mhall119zoopster: what help do you need?00:15
zoopstermy simple little program can stream the data easy enough, but I don't know how to pluck out what I want from the stream00:16
zoopsterI haven't looked that hard either...00:17
ropetinPiping it through sed and/or awk?00:18
ropetinIf in doubt throw a regex at it00:18
zoopsterso here's the stream...http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/683961/ I want to pluck out everything starting with $UMSCM, 61643840 in real time and either graph it or throw it in a log file00:20
zoopsterooh...maybe I can continuously log it and act on the log00:20
MichelleQare we still supposed to have a meeting tonight?  itnet7?  anyone?  00:47
mhall119zoopster: can you read it one line at a time?00:48
mhall119if so, it'll be easy enough to split it on commas00:49
itnet7MichelleQ: @ 900:50
mhall119zoopster: let me see what I can throw together for you00:51
ropetinFirst meeting I've been to in years starts in 6 minutes.  What's the betting the kid wakes up in 5 minutes?00:55
itnet7lol ropetin :-)00:56
dantalizingeven money00:58
itnet7Morning dantalizing !00:58
ropetinI hear a few whines on the monitor so I could be lucky and at least make it to 9:0100:59
ropetinHe IS sleeping with his little stuffed Tux though, so maybe that'll help01:00
itnet7Alright, Let's get this meeting started01:00
itnet7X-man, you may need to go first, bluebomber seems to be running a little behind01:00
itnet7in joining us01:00
itnet7mhall119: pretty much the LD will put up the "minutes" or the time we're holding the meeting now right? So I won't re-invite mootbot01:01
X-Manitnet7,  OK gime a sec01:01
itnet7no problem01:01
cjohnstonitnet7: not that im aware of.. it will provide a link to the log, but not minutes afaik01:02
itnet7cjohnston: Yeah, but it's formatted pretty well and alot more legible than just a standard irclog01:03
cjohnstonjcastro: wake up.. team heeting.. lol01:03
cjohnstonteam meeting too01:03
itnet7Here is a link to the Agenda: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/193/detail/01:03
X-Manitnet7,  is it ok for me to go now?01:04
X-ManHi everyone01:04
itnet7Hey there!01:04
mhall119I'm here01:05
X-ManI thought of an idea for the upcoming UDS welcome party and I e-mailed the Florida loco team a minute ago01:05
mhall119itnet7: LD just links to the irclogs and mootbot files01:05
X-ManI wanted to throw the idea to the team of a hawaiian welcome party01:05
mhall119itnet7: so you still need mootbot if you want minutes01:06
X-Manand wanted to get any feed from the team members01:06
itnet7thanks mhall119 !01:06
dantalizingthats kinda general .. do you have specifics X-Man ?01:07
X-ManAre we still up for doing another welcome party like last yeat01:07
itnet7X-man, It seems like it would be pretty fun01:07
itnet7UDS Hawaiian Luau Welcome Party01:07
itnet7Hand out Hawaiian Lei's to welcome UDS guests01:07
itnet7Limbo Contest01:07
itnet7Loudest Hawaiian Shirt Contest01:07
itnet7Grass Skirt Dance Contest01:07
itnet7Hulu Hoop Contest01:07
itnet7DJ with some Hawaiin Music01:08
X-ManI just wanted to get feedback and see if the team like the idea and I could investigate further01:08
mhall119but we ain't hawaii01:08
ropetinNew guy here, but have we had any other suggestions to compare it again?  Would a Florida theme be better?01:09
itnet7I guess we can rent shotguns and Airboats01:09
ropetinSort of Key West something?01:09
mhall119itnet7: +101:09
X-Manit is just a theme, but we can make it our own01:09
dantalizinglol @ itnet7 01:09
ropetinitnet7: that is north florida ony!01:09
mhall119yeah, redneck areas like Gainesville01:09
itnet7Hey there ghuru !01:09
X-ManIt could be a florida tropical party01:09
cjohnstonitnet7: +201:10
cjohnstonropetin: im in orlando and that sounds right to me01:10
mhall119keep in mine that Monday is Halloween01:10
ropetinX-Man: that sounds better, can still do most of the same things, just lose the Leis01:10
ghuruhey all01:10
X-ManSince this is my first UDS, I wanted to do something fub01:10
itnet7We can do a Hurricane Party theme, but hopefully without the actual storm and power outtages01:10
mhall119there's a good chance Canonical will be throwing some kind of halloween party Monday night01:10
dantalizingwe all want to do somethign fub01:10
cjohnstonitnet7: do we have any idea what night is available for this?01:10
X-ManI thought monday night like last year01:11
itnet7cjohnston: No, with all the changes and vendors they might not even have an open night01:11
itnet7I was going to ask Marianna01:11
X-ManThat what I have so far01:13
itnet7Let me see if I can ask what has already been planned01:13
X-Mansomeelse suggested trick or treat01:13
Chloricsorry im late01:13
itnet7hey there chloric!01:13
ChloricHey itnet! 01:13
X-ManHi Chloric01:13
itnet7X-Man: I will check with Marianna and see if most nights are already filled, then we can try to come up with a plan01:13
itnet7if there is a free night!01:14
itnet7If they do have a Halloween/costume party is everyone planning to attend and dress up?01:14
X-Mannot me01:14
ghuruhalloween party?01:14
ChloricI'll dress up01:14
itnet7I am going to dress up if they do :-)01:15
bluebomberI mean, "hi, all."01:15
mhall119don't forget also that we're planning on having a loco team party the saturday after UDS01:15
itnet7+1 mhall119 !!01:15
mhall119so I'm not sure how much MichelleQ and I will be able to help out with a welcoming party too01:15
X-Manmaybe we should find out if there are any free day first, before we planning anything01:16
itnet7+1 X-Man, we'll try to find out as soon as possible01:16
itnet7bluebomber was having some connectivity issues, but he's here with us now, X-man went first, are you ready to talk about your first agenda item?01:17
ChloricWhat city will this be held?01:17
itnet7Chloric: Orlando01:18
ChloricOh ok01:18
itnet7or did you mean the loco party?01:18
ChloricOh ok, thanks01:18
mhall119loco party is about 30 minutes west of the UDS venue01:18
bluebomberSoftware Freedom Day? Sure.01:19
itnet7X-man, Thanks have anything else you'd like to add?01:19
dantalizingunless you have an airboat and a shotgun, then its only 15 mins west01:19
X-Manitnet7, I'm good for now01:19
mhall119dantalizing: the gators slow you down01:20
mhall119if the pythons don't get you first that is01:20
itnet7go ahead bluebomber, whenever you're ready01:20
MichelleQoh, hhm, hello, I'm here.01:20
mhall119gotcha covered MichelleQ 01:20
itnet7Hey there MichelleQ !01:20
bluebomberAlright, hey everyone. I wanted to know what ideas you might have about doing something to celebrate Software Freedom Day.01:20
itnet7bluebomber: are you planning an event up your way?01:21
dantalizingwe're past the packet request date, no?01:21
bluebomberI have been speaking the last few days with the president of USF's Free Culture (http://freeculture.org/) student organization president, who is also interested in doing something.01:21
ropetinAnything planned for down south?01:21
mhall119bluebomber: is that Prof. Gaspar?01:22
bluebomberSo, there's interest in the Tampa Bay area, especially near USF ;-).01:22
mhall119zoopster: ^^ might be interested01:22
bluebomberNo, but I know of Professor Gaspar. He teaches in the Lakeland Polytech campus.01:22
itnet7dantalizing: I didn't even know about packet requests for SFD01:22
bluebomberdantalizing, itnet7: I didn't either.01:23
mhall119dantalizing: for Ubuntu conference packs?01:23
bluebomberWe still have leftover Natty CDs, so would there be interest from this LoCo in doing a collaborative installfest?01:23
bluebombermhall119: I worked indirectly with Dr. Gaspar for two semesters ;)01:24
bluebombermhall119: How do you know him?01:24
mhall119bluebomber: cool, he's the best one I had01:25
mhall119took a couple of his classes last year01:25
itnet7dantalizing: that's pretty cool.... bluebomber maybe you can e-mail the list, it's Saturday the 17th this year01:25
bluebombermhall119: Yeah, he wants to move our project to svn, despite my protests. I like my git.01:25
mhall119git, bzr or hg01:25
mhall119there's no excuse for using svn anymore01:25
dantalizing+1 mhall119 01:26
itnet7bluebomber: If you mail the list you may get a few more people interested in helping with a collaborative installfest01:27
bluebomberitnet7: I see. Thanks.01:27
mhall119bluebomber: you can probably also get interest from the student body of there01:27
dantalizingwhere are you bluebomber ?01:27
itnet7If I am not on call that week, and you're definitely doing it, I may come visit and help out01:27
bluebomberI'm pretty much talking now with people from central and south Florida, right?01:27
bluebomberdantalizing: Tampa.01:27
mhall119bluebomber: all over01:27
ropetinI'd like to help out with anything in Broward/Dade01:28
ghururopetin, im down01:28
dantalizingthere is an sfd registered in ft. lauderdale it looks like01:29
ropetinExcellent, do we have a defacto organizer down here?01:29
mhall119ropetin: you01:29
ropetinAhhh, yeah, I've E-mailed them a couple of times about other things, but never got much response01:29
ghururopetin, i met you at a loco meeting in Ft. Lauderdale01:29
ropetinmhall119: yeah, the 6 week old in the next room doesn't really allow for that :)01:29
ropetinghuru: I remember!01:29
mhall119if anybody is doing an event, please register it on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1258/detail/01:29
itnet7Last year I took a bunch of CDs and visited two SFD events, one with FLUX and I forget the other one, but I handed out Ubuntu Stickers and CD's. There wasn't public connectivity on either campus, so no installfest01:29
ChloricMIA here01:29
ghurulike 9months-1 year ago01:29
ghurui doubt the FLUX guys are down01:30
mhall119ropetin: it isn't going to get any easier in the next 7 months, let me tell you01:30
itnet7ghuru: that was at the coffee shop, with mudsplatter01:30
ropetinWho do we have from South Florida these days?01:30
ghurubut i know a lug in FIU, these guys are down for everythang01:30
mhall119s/7 months/7 years/01:30
ghurumudsplatter, lol01:30
ghurusup with that guy anyways01:30
ropetinYou HAD to mention that name didn't you itnet7?  I had only just erased it from my memory banks01:30
mhall119oh hell01:31
itnet7ghuru: I think that might have been one of the events I went to01:31
mhall119there's a name I hadn't thought of in ages01:31
ropetinitnet7: it was01:31
itnet7Sorry Ropetin, I wish I could01:31
bluebomberropetin: If you capitalize 'South' then, yes, I'm here.01:31
ChloricI think all Linux groups in SFL are no longer active... I've tried contacting them on several occasions01:32
ropetinSo in Broward/Dade/PBC we have me, ghuru, anoyone else?01:32
ghuruitnet7, how are you bud?01:32
ropetinChloric: +1 to that01:32
ghuruitnet7, is in our area!01:32
dantalizingropetin: reya276 is down there, jcastro too01:32
itnet7it would really be cool to see if there was a way to reserve one of those rooms at the Library we went to Chloric, and maybe do some installfest type stuff01:32
mhall119yeah, jcastro needs to go to an event01:32
itnet7ghuru:  I visited often, but I'm from Melbourne01:32
ropetinWould he be willing to organize?01:33
dantalizingunlikely ... he seems busy01:33
ropetinNgh, looks like it is you then ghuru 01:33
bluebomberAnyone other than zoopster from the bay area (Tampa, St. Pete, Manatee Co., Hernando/Pasco Co.)?01:33
ghururopetin, is this party for the new release or some kind of halloween party?01:33
mhall119has Catsceo been around?01:33
ropetinSFD right?01:34
itnet7There are a couple of people on our team, that also belong to the Meetup group01:34
mhall119oh yeah, forgot about that01:34
dantalizinghis cat peed on his mac again and this time it fried01:34
mhall119bluebomber: there's a tampa linux meetup group01:34
itnet7ghuru: the Halloween party is going to potentially take place during UDS01:34
mhall119dantalizing: ew01:34
mhall119though to be fair, the cat had the right idea01:34
itnet7dantalizing: that is one awesome cat!!01:35
itnet7someone should have given the kitty a natty cd01:35
mhall119Oneiric for the kitty01:35
ropetinbluebomber: if you post something about an installfest I'll respond something for Broward/Dade?01:35
itnet7Man, isn't Oneiric shaping up nicely?!!??!!01:36
mhall119bluebomber: http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Linux/01:36
bluebomberropetin: I don't understand. Are you asking me a question?01:36
mhall119zoopster can help you register an event through that01:36
bluebombermhall: Thanks. itnet7: I move to close the USF SFD topic.01:36
itnet7ropetin: remember erictee, reya, and stickystyle are still down there01:36
ropetinTrue, so there are a lot of people down here01:36
itnet7bluebomber: let me know what you plan, I might make a roadtrip if it will help out01:37
itnet7next agenda item?01:37
bluebomberCan you go to someone else's item and come back to mine?01:37
itnet7Well, we can talk about few other things until you're ready01:38
ghururopetin, http://plug.cs.fiu.edu/01:38
ghurui can talk to the guy in charge, he is a professor of mine01:38
ropetinCool, sounds good01:38
itnet7I am sure that Govatent would help out with the event, if he has the time01:39
ghuruoh i remember gocatent from FLS01:39
ghurucool guy, never got his contact though01:40
itnet7bluebomber: You're ready theN?01:40
itnet7Sorry family stuff is going on in the background, go for it01:41
bluebomberAs the agenda item says, would there be any interest in doing an oneiric launch party on the gulf coast?01:41
bluebomber<jeopardy music/>01:43
dantalizingif by "doing" you mean "attending" then, yes01:43
itnet7bluebomber: I think that would rock personally, zoopster would more than likely be also interested I'm sure 01:43
dantalizingyeah ... damn the interest ... just do it01:43
bluebomberdantalizing, itnet7: Great. We have lots of resources here at USF.01:44
itnet7I am sure that Sylentdogg and his pops would come01:44
bluebomberIt doesn't have to be at USF. We do have Paneras over here, too!01:44
bluebomberBut I would suggest having it at USF ;)01:45
mhall119bluebomber: yeah, but power outlets are at a premium there01:45
mhall119but, parking is literally at a premium on campus01:45
mhall119how is parking on weekends?01:45
bluebombermhall119: Yes, it can be, you're right.01:45
bluebombermhall119: Same as on weekdays. I think it's up to $4 for a daily visitor pass now. You can feed a meter, if you want, but I think that will be more expensive if you're talking about whole afternoon.01:46
mhall119bluebomber: there was a library off Fletcher we used several times, they had a nice big room in the front you could use if you reserved it ahead of time01:46
bluebombermhall119: I have no idea what library that could be.01:47
itnet7Yeah, that library was cool01:47
itnet7so was that coffee shop!! 01:47
mhall119at least I think it was Fletcher, maybe it was Bears01:47
mhall119itnet7: which coffee shop?01:47
bluebomberAffiliated with USF?01:48
mhall119bluebomber: no, city or county library01:48
itnet7I am not sure whether or not it was a meetup or a release party, They had FIOS and it was extremely fast01:48
mhall119further down, almost to Dale Mabry01:48
mhall119itnet7: hmmm, I must not have been to that one01:48
MichelleQIt was ...  Hang on. 01:48
bluebomberThis: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=13016860868577199296&q=library&hl=en&ved=0CG4Q-gswBA&sa=X&ei=Is1mTq3NB5DkygTM6tynCA01:49
mhall119itnet7: wait, do you mean First Watch, the restaurant?01:49
mhall119that one wasn't bad01:49
MichelleQthe Jimmie B. Keel regional library01:49
itnet7Oh, I'm not sure now either :-)01:49
mhall119bluebomber: yup01:50
mhall119Bears then01:50
itnet7Well, let's try to come up with some ideas, please make sure you add them to the LD, so that if others can, they'll attend01:50
dantalizingok gn all ... off to walk the dog01:52
bluebomberGoodnight, dantalizing.01:53
itnet7gnight dantalizing !01:53
mhall119g'night dantalizing 01:53
bluebomberitnet7: LD? (my acronym-fu starts failing around 2100)01:53
itnet7Loco Directory01:53
mhall119LoCo Directory (http://loco.ubuntu.com)01:53
mhall119there's a global event for SFD that we should add our team events to: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1258/detail/01:54
mhall119and also one for Ubuntu 11.10 release parties: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1186/detail/01:54
bluebombermhall119: Yes, good point.01:56
itnet7Thanks bluebomber and X-Man for your agenda items01:56
X-ManWhat day is Ubuntu 11.10  released01:56
bluebombermhall119: Why haven't we added our launch parties to it yet?01:57
bluebomberX-Man: 10-13-2011, IIRC01:59
X-Manthanks bluebomber 01:59
mhall119bluebomber: we don't have any scheduled yet01:59
bluebombermhall119: ...let's schedule one, then.02:00
mhall119bluebomber: we have http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1084/detail/02:00
mhall119but it's not specifically a release party02:01
bluebomberWe like parties, don't we?02:01
bluebomberDo you think we'll have release parties?02:02
mhall119heck yeah02:02
mhall119the loco part isn't going to be too long after the release02:02
mhall119we can probably call it a release party02:02
mhall119in fact, I'll do just that02:02
itnet7X-Man: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule02:03
itnet7sorry about that, my session barfed on me02:03
itnet7mhall119: +102:03
mhall119if anybody is coming to the LoCo party after UDS please register so we know how many to feed: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1084/detail/02:03
itnet7bluebomber: We're more than likely going to have one over here at Pizza Gallery02:04
itnet7I will add when I confirm the room02:04
mhall119I wonder if jimmah is gonna come to the loco party02:04
mhall119has anyone seen him lately?02:05
itnet7mhall119: I only talked to him briefly the other day02:05
itnet7I'm sure he wouldn't miss it02:06
mhall119itnet7: more recently than me, how's he doing?02:06
mhall119I hope he doesn't it's just not a party without dj pak33m02:06
itnet7he said hew as doing well, and all02:06
itnet7he is usually on IM, I'll see if I can find out what he's up to02:07
X-Manmhall119, Is it possible to come a little earlier for the Loco party02:07
itnet7at work tomorrow02:07
MichelleQX-Man: sure, come early.  is cool.02:09
mhall119X-Man: I expect we'll have several people who stay in Orlando for UDS just coming by whenever they get up and going02:10
mhall119so as long as you don't mind my PJs, it's cool02:10
X-Mansure it is all good02:12
X-ManI'm leaving orlando and I want to swing by before going back to tallahassee02:12
bluebomberAlright all, I'm signing off for the night. I have an early meeting with a USF event planner for yet some other IEEECS event...02:14
bluebomberNice meeting. Take care, all.02:14
itnet7good luck bluebomber 02:14
X-ManNight all02:16
mhall119night all02:18
* mhall119 is off to do homework02:18
itnet7gnight mhall119 and MichelleQ !02:18
itnet7I'm out as well02:18
MichelleQnight everyone02:38
=== crashsys_ is now known as crashsystems
zoopstersorry for missing the meeting itnet7 I was called away16:02
ropetin Bounce bounce!17:00
munzlol wrong window17:42
ropetinAt least it wasn't your password :)17:44
ropetinI can't count the number of timmes I've done that in IM or irc windows at work.  It got so bad that I changed my password to 'morning guys, hope you are all OK'17:49
itnet7mmetting time, bbiab17:55
jcastrohey cjohnston 18:05
jcastroor mhall119 18:05
mhall119hey jcastro 18:12
jcastrohow close are you guys respectively to the UDS hotel?18:19
cjohnston35 minutes18:20
cjohnstonI think almost the same for mhall119 18:20
jcastrook I got a mail from this guy reuben scwhartz, who wants to stop by UDS for a day but needs a ride. I recommended the Friday, anyway, I'll have a car on Friday but might not for any other day18:21
jcastroI was wondering if we could see about picking the guy up depending on where he lives, etc.18:21
maxolasersquadWhat's the deal on the Suite?  Are we getting one this year?18:28
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mhall119jcastro: are you commuting the whole week?18:30
jcastrono I am hitching a ride with RoAkSoAx 18:36
mhall119but you're both staying at the hotel during the week, right?18:38
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