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qclibrewondering if the fact I'm running on top of a generic ubuntu is part of the problems I have been seeing (gnome desktop, pulseaudio on top, etc). With that in mind, anyone know if US-11.10 will be ardour3-based? If so, I might start testing the daily snapshots...13:02
holsteinqclibre: hey18:51
holsteincheck #opensourcemusicians if the traffic here is too slow18:51
holsteinwe will have ardour3 as soon as it gets stabel and trickles in18:51
holsteini would say that will be 12.0418:51
holsteintheres a testing repo for KXstudio that has A3 in it... an easy-to-add PPA :)18:52
holsteinqclibre: i would say, ubuntu = ubuntustudio18:52
holsteinnot sure what problems you are having with pulse audio, but i would try #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners for that18:52
holsteinwe deal mostly with JACK here, and creating media18:52
holsteinhowever, feel free to elaborate on the issues you are experiencing18:53
* holstein is on the run again... BBL18:53
qclibreholstein: thanks - just catching up with your messages18:53
holsteinqclibre: :/ ...wish i could say18:53
qclibrethe problem I was seeing was when routing jack in a particular way with the ardour3 alpha10 was that everything crashed - ie. ardour3, jackd, etc. It (ardour3) already warns that the jack version is a little old, but after searching for other reports, I get the impression that it may be specific to the fact I'm running a regular ubuntu desktop rather than the ubuntustudio defaults (ie. jack is run via "pasuspend" I think)18:55
qclibremy first thought was to try and build my own version of jack (with debugging if possible) and launch everything from a console, perhaps under gdb. But I doubt that will stop pulseaudio or any other gnome/ubuntu stuff from linking and running with old jack libs, so I suspect this would be a gigantic waste of time.18:57
qclibrehence my question about running the 11.10 test snapshots. This all started because I'm holding out for ardour3, I need Tthe18:59
qclibreoops, I need The New DAW(tm) for midi+audio support, can't wait.18:59

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