DarkwingDuckpleia2, ping00:03
pleia2DarkwingDuck: pong00:05
DarkwingDuckpleia2, have you dealt with finding sponsors for cost of booths before?00:05
pleia2DarkwingDuck: it depends, I've had individuals and companies offer the team donations when we needed money for something00:06
pleia2haven't made any kind of organized effort to find such a thing though00:06
DarkwingDuckpleia2, ahh, I'm about to go shopping for help. :)00:06
DarkwingDuckO'Reilly is sending something. LinuxFoundation.org wants to send something...00:07
pleia2seems like bkerensa is the one to ask about booth goodies, he's pretty good at taking the time to track down stuff00:08
pleia2I've never really done it though00:08
DarkwingDuckYeah, I'm doing good with the booth goodies. I'm more worried about $200 for the booth.00:08
pleia2for solano stroll members of berkeleylug donated the cash00:09
pleia2at meetings jdeslip just collects it00:09
* DarkwingDuck nods00:09
DarkwingDuckWell, when Linux Foundation asked what we needed I mentioned a booth sponsor.00:09
DarkwingDuckSo, we shall see what happens.00:10
* pleia2 nods00:10
DarkwingDuckI don't mind having a "Sponsored By" sign on the booth.00:10
DarkwingDuckI should have plenty of swag by the end of this.00:11
Thundaboom"Sponsored by red hat!" x300:26
DarkwingDuckbkerensa, ping00:34
Thundaboom"Tell you what. We'll give you the cash if you ALSO burn 200 Red Hat CDs. Deal?"00:46
ThundaboomI would love to donate for this, btw.00:46
MarkDude_RH cds?00:56
MarkDude_Gets me a few of those00:56
ThundaboomDonate for your booth fund00:57
ThundaboomMarkDude: hahah00:58
bkerensaDarkwingDuck: Hello01:04
DarkwingDuckbkerensa, care for a PM?01:04
bkerensaDarkwingDuck: Surely01:04
bkerensapleia2: Hey I just wanted to note that were getting our banner sponsored and I ran it by council they even thought it was a good idea =)01:11
bkerensasomewhere on the banner it will say "Sponsored by:" logo here01:12
ThundaboomWish I could visit that booth when it's up :/01:12
bkerensaI know01:13
bkerensaI keep having this thought that since OSCON is in Oregon and Scale is in California01:13
bkerensawe should be roadtripping to each others states01:13
DarkwingDuckI would LOVE to... Hard for me to Road Trip anywhere LOL01:14
DarkwingDuckI live a mile and a half from Mexico LOL01:14
bkerensaDoes Mexico have a LoCo?01:14
DarkwingDuckDon't know LOL01:15
bkerensaI love Mexico... Super cheap mexican food.... But I have never been to Tijuana just some Arizona/Mexico Border towns01:15
DarkwingDuckBut, I'm 6 miles south of San Diego LOL01:15
DarkwingDuckeven to get to SCaLE it's almost 2 hours north01:15
philipballewa joint effort on scale would be pretty cool though01:16
bkerensaJetblue maybe?01:18
ThundaboomI've only been to one linux expo and that was Scale01:19
Thundaboomi was the youngest guy there >__<01:19
philipballewi can make it to Portland from sd in 20 hours01:20
bkerensaphilipballew: Are you in SD?01:22
philipballewyeah bkerensa i go to college here01:22
* bkerensa can barely make it from North of San Francisco to Portland in 801:22
philipballewyou dont have much to stop and look at on the journey01:23
bkerensaBut thats taking 10101:23
Thundaboomwell you guys should totally go to 10x01:23
philipballewthe 5 is the way to do it if you can01:23
* bkerensa wants to go to 10x but I think I wont.... Maybe next year WA/OR can rent a van and hit the road or maybe I will fly01:23
* bkerensa needs to talk to family member and see if he can use their Intel flight rates :D01:24
philipballewscale or bust bkerensa ?01:24
bkerensaYou should all come up for OSCON in 2012 though.... Were gonna have a big afterhours thing :D01:25
philipballewi can probably do jusy if i plan for it01:25
philipballewi'm considering riding my bike to scale. that might be a challenge01:25
philipballewtons of side streets!01:26
philipballewgoogle maps should show me how to i think01:26
philipballewi look it up once01:27
philipballewit takes 12 hours01:27
Thundaboomoh noes!01:40
Thundaboomwell man01:40
Thundaboomit's TOTALLY worth it01:40
philipballewhey! DarkwingDuck I wonder if there are any linux friendly companies who might like to see us there who can help? also I can help with whatever else to02:05
DarkwingDuckphilipballew, Yeah. I'm looking too.02:06
DarkwingDuckI got a blog post out so, we'll see what happens.02:06
philipballewread it, I think we can get some companies to help if say on the cd's or something we put provided by said company02:07
DarkwingDuckI was planning something like that.02:07
philipballewsounds sweet! should be fun.02:08
DarkwingDuckGot some people sending stuff.02:08
philipballewwill 11.10 be out then?02:08
philipballewi think it might02:09
DarkwingDuckI think it releases the same week...02:09
philipballewthats what i was thinking02:13
philipballewthe location is right next to me. ill be sure to be there everyday.02:16
* philipballew offers his floor to all who want to risk it and need a place to stay02:16
philipballewassuming we have dozens working the booth. haha02:18
philipballewDarkwingDuck, I'm gonna see if i can find some good avenues to advertise the event and also bring in a few bucks.02:46
DarkwingDuckphilipballew, anything you can do will be epic :D02:50
pleia2he excellented himself off the irc02:54
akkand here I thought joining irc was more excellent than leaving it02:55
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jyopleia2: So I want to burn 11.04 32-bit for Solano, correct?18:59
pleia2jyo: yep19:00
pleia2jyo: and I'd recommend randomly sampling a few you burn to make sure the burns go ok (nothing personal, but we sometimes get complaints about bad burns so we want to make sure they're spot checked :))19:01
jyopleia2: Yeah, I'll use a slower speed as well.19:02
jyoHmm. Where's the 'Check disk for errors' in the startup for these 'new' LiveCDs?19:21
pleia2I'd just make sure it boots into the livecd, if it gets that far it's probably fine19:26
pleia2or just run an md5 check against it19:26
DarkwingDuckWoot! Sponsorship approved.19:38
philipballewDarkwingDuck, your the man! but how?19:38
pleia2congrats :) see you there!19:39
philipballewall the kubuntu work i guess?19:39
philipballewwho all from the loco is going to uds?19:40
broderi'll be there19:42
philipballewFlorida right?19:43
broderneed to actually book my hotel room, though...19:43
philipballewdo you know when they find out when the one in may is?19:43
philipballewyour sponsered to broder ?19:43
broderphilipballew: my company's sponsoring me this time19:44
broderthey've traditionally announced the next location at the end of the previous UDS19:44
broderi think it was unusual that we knew UDS-P would be at Florida before UDS-O actually happened19:44
broderbut i haven't been paying attention for too, too long19:44
philipballewoh nice. what do you do for a living?19:45
broderi work for MokaFive19:45
broderbay area software startup19:45
DarkwingDuckpleia2, You are going to be there?19:46
pleia2DarkwingDuck: yep19:46
philipballewoh nice. I need to find a sweet job like that. Im looking more for an internship though now19:46
pleia2hence my "see you there!" :)19:46
broderphilipballew: how much development background do you have? we're always looking for people with ubuntu dev experience, and we take interns19:51
DarkwingDuckbroder, What area of devel?19:53
philipballewbroder, im getting there. I'm down to learn but im a computer information systems major currently in sd. I do python and am attempting currently to learn c and languages of that sort. should have them down soon. broder I do more sysadmin stuff lately20:00
broderDarkwingDuck: sorry, got pulled away for real life discussion :). we're mostly looking for plumbing (including desktop plumbing) folks20:20
broderthough we'd be glad to talk to anyone with any sort of linux background, because that's half the battle in many cases20:20
DarkwingDuckbroder, care for a PM?20:21
jyoIs the paper origami ubuntu-us-ca LiveCD case design available somewhere?20:29
pleia2you want the 2010branding-sleeves20:30
jyoOkay, so everything is under code.launchpad junk. Cool. :)20:31
MarkDudeLocal wiki event, sponsored by CC21:48
MarkDudeakk ^^^ some reason I think you might know someone interested21:48
akkIt does sound interesting.21:57
MarkDudeDangerous G is now in Africa. Awesomeness.22:33
* MarkDude still cant wrap his mind around that :D22:35
akkSo exotic!22:35
MarkDudeYep, it will be intersting to see how DVLUG goes without him22:38
* MarkDude will only be able to go some o fthe time22:38
bkerensaUnity is so unstable :P keeps crashing23:03
bkerensaIf I put a music CD in Unity crashes.... If I open LibreOffice writer it crashes :D23:04
akk"Doctor, it hurts when I use Unity!"23:06
seidoseverytime i join an irc channel i get dr. nick's voice (from the Simpsons) saying "hi everybody!"23:28
seidosit's only in my head23:28
MarkDudeSounds cool seidos23:53
MarkDudeI can relate23:53
seidosMarkDude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqImkDgDwHU&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PLF5E61FC8FE6A2BC123:54
MarkDudeYep, I know Dr Nick23:55
seidosbut when was the last time you saw him?23:55
seidosand heard him say "hi everybody..." or "we're going to have to improvise" or "capacimitator"23:56

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