shirgallI idle all the time, I admit, I seldom change my FreeNode status00:01
C_Smithif I'm not gonna be at the keyboard, I put "Away" on the Me Menu, and that affects all the IM programs I have installed, and the only one I use is Pidgin.00:05
C_Smithyeah, from what I've seen on Oneiric, looks like the default battery applet works. won't need Battery-Status after Oneiric, the reason I get battery-status is because the default GNOME2 battery applet always says "(estimating)" and nothing else, the icon is the only functional thing about that version of the applet.00:11
shirgallC_Smith: I can confirm that, the default Oneiric indicator works fine on my laptop00:17
shirgallC_Smith: I do add the weather indicator and cpufreq indicator though, because I'm weird like that00:17
C_Smithyeah, I'm currently running 11.04 just for my games00:29
C_Smithhmmmm, wondering if I should install OpenSUSE KDE along side Ubuntu......00:36
C_Smithor just get the KDE desktop in Ubuntu00:36
Gerty_Just moved to Eugene. Can anyone suggest an ISP?02:20
rigelhi ho02:58
rigelim wondering, i am using lucid, and have swapped out mobo and processor, on a cloned hd, so i am seeing a lot of unusable hardware02:59
rigelso is there a way to reinstall, and install all my added packages, so that i can at least figure out whether the config files that are screwing things up are in / or /home?03:00
rigels/a way/an easy way/03:01
bkerensaC_Smith: Why use OpenSUSE? Just do Kubuntu03:43
thefinn93cosmicpizza, i must inquire, why does your IP's rDNS record point to france?07:53
thefinn93or end in .fr07:53
cosmicpizzait' s just why i' m a french guy using ubuntu09:14
bkerensaGood Morning all :)14:26
Brian_Hmorning bkerensa, just shot ya over an email :)14:38
bkerensaBrian_H: kk14:56
bkerensaBrian_H: I just responded15:05
bkerensaUsing GIMP for large projects can be an epic nightmare...15:19
* bkerensa shakes fist at Adobe for not having Linux support!15:19
Brian_Hwould be  nice if they did have adobe support for linux :p15:32
Brian_HI'd buy acrobat15:32
bkerensaBrian_H: I got your logo from the site I'm gonna send you a banner mockup to let you have a look15:36
Brian_Hok cool, I have an svg I can send you for the final too15:37
bkerensaCool I just got a package from Sweden17:44
bkerensaI wonder if these things really work? $495 is a lot so it better do miracles to my air... Luckily I didn't have to buy it17:44
Brian_Hhmmm kinda looks like snake oil17:46
bkerensaWe shall see :D17:47
bkerensaI love it when PR firms ask If I do negative reviews17:47
* bkerensa always responds.... I do "Honest" reviews17:47
bkerensaBrian_H: I kind believe in the tech actually because you can use electricity and silver with a tad bit of salt water to do interesting things.... I just set it up and a blue light came on and now its making a electrical snap and crack noise like its zapping the air17:52
Brian_Hfun, like a bug zapper?17:53
bkerensaBrian_H: Exactly17:53
Brian_Hhaha awesome17:53
bkerensaBrian_H: I hope that is the intended noise :D17:53
C_Smithgood day!22:18
bkerensaAnyone interested in going to PuppetConf use "40off" coupon code for 40% off23:01

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