jrwrenrick_h_: specialized is NICE.00:49
jrwreni always think specialized is a little nicer than Trek in general.  Not for the $$. but AFAIK Specialized doesn't compete in the low end like Trek does in some areas.  e.g. mtn bikes in teh $300 range.00:50
brouschgreg-g: i thought you rode a fixie01:02
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brouschdamn you snap-l. i listened to two episodes of omc and now have 7 tabs open to jamendo02:19
snap-lCan anyone riddle me why flash isn't working under Oneiric?02:19
snap-lbrousch: HEh, awesome.02:19
brouschhm, someone just posted a problem with flash on debian to the grlug list02:20
brouschcould be something that's going around?02:20
snap-lYes, it's called I can't watch Doctor Who on this laptio02:20
snap-land it is making me angry02:20
brousch7 jamendos and 1 blood red box02:20
snap-lAlso, fuck flash in the neck02:24
snap-lGod, my Oneiric machine feels like a slow piece of shit02:35
Blazeixwell, it's still beta right?02:36
BlazeixI wouldn't want to be judged on my software that I deam 'beta'02:36
jjesseyou could switch to kde :)02:37
snap-lBlazeix: So Ubuntu can never be judged.02:37
* jjesse ducks02:37
snap-lseriously, it's either beta or unsupported02:37
snap-lor LTS, which means it gets one extra month of support02:37
Blazeixsnap-l: ? ubuntu has releases? unless I'm misunderstanding02:37
snap-lYeah, once it's released, it's unsupported. ;)02:38
snap-ltry filing a bug against Natty02:38
snap-lAlso, Adobe Flash needs to fucking die in a fire02:40
Blazeixno argument from me there02:40
snap-lWell, this fucking cuntpickle piece of shit apparently can't find it's ass with both hands02:42
snap-lalso, my network is really slow under wireless.02:42
snap-lI mean horrifically slow02:42
Blazeixsounds like its time to move away from unity, huh?02:42
Blazeixneedle needle02:42
snap-lnot helping02:43
snap-lI'm getting really shit transfers02:43
jjesseyou could switch to Kubuntu02:43
snap-ljjesse: You could switch to breathing underwater.02:44
snap-lI never understood that logic. :)02:44
snap-lI have a problem with A.02:45
snap-lImmediately, everyone suggests B-Z as a solution02:45
snap-lwhen what I really want is for A to work02:45
snap-lIs that too much to ask?02:45
Blazeixyour problem was "fucking cuntpickle piece of shit apparently can't find it's ass with both hands"02:45
Blazeixthat's tough to diagnose.02:45
snap-lWhenever I say "fucking cuntpickle piece of shit apparently can't find it's ass with both hands", I mean the Adobe Installer02:46
snap-lthat's about as plain as I can make it.02:46
snap-lApparently it jst needed to be reinstalled02:48
snap-lSomeone on #ubuntu suggested I use someone's flash PPA02:49
snap-lI shall now watch Doctor Who and get a dose of reality.02:49
jrwren*gasp* offensive02:50
brouschCoC-slap him03:05
snap-lI'm getting 100KB/s with this wireless card.03:46
snap-lAnd the USB network connection is getting about 8 times that03:48
rick_h_snap-l: https://github.com/shacker/django-todo/wiki/Overview-and-screenshots11:20
rick_h_Blazeix: man, reading scollback you're my hero11:22
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/402/ ftw11:22
snap-lrick_h_: Thanks. It's looks like it handles the todo piece, but not projects or creating other lists.12:18
snap-lrick_h_: I clarified. :)12:18
snap-lAlso if anyone was here at 6am for the meeting, I doubly apologize12:21
rick_h_snap-l: it looked like it did12:21
rick_h_they had a GTD list, and some other lists12:21
brouschi woke up at 5 so i could shower beforehand12:23
brouschthe half a pot of coffee will irritate my angina all day12:23
snap-lbrousch: I hope you're kidding12:24
brouschof course12:24
brouschi get to re-retire my ubuntu 6.06 server today12:26
snap-lThat good, eh?12:27
brouschi shut it down a while ago, but found a couple of things i failed to migrate12:27
brouschlike the mysql database and sync scripts that had been running untouched for 4 years, and files people had edited because our ancient Word actually mapped default folders via UNC name instead of drive letter12:28
snap-lbrousch: UNC name probably felt really smart a long time ago. :)12:29
snap-lI really, really hate drive-letter mapping12:30
brouschi've found drive mapping very handy. i can move whole programs to a different server and the clients don't know anything changed12:30
snap-lIt's like getting a realy cool computer and realizing it's running CP/M under the hood12:31
brouschwhich is important when said program is a foxpro-based crap pile from 200112:31
snap-lYeah,I know it has it's uses, but it would drive me bonkers when people insisted that their P: drive was the same as my P: drive12:32
snap-land explaining why that wasn't the case was infuriating.12:32
rick_h_especially when I'm on linux and don't have any P drive12:32
rick_h_"I put the files up on the O drive, you can get them there"12:32
brouschwell everyone has the same drives here except their L: points to their own home dir12:32
rick_h_grrrr...wtf is that o drive they use? /me boots vm with allt he fancy mappings12:33
brouschso when they say the O: i know they all mean the drafting share12:33
rick_h_come on 10am12:33
brouschi guess when you're the one that set up the drives it's easier to remember12:33
rick_h_lol, and I'm guessing you use them on occassion12:34
rick_h_when there's 8 or 9 of them and you never use them but once a month or less...ugh12:34
brouscha windows computer is always running next to me for fixing user issues12:34
brouschmy linux laptop is my main computer where i make new stuff12:34
brouschwhich brings me to my next comment. Flask isn't ready for my big project, so I'm going to have to use Pyramid or Django. i really hope pyramid works out12:36
Wolfgersnap-l+++++ (re: drive mapping)12:52
Wolfgeralways drove me crazy here at Chrysler... "It's on the P drive" ... I don't have a P drive. How about you give me the actual server share name?12:53
Wolfger"the what?"12:53
Wolfgeraren't you in the IT department?12:53
Wolfgerfriggin' IT managers who don't have a clue about mapping drives12:54
brouschthat sounds like your fault for not knowing what the user's P: maps to. they have no idea - they are just lusers12:59
snap-lno, they're marketing or other types that just want to get shit done13:00
snap-land their shared directory happened to be mapped to P: just like everyone elses shares mapped to P:13:00
snap-lbecause when you limit yourself to 26 characters, some of which have magic meanings that reduce that set to ~20 characters, and a company of thousands of departments, it gets a little tricky to map13:01
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snap-lchousedressing, maybe.13:07
chousei couldn't recall my nickserv password for chouse so i was lurking under ch0use for a bit13:09
chousebut i have previaled13:09
chousealso, http://www.mixcloud.com/pauloakenfold/13:10
snap-lI'm nto sure what it is, but Paul Oakenfold bores me13:11
chousesheer music throwdown13:11
chousewhat are you down with13:12
snap-lMight have been the CD i was listening to13:12
snap-lchouse: heh... :)13:12
snap-lchouse: http://openmetalcast.com is a sampling. ;)13:12
chousei dunno, he posts a new 2 hour mix ever couple of days. fun stuff13:12
chousealright alright, i'm down with that too for the most part13:12
snap-lyeah, I pretty much don't like most popular country and most pop music (but I can appreciate the production in pop music)13:13
snap-lI love Jazz (mostly bebop and hard-bop), Classical (symphonic, chamber, instrumental)13:14
chousevanberge: please comment re http://openmetalcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/open_metalcast_029.mp313:14
chousesnap-l: what are you listening to RIGHT NOW13:14
snap-lMy laptop's fan?13:14
chousedoes it change pitch and tone at regular intervals?13:15
snap-lDepending on the load of work, yes.13:15
vanbergechouse: what have you sent me13:15
snap-lbut I'm sure not going to record it and play it in some secluded New York Penthouse and expect people to call me brilliant for doing such13:15
brouschchouse: snap-l is actually the person that creates the openmetalcast podcasts13:15
chouseso far so good honestly13:16
snap-lThank you.13:16
Wolfgerbrousch: I'm not help desk, and they aren't "users". They are managers, asking me to retrieve such-and-such red tape document "off of P drive". Like that means anything.13:17
Wolfger...or possibly you were talking to snap-l  :-p13:17
Wolfgeris it lunchtime yet?13:18
snap-lWolfger: Somewhere it is13:18
snap-lIt's also Miller time somewhere13:18
chousedigging http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/6846113:19
snap-lYeah, I loved that track13:20
vanbergewhat an album art13:20
snap-lSome of these are pretty low-budget affairs13:20
chousewoa, just noticed the album art13:20
chousebrb minimizing browser/nsfw13:20
snap-lIt's blurred13:21
snap-lI'm sure nobody noticed13:21
chousei zoomed in quite a bit full screen etc13:21
snap-lI put out a new episode every other Tuesday, with a few special episodes thrown in there for good measure (Club Metal = Industrial, Instrumetalcast = Instrumental metal)13:24
snap-lSpeaking of which, I haven't made an instrumetalcast in a long while.13:24
brouschsnap-l: those are my favorite13:25
snap-lThanks. I'll need to put one together soon.13:25
Wolfgersnap-l: I'm more than ready for both...13:25
Wolfgeroh, *and* an instrumetalcast13:26
WolfgerI bought my first metal album this past weekend.13:26
Wolfgerand I'm wondering... why can't more metal sound as good as Metallica? :-p13:27
chouseBullet for my Valentine13:27
chouseIn Flames13:27
snap-lI like Soundtrack for your escape13:27
chouseAugust Burns Red too13:27
snap-lhaven't heard enough BGMV13:27
WolfgerI think it's just that there's too many screech/scream metal bands that I close my ears and run away before I hear anything decent13:28
vanbergeBFMV first album "The Poison" is awesome IMO13:28
Wolfgerinstrumetalcasts are awesome13:28
vanbergethey sort of slide downhill with the next 213:28
vanbergeI pretty much love every In Flames album13:29
vanbergeI'm a big Killswitch Engage fan also13:29
chousesnap-l: seems to be a lot of spanish-language metal in this latest one13:30
snap-lYeah, it varies per episode13:31
chousei hear craig maloney talking13:31
snap-lThat would be me.13:31
chouseexcellent pronunciation13:31
chouseliterally no stumbling13:31
snap-lIt's like I'm inside your head13:31
chouseyou literally are, as i'm wearing headphones13:31
snap-lchouse: Thanks. :) Audacity is great for editing.13:32
jrwrensnap-l: paul oakenfold bores me too.13:36
brouschtoo slow13:37
chousewhat are you listening to13:40
chousejrwren/rick_h_: haproxy very good13:41
jrwrenbut music wise, code64 :)13:41
rick_h_chouse: good to hear13:41
chousegg code6413:42
rick_h_hmmm, I was saving my one nuke for OH...I think it's time to get coord for NC13:53
devinheitmuellerhey, can anybody suggest an small/simple/easy tree control?  I don't need a full blown toolkit or lazy loading.13:54
devinheitmuellerIt's for a package of HTML documentation, so it's static content and I would prefer to keep the size down if possible.13:54
chousehave to pause code64 now for a mtg. bummer.13:56
snap-lSpeaking of meetings:13:57
Wolfgerrick_h_: why would you nuke OH? I thought you liked OLF and PyOhio13:59
rick_h_Wolfger: meh on OLF, pyohio is cool14:00
rick_h_but a a UM alum, etc I hate OH14:00
Wolfgerah, yes... the old collegiate brainwashing14:00
snap-lOK, who here is present for the meeting?14:01
rick_h_bwuhahaha https://github.com/qoda/python-wkhtmltopdf/pull/3#issuecomment-202892014:01
snap-lFirst off, I apologize profusely for missing on Sunday14:01
rick_h_taking over the world14:01
rick_h_oh, meeting, right14:01
rick_h_go boss :)14:01
snap-lBoss... heh.14:02
snap-lIf anyone wants to run the meetings, please feel free. :)14:02
snap-lAnywho, first item is Global Jam Wrap-up14:02
Wolfgerthat's all you14:02
snap-lThanks to everyone who came out to the jam14:02
snap-lIf you have a blog post, please feel free to add it to the team report14:03
snap-lDid WestMI do anything for the Jam?14:03
snap-lhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichiganTeam/TeamReports/2011/09 <- Team report14:04
brouschi'm here!14:04
snap-lIf there were any other jams in Michigan, we'd love to hear about them14:05
brouschsnap-l: we did nothing14:05
jjessei jamed at my house :)14:05
brouschdid you?14:05
snap-ljjesse: Blog about it. :)14:05
snap-land leave out the nasty bits. ;)14:05
jjessealso took part in the Kubuntu Docs jam that occurred on Sunday as well14:05
snap-ljjesse: If you would write something up on it, and post it, that would be awesome.14:06
jjessesure i'll try to do something tonight14:07
snap-lI'd like to try to expand the focus of the group so that it's not all SE Michigan with WestMI playing second-fiddle14:07
snap-ljjesse: Thanks. :)14:07
snap-lThat reminds me...14:07
* snap-l adds an agenda item14:07
brouschwe mostly do release parties14:08
snap-lThat's fine14:08
brouschwhich usually become installfests14:08
snap-lIt would be awesome if we could get all of the parts of the state talking to each other. :)14:09
snap-lI'd love to see some activity in northern MI and the UP if we can manage it14:09
jjessedo they even have computers in the UP?14:09
snap-lSeems below the 45th is represented.14:09
snap-ljjesse: That and Snow Cows.14:10
brouschdialup modems and win9814:10
snap-lAnywho... :)14:10
snap-lAnything else on the jam?14:10
snap-lThanks again to everyone who jammed14:10
snap-lI think it went pretty well, all thigs considered14:11
snap-lOK, up next: Ohio Linuxfest14:11
snap-lWe're sharing a booth with Lococast down at OLF14:12
snap-lwhich means sharing with Rick and I. ;)14:12
snap-lWho is definitely going down to OLF?14:12
snap-lI think Aaron Thul is going, which is awesome14:13
snap-lI'm hoping we can find some folks to help staff the booth14:14
snap-lMostly to hand out cards, talk a bit about the group, etc14:14
snap-lI have the business cards made up, and they look awesome.14:14
devinheitmuellersnap-l: does James typically lurk here?  Or should I just email him?14:15
snap-ldevinheitmueller: e-mail or Google Talk14:15
devinheitmuellerok, thanks14:15
devinheitmuellerOh, and I'm having logistical problems with getting to CHC tonight.  Trying to work through them now.14:15
devinheitmueller(which may effect getting you there too)14:15
snap-ldevinheitmueller: No worries. LMK if it becomes a problem and I can work out a plan B.14:16
snap-lCoffee House Coders.14:16
rick_h_devinheitmueller snap-l let me know and I can try to provide rides14:17
jjessewhile not an official ubuntu event we usually talk some ubuntu at the grlug weekly social14:17
jjessedon'tk ow if that counts14:17
devinheitmuellerLet me see what James says.  He was supposed to get the furniture tonight, so will see if I can get him to drive us.14:17
snap-ljjesse: I'm not opposed to putting that on the calendar.14:18
snap-lIf you want to call it Ubuntu Hour, feel free. ;)14:18
snap-lAnyone have any thoughts on OLF?14:18
brouschchouse: the weekly grlug linux social is basically our CHC14:19
Wolfgerwould love to go to OLF, but can't this year :-(14:19
chousehear ya brousch14:19
snap-lWolfger: bummer14:20
brouschjjesse: i have not named the event an ubuntu-michigan event because that will turn off more people than it will bring in ;)14:20
snap-lbrousch: Feel free to put it on the calendar, though14:20
snap-lDownriver CHC is on there14:20
snap-lAlso, does anyone need a ride to OLF?14:21
snap-lI'm already full up for carpooling, but if you do, send it to the mailing list14:21
snap-lMoving on to the release party14:22
snap-lAny thoughts on where the SE Michigan group would like to have the release party?14:23
snap-lLast few have been at Liberty Street, and I'm not opposed to having it there again14:23
snap-lit does tend to get a bit crowded14:23
snap-lRelease day is Oct. 13th14:23
snap-lWhich is a Thursday14:24
snap-lIf it's all the same, I'd prefer a weekend14:24
snap-l(check your calendars)14:25
snap-lAny preferences?14:25
Wolfgersomeplace not-so-crowded would be nice, but I've never been to Liberty Street, so I have no real input.14:26
snap-lLIberty is a bit small14:26
snap-land parking can be tricky14:26
Wolfgerif it's in/near AA I'd be more likely to attend on a Thursday than on the weekend, but don't schedule around me :-)14:27
Wolfgerlong time back we did a FF release party at DragonMead14:28
WolfgerI'd be all up on that14:28
Wolfgeragain, kind of a small venue14:28
snap-lI was thinking (since it's close to me) about the Royal Oak Brewery14:33
snap-lThey do have some space for larger parties14:33
snap-lparking in downtown can be a chore, though14:33
snap-lAnywho, It's coming up, and we should plan for it. :)14:34
snap-lI'll post something to the list, and hopefully get some feedback.14:34
snap-l(hint hint)14:34
snap-lbrousch: Is westmi planning an event?14:35
brouschhave not started planning yet. usually i collaborate with ptenhoopen__ and we take over his wmlug meeting14:35
snap-lOK, that's cool14:35
brouschbut this release date is several weeks earlier, so i'll probably have an independent party14:35
snap-lAny other parties planned?14:36
snap-lIf there are, post 'em to the list. :)14:36
snap-lNext up: Loco Portal.14:36
snap-lThe loco council is looking to feature the locos in a planet like Planet Ubuntu14:37
snap-lIf you blog about the loco, it would be awesome to have your feed there.14:37
snap-lThey're looking for just loco traffic14:37
snap-lI'm wondering if we could start a loco planet as well14:38
snap-lThat too14:38
snap-lwould be easier to point folks at and aggregate14:38
WolfgerIf it's kept loco-centric, it would be either horribly sparse or horribly repetitive (with multiple people blogging about the same thing).14:40
snap-lWolfger: agreed14:40
WolfgerIf it's kept computer-centric (i.e. some CHC posts, Python posts, etc) that might not be too bad14:40
brouschsnap-l: i run several planets. it would be easy to set up another. http://planet.grlug.org http://planet.grpug.org http://planet.grwebdev.org14:41
snap-lI'm sure someone will read it, but I'm not planning on subscribing to it in the near future.14:41
WolfgerIf it's full feeds of all members blogs, it could be downright scary :-)14:41
snap-lbrousch: What all is needed to set that up?14:41
brouschjust the planet planet python software and dreamhost14:41
snap-lbrousch: Would you be willing to set that up, assuming we can get a domain to point to it?14:42
brouschit requires manual adding and removing feeds14:42
brouschyeah, no problem14:42
jjesseprobablly would have to have a certain subject/category to get on the loco planet then?14:42
snap-ljjesse: Yeah, I made a separate category for Ubuntu-MI14:42
snap-lAlso, on an unrelated note, what is michigan.ubuntu-us.org?14:43
Wolfgera subdomain of http://ubuntu-us.org/?14:44
snap-lNoted. :)14:44
snap-lI ran into that via Google, and wondered who or what maintained that.14:44
snap-lHmm,would someone like to get in contact with them and point that at brousch's proposed planet?14:46
snap-lI think that would be a good location for it14:46
brouschit looks like it's supposed to go the team page14:47
snap-lIf folks want, I can try to make contact and get our site pointing to something sane.14:48
Wolfgersounds good14:49
snap-lOK, and lastly, we're up for reapproval14:49
snap-l(what does this mean)14:50
snap-lmeans we need to show we're still an active and vibrant member of the Ubuntu Community. :)14:50
snap-lMuch like our initial approval back in 200714:50
snap-lWe'll need to create a 2011 reapporval application14:51
snap-lOur reapproval date is in October, but I'd like to get this out of the way sooner than later.14:52
snap-lWhich means 9/2014:52
vanbergeI am curious if anyone has any strong opinions regarding subversion vs. git14:52
snap-lGreg and I have gone through the team reports to come up with things and events we've been a part of14:52
devinheitmuellervanberge: I wouldn't do any new project with svn.14:53
snap-lvanberge: give us 8 minutes, please? :)14:53
vanbergei have used subversion for awhile with wordpress and a wordpress plugin14:53
vanbergebut i feel like git is the "new / cool thing"14:53
snap-lI'd like to finish this up before we get into our normal heated discussion about version control :)14:54
brouschsnap-l: there's a template or something for that?14:54
snap-lreapproval: If folks would go through the team reports https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoPortalFeeds14:54
snap-land make sure we're current, and have everything that we've participated in, that would be super awesome14:54
brouschthose are not the team reports14:55
snap-lthe re-approval application is essentially the same as the Approval application14:55
snap-lStupid copy/pasta14:55
Wolfgeryou mean bs'ing every day in IRC, some of which might actually be Ubuntu-related, isn't sufficient for re-approval? Bah.14:56
snap-lIf we can get the application filled out and purdy, we can get ourselves on the loco council's agenda and get reapproved14:56
snap-lWolfger: I think we're OK for re-approval14:56
snap-lWe're pretty active14:57
snap-lHere's an example of a re-approval application:14:58
snap-lI'd like to ask for some help with the application14:58
snap-lIt's a Wiki so you don't have to commit now14:58
snap-lbut my hope is that I'm not typing the whole damn thing in. ;)14:59
snap-lAnything else?14:59
brouschcopy and paste!14:59
snap-lbrousch: For the most part. ;)14:59
snap-lAnything else for the meeting?15:00
devinheitmuellersnap-l: James is going to pick me up tonight.  Do you have an alternate means of transport?15:00
WolfgerI don't think so. We can get to vanberge's version control holy war now ;-)15:00
snap-ldevinheitmueller: I can arrange some15:01
vanbergelol.  I feel like a total tool for interrupting15:01
snap-lOK, thank you all for coming15:01
vanbergeapologies across15:01
snap-lMeeting adjourned.15:01
snap-lvanberge: No worries. :)15:01
snap-lgit rules, end of story. :)15:01
devinheitmuellersnap-l: thanks.  Sorry for bailing on you.  I didn't know myself it would be an issue until now.15:01
snap-lThat's quite alright.15:01
_stink_yes, use git.15:02
snap-ldevinheitmueller: These things happen.15:02
brouschi like hg, but git is more popular15:02
devinheitmuellerIn most projects I've worked on, the entire git repository (including the history) takes up less space than a checkout of a single svn version.  Compression is a nice thing.15:02
vanbergei'll have to check it out.15:03
devinheitmuellerI've done quite a bit in hg.  That said though, I couldn't find anything I can do in hg that I couldn't do in git, and git is the much more popular option nowadays.15:03
vanbergehopefully wordpress devs push that direction for plugin development15:03
snap-lYou can use git-svn so you get the power of git locally with the interoperability with SVN15:03
_stink_vanberge: i use git-svn a ton at work so i can use git locally and still talk to the main svn server.15:04
_stink_er, what he said.15:04
snap-lonly issue to look out for is empty directories.15:04
snap-ldevinheitmueller: I think I'm covered tonight. JoDee should be home in time so I can get there, and I have a backup plan in case.15:05
snap-ldevinheitmueller: So no worries.15:05
devinheitmuellersnap-l: great.15:05
vanbergewell I have no exp with git whatsoever15:05
snap-ldevinheitmueller: Thanks for letting me know. :)15:05
vanbergei dont do "a lot" of development so it's been as needed in Wordpress only15:06
snap-lvanberge: highly recommend Version Control with Git from O'reilly.15:06
brouschvanberge: you do a lot of wordpress?15:06
vanbergei use it to run my website(s) and I have developed a Netflix plugin for it15:07
vanbergethat is a sweet header15:08
vanbergeGR skyline15:08
Wolfger:-/  Github has lame password regulations :-/15:10
rick_h_greg-g: done https://picasaweb.google.com/deuce868/September72011?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLWW4YDNp_2s4gE&feat=directlink15:37
jrwrenrick_h_: that is more off road able than I was thinking. what one is that?15:39
rick_h_the crosstrail15:39
rick_h_why I got it, lots of dirt roads around here15:39
jrwrenfront suspension too15:39
rick_h_and the trek's aren't as much so15:39
rick_h_yea, I mean it's not the trek 7.3 I was trying to talk myself into15:40
rick_h_but $200 less and a bit more gravel/dirt road ready15:40
rick_h_and franky, you can see my old beast in the 3rd pick15:40
rick_h_much nicer on road/normal stuff15:40
rick_h_anythink was going to be an upgrade15:40
greg-grick_h_: awesome!15:41
rick_h_yea, going to be hard to finish work, I want to go ride15:41
rick_h_will take it out to the dr later today15:41
rick_h_as long as the rain doens't pick up too much more15:42
rick_h_One of Paul’s signature essays is “The Python Paradox” - describing his experience that people doing interesting and innovative things are frequently attracted to Python.15:43
rick_h_very cool15:43
rick_h_from http://pycon.blogspot.com/2011/09/announcing-first-pycon-2012-keynote.html15:43
jrwreni think a trek 7.3 is more like a specialized crossroad15:48
jrwreninteresting last paragraph of "The python paradox" raises this question: when was the last time a statically typed language was created by someone out of love?15:50
jrwrenocaml? D?15:50
jrwrenI think maybe ocaml is academic, not practical like ruby, python, perl15:51
snap-ldefine creating a language out of love15:52
snap-l"Oh computer, how I love you, but all of the languages out there don't express it as well as I can"15:53
jrwrenguido, matz and larry's reasons for creating are all well documented, so I mean any of those reasons.15:53
snap-lspite? :)15:54
Wolfgerhow about "creating a language without any direct financial incentive to do so"? I think that qualifies as "out of love"15:54
rick_h_get your awesome on :)15:54
snap-l"I created C++ because, well, I was feeling like being a dick"15:55
Wolfgersnap-l: you just made me snort at my desk15:55
Wolfgerglad I wasn't drinking, or the guy in front of me would be wearing my coffee15:55
Blazeix2:56, powers of twoish are always appreciated.15:55
Blazeixholy crap, that guy is using the awesome theme I created!15:56
rick_h_Blazeix: no way?!15:56
rick_h_that's pretty cool15:57
Blazeixyep: http://awesome.naquadah.org/wiki/Nice_and_Clean_Theme15:57
jrwrensnap-l is too cynical15:57
rick_h_wow nice15:57
rick_h_Blazeix: is famous!15:57
jrwrenneed a fresh and clean theme so I can sing outkast15:57
rick_h_heh, I get a bike and it's rainy day16:28
rick_h_should have gotten the fenders before I left16:28
Wolfgeroh, suck it up and ride16:31
rick_h_yea, think I'm going to16:31
rick_h_why they made jackets16:31
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rick_h_snap-l: did you see the David allen Triangulation episode?17:23
brouscha user was just irritated with me because he couldn't email a 54MB attachment17:57
brouschhe has dropbox and knows how to use it17:57
BlazeixI've seen a pretty neat system that automatically strips out attachments server-side, uploads them to a webserver, and inserts a a link to the file in the email.17:59
rick_h_yea, those are kind of cool17:59
chousethat does sound awesome17:59
rick_h_snap-l: "we're a lotus notes shop, because nothing beats it"18:00
rick_h_that's your hero?!18:01
brouschBlazeix: nice18:04
brouschwe use gmail18:04
chousegroupwise yo18:12
brouschdoes that still exist?18:18
snap-lrick_h_: Lotus Notes, for all of it's warts, is a pretty good collaborative system18:19
snap-lThe interface is complete shit, though18:19
snap-lMail, calendar, etc all feel tacked on18:19
brouschtacked on to what?18:20
snap-lLotus Notes18:20
snap-lEverything is all tacked along18:21
WolfgerHeh. Die, Notes, die!18:26
Wolfgerwe moved off of Notes to use Outlook, and yet everybody keeps sending links to Notes DB's in their e-mails.18:27
Wolfgerwhile I'm wishing death on things: Die, offshore help desk, die!18:31
waldo323_off the coast of lake st clair?18:48
vanbergei add death to blackberries19:12
vanbergehate them with passion19:12
_stink_yeah, they are kind of tart and stain my shirt.19:13
rick_h_ok, this makes me want to apply https://dev.launchpad.net/ArchitectureGuide/Services20:06
rick_h_damn skippy!20:06
rick_h_though not sure what my wife would say to being away for 2wks20:07
_stink_unless i'm confused :P20:08
rick_h_sorry, that was pointed from https://tbe.taleo.net/NA3/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CANONICAL&cws=1&rid=34620:08
rick_h_so kind of a "you might be interested in this position if you believe these things"20:09
rick_h_ok, bike computer installed20:10
_stink_ah, coolio20:10
rick_h_geeky fun on the bike20:10
snap-lrick_h_: But you'd have to run Ubuntu again20:15
brouschrick_h_: isn't launchpad django?20:16
rick_h_brousch: lmao!20:17
rick_h_no, zope20:17
rick_h_I said it was "almost" in my twitter post20:17
rick_h_running stock ubuntu, dealing with zope, and living the start up life == no apply20:18
rick_h_but I love that post on the moving to smaller services vs the LP monolith20:18
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jrwrenbrousch1: tahnks for hte faac tip the other day. i had no idea there was a difference between the aac codec and the libfaac codec in ffmpeg23:16
brousch1jrwren: i'm glad it worked23:37
jrwrenwell... i'm not sure yet.23:41
brousch1i've always used libfaac. it gave the most reliable results in my early Linux video editing attempts23:41
jrwrenbut i'm hoping.23:41
brousch1i'm at a freenas demo. i keep biting my tongue because they keep calling it linux23:47
jrwrenand its freebsd?23:49
brousch1some bsd23:49
jrwrenyeah, its freebsd.23:49
brousch1openbsd i think23:49
jrwrenwiki says fre.23:49
jrwrenhttp://www.freenas.org/ "FreeNAS™ is an Open Source Storage Platform based on FreeBSD and supports sharing across Windows, Apple, and UNIX-like systems."23:50
jrwrenits the 1st sentance on the site!!!23:50
brousch1who RTFWS?23:50
brousch1got to see some thinkpad running android. pretty nice23:52

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