danielveazeyGreetings, all.00:10
danielveazeyHi quin00:18
quinhiyas, daniel00:18
danielveazeyAnyone here into photography?00:19
danielveazeyWell, I am. I just learned about a program called Hugin that stitches panoramas together. It's pretty neat. It's in the Ubuntu repositories.00:21
danielveazeyHello waynew01:08
az7hey hey01:15
danielveazeyhi az701:15
danielveazeyJust now started using Tor with Firefox. My IP address appears to be from Germany now.02:09
danielveazeyStill trying to figure out how to get other applications working with Tor.02:10
danielveazeyhi CaseyM02:21
CaseyMWell hello danielveazey02:22
danielveazeyI got Tor working with Firefox. I'm trying to get it working with Chrome now.02:24
CaseyMWhat OS/arch?02:24
danielveazeyubuntu 11.04. i followed these instructions: http://lifehacker.com/5614732/create-a-tor-button-in-chrome-for-on+demand-anonymous-browsing     but whenever i turn it on, chrome tells me it can't connect to the proxy.02:27
danielveazeyi wonder if i need to use a different port besides 811802:28
az7you can use torify "command"02:29
r2d2rogersGood evening02:30
az7hey hey02:30
az7tor is pretty awesome02:30
danielveazeyhi r2d2. az7, how do i use torify "command?"02:30
az7yeah, like torify gpg --refresh-keys02:32
az7ah, torify doesn't do dns02:36
danielveazeythe first thing on that link you sent me is how to torify apt? like if i was going to do something like sudo apt-get install blah blah blah? sorry if i sound stupid. i'm trying to learn02:41
danielveazeyI guess I can just use Firefox if I want to browse anonymously. Need to figure out how to get Transmission working with Tor too.02:51
a_unix_geekhey hye02:53
danielveazeyhi geek02:53
a_unix_geekanything inteesting happening?02:56
danielveazeyi've been messing around with tor. i got it working with firefox because it has a plugin to use it after installing it, but i can't get chrome to work with it. ubuntu 11.0402:57
a_unix_geekI've messed with Tor a bit, but many sites I went to with it were blocked.02:58
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