Kilosmorning superfly and others05:08
superflymorning Kilos05:14
superflyI just watched Tara-Lyn's performance... wow05:14
Kilosshe is good hey05:15
superflyyeah, very05:16
Kiloshad a few probs with natty while watching the video. sometimes the video disappears and just audio comes through05:25
Kilosdunno if it is more resourse hungry than maverick05:26
Kilosand cant switch workspaces while movies are playing or it loses half of the window05:28
superflyKilos: movies are very resource hungry05:31
Kilosworked perfect on maverick. maybe i need to fix something?05:31
Kilosi even lose bits of the panels05:32
superflyKilos: make sure natty is not trying to do desktop effects05:35
Kilosi look for that05:37
Kilosmust i disable compiz?05:39
Kiloswhatever that might be05:39
superflyalthough I'd imagine that if you're using the "classic" desktop, that compiz is turned off05:42
Kilosi see in someones post that you need to go classic no effects05:43
Kilosi try to find that05:43
Kilosi installed the fusion icon and will try. it gives you the option of using metecity instead of compiz05:54
Kilosmaybe this was langjans problem as well05:55
Kiloslo nuvolari 05:56
Kilosdankie weer05:56
nuvolarilo oom Kilos 05:56
nuvolariplesier oom :>05:56
Kilosmy kind kan sing ne05:56
nuvolariKilos: oom, my naam het net 1 'n'  :P05:57
nuvolarisy kan definitief oom!05:57
nuvolariek sê mos ek het hoendervleis gekry05:57
nuvolarielke keer wat ek gekyk het :P05:57
Kiloswat praat jy nou van 1 n05:57
Kilosoh my05:58
Kilosskuus man05:58
nuvolariin oom se blog :P05:58
Kilosjy't klaar gaan blog kyk05:58
Kilossal herstel. was half aan die slaap05:58
Kilosek moes dit klaar verander. tara het gevra ek moet die visa stuk uitlos. sy bang die yanks word hardekwas06:01
nuvolariwel, ek't dit in google reader gekry06:06
nuvolariso ek moes dit lees 06:06
Kilosek het dit nou uit maar ons sal sien06:07
Kiloslo maiatoday 06:15
Kilosstill get audio only on full screen vids. in vlc and mplayer06:16
Kiloswith small window open they show the video as well06:17
superflyKilos: yeah, you have to be careful with them americans06:21
Kilosgrrrr power cut again06:27
Kilosnatty's network-manageris much more efficient. dont even get halfway with opening iftop and its connected06:29
maiatodayhi Kilos06:41
superflyhi maiatoday06:46
superflyhi sakhi08:15
Kiloshe crashed so quick09:04
superflySymmetria: where are you? your server is broken!09:11
maiatodayhi superfly09:29
superflyhow gaan dit?09:29
superflyAnyone else upgraded to oneiric yet?09:30
JabberwockyA19I'm running oneiric right now09:34
superflyJabberwockyA19: Ubuntu or Kubuntu09:35
superflyJabberwockyA19: dealt at all with kmail2 ?09:47
octoquadHi everyone!09:47
superflyhi octoquad09:47
JabberwockyA19no have not touched it yet09:48
octoquadhey superfly :)09:48
JabberwockyA19hi octoquad09:48
octoquadHi JabberwockyA1909:48
octoquadIs it possible to run a 64 bit version of a live cd in virtualbox? I've tried with other distros before and it just doesn't happen? Does anyone know if it is possible (I'm sure it is!)09:50
superflyoctoquad: well, I _installed_ the 64bit version of Kubuntu into VirtualBox the other day from the desktop CD, so I would presume so. but I think you can only run 64-bit guests if your host is 64-bit09:53
octoquadyeah, I have a 64bit OS.09:53
octoquadok let me have a bash anyway09:53
octoquadkeen to try Oneiric Ocelot Beta 1, it's loooking good!09:54
superflyoctoquad: worked for me, so I presume it'll work for you09:54
octoquadsweet, thanks superfly09:54
octoquadis anybody from durban, it's dead down here. lol09:55
octoquadno LUGS or anything09:55
superflyoctoquad: there are a couple of guys from that area09:57
superflyoctoquad: isn't LEAD still minimally active?09:58
superflynuvolari: ping ^^09:58
nuvolariooh, recruits!09:59
nuvolarilo octoquad 09:59
* nuvolari looks for the link09:59
octoquadNo, I contacted the organiser and it's been dead for a while. I actually wanted to take down the entry on linux.org but they ended up having DNS issues for months. I see they have a new page up.10:00
octoquadhey nuvolari :)10:00
nuvolariMaaz: dbn.lug.link is https://groups.google.com/group/dbnlug/about10:01
Maaznuvolari: Got it10:01
nuvolarioctoquad: ^^10:01
octoquadcool, thank nuvolari, signing up now10:02
octoquadOk request is pending! BBL10:05
nuvolariit's request-based?10:07
JabberwockyA19octoquad: I also had an issue trying to test 64bit on virtualbox10:14
JabberwockyA19even though my host os was 64bit, I even tried downloading the lastest version from thier website. it did not help10:14
marcogtumbleweed: do you know daniel holbach?12:36
Kilosjust woke up and realised that the missing operand is miles:miles13:44
Kiloswhat a twit13:44
Kiloshi scar[w] you running an old pc hey13:45
scar[w]hi Kilos, just a small hdd13:51
Kilosoh not ram and low ram graphics card13:51
scar[w]2.8 dual core, 4gb ddr3, geforce 950013:51
Kilosok ty13:51
Kilosoh my that sounds great13:52
scar[w]not the best out there, but not the worst either ;)13:52
Kilosthats wonderful for ubuntu13:52
Kilosand you still got uncapped13:55
scar[w]I play heroes of newerth on 1920 x 1200 it runs at a very high frame rate13:55
scar[w]yeah I still have uncapped till the end of the month13:56
Kiloswanna go see my baby sing?13:56
Kiloshi octoquad 14:01
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za14:01
Kiloshmm him be a lurker only14:15
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
tumbleweedmarcog: yes14:39
marcogtumbleweed: http://pastebin.com/kGw8bq8f14:39
marcogi get the feeling i haven't contributed enough for this to make sense to do14:40
tumbleweedhe's german, and works for canonical, responsible for the ubuntu developer community14:40
tumbleweedhrm, I'll come and chat14:41
Kilosevening everyone17:23
* Kilos waves to ahab land17:25
Kilosyay 13° and 31° here tomorrow. maybe all the hibernators come outa hiding again and our numbers can swell17:28
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:29
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:29
KilosMaaz, and rusks17:30
MaazI hid them away Kilos Pm me and I'll tell you where they are17:30
superflyhi Kilos17:30
tumbleweedw00t, got UDS sponsorship17:30
Kiloslo superfly hows things17:30
Kiloshi tumbleweed  who is UDS17:31
superflyKilos: OK thanks... just feel like it should be Friday today17:31
Symmetriaif anyone wants good seafood17:31
tumbleweedKilos: ubuntu developer summit17:31
superflyah, there you are Symmetria17:31
Symmetriathere is a place called baia at the waterfront in capetown17:31
Kilosah ty17:31
Symmetriathat makes the most amazing food 17:31
Symmetriaits got an amazing price tag on it, but its so worth it17:31
Symmetriasuperfly you were looking for me?17:32
Kiloseat some crayfish for me please17:32
superflySymmetria: I'm getting 403: Forbidden with Oneiric's repositories on za.archive.ubuntu.com17:32
superflySymmetria: well, with some of the packages on there, that is17:32
Symmetriarerunning sync now17:32
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:33
KilosMaaz, ty17:33
MaazEnjoy Kilos17:33
nlsthznHey Uncle Kilos ... saw your blog entry, congrats on her doing so well... sorry she won't be making the states this year...17:40
Kilosty so much. she moaned at me about that . if you notice i changed the blog later17:41
Kilosthe news of whats happened is not alowed to leak out till it has been on air17:41
Kilosall well there nlsthzn 17:43
nlsthznKilos: haha... oops... 17:46
nlsthznYup... all well here... thanks 17:47
Kiloslol; yeah17:47
Symmetriashould be fixed now17:50
Symmetriasync source on se. was broke17:50
Symmetriasynched from gb and I saw it fix stuff related to that17:50
Kilossleep tight all19:12
Kilossee ya morrow19:12
inetprotumbleweed: nice! How did you get that arranged?19:18
tumbleweedinetpro: by applying for it http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/19:19
inetprotumbleweed: cool, congrats19:19
tumbleweedhighvoltage: going to make it to UDS-P?19:20
tumbleweedinetpro: thanks, it's a sign that I'm still spending too much time on Ubuntu :)19:20
inetprohehe, that should not be a bad sign19:21
inetprotumbleweed: when is it happening?19:22
tumbleweedinetpro: early november, orlando, florida19:22
inetprotumbleweed: you should make arrangements to go visit Disney World19:23
inetproand you have to go to the Kennedy Space Centre19:24
inetproserious, it is worth it!19:24
* inetpro was there in 199319:25
* tumbleweed doesn't know if he should really be taking another 2 weeks off this year...19:25
inetprotumbleweed: you can't let the opportunity go by like that19:26
tumbleweedI know, but I've already done 2 this year (and made zero thesis progress) but yes, I'll probably go19:26
inetproahh, now that sounds more positive :-)19:26
* tumbleweed knows how the supervisor and parents will react, thogugh...19:27
inetprohehe, they will be green with envy19:27
tumbleweednaah, pissed off that I'm not doing work19:28
inetprodefine work19:28
tumbleweedfinishing a degree19:28
inetprohaha, there's enough time to do that19:29
inetproand I'm sure you'll even fit it in somewhere19:29
tumbleweedyeah, if I work on it. I seem to have difficulty working on it19:29
inetprotumbleweed: what degree is it?19:30
tumbleweedMSc in CS, which I'm in the third year of. It kind of stalled after about 6 months...19:30
inetprohmm... just keep thing rolling19:31
inetprolike the scoreboard in a cricket match19:32
inetproeven if a bit slower for now19:32
* inetpro should also start some studies for a change19:33
inetprotumbleweed: but I'm sure with your growing stature in the ubuntu community you won't even need a degree19:43
* tumbleweed doesn't think I needed it in the first place, but it seemed like something I'd enjoy doing, and now was the time to do it19:44
highvoltagetumbleweed: yep, and you?22:00
highvoltagetumbleweed: ah, read scrollback. great :)22:00
highvoltageI'll be flying from bangor so orlando will be really close, at least.22:07

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