Sarvattricotz: hopefully wayland should be working by the morning, just uploaded mesa to build against that new wayland checkout00:29
Sarvattfighting 8 hour build queues00:29
Sarvattbryceh: ok to mark wayland in edgers work item done now if you know where it is, i think it was assigned to someone else because i'm not seeing it00:30
Sarvattgot a wayland-demos ready to upload but it needs new mesa built first00:34
ricotzSarvatt, nice00:34
Sarvattadded it to my daily update script too00:34
Sarvattbut cant really run it out of there since it has to build before mesa..00:35
ricotzperhaps you can ping a friendly archive-admin to bump the priority00:35
ricotzif mesa isnt using new api bit right away it should work00:36
brycehSarvatt, ok will do00:42
ScottKSarvatt: Does bug 839808 (on Natty) look like anything you've seen before?02:33
bjsnideri can never seem to understand what these mesa build failure logs mean. i can usually understand other build failures but not the mesa ones03:23
tjaaltonbryceh: hey, do you know if the apport hooks in natty had bugs, like running apport-collect xxxx for a bug against -evdev only collects Dependencies.txt and nothing else?07:04
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brycehtjaalton, nope09:59
brycehtjaalton, ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-input-evdev seems to work (just re-confirmed it), so theoretically the hook should work for apport-collect as well10:00
brycehthere are a couple apport bugs I'm aware of that could result in that behavior10:00
brycehfor instance, if a bug report was filed against multiple packages, and -evdev wasn't the original thing it was filed against, apport-collect will try to use the hook from whatever the first target was.  (Or something like that...)10:01
brycehso, the Dependencies.txt is because apport is using an apport hook for some other package (which evidently doesn't have a hook defined)10:01
brycehthe other bug is that if a package has differing binary and source package names, apport only works if you give it a binary name (so no ubuntu-bug xorg-server)10:02
brycehbut that second bug it'll error out before even filing the bug10:02
tjaaltonyeah this one was against unity originally10:07
tjaaltonbut has only -evdev as the package10:08
brycehyeah, I'd guess apport-collect is trying to use unity's package hook10:15
bryceh*yawn* night10:16
tjaaltonheh, night10:33
cndbryceh, fyi, Carlos Garnacho sent me three patches for fixing some touch grab issues16:42
cndI'm testing them out now, but I hope to push them to the packaging repo soon16:42
cndbryceh, the patches look good, I've pushed them to the ubuntu branch17:44
cnddo you know when the next release will be uploaded?17:44
brycehcnd, of xserver?  no I don't; assuming raof and tjaalton have some plans17:49
tjaaltonif we can just upload without an ffe, then I can test it locally tomorrow and upload if no issues pop up?17:51
brycehtjaalton, sounds good17:51
cndtjaalton, that was something I was wondering about17:51
cndsince there's an upstream micro version bump17:52
tjaaltonyeah it's a stable update, so shouldn't need any paperwork17:52
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bjsniderthat's a build failure i understand20:20
Sarvattbjsnider: welcome to my world of fun, by the time i get one part of the build system fixed another change is introduced upstream making it fail again :P20:37
Sarvattfixed one uploaded and i test built it locally to be sure20:38
bjsniderfixing a problem like the one i just saw is easy enough, but what about the log from last night?20:40
bjsniderthat was a completely meaningless failure message20:40
Sarvatti filed https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40668 about that20:41
ubot4Freedesktop bug 40668 in Other "Mesa compilation failure with wayland master" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]20:41
Sarvattit wasn't compiling with wayland master or the wayland checkout we had in oneiric20:41

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