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ScottLcreated a blueprint for updating the website:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-resources/+spec/update-ubuntustudio-website01:39
ScottLknome, falktx ^^^01:39
ScottLholstein, ^^^ astraljava 01:39
falktxScottL: joomla is also another nice CMS01:40
falktxopensource too01:40
ScottLplease feel free to update it01:41
ScottLfalktx, i'm not sure that joomla is acceptable to canonical01:41
ScottLmaybe it is, i don't know01:41
falktx"acceptable to canonical" ?01:42
falktxcanonical refuses opensource projects?01:42
falktxwiki seems stuck to me01:43
falktxScottL: sorry, I can't login...01:43
falktxah, now I'm on01:45
falktxScottL: no idea how to edit this though01:45
* falktx doesn't like the ubuntu wiki01:45
falktxarch wiki is much cleaner and easy to use01:45
ScottLfalktx, i should have said "acceptable to canonical security"01:48
ScottLi think they have been quiet restrictive previously about which platforms can be used01:48
falktxnot considered safe enough?01:48
ScottLit wasn't until recently that they started using wordpress i believe01:49
ScottLi.e. it was drupal or nothing for a while i believe01:49
falktxcanonical guys must be crazy 01:51
falktxScottL: anyway, please try to speak with knome about the website01:52
falktxScottL: if he can't do it, I'll be glad to take the task01:52
falktxjust remember that I already have other things to do, so if he can do it, I'll be glad01:52
falktxin last case, I can drop my things to work with US website. getting this done is very important and I realy want to see it happening01:53
ScottLfalktx, pushing the code to the bzr branch would be a huge help01:55
ScottLi'll find the link...01:55
ScottLas best as i can tell (and i'm far from a website expert) the base code (like newpage.php) is hosted in a bzr branch01:56
ScottLonce it has been reviewed (pesumably by security) then it is pushed by others to the hosted site01:56
ScottLthen someone who has access to the site can generate content01:57
ScottLthis is how i _think_ it is handled but i haven't talked to anyone who has particular knowledge yet01:57
falktxok, ScottL, I'll take a look tomoroow01:58
falktxI don't see an index.php02:00
falktxoh, ScottL, is this a wordpress theme?02:00
falktxah, drupal02:01
ScottLfalktx, it should be drupal6 (i think)02:01
falktxI'll install it later02:01
ScottLknome, mentioned migrating to wordpress perhaps02:01
falktxScottL: what about the new proposal, do you got the code for it?02:01
ScottLi have it in my email somewhere, i can find it later tonight or tomorrow02:01
ScottLi need to update the spec more to include that and a few other things02:01
falktxok, please forward it to me02:01
astraljavaScottL: I think the theming looks really sleek(?). Will check the blueprint for the webserver, but that's not really my field, and frankly I've got my hands full on other things. But will definitely read it through, anyway.09:28
knomefalktx, hey!10:55
falktxknome: hey, finally!10:56
knomefalktx, where should i start? :)10:56
falktxknome: ask ScottL10:56
knomewell, to ScottL too, of course the theme is convertable to wordpress10:56
falktxScottL: there's a blueprint for it10:57
falktxknome: there's a blueprint for it10:57
knomeyep, i read the backlog10:57
knomewhat do you think of wordpress as the platform?10:57
falktxnever used it10:57
falktxonly used joomla so far, oh, and mediawiki10:58
knomei've used it quite a lot, and it's way better than joomla or drupal10:58
falktxmy kx site is done in mediawiki10:58
knomedrupal is just a horror :(10:58
knomehttp://shimmerproject.org/,  http://open.knome.fi/10:58
knomedone with WP10:59
knomeand http://xubuntu.princessleia.com/ is WP also10:59
falktxknome: i'm working on this - http://distrho.sourceforge.net - although I did *not* made the base template11:03
knomefalktx, mmyeah11:03
knomeScottL did say that many people liked the new site looks, so maybe we should keep that, or...?11:04
knomeor was he referring to this site or yours? :)11:04
falktxthe new US one11:06
falktxI like it too11:06
falktxScottL: I'm still waiting on that email with source...11:06
knomei'm not sure if i'd need source. converting from drupal theme to WP theme (if we're going to do that) is not trivial, and really, some of the stuff need tweaking anyway11:07
knomeokay, i'm going to cook some lunch now, bbl11:19
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scott-workhi shnatsel|busy how are you doing today?17:54
scott-worki made a blueprint for the website update :)  although i'm still clarifying some points on it17:54
scott-workbut it's a start17:54
scott-worki need to find an email for falktx_ as well on it17:54
scott-workknome: did you see the discussion about the website blueprint as well?17:55
scott-workknome: please let me know how i can improve it (please, please)17:55
scott-worki really want it to be as helpful as possible17:55
knomeyeah, i read the discussion17:56
knomei can check that later, yeah17:56
scott-workthank you, i also got your email and i will give it attention tonight17:58
shnatsel|busyscott-work: I'm OK, messing with seeds. Canonical guys clearly never planned to export this system.17:58
scott-workknome: falktx_ would really like to help with the website as well, is there something he can do to assist as well?17:58
falktx_knome: do you think you got it?17:59
falktx_knome: you seem a lot more experienced on this than me17:59
shnatsel|busyhardly any docs and read/write locks required for seed branches and some branches can't even be branched without auth to canonical servers17:59
falktx_scott-work: thanks for the mail!17:59
knomefalktx_, i can "lead" it, but i'll keep you informed on the progress :)18:00
falktx_knome: ah yes, let me know where I can help118:00
knomefalktx_, okay, great, i'll do that once i get started18:00
shnatsel|busyscott-work: what blueprint? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio still tells me that blueprints are disabled18:01
scott-workknome: i have the files for the http://myhaiku.org/ site if it helps you at all18:02
knomescott-work, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-resources/+spec/update-ubuntustudio-website18:02
knomeerr, shnatsel|busy 18:02
scott-workshnatsel|busy: i ended up created the bluprint under the code at the bzr branch18:02
scott-workshnatsel|busy:  i thought that the blueprints worked under ubuntustudio-dev before but i couldn't get them to work this time, maybe something has changed18:02
knomescott-work, sure, at least the artwork comes handy when i don't have to recreate it. btw, is there svg sourcer for the US logo?18:03
scott-workbut even as project lead i couldn't find a way to enable them18:03
falktx_knome: will you keep the web structure or change to a cms?18:03
scott-workknome: i will have to find it18:03
knomescott-work, okay, no hurry :)18:03
knomefalktx_, i'll create a wordpress theme18:04
knomescott-work, ^ that was okay, am i right? :)18:04
shnatsel|busyscott-work: go to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio, there should be a "configure blueprints" link at the right18:04
scott-workknome: i think wordpress is good18:06
knome3.x is wonderful as a CMS too18:07
scott-workknome: my only serious concern (which is platform independent) is getting the code into the bzr branch and then pushed to the site18:07
scott-workcharlie-tca: did you have any involvement with coordinating the xubuntu website migration to wordpress or know who did?18:08
scott-workshnatsel|busy: done18:08
knomescott-work, this: https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-website-wordpress is how we did it, it's pushed into two separate branches (theme/plugins), and the canonical IS services staff is now reviewing it, and they'll handle uploading to production18:09
knomescott-work, pleia2 is working on that, but i'm aware of what has happened so far too :)18:09
falktx_it sucks when someone reviews your site. all the work and they simply say "no"18:09
scott-workknome: my apologies, i thought you weren't involved in that part18:09
scott-workfalktx_: it is canonical hosting and i dont' begrudge them the right to protect their security18:10
knomescott-work, well, not exactly *involved*, but i'm getting all the CC's18:10
shnatsel|busyscott-work: it works! thanks!18:10
charlie-tcascott-work: pleia2 handled the IS requests, and knome and pleia2 did the actual layouts18:10
scott-workknome: ah, but sometimes that is enough as in cases like this :)18:10
knome"review" probably means they will tell to change something, or that they'll change something theirself, and then push it to production18:10
falktx_scott-work: so any change needs to be reviewed by canonical?18:10
knomefalktx_, yes18:11
scott-worki have been told that they expressly forbid some plugins on security basis so we have to be selective sometimes about what functions we want18:11
knomefalktx_, any change to the code, changes to content via WP admin (or any other tool) are of course manageable by yourself18:11
knomescott-work, you can do pretty much everything what myhaiku.org does with core WP, except the javascript slider on the front page18:12
shnatsel|busyscott-work: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+spec/livedvd18:21
shnatsel|busyscott-work: I guess you can set general direction to approved in the livedvd blueprint18:26
scott-workshnatsel|busy: would it be beneficial to reassign the website-update to "ubuntustudio" instead of the bzr branch?18:34
shnatsel|busyscott-work: well, I think it should be linked to the branch containing the ongoing work described in the blueprint18:35
shnatsel|busyscott-work: I guess moving it to ubuntustudio project would be a good idea18:35
shnatsel|busyit would make it more visible18:36
scott-workokay, i'll reassign it to ubuntustudio and link the brank18:36
shnatsel|busyit's called "re-target blueprint"18:36
shnatsel|busychanging project18:36
scott-worki did it once already :)18:38
shnatsel|busyit took me a while to discover how to change project18:39
scott-workshnatsel|busy: when i did the update-website blueprint i re-targeted it once because i think i assigned it to ubuntustudio-dev the first time just to get it done18:50
scott-workre-targeted "update-website" blueprint:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+spec/update-ubuntustudio-website18:57
shnatsel|busyscott-work: awsum blueprint18:59
scott-workthanks :)  i still have some more to add to it though, some further clarifications and examples19:00
scott-worki think i'll also make a blueprint for the -lowlatency kernel 21:33

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