07:25
HazRPGI never did run dropbox as root, well aside from install07:27
MartijnVdSwhy did it comment out the /home mount then?07:27
MartijnVdSor _how_07:27
HazRPGit seems to have added "user_xattr" to /home07:28
MartijnVdSuser_xattr is nice to have07:28
HazRPGit commented out the old /home, and replaced it with a similar thing but with "user_xattr" on it07:28
HazRPGso what is user_xattr out of interest ?07:28
HazRPGDJones: morning :)07:29
HazRPGMartijnVdS: does fstab have anything against tabs btw?07:30
MartijnVdSHazRPG: not that I know07:31
HazRPGwhat's a better alternative to "defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46" for my other drives?07:32
MartijnVdSmkfs.ext4 :)07:33
HazRPGheh, non of my drives are ext4, they're ext3 :P07:34
HazRPGe.g. windows has to be ntfs07:34
HazRPGand as does /media/storage, because that's something I store files for both O/S07:34
HazRPG(despite the fact that I haven't used windows in a really long time, its there if I need it for whatever reason)07:35
HazRPGwould it be a bad idea to take out "umask=007,gid=46" from this ntfs fstab?07:41
HazRPGcos it seems nls=utf8 is fine, and defaults is sorta needed ... but what about umask=007,gui=4607:41
HazRPGam I right in thinking that's what gives it "owner: root" and group "devplug"?07:42
MartijnVdSplugdev, but yes, I think so07:43
MartijnVdSalso, why put it in fstab? do you need it globally? can't you just open it in nautilus and be done?07:43
MartijnVdSHazRPG: I have this for my SMB shares at home:07:44
MartijnVdSHazRPG: //diskstation/video /mnt/video cifs uid=1000,credentials=/etc/cifs_credentials 0 007:44
MartijnVdS(uid 1000 == me)07:44
HazRPG1000 usually always == person who installed it doesn't it :P?07:44
HazRPGwell storage for example is where I normally put downloads straight to07:46
HazRPGand also use as one of my backup locations07:46
HazRPGwhich runs every so often... so it needs to always be mounted07:47
HazRPGand /media/MP3's (only has the 's cos its legacy from when I had it on windows - and wasn't that good with linux at the time) is obviously where I store my music... however I don't use mp3's much these days (been slowly converting to flac) but banshee always cries if that isn't mounted07:48
HazRPGand since banshee is the first thing I open when I head to my computer...07:48
MartijnVdSIs banshee stable for you?07:49
MartijnVdSBecause mine crashes ALL the time07:49
MartijnVdSespecially on oneiric07:50
HazRPGbanshee works like a treat ever since you told me about it ^_^07:50
HazRPGonly issues I have, is if I have too many sound based apps open at once for whatever reason... and then sound stream gets messed up - but I think that's more pulse's problem that banshee07:50
HazRPGalso, I use to have the messed up sound issue more when I used rhythmbox, so if anything banshee has made my system a little more reliable07:51
HazRPGhmm, it won't hurt to take umask=007,gid=46 off will it?07:53
HazRPGsince its not / /home swap etc which are *needed* for the system07:53
HazRPGif anything I can add those back if needed... right?07:53
diploMorning all07:55
czajkowskiMooDoo: did she have the baby ???08:01
MooDooczajkowski: if i'm here then no :(08:05
czajkowskiMooDoo: bah talk about SLOW labour08:05
czajkowskipoor wifey08:05
DJonesHow much overdue is she now08:05
MooDoo7 days08:05
MooDooshe's at the midwife this afternoon08:05
bigcalmGood morning peeps08:07
christeli think she's having you on, she's not actuallly pregnant08:07
MooDoochristel: lol just gained a huge belly over the last 9 months ;)08:07
DJonesMooDoo: McDonalds & KFC for breakfast, dinner & tea every day for 9 months?08:08
MooDooDJones: yeah08:08
DJonesWhat about your wife though :)08:08
DJonesNeighbours daughter is due home from hospital with her new born today, the neighbour is supposed to be doing my wifes hair tonight, I can see that being cancelled08:10
hoovermorning all08:12
MooDooDJones: thanks for that :p08:13
DJonesAt least she'll be ok for child minders, in 2 houses in our close, there's now 4 generations of the same family, great grandparents over the road, next door but 1 to them, grandparents, daughter and her new born baby, ages, 60 ish, 40 ish, 21 and new born :)08:13
DJonesMooDoo: It'll be you soon enough, no doubt waiting till the weekend so you can celebrate in style08:14
HazRPGyou know, it doesn't make sense that some UUID's seem to be really long and hyphenated, and others don't :S08:14
MooDooDJones: i hope not, it's my other sons 3rd birthday on sat :)08:15
* czajkowski tickles christel 08:16
DJonesI hope they don't end up with the same birthday, a couple of days apart would be good to avoid taking something away from one or the others celebrations08:16
MooDoothat's what we're thinking08:16
* christel hugs czajkowski 08:16
DJonesMooDoo: Wifes cousin shares the same birthday with her sisters daughter, that causes a few problems08:17
czajkowskiMooDoo: or older son nose will be out of joint08:17
christelmy mum and i have the same birthday08:17
christelwell, not quite the same, she's obviously a few years older than me08:17
bigcalmchristel: she gave herself a good present that year :)08:18
MooDoome an my wife share the same birthday, she's 20 mins older08:18
MartijnVdSMooDoo: My sister is 2 hours older than her bf, we tease them about it ;)08:18
DJonesWife & her mum have birthdays close, next year we get a joint 60th/30th birthday party08:18
MartijnVdSMooDoo: ("So you like older women?" "And you like young boys?")08:18
JamesTaitGood morning, people! :D08:19
christelbigcalm: i dunno, i think she might say it was the worst birthday she'd ever had08:19
christelnah, i jest.. apparently it was "quick and easy"08:19
HazRPGMooDoo: I'm sure you'll be hearing the pitter-patter of small feet soon enough :)08:20
christeli was 3 weeks late and a whooping 12lbs, tho apparently labour took 25mins from start to finish08:20
MooDoochristel: 12? blimey08:20
bigcalmBlimey indeed08:21
MooDooi was 6lb's   now i'm huge ;)08:21
MartijnVdSThough 25 minutes is FAST08:21
MooDoohel yes, i don't want her to be that fast as we're 25 mins from the hospital :D08:22
MartijnVdShowdy popey08:22
MooDoomorning popey08:22
HazRPGchristel: woah, that is fast08:22
HazRPGmorning popey \o08:22
christelmy son was 9 1/2lbs, the computer esstimated he was 7lbs the day before08:22
christeli am glad it was wrong oro i might have refused08:23
christel(to have him that is)08:23
MooDoomy first was 9 1/2 oz, new one is expected to be bigger :S08:23
christelhe looked like a seriously angry sumo wrestler when he was born08:23
popeyI was 10lb 1oz :D08:26
czajkowskiMooDoo: what did you feed her08:27
czajkowskichristel: dear gods! I can only imagine.......08:27
MooDooczajkowski: it's me i'm afraid, i'm quite big so my genes rubbed off08:28
christelit went pretty fast, i think the worst bit was when the mouthpiece fell off the gas and air supply and i really struggled to put it back on08:28
ubuntuuk-planet[Paul Mellors] Ubuntu Members - http://paulmellors.blogspot.com/2011/09/ubuntu-members.html08:31
Myrttiaw the documentary about how the pregnancy conditions affect the baby is gone from iplayer08:34
Myrttiwas a good show, might have been in horizon or smth08:35
HazRPGMartijnVdS:  hmm, seems changing fstab to just defaults,nls=utf8 has suddenly give the drives a chmod of 77708:53
MartijnVdSntfs defaults are stränge08:54
HazRPGMartijnVdS: and they now show up as being highlighted in the terminal08:54
MartijnVdSHazRPG: yes, world-writable tends to be bad08:54
MartijnVdSso it has a special colour08:54
HazRPGwell yeah, I realise its bad... I mean I was like "woah, what!?" when I saw it08:55
HazRPGshould I put in defaults,nls=utf8,umask=1000,gid=1000?08:55
MartijnVdSumask=022 then08:55
HazRPGor would setting it as me:me be bad?08:55
MartijnVdSuid=1000 you mean :)08:55
HazRPGsorry yes08:56
kazademorning all09:02
popeypip pip09:02
HazRPGhmm, changed it to: "defaults,nls=utf8,umask=022" seems to be working better (I umount'ed them and then did mount -a)09:03
HazRPGwhich is now looking a lot nicer09:04
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Muchos grasias ^_^09:04
bigcalmI tried to open the bookmark manager in chromium and it quit the browser. Yay09:09
bigcalmCannot reproduce :(09:10
HazRPGbigcalm: :(09:12
HazRPGbigcalm: I recall something like that about a year or so ago, I thought I'd since been fixed :(09:13
HazRPGalthough, likewise, was hard to reproduce09:13
* HazRPG needs to think about what to write in a blog post09:19
AlanBellpick a wikileaks cable and write about it09:21
Laneydo you remember deb a day?09:23
Laneyrevive that!09:23
popeywhich reminds me of:-09:29
popeyapt-cache show $(grep -h 'Package: ' /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Packages | cut -d' ' -f2 | grep -v ^lib | shuf -n 1)09:29
popeywhich will show you a random package from the repository :D09:29
popeyI have discovered a few new things to me from that09:29
HazRPGAlanBell: hmm... interesting... maybe09:30
HazRPGLaney: no I don't, shall have a read though the archives though :)09:30
bigcalmpopey: and I just discovered xpad from that. Might actually use it09:30
HazRPGLaney: heh, interesting site... I wonder why they spotted...09:33
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hmm, heh, apparently I can't write to /media/music (decided to call it music instead)09:40
bigcalmpopey: aliased that to apt-random :D09:41
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ls -ld /media/music :)09:41
HazRPGI used ll09:41
HazRPGbut yeah: drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 32768 2011-09-07 09:46 /media/music09:41
HazRPGMartijnVdS: *ping* ^_^09:46
MartijnVdSmount | grep "/media/music"09:46
HazRPGMartijnVdS: nothing shows09:47
MartijnVdSso.. it's not mounted?09:47
HazRPGshould be... I can see the folder of stuff (cos it won't let me write to it)09:47
HazRPGand I tab-completed that, so its definitely the right folder09:48
DJonesHazRPG: Are you using nautilus to write to it or command line?09:48
MartijnVdSHazRPG: check /proc/mounts then09:48
HazRPGDJones: nautilus09:48
MartijnVdSHazRPG: ah, then it could be gvfs mucking about?09:48
HazRPGdoes it help if I said I said, I umounted them and then "mount -a"09:49
DJonesHazRPG: I seem to remember that once you change the folder permissions by command line, nautilus doesn't pick that up until it or the desktop environment is restarted, try creating a file in a terminal to see if it works from that09:50
MartijnVdStouch \o/09:50
HazRPGtouch idd!09:50
HazRPGnope... permission denied if I do it as me09:50
MartijnVdSHazRPG: so chown the mount point09:50
MartijnVdSand maybe fix the mount options to include a uid/group you're part of (if you choose group, set the umask to 0002 instead of 0022)09:51
HazRPGMartijnVdS: won't that be reset the next I reboot09:51
HazRPG(the chown I mean)09:51
MartijnVdSHazRPG: probably, I don't know09:53
HazRPGso does umask=0002,gid=1000 sound sane?09:54
DJonesHazRPG: my /media/music folder has drwxrwxrwx  7 root root  4096 2010-08-21 14:32 music09:54
HazRPGDJones: guessing you just left it as "default"09:55
HazRPG"defaults" even09:55
DJonesI connect to that via nfs from a number of machines & have no problems with creating files09:55
HazRPGDJones: yours an ntfs partition too?09:55
DJonesNo, ext309:55
HazRPGah, see this partition is legacy for me, its from when I used windows...09:56
HazRPG(which I haven't actually booted in over 9 months)09:56
DJonesI did change the permissions using gksudo nautilus rather than using terminal09:57
HazRPGsee that's just it though, the folder itself (before mounting that is) is actually owned by me09:57
HazRPGso /media/music/ = hazrpg:hazrpg before it gets mounted09:57
HazRPGI'm guessing mounting overrides that09:58
HazRPG(unless otherwise stated in the mount command/fstab)09:58
HazRPGhalf tempted to just put this back to "defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46"09:58
davmor2morning all09:59
MooDoomorning davmor2 sorry you haven't won the pool10:00
davmor2MooDoo: Dammit did you not tell her I was splitting the winning with you?10:01
davmor2MooDoo: still in labour or has she had it?10:02
MooDoodavmor2: lol we thought it was going to happen last night and it all fizzled out....still in labour...nothing appeared yet10:02
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:03
davmor2morning brobostigon10:03
brobostigonmorning davmor210:03
HazRPGMartijnVdS: think I've got my permissions sorted out ^_^10:13
HazRPGMartijnVdS: much thanks ^_^10:13
HazRPGdavmor2: mornin dude10:13
HazRPGDJones: cheers for helping too10:13
davmor2morning HazRPG10:14
brobostigonmorning HazRPG :)10:14
HazRPGbrobostigon: morning ^_^10:14
HazRPGhmm, here's an interesting question for ya all10:14
HazRPGin nautilus, on the left-hand pane... can the drives not be sorted in some way?10:15
HazRPGi.e. forced in a specific order, so that they're always in the same locations10:15
brobostigongood question, no idea.10:15
HazRPGand then new drives always tacked on the end10:15
brobostigonthere maybe some gconf keys to change it?10:16
HazRPGit always frustrates me that they seem to have a little dance about on the screen each time I boot up (I understand roughly /why/ they show up in different locations, I just wish you could force it to always show up the same based on its UUID or something)10:16
HazRPGbrobostigon: I was thinking the same, already googling it ^_^10:16
HazRPGbrobostigon: seems its been a requested feature (well listed as a bug...) but got canned, saying it was "fixed" ... but yet the guy reopened it and said that it still wasn't fixed, and no ones followed it through since 200910:21
brobostigonhmm, interesting.10:21
HazRPGapparently its organised by uuid, which is totally unintuitive to the user10:21
brobostigonit could be set my sort, by connection?10:22
MartijnVdSyou can give drives a label10:22
MartijnVdSand use that10:22
HazRPGI can understand why the devs probably did it that way, but its lazy just to not make things easier for people actually using it10:22
DJonesHazRPG: What would it sort by if you didn't use uuid's, but stuck with the old type /sda etc10:22
HazRPGMartijnVdS: My drives do have labels... i.e. "MP3's", "300GB", "Win7", "Storage", "Installs"10:23
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you can use those instead of UUIDs when mounting10:23
MartijnVdSHazRPG: check /dev/disk/by-label (I think?)10:23
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I swap hard drives around, that would assume I put the same drive in the same port each time iirc :P10:23
HazRPGhere's the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/25635910:24
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 256359 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "the sidebar volumes are not sorted alphabetically" [Low,Triaged]10:24
MartijnVdSHazRPG: no, that's /dev/sda sdb etc10:24
MartijnVdSHazRPG: labels are "MP3s" etc. :)10:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: I know ^_^10:24
MartijnVdSHazRPG: so as long as you don't have multiple drives with the same label, you're fine10:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: how would you set it to sort by label? gconf?10:27
MartijnVdSHazRPG: oh SORT by label.. what?10:27
MartijnVdS(what is "it"?)10:27
MartijnVdSoh nautilus sidebar10:28
HazRPGyeah ^_^10:28
MartijnVdSI always thought it ordered by insertion time10:28
HazRPGMartijnVdS: oh? I.e. via fstab order?10:28
MartijnVdSno.. time you inserted the USB connector into the socket10:28
HazRPGwhat about regular drives :P?10:29
MartijnVdSno idea10:29
HazRPGseems this guy feels my pain: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=708195510:30
HazRPGand its weird to see that root actually does alphabetically order them o.O10:30
HazRPGin fact, as root, it even displays them by their mount name - which is even better10:31
HazRPGheh, this one annoys me too: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=57092210:33
lubotu3Debian bug 570922 in gvfs "gvfs: launching gparted causes duplicate entries for partitions in nautilus 'Places'" [Normal,Open]10:33
HazRPGclearly I'm just too OCD10:33
HazRPGooooo gconf->app->nautilus->preferences->show_advanced_permissions10:41
HazRPGI likes :)10:41
HazRPGalso, volumes_visible (desktop) = false == win \o/10:46
HazRPGI should play with gconf more10:46
* directhex moos10:48
* popey cuddles directhex 10:49
=== bigcalm[revo] is now known as bigcalm
HazRPGah, I give up lol10:54
HazRPGfixed some of my gripes though ^_^10:54
* HazRPG gets ready to go into town to see an old friend who is currently visiting10:57
brobostigoninteresting, a conservative mp, dissing the libdems. and saying they have too much power, for the amount of mp's they have.11:22
directhexthey do. but they have disproportionately few MPs for the votes they have.11:45
directhexso it balances out11:45
brobostigonquite, yes, but it was funny, the way said mp said it.11:46
directhexback-bench tories are furious about the coalition11:47
brobostigonthat was the impression, yes.11:47
directhexthey deserved to win outright. it was their turn!11:47
directhexthe coalition is a humiliation, and proof that hug-a-hoodie cameron is no good. if they had a true tory leader like thatcher, they would have won a landslide11:48
directhexetc etc etc11:48
MartijnVdS##politics \o/12:29
diploAnyone here use XBMC and have a SQLite db I can use to write some stuff for ?12:30
diploWill just wait till I get home later otherwise12:30
brobostigon##politics-uk :)12:30
Myrttithe show I was talking about earlier: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b013ywz4/Horizon_20112012_The_Nine_Months_That_Made_You/12:44
MooDooi'll have a watch of that12:45
MartijnVdSanyone on Oneiric that can confirm this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/84082612:48
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 840826 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "Firefox (flash) mute pulseaudio and do not appear in sound app list" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:48
bigcalmAny time I issue a shutdown, suspend or hibernate (via the GUI, not via halt), it appears to do a reboot instead. What might cause that?13:03
bigcalmOnly happening on my workstation13:03
Myrttisounds somewhat familiar13:04
Myrttibut I'm too sugarhigh to remember why13:05
bigcalmIt's a fairly recent change as well13:05
bigcalmAround the time I added a 2nd nvidia graphics card13:05
* bigcalm hugs Myrtti13:06
MyrttiI hate when this happens13:06
Myrttiit's a bit like putting my hand into non-newtonian liquid13:07
Myrttiboth, but mostly frustrating13:08
bigcalmHow might I go about debugging this reboot problem?13:41
gordbigcalm, on O?13:43
dogmatic69bigcalm: i have that too13:43
dogmatic6910.10 x6413:43
dogmatic69i have to use terminal now, sudo shutdown -p 0 iirc13:43
Myrttioh good grief13:43
Myrttiwas just on the brink of a nervous breakdown - couldn't find my banking keys13:44
dogmatic69Myrtti: good way to save money ;)13:44
bigcalmgord: on 0?13:44
bigcalmOh, no13:44
gordno idea then13:44
Myrttidogmatic69: losing money you mean - if I can't pay my bills in time13:45
dogmatic69bigcalm: well its the same for 10.1013:45
bigcalmdogmatic69: it's only recently started happening for me in 11.04 and only one one machine13:45
dogmatic69ye, started on my box about 2 or 3 weeks ago13:45
dogmatic69real annoying13:46
bigcalmSo was an update to both versions13:46
dogmatic69shortly after that my logout button went completely.. could not use it even if i wanted to13:47
Laneycheck /var/log/kern.log or /var/log/kern.log.1 to see if something crashed13:47
dogmatic69Laney: i reboot that pc every day13:47
DJonesNice specifications for a laptop http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/41967/msi-gt683dxr-gt780dxr-gaming-laptops , potentially 16Gb/1.5TB, i7, GTX570M, 17.3" screen14:41
directhexno word on weight14:42
directhexi'd want an alienware m11x as a gaming laptop, personally14:42
DJonesthey broke the scales14:42
directhexor the new razer14:42
DJonesI've looked at both of them, they look nice14:42
shaunomost people aren't worried about weight when they buy a 17" gaming laptop :)  they're just going to bolt table-legs to the bottom of it anyway ..14:43
directhexshauno, i have very strict requirements14:43
directhexit'd take a lot for me to consider a laptop >2kg14:44
ali1234i don't understand why people buy huge laptops as desktop replacements14:46
DJonesMy HP laptop is 17" screen, that weighs 3.1kgs, thats just bearable, although can get heavy sat on my lap14:46
ali1234you are paying 3x as much for a rubbish screen and a rubbish keyboard14:46
dogmatic69ali1234: i dont know why people buy laptops.14:47
dogmatic69they suck :P14:47
ali1234yes, they do14:47
ali1234but sometimes you need it to be portable14:47
MyrttiI got a Dell 6510 instead of 6410, because I travel a lot, but I also usually tend to find a table to put my laptop on14:48
Myrtticarrying it isn't such a chore14:49
Myrttibut the ability of watching movies on hi-res weighed more14:49
hamitronali1234: I bought a desktop replacement whilst at uni, because it was easier to move than a desktop14:52
diploAnyone got any idea why fdisk -l would list a ext3 drive as ntfs ?14:53
hamitronand the weight just saves gym membership14:53
diplo Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System14:53
diplo/dev/sde1               1       30401   244196001    7  HPFS/NTFS14:53
diplo/dev/sde1 on /media/usb1 type ext3 (rw)14:53
* hamitron has never tried formating a ntfs partition with ext314:55
hamitroncould that be it?14:55
directhexdiplo, yes.14:55
directhexdiplo, the partition type is a tag in the partition table. the file system you use need not be related14:55
diploah right cool thanks, did wonder if it was something like that14:56
directhexpartition type 7 us HPFS/NTFS14:56
directhex83 is Linux, which is commonly used for any linux FS14:57
directhexexcept lvm or swap14:57
diplothanks directhex14:58
hamitrondoes windows update the Id if you format a ext3 partition inside the admin thingie?14:58
directhexhamitron, pass.14:58
hamitronI'm gonna ahve to try it14:59
directhexhamitron, do you want it to be ntfs or ext?15:00
hamitronit is ext3 atm, gonna remove data, then format it to ntfs in windows15:01
directhexhamitron, format it to ntfs in ubuntu ;)15:01
hamitronbut I wanna check what windows does15:02
hamitronI also don't run ubuntu on this machine15:02
HypnoBoxAnyone had an issue with ustream not detecting line input ? I can capture line in through audacity, without needing to select anything. Also the sound mixer shows the vu meter doing stuff in time with input audio. Just seems ustream isn't working for me. (using an eeepc 901)15:03
hamitrondirecthex: gotta delete volume15:05
dogmatic69has anyone seen this before? n a non-object in /var/www/trunk/LeanWebAppWebroot/app/vendors/dompdf/include/cellmap.cls.php on line 560, referer: https://e6.geneo.co.uk/pdf/prepareStandard/177?revisionNumber=115:05
dogmatic69wrong paste...15:06
dogmatic69client sent HTTP/1.1 request without hostname (see RFC2616 section 14.23): /w00tw00t.at.ISC.SANS.DFind:)15:06
hamitrondogmatic69:  http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2616.txt see section 14.2315:09
* hamitron is loads of help ;/15:09
dogmatic69nothing like reading a RFC15:09
hamitroncertainly not something to be done, near the end of the day15:10
dogmatic69or first thing in the morning15:10
hamitronor ever15:10
hamitronat least that section is less than a screen of text15:11
=== The_Fred is now known as theFred
dogmatic69reverse-i-search is awesome15:35
theFredhello daubers15:36
* daubers dislikes going to london :(15:37
* tonytiger too15:37
davmor2tonytiger: congratulations dude15:38
davmor2does of course mean more spam for a certain excellent podcast on planet.ubuntu.com though right :D15:39
theFredhey folks, does 10.04 lts play nice with the sun 3d looking glass desktop?15:41
dauberstheFred: Didn't realise that was still under development15:49
daubersThought it was dropped years ago15:49
theFredprob not, but i've never actually tried it out15:50
JGJonesYay! Tablet returned from ASUS after repairs! Boo! They forgot my chargers!15:52
davmor2JGJones: That's asus saying you don't use it you won't break it :P15:57
JGJonesbah...it was them that broke it (light bleed in middle of screen - a 1cm spot)15:58
davmor2JGJones: did you use it?16:00
JGJones....i touched it....but it was my dog that ate my tablet16:01
JGJonesdon't think that excuse work anymore...16:01
davmor2JGJones: There you go then now you won't send it back cause you can't use it ;)16:03
daubersis it just me or does the whole ldiff thing in ldap seem like a pain in the bum16:14
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 16:45
davmor2is now concerned as to what I did or didn't do to upset czajkowski today16:47
* czajkowski tickles davmor2 16:54
davmor2is now really concerned16:55
czajkowskiMooDoo: any sign17:06
davmor2MooDoo: careful she's being pleasant it's a trap ;)17:08
Azelphurthis is pretty cool, I'm actually buying lots of things online with bitcoins now :D17:10
Azelphurpaying my WoW subscription with bitcoins, and shopping for a laptop for my mum17:10
davmor2Azelphur: you getting a nice collection of bit coins in then I take it :)17:11
Azelphurindeed :)17:11
davmor2Azelphur: and is that just from the mad mining farm you set up?17:12
Azelphurdavmor2: don't forget the £1300ish in cash I made :D17:13
MartijnVdSAh so that's your plan17:13
MartijnVdShave every Ubuntu machine be part of your mining botnet!17:13
davmor2MartijnVdS: That would be one powerful beast of a bot17:14
MartijnVdSor maybe that's sabdfl's plan :)17:15
Azelphuronly thing is I'm just above the poverty line with mining atm17:16
Azelphurmight have to switch to mining at night for lower electric bills :p17:17
popeyEconomy 717:19
directhexAzelphur, mining is still profitable? i gave up around the time of the mt gox hack17:19
bigcalmMade me think of Party 7 then, though I'm not old enough to have experienced one17:20
hamitronif MH/J is 0.8, I'd break even atm17:20
Azelphurdirecthex: yea it's still profitable, but only barely17:37
hamitroncoins are slightly more than double electricity costs on good cards :)17:39
hamitronas a reference17:39
hamitronbbl o/17:39
Azelphurhttp://nokiatune.audiodraft.com/entries/mostliked is pretty cool :P18:11
Azelphurfunny how far people have taken the little beepy nokia tune.18:12
Azelphurhaha, upvote the great marvelous for great justice.18:15
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] The obligatory Hello Planet Ubuntu post - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/09/07/the-obligatory-hello-planet-ubuntu-post/18:31
=== webpigeon_web is now known as webpigeon
dogmatic69if doing scp from server1 -> server2 can i start server2->server3 while its still busy doing server1->server2 ?18:34
dogmatic69the same file18:34
MartijnVdSyou could but you'll probably get half a file18:34
MartijnVdSon server318:34
dogmatic69would it not just stream till the file is finished, or does it check some things like size first18:35
MartijnVdSyou could cat | ssh some_host "tee some_file | ssh some_other_host"18:35
MartijnVdSthough I don't know how that will cope with entering passwords18:35
MartijnVdSyou could cat | ssh some_host "tee some_file | ssh some_other_host 'cat > some_file'"18:35
MartijnVdSsorry, second command line actually WRITES the file on machine3 :)18:36
MartijnVdSthis feels way too brittle :)18:36
dogmatic69ye, specially with a .tgz file18:37
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: that's even cooler :)18:37
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: if you want to untar at the same time18:37
dogmatic69well then you just paying for more bandwidth18:37
MartijnVdSno you untar at the other end18:37
MartijnVdSso it's the same18:38
dogmatic69ah ok18:38
MartijnVdSalso.. paying for bandwidth? Which century is this? :)18:38
MartijnVdS(except on 3G)18:38
MartijnVdSah aws18:38
dogmatic69its like 5p for 1gig or something18:38
MartijnVdSnot a terrible amount18:40
dogmatic69*0.008 USD per gig18:44
AzelphurIs there a website I can use to put a bounty on features for open source projects?19:53
justinBUJITSUBROhowdy yall i was hoping somone would help me19:56
justinBUJITSUBROmy mouse is not working right19:56
justinBUJITSUBROi can open up the programs from the application button but i cant sellect anything inside of a window19:58
justinBUJITSUBROmy right button wont work coreectly19:58
justinBUJITSUBROcan any one help me ?19:59
popeyAzelphur: why not contact the author?20:05
Azelphurpopey: because it's nicer to have something that anyone can put money into the pot on20:05
popeythe author may already want to do it20:05
popeyor may know someone who does20:05
popeywhat is it?20:06
Azelphurhe probably does, atm I'm interested in getting the bravo minecraft server up and running20:06
tonytigeror may already have a pit20:06
Azelphurso I wanted to put up some stuff for crucial features, like npc support :)20:06
popeyah the python one?20:07
Azelphurpopey: yea, it's really nice20:08
popeydoes it work well?20:08
Azelphurpopey: it's amazing, it's like a work of art, it just isn't finished yet20:08
popeygot a server I can connect to? :D20:08
Azelphurit uses twisted and ampoule in the backend so it's seriously scalable and fast20:08
AzelphurI have a local server running you can connect to, nothing particularly public20:08
justinBUJITSUBROcan somone please teel me how to open a root acount so i can acsses it at the login screen20:09
popeyyou dont want to do that20:09
justinBUJITSUBROhonestly i think its may be my only hop20:09
justinBUJITSUBROmy mouse has gone haywire20:10
Azelphurthen replace your mouse?20:10
Azelphurlogging in as root isn't going to repair a broken mouse20:10
justinBUJITSUBROi cant select any i cant its a lap top20:10
justinBUJITSUBRObut it works good on my guest account20:10
justinBUJITSUBROit very strange it wont work wright on my personal account20:11
justinBUJITSUBROi cant selct things in an open window i can only close it using the "x" button at the top20:12
justinBUJITSUBROi think that is i open a root account add a new admin and tranfer all the files to that i account every thing will work again20:13
justinBUJITSUBRObut i am really lost as to waht to do20:13
justinBUJITSUBROyall have any sugestions?20:14
AzelphurjustinBUJITSUBRO if you want to create a new user, create a new user20:14
AzelphurjustinBUJITSUBRO there's still no requirement to login as root20:14
Azelphurpopey: pm'd you an address :)20:15
justinBUJITSUBROok but i cant select any thing in side a window20:15
AzelphurI thought it worked when you logged in as guest20:15
justinBUJITSUBROagin i must apoligize i doont know much how do i find the url from popeye?20:16
AzelphurjustinBUJITSUBRO that was me talking to someone else, hense putting his name at the front of the statement :P20:17
justinBUJITSUBROyes as guest the ouse works great but i want to creat a new personal acount20:17
justinBUJITSUBROoh i get sorry20:17
justinBUJITSUBROthis is my laptop its a emachine E525 and has givin me trouble since the day i bought brand new down at wal mart20:18
justinBUJITSUBROis it possible to "reset" my mouse in my personal admin acount ussing terminal?20:19
dogmatic69i have created a zip of / on one server and would like to extract it to /some/folder20:19
dogmatic69will it be forced to / cos that is what was zipped?20:19
AzelphurjustinBUJITSUBRO you could just backup and reload if you've done something bad to break things20:19
Azelphuror try googling your problem, because I really don't know :P20:20
Azelphurpopey: so yea it looks really good, just missing features basically :D20:21
justinBUJITSUBROok thank you ill try20:21
Azelphurpopey: and it should be perfectly capable of scaling to thousands of players across multiple physical servers20:22
Azelphurwhile using hardly any resources20:22
czajkowskitonytiger: is that you I see20:22
czajkowskiwelcome :p20:23
tonytigerczajkowski: only until I next ping out ;)20:23
MonsterKillerhey, just installed an ubuntu 10.10 vps and for every package i try apt-get install for it just says package not found20:27
AzelphurMonsterKiller: your on a VPS, common practice of VPS hosts is to mess with sources.list to save bandwith20:27
Azelphurtypical practice of cheap VPS hosts :)20:28
Azelphurpastebin /etc/apt/sources.list20:28
Azelphurso yea, obviously been messed with :P20:31
Azelphuryour missing multiverse entirely20:31
AzelphurMonsterKiller: replace it with http://pastebin.com/GAwGtTYW20:32
MonsterKillerthanks :)20:33
Azelphurkeep a backup of your old one in case I got it wrong20:33
MonsterKillerwhen i reload the list i get http://paste.monsterprojects.org/mpbwbrhekjkezjs20:43
Azelphurmtr us.archive.ubuntu.com ?20:44
MonsterKillerit doesnt have mtr \o/20:45
MonsterKillerping google.com, ping: unknown host google.com20:46
Azelphurnice internet you have there20:47
justinBUJITSUBROazelphur: ru available?20:47
Azelphurdepends, are you female?20:47
justinBUJITSUBROno :) not quite20:48
Azelphurlol not quite20:48
justinBUJITSUBROyea i no i am bad at typing20:48
justinBUJITSUBROi checked the google but no real definitve answer20:48
justinBUJITSUBROabout my mouse problem20:49
justinBUJITSUBROit seems tho i can hover over and the item will hig light but when i go to dbl click it wont proses the cmd20:50
justinBUJITSUBROdo you know any one i could ask?20:50
Azelphurwas it working before?20:50
justinBUJITSUBROyes i was wacthing a movie left turnd off the laptop came back and it no longer worked20:51
justinBUJITSUBRO(i have to ussaly turn off my laptop by holding down the power button when the couputer gets to the logo of ubuntu and the flashing dots20:53
justinBUJITSUBROusally at this point "the flashing dots" normaly the laptop would shut off on its own but mine never has20:53
Azelphursounds like you did something20:54
Azelphurbut without knowing what you did I still have no idea :)20:54
justinBUJITSUBROi know right20:54
justinBUJITSUBROi am lost also i made no configuration changes sicne 3 days ago20:55
justinBUJITSUBROand that was only to get the usb working on my virtual box20:55
Azelphuras I say if all else fails there's always backup and reload XD20:55
justinBUJITSUBROwats that?20:56
justinBUJITSUBROsorry i aint to bright20:56
Azelphurhow did you end up on ubuntu?20:56
justinBUJITSUBROi got into it 2 yrs ago from a tech at the unversity of belize20:57
Azelphuryea, so you installed it yourself right?20:58
justinBUJITSUBROsicne then it has been my only os up to 2weeks ago when my wife wanted win so i tried to figure out virtual box and got it working for her20:58
justinBUJITSUBROyes i bout this laptop 1.5 yr ago brand new and did a live disk w/ 8 somthing20:59
justinBUJITSUBROand the upgrade to 10.04 lts21:00
justinBUJITSUBROand it has worked ok for me so far21:00
diploevening all21:00
justinBUJITSUBROjust strange hardwehre problems21:00
justinBUJITSUBROit might be due to the os itergration suport for this spesific brand and model laptop21:01
justinBUJITSUBROi reaallyy dont know wish i did21:02
justinBUJITSUBROazelphur: can the program back in time help ?21:06
Azelphurnever heard of it21:06
justinBUJITSUBROoh ok what would be the best way of backing up my computer keping all the programs21:07
justinBUJITSUBROand files i have21:07
Azelphur!backup | justinBUJITSUBRO21:08
lubotu3justinBUJITSUBRO: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:08
justinBUJITSUBROi have herd of the cloning wher do i go for that/21:08
Azelphur!cloning | justinBUJITSUBRO21:09
lubotu3justinBUJITSUBRO: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate21:09
AzelphuroO, that's fancy21:09
justinBUJITSUBROshur is i get lost w/ stuff like that maby one day ill get that good21:10
justinBUJITSUBROjust so yall know i live in belize and rarly get to vist the internet21:11
justinBUJITSUBROthanks for all the help yall yull never know how much its been apreicated thank you21:11
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Membership Next Steps - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/07/ubuntu-membership-next-steps/21:31
andylockranguys is there a 3G wireless router you can get?21:50
andylockranSister is moving to a flat without a phoneline - fancies something along those lines.21:50
Azelphurandylockran: popey has one21:54
popeyAzelphur: you can get a mifi?21:56
Azelphurandylockran: ^21:56
popeyI have a netgear WNDR3700 running OpenWRT with a 3G dongle21:56
popeyer, yes, him21:56
Azelphurwe all look alike us ircers, amirite.21:56
andylockranpopey: thanks21:59
andylockranpopey: which network you on?21:59
andylockranhttp://zrmt.com/2011/09/07/converting-documents/ - if someone has familiarity with beautifulsoup / python / xml I could really do with a hand22:01
popeyandylockran: its a 3 dongle22:03
andylockranpopey: thanks22:04
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] Converting Documents - http://zrmt.com/2011/09/07/converting-documents/22:31
ali1234andylockran: was it you the other day with the mangled xml in utf16 or something?22:32
andylockranyup :)22:32
ali1234well this is the advice i always give to anyone trying to parse xml: don't22:33
ali1234use an xml parser22:33
andylockranali1234: I thought I was dealing with an xml doc.. turned out to be a OOXML doc22:33
andylockranali1234: such as?22:33
ali1234python has two in the standard library22:33
ali1234xml tools seem really complicated when you look at the xml and think you can parse it22:34
ali1234this is a really really big mistake22:34
ali1234they are complicated for a reason22:34
ali1234and if you try to parse yourself you'll just go mad or write yet complex another xml parser22:35
ali1234so now i said that i'll read your post22:35
cpsevening folks22:36
ali1234OOXML is the ebil mixrosoft one right?22:36
ali1234for all its flaws i have never heard anything about them not being valid xml22:37
andylockranali1234: your input would be appreciated.22:37
ali1234i have wrangled OOXML before22:38
ali1234pretty much doing what you are doing22:38
ali1234you know theres a python lib specially for ripping data from OOXML spreadsheets?22:38
ali1234if that's all you need that would be perfect22:38
ali1234it can't write docs, only read them22:38
ali12341 sec22:38
ali1234if you need to create OOXML docs then your best bet is ironpython and the office CLR bindings (which are horrid, but still better than any other way)22:39
ali1234andylockran: check this out : http://pypi.python.org/pypi/ooxml22:40
andylockranali1234: it's a docx file I believe22:40
ali1234same thing22:40
andylockranand I want to convert that xml stanza to a spreadsheet22:40
ali1234oh, so you want to rip from a text document?22:40
andylockranwell, csv to then import into excel.22:40
ali1234into a spreadsheet?22:40
ali1234ok then22:41
ali1234well, that is even easier22:41
ali1234you probably already figured out there's only really 1 interesting file inside the zip bundle22:41
andylockranso take the h2, h3 tags, and then use them as the first two columns for as long as the p repeats itself..22:41
andylockranthe data structure is on that blog22:41
ali1234look in the python ooxml module at how it opens the xml files22:42
ali1234it uses a real xml parser22:42
ali1234just steal that code and adapt it :)22:42
andylockranali1234: the ooxml mod only works with xslx22:43
ali1234it only has a high level interface on xlsx22:43
andylockranright, ok22:43
ali1234but it uses the standard xml parser to open any docx format22:43
ali1234all of which are nothing but zipped bundles of xml files22:43
ali1234pretty much what you are going to do is copy and paste the spreadsheet.py file22:45
ali1234and make it read docx instead of xlsx22:45
ali1234which is going to be quite easy22:45
justinBUJITSUBROazelphur: are you free:22:55
Azelphurnope, I was captured a few days ago :(22:55
justinBUJITSUBROdude ur hellarious22:55
justinBUJITSUBROi found out that the problem w/ my mouse has somthing to do with the window maneger22:56
justinBUJITSUBROdoes that make any sence to u?22:56
justinBUJITSUBROcuz i am kida lost but22:56
AzelphurjustinBUJITSUBRO yea I figured it would be, but still far too vague22:57
AzelphurjustinBUJITSUBRO do you know if your using compiz or metacity?22:57
justinBUJITSUBROusing the cmd metacity --replace& has gotten me back my mouse functions but  i lost on proformance22:57
Azelphurby performance do you mean graphical effects22:58
Azelphurbecause metacity is waaaaay faster than compiz22:58
justinBUJITSUBROi ges so cuz the minimize all button says it wont work22:58
justinBUJITSUBROi either dont have a mangeger or my maeger dont soport that function22:59
justinBUJITSUBROso i guress its graphical22:59
justinBUJITSUBROnot hard where preformance23:00
Azelphurlets try something fun23:00
Azelphurinstall the ccsm package23:00
justinBUJITSUBROits done what now?23:02
Azelphursystem > preferences > compizconfig settings manager23:02
Azelphurpreferences, reset do defaults23:03
justinBUJITSUBROaight did that23:04
Azelphursee if that solves your problem23:05
ali1234andylockran: so do you have a docx or a html file? or both?23:05
justinBUJITSUBROdo defaults23:06
Azelphurreset to defaults*23:06
justinBUJITSUBROok my bad yea i did that ill jus log out n log in agin23:07
justinBUJITSUBROi hope thats alowd here23:09
ali1234andylockran: is that html file just the xml ripped from the docx?23:09
justinBUJITSUBROthank you very much23:09
justinBUJITSUBROyes it is i would love  to know what i did to screw it up23:10
justinBUJITSUBROAzelphur: ill wash ur feet when u get married23:10
Azelphursomething clearly was wrong in your compiz config23:11
justinBUJITSUBROmos def23:11
justinBUJITSUBROaight yall i gota get going to bu-jitsu class i m almost L8 thanks man23:12
* ali1234 wanders off to do something else23:16
andylockranali1234: I'm not sure.23:24
andylockranI was given the htm from the girlfriend23:25
andylockrannot sure what generated it23:25
andylockranjust looked like ms stuff23:25
ali1234so the html is the only thing you have?23:25
ali1234well it isn't docx23:25
ali1234it is docx saved as html23:26
ali1234which is different23:26
ali1234no point trying to open it with a docx reader23:26
andylockranah, ok23:26
AlanBellevening all23:40
popeynice meal?23:41
AlanBelloh yeah :)23:41
AlanBelldutchie: I kinda like your college :)23:43
PendulumAlanBell: having fun?23:44
AlanBellhaving lots of very very nice food23:45
AlanBellthe duck was superb23:47
* AlanBell takes photo of the menu23:48
ikoniaah, people are still awake23:56
AlanBellfor small values of awake23:59

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