Unit193Howdy orangeni1ja!03:37
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orangeninjaHey Unit19303:37
Unit193All irccloud.com users were just K-Lined05:26
Xpistoswhat up peeps!12:53
wrsthowdy Xpistos12:56
Xpistosok, I am going to break the stigma13:00
wrstha ha ha13:00
wrstbut /etc/rc.conf is what you are hunting for13:00
Xpistosdo they use ipv6 by default?13:00
XpistosI am trying to get my ssh installed and it can't find the web13:01
Xpistosping google.com  --> unknown host google.com13:01
Xpistosor do i have to start dhcpd or something13:02
Xpistosyeah that was it13:04
wrstXpistos: have you installed ssh and have you started the sshd daemon?13:05
wrstcyberanger: byobu is awesome13:05
Xpistosinstalling it now13:05
wrstXpistos: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSH13:06
wrstits like screen on steroids13:06
wrstand add sshd to your daemons you should be good to go13:07
wrstafter restarting13:07
wrstor just start the daemon manually13:07
wrstrc.d start sshd from a root prompt13:08
Xpistoshow do I add to the daemon . in rc.conf?13:09
wrstjust edit it and add sshd to the daemons list, see the wiki13:09
wrstXpistos:  the answer to everything in arch is read the documentation ;)13:09
XpistosI know right13:09
Xpistosexcept my sound card issue13:09
wrstbest documentation of any linux I've used, I wish ubuntu had that documentation13:09
wrstwhat type of card Xpistos?13:10
XpistosYamaha DS-1S (YMF744)13:11
XpistosI can't get sound and I have the master and the PCM unmuted13:11
wrstrunning alsa ?13:11
XpistosI think so. I am checking it in the alsamixer13:12
wrstdid you look at this? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture13:13
wrstmainly did you add yourself to the sound group?13:14
wrstbut godo to follow the entire wiki13:14
Xpistosman this back and forth crap is for the birds13:47
Xpistoswhen will these people learn, i have more important things to do than fix their email13:48
wrstha ha Xpistos13:59
cyberangerwrst: glad you like it14:39
wrstyeah cyberanger didn't realize I can have it attatched on one machine then go to the other and attatch but it doesn't unattatch from the first machine that's nice14:40
cyberangerXpistos: adding yourself to the audio group & checking that your soundcard is getting the audio (not an onboard sound chip)14:40
wrstyeah cyberanger I think the adding to the group is the biggest thing because with out that I think you have no hope of sound?14:41
wrstor you could just install pulse audio and have no hope of sound :)14:41
Xpistoshow do I check what groups I am in?14:41
XpistosI am pretty sure I am added to both14:41
Xpistosand the audio according to alsamixer is the sound card14:41
wrstXpistos: groups username14:42
Xpistosaudio users14:43
XpistosI have master and PCM unmuted14:44
wrstyou using alsa mixer?14:44
wrsterr alsamixer14:44
Xpistosthat is what I am looking at now14:44
cyberangerwrst: well, it's more of controlling sound, you'd have no permissions (and Xpistos opened alsamixer to unmute stuff, permissions would have been an issue there)14:47
Xpistosthat is what I am looking at14:48
Xpistosmy user has sudo rights14:48
wrstok Xpistos here are some issues I have had, the master going to the wrong output so try turning everything all the way up, and also if that doesn't work us f6 and see if something is funky on picking up the sound card14:50
wrstI've had weird things with sound and old machines14:50
wrston my arch laptop i'm using pulse since gnome requires it and realy didn't have to do any setup at all, but in the gnome2 days it was a little more difficult :)14:50
* wrst wonders about Xpistos working on his sound via winders :)14:52
wrstthought that looked like a windows screnshot?14:57
XpistosIT WAS14:57
wrstahh yes that was putty14:58
Xpistosstupid thingy14:58
wrsthow do you know if your sound is working i guess is what I'm wondering? :)14:58
Xpistosi don't know it is working the system beeps are working at least15:00
wrstthen what are you working on? :)15:02
Xpistoswell it may be a lost cause cause i rean a speaker test and didn't hear anything15:02
wrstbut you have the machine in ear shot I'm assuming? :)15:03
XpistosI am trying to hear sound when watching an avi or on the internet15:03
XpistosLOL no15:03
Xpistosthat would be almost as bad as I can't get on the internet and after 30 min of TS telling you I don't have any lectricity15:03
XpistosYes it is in arms reach15:03
wrstoh ok :)15:04
XpistosAm I that bad?15:04
wrstwell just making sure ;)15:04
wrstif the system beeps from within arch I think alsa is atleast telling it to do that... I think15:04
Xpistosetc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf no such file15:05
Xpistoson a side note how do I add dhcpcd to the daemon. just that way "dhcpcd" or dhcp15:07
Xpistosshould I try to run alsaconf?15:08
wrstwell if plugged in you shouldn't have to there is a networking segment of rc.conf that should have dhcp by default I think15:08
XpistosI ran alsaconf and when it was done, i ran a sound test and got this as part orf the output: Write error: -32,Broken pipe15:15
wrstwell right there is your problem you cant get no sound if your sound pipe is all busted15:17
Xpistosshould I have etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf15:25
Xpistoshmm... my modprobe.conf look like cause my is commented out and only references v2.6? and uname -r says 3.0-Arch15:39
wrstlet me look at what I have Xpistos15:47
XpistosI am sure there needs to be something in there15:47
wrstthat's what I have also Xpistos15:48
wrstbut I'm running pusle since I have gnome15:48
Xpistosand your sound card is working?15:49
Xpistosoh wait you aren't at your box right15:49
wrstno its at home but sound and everything works perfectly.. I hate to suggest it but might be worth trying pulse ?15:51
wrstit might configure things somehow that might work15:51
wrstXpistos: /etc/asound.conf15:52
Xpistosno such file or directory15:53
wrstI'm thinking that one has to be there15:53
Xpistosthere is a file called pulse15:54
Xpistosor a folder called pulse and a file called client.conf15:55
wrstwhere is that at Xpistos?15:55
wrstwhat desktop are you running?15:56
Xpistoseverything in the .conf is commented out15:56
XpistosI was going to try and install OSS and see if tat worked15:57
wrsthave you seen this? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xfce#Sound15:58
Xpistoswrst: oss worked18:41
wrstawesome Xpistos!18:43
wrstthose old cards are a pain in the rear sometimes18:43
Xpistosoh and get this. I am trying to figure out a problem on my wordpress site and one guy named nklutter tells me its not wordpres it is css. go ask them. I beg for two hours in css and then someone says pay, and guess who is the first to answer them? nklutter18:47
Xpistosi wanted to punch him18:47
wrstha ha18:48
wrstnice :)18:48
XpistosLOL appearantly shutting down with oss enabled cuases my system to crash.18:49
wrstwell that isn't nice :)18:50
Xpistosit is good. I am looking at a avi of alex grim installing ubutnu 6.1018:58
Xpistossound is good, video is clean18:58
XpistosI am happy18:58
Xpistosstill pissed with my css issue, but other than that I am good18:59
wrstand thats on something with 64MB of RAM right Xpistos?19:01
Xpistosit may be worth the $30 to upgrade the ram to 25619:02
wrstthat's amazing that you have video and audio and a modern os working on that19:08
wrstand this is in no way to slur ubuntu but probably easier to do it with arch than to do it with ubuntu19:09
* cyberanger thinks that's in every way to insult ubuntu19:16
cyberangerwrst: ^19:21
wrstcyberanger: not really ubuntu isn't for that purpose so much I know you can strip it down to be19:30
cyberangerso it's calling ubuntu fat19:33
wrstno calling ubuntu for a different user base, ubuntu is for my mom, or for me, or for someone that wants a nice no fuss desktop to run on fairly modern equipment19:40
wrstwhere arch is very customizable to run video on a machine with 64mb of ram :)19:41
wrstand btw cyberanger unity in 11.10 is going to be decent at least and I may even say good19:41
wrstthey have made huge progress19:41
* cyberanger still doesn't believe that19:42
wrstcyberanger:  really its much improved, it will probably never be for you but its much improved20:05
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orangeninjaHey people21:41
pace_t_zuluhey guys22:31
wrsthowdy howdy22:40
Unit193Now what do I say? You took mine...22:53
cyberangerhey pace_t_zulu22:58
cyberangerhowja Unit19322:58
Unit193Gutuen tag cyberanger!22:59
Unit193привет WRST г23:00
cyberangerDanke Unit193 (and the russian is off)23:15
Unit193I suppose I should have gone for abend :)23:57

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