Cheri703no worries guys :) I had been tethered and riding to cbus, so I had to go quickly00:21
Cheri703and thanks!00:21
Unit193I noticed. I thought you already had enough higher ups there was no need for me to +1 :P00:23
jacobgilbert: you freakin rock. do you have a preferred email to be used for the patch commit?01:09
gilbertjacob: the gmail one is good01:36
gilbertjacob: i think the ejection issues are a bug.  i just tried some example python-brasero scripts and they all run into the same thing01:37
jacobpossibly -- I can't test at the moment; i'm on oneiric which doesn't seem to have python-brasero (?)01:37
gilbertjacob: i got motivated ;)01:37
jacobbut i'm committing in good faith :D01:38
gilbertcomes from gnome-python-desktop source package01:38
jacobperhaps it's a gnome 3 thing, i wonder if it was moved into GI01:39
gilbertnope, it just looks like ubuntu hasn't sync'd in the debian package for some reason....01:39
jacobhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/python-brasero "Removal requested on 2011-06-01" odd01:40
jacobi'll keep looking, it was probably just shuffled around somewhere01:40
jacobanywho, added: https://github.com/jpeddicord/kisok/commit/dbc602dd36f615091891358f46772d2c3cbc03e201:42
jacobthanks much!01:42
jacobpoking around, it looks like libbrasero-burn added some GI bindings; can probably detect for this. i'll give it a stab.01:45
gilbertjacob, it looks like the libbrasero-media package is too new on oneiric01:45
canthus13Why do I suddenly not have write access via sshfs to my server? :/01:48
gilbertjacob: it exists up to natty, so maybe plan on having that loaded on the kiosk machine?01:50
jacobyeah that's the plan I believe; I'm just curious as to its replacement for oneiric01:50
gilberti would bet that there is no plan01:51
jacobhah, indeed.01:52
gilbertsomeone decide hey we can have gnome3 in this release!  lets just dump the stuff thats broke for now...who uses that leafy stuff anyway?01:52
canthus13there's salad in Oneiric?01:52
jacobgilbert: thing is I see specific mentions of gobject-introspection and brasero, meaning that there's something somewhere01:53
jacobthe somewhere is rather elusive, though01:53
gilbertcanthus13: not salad, trees01:54
jacobby the way, do *we* have much of a plan for this burning station thing? someone bringing in a laptop with a burner?01:58
canthus13I have my test machine...02:00
canthus13It's got a burner.02:00
jacobas for gnome3/gi/brasero: i give up for oneiric. will revisit that issue next year..02:00
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Unit193Cheri703: Thing tonight?12:50
thafreakWe need a cd burning station still?16:38
thafreakI was planning on throwing together something...i think I have a spare burner somewhere16:38
thafreakmight not be pretty, but should work16:39
thafreakI was thinking a burning station could just be headless...we could just ssh into it, and have some scripts to burn the various ISO's we want to have16:47
Cheri703anyone use steam in ubuntu? husband is trying again to get counterstrike source to work, and it hates him18:05
thafreaki got steam on 10.04 to work18:53
thafreaki installed wine from dev ppa18:53
thafreakso it's the 1.3 branch though18:53
Unit193Great, lost mouse with psmouse.c: failed to re-enable mouse on isa0060/serio119:09
Cheri703that sucks :/19:11
Cheri703Unit193: are you coming tonight?19:11
dzhohere mousy mousy mousy19:11
Cheri703thafreak: we have steam working, but when starting counterstrike source, it says "launching" and then vanishes19:12
Unit193Fixed without a reboot!19:13
Unit193Should be able to make it19:13
Cheri703kk, cool :)19:13
Unit193But laptop screen is no workie :(19:13
Unit193Cheri703: Still home?20:57
Cheri703nope, am at panera20:58
Cheri703not able to come?21:00
Unit193I'm sure you can guess by now. Unless starcraftman and I can get the transporter working, I'm not sure I can make-- Nevermind, I can make it in a few21:00
Cheri703oh, ok :)21:00
Cheri703well, if it is a hassle you don't have to worry about it21:01
Cheri703husband has a car now and I can go home at any time :) (if I'm going to be the only one here it's no big deal. I already ate my bagel)21:02
Unit193I'll still come, but you'll have to know I'll be late21:02
Cheri703ok, well I'm probably going to be heading out by 6, so depending on when you are coming, is it worth it to you? I am the only other one here21:03
Cheri703it is up to you21:03
* Cheri703 is ok either way21:04
Cheri703Unit193: helllloooo?21:11
Cheri703aaand you showed up shortly after :)21:22
paultagheyya Cheri70321:23
Cheri703hola paultag21:24
* Cheri703 is a member now :)21:25
paultagCheri703: Woohoo! 'grats! :)21:25
Unit193Sooo... My ride back was about ~30-40 minutes late -_-22:51

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